Coronahoax is classic PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION

A short follow-up on the coronahoax from me. We are not in the grip of a pandemic. A pandemic of fear, maybe. We can debate all day whether there really is some unique, new virus out there (and whether viruses even cause illness), but what is not debatable is that the media and government are acting in a completely indefensible manner. With only 35,000 people shown to be dead across the globe (even with incredibly padded and pushed numbers), this shows us that even as far as they have tried to stretch this, they have not been terribly successful. While the media is under their complete control, it is REALITY that they have not been able to be manipulate to match the fear-mongering. People are not actually dying in vast numbers. This means that either the virus itself is a fraud, or the fatality numbers are hyperinflated to the point that the true fatality rate is in the <0.1% range of cold or flu. In any case, you are being lied to by the media and this quarantine is doing far more damage than it provides value.

What we are truly seeing with Coronahoax 2020 is a classic “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ploy by those at the top…

The beautiful irony is that the lack of spiraling COVID-19 deaths will soon be played up as a great success! It will be said that all these draconian measures are the only reason WHY the virus did not spread like wildfire. In reality, it was never spreading like wildfire to begin with, or was so weak that the draconian measures were wholly unnecessary anyway. Yes, the cure is indeed worse than the disease.

Overall, this is an absolutely textbook “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ploy by the government. If you want to implement unpopular new policies, then you can manufacture a problem which requires your unpopular policies as a solution. Then the public will actually DEMAND a policy that they would have otherwise been completely against. Thus, they can so easily subvert the will of the masses.

They inserted this fake virus pandemic as a means to implement all kinds of new polices under the guise of being a necessary change in the new “post-corona” world. They have already succeeded on this front. The good news is that all signs point to this fakery wrapping up by the end of April. Reality could not support much beyond what we already witness. A few fake crowded hospital shots, padded death tallies, etc. The hoax itself is being outed on a daily basis by people visiting hospitals and showing them to be as abandoned as ever, despite the fact that we are supposedly dealing with both the peak of an active flu season and this boogeyman pandemic of COVID-19. They cannot take this much further, but they have already succeeded in a “Problem, Reaction, Solution” sense in that society will now be clamoring for a bunch of changes which otherwise would have been horribly unpopular.

Keep up with the latest people attempting to crowd-source the truth on the ground by visiting Twitter’s latest results for “coronahoax”. Linked here. This is always an excellent resource for people in real-time showing the truth of the reality on the ground. Do not take your news from mainstream sources. Be mindful, and observe what is actually happening.


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  1. I expect anybody that claims “no viruses” never washes his/her hands… It would be hypocritical to claim those entities do not exist but still wash hands or use sanitizers. They must save some bucks since they do not use soap or sanitizer ever…. Anyway, 36K so far in three months… let’s talk about the total in 12 months or 9 months to be precise. Some say “indiference” which I want to understand they mean apathy not “indifference” in the stoic meaning of the term. I do not see how you can be indifferent to this worldwide event.


    1. People were washing their hands long before the idea of viruses came along. “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Pay no attention to the troll. I’m with Mark on this one. There is no threat from any coronavirus. It’s all an ever more evidently false pretense.


      1. Part of what I have tried to nail down is that it is ultimately irrelevant in the short term to argue whether there really is a novel virus, or whether it’s some government-engineered virus. What really matters here and now is that it is patently obvious that it is significantly less fatal than we are told and that the government and media response is completely indefensible. We can really get into the weeds on this subject, but if there is one uniform point it must be that these quarantines are indefensible.


  2. Failing to see relevance in your comment here. If you’ve got some bug that kills less than 0.1%, then the current response is completely indefensible. Bottom line.


    1. Good that I do not comment for just you. I do think it is important to compare apples to apples. The influenza total deaths are recorded through a 12 month period not a quarter… I think what I am proposing (wait to have totals for the year) is fair… just saying.


      1. What are you talking about? I said nothing about influenza deaths. Wait to have totals for the year? I think it’s irrelevant to any real argument that pertains to my posting. Obviously, if things completely spiral and we have millions of deaths by years end, I will have been wrong. Otherwise, I have no idea what argument you think you are making.


