Coup d’état.

From the Chris Spivey blog:

“As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak.

Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID” Source: Status of Covid-19, High Consequence Infectious Diseases, Gov.UK)

This, along with the Oxford study that found the virus present and peaking in mid-January,  tells us everything we need to know, as the UK is still under lock down. Its news media, just like here, is still doing everything it can to scare the crap out of people. The reason is not medical and has nothing to do with public health. It is political.

I was at the supermarket today, as I now go out far more often daily than in the past, just on principle. I did not need anything, but wanted to walk what I call the “O Circuit”, which ends in the far back corner of the store, the markdown bin. Often I find a little treat there. No such luck today.

In the parking lot on the way in, I walked by an elderly woman who had unloaded her cart. As I always do, I offered to take it back to the store for her. She said she had not wiped it down, I said I did not care and started wheeling it. She said “You are braver than me,” and I shrugged and smiled. Then she said “You haven’t lost anyone yet, have you.”

That is fear. That is how it works, and that is what they are deliberately doing to people. It is abusive beyond the pale.

I decided today that what we are witnessing is indeed momentous and important. It is meant to be lasting and devastating. It is meant to put us in our houses, quietly watching TV, afraid to raise our eyes in the face of tyranny. There is a word for it: coup d’é·tat.

33 thoughts on “Coup d’état.

  1. Mark my words, the scientists will continue to be dishonest about the mortality rate from this even years and decades into the future. The originally communicated mortality rate by the WHO of 3.4% was a criminally indefensible thing to put into the public at that time. That’s why it started in China. Stronger social control to fake it. If they needed to make an innocent cold look that bad, China is where they would start it. Then everyone on earth, trusting scientists (remember Neil Degrasse Tyson?), believed 3.4% to be a fair estimate. The WHO knew. They conjured up Li Wenliang from the beginning. This was always a planned scam, straight from the top.

    I guarantee, as the years go by where this gets studied, the mortality rate will go down and down and down and down as the scientists are more able to be honest as time passes. The final/true number will be miniscule. Recall, if it is correct that half of the UK population already had it, the fatality rate would be 0.00004%. I have said from the beginning that there is a mountain of unreported cases. There was never a need to “flatten the curve”. The crowded hospital shots are a scam, and a product of mass hysteria.

    “They” have already won. The masses bought this hook, line, and sinker. It has to soon end because people do not like being forced to stay home, and the longer they drag this out from here, the more likely it becomes that the narrative somehow turns on them. They need to realize that the game is over. Show mercy by ending this, here and now, ASAP.

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    1. They are not ending it. In Germany, they are going to make us wear silly masks, these are already mandatory in Austria. It’s a PsyOp, and it is not over.
      But, I expect a plot twist, I’m still thinking this is made to backfire, why that 201 event, everyone knows about, they even got that image film out.
      They are not that stupid.


      1. There’s going to be a huge change in the paradigm in Europe, and all over the world after that.
        If I know a bit how those guys operate, there must be a secret war between masonic groups at the moment, each of them wanting something precise from the others. This thing will continue until each group will have obtained what they want, and then who knows.
        They can play whatever deception game they want, as they’re sure we are the prey and the booty as usual.


      2. I agree Horst. And if you don’t wear your fucking mask then you’re a murderer, right?
        I am not wearing a mask.
        I think I’ve figured out the toilet paper thing. They easily persuaded the whole country to buy toilet paper. Shows their power. A lot of virologists think viruses are excretions of toxic cells due to environmental conditions. So, in a way, they’re shit. Cell shit. Hence the toilet paper. Just a thought.


    1. FYI
      In the UK, we, I mean, they… lowered the classification of COVID-19 and by not being a HCID anymore this would allow a broader scope of hospitals helping with the emergency. By their laws over there, only 4 hospitals in the UK were officially HCID hospitals.


      1. In their statement (March 19, by the way, covered here in posts and comments, thanks for staying up to speed) say they did so not to open up hospital space, but because the virus was judged to be of low consequence (low death toll). Thanks for twisting it to suit your viewpoint. Had they done this for space, they would have stated that as their reason.