        1. You won’t have been wrong. Why are we all of a sudden trusting the television? Just because they post some death numbers doesn’t mean they are real, correct, or anything. It’s just some numbers. Numbers more than likely pulled out of the buttisimo. If there isn’t a legit test for cough coronavirus then it’s impossible to say who’s “dying” from it.

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  3. Let me be clear that I do not think this pandemic is a hoax, but I must say some events or facts point to some degree of manufactured or managed crisis which does not make it fake of course.


    1. Splitting hairs there for me. If the fatality has been so deeply exaggerated, then this lockdown is a hoax. There are already supposed to be numerous viruses causing the common cold. This is simply another…one of dozens. The number of unreported “bottom of the pyramid” or so-called “carrier” cases here is so huge that the fatality rate is truly in the range of the common cold. The fatality rate percentages are where the deepest deception has taken place. The lowest I have seen the media be willing to drop it is 0.6%, and you still have to logically conclude that this is a tenfold exaggeration.

      That makes this response an outright hoax. There is no such thing as being a “carrier” of the common cold. If you didn’t feel anything, that just means it is an incredibly weak viral illness. There is a mountain of people who apparently would test positive here (leaving alone how horribly unreliable that test is). If we imagined a world with perfect data and everyone tested, we would be looking at a fatality rate in the range of the common cold.

      This response is a complete manufactured hoax. Nothing more, nothing less. The debates about whether it’s a real virus, real pandemic, whether viruses cause illness, whether the government manufactured this virus, etc. are all irrelevant to my point. This media/government response is a complete hoax, unsupportable by any rational actor.


      1. Well, in that case and for the only point that is relevant to YOU, then I do agree, governments are acting under their own agenda (whatever the projects are they’re pushing) and the media is one of their tools as always.


        1. What, you think the comment section is just a free form “say whatever I want regardless of whether it pertains to the posting” area? Like, really? Make me seem selfish that I actually expect comments to pertain to the topic posted? That’s ridiculous, and I am very tired of you and your hair splitting, LR.


    2. It would be nice LR if you would do some reading and thinking. Just the link yesterday from AB ( would be a nice start. There have been volumes of materials made available here and at Fakeologist along with videos and even scientific papers, which only require that you read the abstracts. I don’t think you’ve glanced at one of them. Had you, there would be some reference to these materials and why you find them wrong.

      I know you’re going to say you have. That reminds me of when I suggest people either not believe anything that comes out of their TVs or simply turn them off, I learn that hardly anyone even watches TV! It’s amazing that they even sell sets .

      Anyway, bone up here and do a little more than “is not” … gets old.


      1. You are going to chuckle but I actually did it. Not checked all of the doctors/professionals in the AB article, just the israeli one (Lass) and the canadian one (Kettner). That is fine, what they express freely are their opinions. I am OK with that. I do have the scholarly apparatus to do what you suggest to reference and point to the materials or each, but I do not want to lecture anybody, each of us has to walk their own path. I learn from you and from the rest but far from me lecture any of you. Plus, it would be a long post for a comment I do not appreciate long comments (300+ words) so I do not write them either. What I learn from you? I was the opposite of you in school. I was brilliant and peerless at academic excellence but I obeyed and went by the rules. Big mistake, at least in part. To be old and wise, you had to be young and stupid once, right?


          1. I do not think you are a scumbag agent… but I do think you are a pathetic fanboy. Paying $400 (allegedly) just to meet someone at a conference you didn’t even learn anything and even left one day earlier… I have publicly asked that you get a refund for that somewhere in this blog. Not that you need the money anyway, of course, but think about it: you could send those 8 Ulysses Grant to Nicaragua or Ecuador or even Mexico for a family in need.


    1. Amazing stuff! Proof of reclassification. Seriously, this is remarkable data and practically worthy of its own post. This fits into the “it’s completely fake” line of thinking. I’m shook. This is unbelievable.


    2. How does the author not realize that this is proof that regular annual influenza-like illness has been reclassified along with the media panic to drive this COVID-19 narrative???


      1. Overly cautious perhaps. I’m happy with his summary.

        “As to conclusions, there isn’t enough data for any concrete conclusion. Looking at this logically, IF there have been COVID-19 cases in the US since December, it doesn’t appear to have been deadly enough to have been very noticeable. Please note that I am NOT saying “this is just another flu.” We know that it’s quite virulent in certain populations like me; likely several times more deadly than the “normal” respiratory bugs that circulate every winter. All that I am stating is that by the data I see right now it is not causing excess mortality beyond seasonal norms when looked at in total with all causes of death.”

        As an engineer he’s just dealing with the facts gathered to this point.


  4. Lawrence, with all due respect, you’re splitting hairs.

    It doesn’t particularly MATTER whether or not a real new virus has been discovered, whether or not it’s spreading, whether or not it’s giving people colds, or whether or not it’s really responsible for the deaths of a few grannies.

    Whether the “problem” is real or manufactured, it has SUCCEEDED in providing an opening for the “reactions” and “solutions.” THAT’s where you should be looking. THAT’s what this is all about.

    Statistically speaking, there is no significant difference between the official story about the “novel coronavirus” and the whole thing being imaginary. A few colds, a few deaths, statistically indistinguishable from any normal flu season.

    What is distinguishable is the level of RESPONSE to the alleged threat to our respiratory health.

    Most people aren’t coughing, but EVERYONE is being bombarded by fearmongering news stories, most are “sheltering in place,” and many are eagerly supporting all the new emergency police powers for governments and new money printing authority for bankers.

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    1. Charlie: I totally agree with your comment and reciprocate your respect. Perhaps it is your style, but I get what you wrote and I am completely fine with that. In a post from last week, I linked to an article by Y.N. Harari in which he proposed that govs like to keep the “temporary emergency measures” in place way past the emergency situation… Some govs have made known they will explore the “under the skin” surveillance (this is described in the article) piling up on the current “over the skin” surveillance and manipulation the vast majority of the population in the developed world is currently experiencing.


  5. I got the sense that I am not clearly expressing my thoughts and ideas here and in the process becoming obnoxious to you all.
    It’s time for me to go back from where I came. Let me share with you my Ex libris:


    by E. A. Poe

    From childhood’s hour I have not been

    As others were—I have not seen

    As others saw—I could not bring

    My passions from a common spring—

    From the same source I have not taken

    My sorrow—I could not awaken

    My heart to joy at the same tone—

    And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone—

    Then—in my childhood—in the dawn

    Of a most stormy life—was drawn

    From ev’ry depth of good and ill

    The mystery which binds me still—

    From the torrent, or the fountain—

    From the red cliff of the mountain—

    From the sun that ’round me roll’d

    In its autumn tint of gold—

    From the lightning in the sky

    As it pass’d me flying by—

    From the thunder, and the storm—

    And the cloud that took the form

    (When the rest of Heaven was blue)

    Of a demon in my view—


  6. This is so pathetic. I’m considering it’s designed to be that transparent. Why would they stage that 201 event? Every granny knows about by her grandson. This is by design. I see a multi purpose operation.
    There will be limited hangout. Some other agendas will be pushed anyway, like vaccination…


    1. Definitely years of planning behind it … just the test they use has to be put by lab technicians all over the country, not that there are that many doing any testing. But it is a lousy test that delivers false positives, cannot measure load, and cannot distinguish among flu and corona viruses. That took planning to make sure people would use it and buy the results.

      The rest appears to be on a timetable, the “pandemic” being rolled out one stage at a time. Just the NY Times suggesting that everyone have two weeks of food on hand had to have been advance planning, to begin the hoarding. Little things, like blog and newspapers screening and censoring people who think it is a hoax. Facebook hired additional screeners right at the beginning. I quit Facebook at that time, as I knew I would be posting that it is all a hoax, and that Facebook would be censoring me.


      1. One thing I really wonder is whether the test they’re using would test positive if you’ve had any coronavirus at any point in your life. We’re making a HUGE logical leap of faith to take their word that this particular coronavirus is brand new. If it’s simply detecting certain RNA sequences thought to relate to coronavirus, what is to say that everyone who ever had coronavirus wouldn’t test positive? Then they test everyone who dies and what do you know? Positives galore.