        Go away.


        1. I am not twitsting it. It is true this virus is not lethal like Ebola, it is low consequence that is why it made sense for them to lower its classification and by lowering it, they also allowed for more hospitals to treat it since even it is not lethal on the majority, it is highly contagious and hospitals could be overwhelmed. Funny you say go away, you have been posting that the virus does not exist for about 8 weeks now and nobody ask you to stop posting such a thing… you are free to go as well.


      1. PS … when Fauxlex puts up a piece, I am not notified of comments in my email box. I could sign up, but I get too many already. That is likely why I missed your comment, though sometimes I just miss things. Anyway, Anna told me about the Spivey blog, and I checked it out and it seemed worthy, so I put it in the blogroll beneath. It has been there for several days now.


        1. No worries, Mark, there’s a lot going on. I appreciate POM and all you do to investigate the insanity being passed off as the honest truth.


  2. I assume we’re all familiar with the way newspapers went through a period of changing the number of Holocaust victims after WWII before finally settling on 6 million Jews, with 11 million deaths overall. Actually, this seems to be a regular feature of agitprop. Death tolls for mass shooters, bombings and serial killers go through a wide range of numbers before a figure finally cements itself. Probably safe to say that by the time this coronavirus nonsense makes the history books, they’ll have landed on the highest number they can get away with.


  3. Coup d’etat, that’s exactly what it is.
    These were the first two words that popped into my mind as all this unrolled over the months.
    As I said before, our Prime Minister signed a state of emergency document back on January 31st, to be maintained until July 31st.
    We acknowledged that only a couple of weeks ago though. Why signing a document in secret and in the meantime saying on TV that there was no danger of a Covid epidemic in Italy, to change their minds after a few weeks?
    To me, this thing alone is an indication of the coup d’etat ongoing in my country.

    This horrific show isn’t going to end soon, as too many people right now think they can obtain something good for themselves out of this. They’re acting like jackals and vultures that want to have each their portion of the cadaver, and won’t let go until the body is totally dismembered.
    The only good thing Italian people can hope for at this stage is the end of the European Union and the return to a monetary sovereignty, but in order to do that we need to get rid of Conte and his servile attitude towards Merkel and BCE (or ECB for you).


    1. All these emergency orders seem redundant to me. Here in the U.S. states are already occupied by federal troops, and our governors, lt. governors, attorney general etc. are all military officers serving the occupiers.

      Italy seems, at least to me, to be occupied by NATO and perhaps U.S. military already. So what exactly is being overthrown by c’oup d’etat if troops remain in place, guarding the open air prison created long, long ago. Same here in the U.S.


      1. Agreed – as I’ve mentioned, this is more like a de-cloaking than anything new, unveiling for us the almighty power that has always been there, even on 11/22/63 when all the “news” sources in the country participated in a hoax.

        What would be different then would be public awareness of the game, with a new international government replacing the facade of the old. This government would then implement the Climate Change regime as well, and you’ll hear the sound of the other shoe falling. This is all Club of Rome.


      2. Of course it is Steve. But we’re talking about different masonic factions at war here. Probably you don’t know that russian troops, for the first time in history are in northern Italy, officially to give help and distribute equipments to the hospitals.
        Russian military. They arrived around the time the american troops arrived in Europe for the “Defense Europe” exercise or whatever that is.
        How do you explain that Russian troops were allowed to enter a NATO country by americans and NATO themselves?
        They couldn’t fly over other NATO countries, mind you, but they’re in Italy.


        1. All these states, nation states, and other configurations are all part of a global power structure. Military occupation is not new even if the uniforms change places. Global governance requires coordinated global enforcement (violence) carried out at the command of the highest level of power. We do not know for sure who that is, or what that is. Is it Nephilim/Anunnaki or human psychopaths, not that it matters all that much. It is good, however, to know one’s enemy if it is ever to be defeated.