        1. That’s a good question I have no answer to, but let’s bear in mind that these tests are a big scam themselves, as no test could give whatever response in less than a week or two, for obvious reasons. In Italy, tests are initially positive and then negative after a couple of weeks, but still all the tested deceased are immediately considered Covid positive.

          But then again, these doctors and nurses believe that viruses exist, that they can be seen at the microscope and sequenced in no time, and above all that a test which follows only certain parameters (almost all biased as there’s no real knowledge of viruses again) can be reliable.

          And all this because science thinks to this day that a test detecting what they consider an unusual activity of the immune system by the production of antibodies = certainty of a disease.
          It’s beyond ridiculous.

          One of my dogs suffers from Leishmania, a common dog disease in Italy due to infected mosquitos’ bites during the summer. A lethal disease until a few years ago.
          Its latest blood test gave as a result the presence of antibodies. The vet did a biopsy of its lymphatic glands, sure she’d find the mosquito virus. There was no virus.

          Scientists please explain that.


        2. We do not know if there is one virus, or multiple viruses, or no virus at all. We do not know how many tests are out there, or what exactly they’re testing for. In blood tests it’s common for exposure to be confused with carrier or infected, as the marker is measured in the presence of antibodies resulting in an estimate of “seroprevalence” or percentage of positives (for antibodies in blood serum) within a population.

          Tests are quite unreliable. Extrapolated population estimates are wild-ass guesses, yet policy and action are supposedly based on these arbitrary assumptions extrapolated from unreliable data. Scientists and many doctors and vets know this.

          Politics and money are more reliable indicators of the architecture of an anti-disease program than biology. Identify the powerful lobby group, and the policy will follow the money.

          I have extensive personal experience dealing with the lying APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)-USDA and its kill/slaughter policy regarding the brucellosis scare in Yellowstone buffalo. Buffalo have never transmitted brucellosis in the wild, yet in recent years over 10,000 have been hunted, captured and sent to slaughter houses based on 0% risk of transmission to livestock from wild buffalo. Buffaloes’ great crime: a captured individual tested positive due to the presence of antibodies, and seroprevalence in the wild herd. No amount of science can change this barbaric policy. Over 600 Yellowstone buffalo have already been killed in 2020.


  7. They are changing behavior thats for sure. Perhaps trying to show what can be gained by obedience. They ran their global warming program strong right before this then you hear nothing of it when this came. Before long they will slap backs and congratulate to boost morale along with a little monied check for your troubles. I know Americans have long sacrificed freedoms for the idea of “security” going back at least to the early 1900’s. Whatever schemes that will be ran in the near future the herd will more readily comply. A cryptocurrency future for who knows how long then a chip/id futre. I remember saying on a bitcoin forum I frequented years ago about how its obviously tptb’s creation while they all rehearsed the given narrative of some satoshi guy who disappeared. Quite illogical to think tptb would allow a currency to run along their paper money even though they tried to make btc appear as if some grassroots underground bs.


  8. The part of this that worries me the most is how we are being conditioned/trained to stay indoors and do nothing for long periods of time. It was bad enough to see people do nothing on 9/11: not a single person at the WTC that day went near the towers, all the stories of people (cops, fireman, actors who used to be firemen, bystanders, etc…) rushing in to help people get out are fake. Nobody there even tried to see what was happening. They all just stared at basically nothing, which is exactly what we’re all doing now. Nobody knows anyone who is sick, we’re all just sitting at home watching (or not) TV primarily making busy work for ourselves and waiting to be let out of our (hopefully comfortable) cages. Like hamsters, we’re provided food and water and thankfully someone takes out our trash and waste but that’s about it.

    In “Gravity’s Rainbow”, the most famous book nobody ever read, Pynchon posits that WWII was faked (fake bombings and fake prison camps, yes, he denies the holocaust) to move western civilization into the post-modern/post industrial age, which is where we are now. In “Against the Day” he says there’s a fake terrorist attack to silence the world so TPTB can hear a message. If that message was heard on 9/11 then my fear is that what we’re seeing now is the response. We’re being set up, trained, conditioned for whatever comes next.