  4. If election numbers are rigged, wouldn’t it be wise to presume the possibility that WHO/CDC numbers are equally suspect?

    I realize many here do not believe there is a military source, however, the video above is worth a look. It explains how the disease/virus, real or fake, got its name(s), and much more on a 2018 — yes, 2018 — report that includes key elements of the agenda at the conference called Event 201. As Mark recently said: “…years in planning…”


        1. Nick Aspinwall reports this.

          Taiwan will find itself sidelined during the upcoming annual health summit of the World Health Organization (WHO), to be held in Geneva in late May, for the third straight year due to objections from China.

          The United States, Japan, Germany, and Australia are among the countries to speak out in support of Taiwan’s inclusion in the World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting, which has been blocked by Beijing since Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016.

          Sound like China is holding the strings to me.


          1. They are indeed big and powerful. That’s just how powerful countries behave – they do not take kindly to breakaway states. Remember a certain war fought in 1861-65? Though it was perfectly legal to secede, the north invaded the south to prevent it.


            1. The Civil War never ended. Try to find a copy of that “peace treaty.” Never signed. We’re still under continuous military occupation.


                1. Same “overlords” for sure. Countries are corporations, structures of convenience and misdirection, which creates a buffer between deciders and their designated spokesmen. No more “off with their heads,” please.


  5. Thanks for the Chris Spivey link. Good thoughts over there. Well, I finally had someone that I know who got extremely sick about 3 weeks ago. She went in to get the dual-nasal-swab test for the dreaded “KING COUNTY CROWN VIRUS” but alas, she tested negative but it took them 12.5 days to inform her of the “negative” test results. I strongly suspect that anyone else that we know personally would, in fact, test negative as only celebrities who are in on the CON will test positive so as to eliminate any wild cards out there. I was trying to talk sum cents to someone the other day and he said “There having funerals every day in New York City! You can’t fake a funeral!” So I quickly informed him that about 700 people die every day in the New York Metro Area with an approximate population of 30 Million, so of course, there are funerals every day! And no, I did not bother to tell him that they can, in fact, fake a funeral as they did with the imaginary victims in the Sandy fresh-fish Hook Hoax.


  6. Pretend that little old lady with the cart was your mom. All my older relatives are in panic mode and if I try to talk about having an open mind that it may just be hyped up flu season to get 2 trillions dollars, I get yelled at. In their old school minds, there’s no reason for the government or news media to lie about something this important. Reminds me in a way of the fight scene in the movie “They Live”.
    I can’t get any of them to put the sunglasses on.


    1. People lie. Boyfriends and girlfriends lie and cheat on one another. Real estate salespeople lie. Advertising is the art of undermining people, leading them without their knowledge. Politicians lie for a living. Why do people assume that news is true?


  7. Dateline: San Francisco- I was on a bus rolling through Presidio Heights today where the Getty’s and the Shultz’s and the Uber filth of Frisco live and there is a park where the locals run their dogs and it was packed even after Gavin Gestapo Newsom (one of them) and his handlers issued even tighter constraints on us Friscoites, including closing dog parks, which are in abundance in this test case city for le grande hoax.
    I had to laugh as anyone would know that no patrolling Constables would go near these point ooooo.o1 percenters and their dog walkers. I also read, though have no link at this late hour, that Mexico and Brazil have shrugged off this crap and are taco-ing and samba-ing as usual with absolutely no constraints in place- much like Florida, the new Sparta. In fact, if there is one demographic in SF that is not adhering to the “rules” it’s Latino men. Viva la Raza!


    1. I read that about Brazil and Mexico and did some reading via the Google in the American media, where it was said there is pressure brought to bear by WHO on the president of each country for “endangering public health” and attempts to remove them from power. It was freaky. There was to be a move in Brazilian Parliament to impose laws regarding the fake virus, but they could not assemble, as their airlines had closed down.

      Hard to know what to make of that, as it was the American media, which is hopelessly corrupt.


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