    1. Boethius your comments send shivers down my spine. They confirm everything I’ve been thinking over the years about what really happened (and not, referring to firemen, police presence there, etc.) on 9/11.
      The fact that it’s still haunting us to this day is quite as disturbing as the event itself, which is exactly what they want.

      I would really like to read a post on 9/11 where you condense all your comments into one long piece and give us further detail on what you and Pynchon think it might have happened that day. I need to have a better understanding of the message heard and the possible response.
      I’m sure Mark would be glad to host it? 😊

      (Sorry Mark, I know you decide here, just a humble suggestion of mine).


      1. Anna, I might one day. The problem is that what I learned on 9/11, what I got out of it goes beyond tin-foil, schizophrenic insanity.


        1. Hey, that’s what this community is all about. To the average person you might sound schizophrenic, but you’d be speaking our language and we would not judge.


  9. Great point Mark about the timetable. This is rolling out like a Hollywood movie, not like a mystery or a science experiment full with expected confusion and false starts and dead ends.

    It’s amazing how worshipful the normies are of “Science!” They seem to believe that there’s a class of high priests in labcoats who can immediately identify new viruses, genetically sequence them, develop and experiment with brand new “tests” for brand new viruses, make sure the tests are accurate, manufacture millions of these tests, send them all over the world, etc etc all in a matter of weeks. And the normies are screaming as if this has all been disappointingly slow! LOL.

    It’s like when they “discovered” that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11….on the afternoon of 9/11.

    Speaking of that, the Virus Panic reminds me of a video someone made back in 2004, splicing together snippets of quotes from speakers at the Republican National Convention. It was a few minutes of different speakers just repeating the same magic word a hundred times: “Terror…terror….terror…Terror…War on Terror…Terror…terror…terror…terror….terror…”

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  10. Slight devil’s advocate- weren’t people’s “jobs” already mostly sitting in a box doing busy work, while the minority of “essential” workers feed them and take away waste? Don’t get me wrong, I (think) I prefer that fiction to this fiction. But the status quo was already a veil on the material circumstances of society, for purposes of creating an informal caste-based herd management system.

    True dat on GR.. I attempted it in my late teens and was quickly pulled down by gravity tugging on my eyelids…

    But I really want to hear more about these occult signals? I’m picturing, like, a circle of men (or transgender priests?) In druidic robes, performing rites around a crystal obelisk, until it glows and puts on a Hollywood special fx light show.. And then.. Some Cthulu like grotesquerie appears holographically to issue commands, which they find appalling (for their sake, not ours), but the effort to resist it risks driving them mad… Am I close?


  11. Good insights into the broader issues of the lockdown. About 45 minutes in Del Bigtree gives an exhortation which is on the mark.


    1. Interesting in the video he says “Everybody we trust seems to be in on this”
      From what I’ve seen in my town I agree!

      Look within your own city/town to see the explanations and excuses.
      The Mayor, Sheriff, Police Chief, Councilmen, School Superintendents, Business leaders, and of course Representatives in your congressional district.

      When we hear places like Washington DC or Wall street, China, Europe, we think of someplace farther away. But no matter how small the city is, They are in YOUR town promoting this hoax.

      Organize and call them out.


      1. I told my supervisor 3 weeks ago about event 201 and just last week when I asked him about how real he thinks this is he replies, “Oh yea its very real I know an older guy who was diagnosed with it”. The magic of going through the motions, the ritual, creates the emotional realism of any event it seems. Whether its wars or whatever, seeing people deployed, seeing the visuals on television, constantly hearing about the act, not seeing or hearing absolutely any instances questioning the act must mean the act itself is real.


  12. Good article. The real agenda behind the Coronahoax is Agenda ID2020. Read here:

    If you prefer to see official sources, look here:
    (please go under “Alliance” and look at some of the partners, it’s the real deal)

    An official EU document closely related to this:

    Click to access 2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf


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