Me and Chainsaw Bob

I am a little bit spooked right now, seeing that Covid-denial is reason for shutting down a podcast. Can I be far behind? Why am I even here now? I can only think I fly under the radar. Nonetheless, If this were my last post, this would be my last post. I sincerely hope to be around for a long time. I do not know our future.

If still around, I will introduce a new fallacy to add to the list in the post after this. I also have a piece, a good piece, by Stephers ready to go. Sorry to make you wait, Steph. Ty, Steve, Faux, Maarten, throw in.

If a person is to hold the type of opinions I hold, that person must be true to himself.

I believe in me.

I trust my intellect, my instincts. I work hard.

I am not afraid to confront evidence that might prove that I am wrong about something. Mistakes are my best teacher.

As a boy, I watched a commercial on TV advertising a paring knife. It was said to be indestructible. To demonstrate they used one to cut a nail in two. Then they said “Watch! this knife can still slice a tomato.” I watched as the person holding the knife flipped it over, using the other blade. What perplexed me was that I could see this, while others could not. I did not posses a large ego. My family saw to that. I was not sure I was right, even as my eyes said I was. I did not trust my own eyes. 

As a boy, I loved Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. As an adult, I realize that all he did was to take a crime and tell it backwards. If we walked backwards through life, we would all be Sherlocks.

I understand people, and do not accept or reject them based on their view of me. I was clueless myself until age 38, when a horrible crime against my family acted as a slap in the face, waking me up.

Wake up is slow. Intellectual life is the turtle, not the rabbit.

I read, watch hear and process large volumes of data. I can often make sense of lies and nonsense. I can also go on detours, and make errors in judgment.

Upon error, I admit it and move on. That is not weakness, just practicality. Who cares?

I can spot a liar. Some times not right away. They are all about.

I can sense honesty. Usually right away. It is kind of rare.

I do not watch or read news. It is not there to inform me, but rather to mushroom me.

I do not follow leaders or trust experts. Even in my youth, I joined but then could not continue to belong to Boy Scouts. I hate uniforms.

When my chainsaw or snow thrower breaks, I try to fix it myself. Usually I can, but if not, I take it to Chainsaw Bob. He fixes it. He is an expert, the only one I know.

As an adult, I find that people who rise to positions of authority are usually chosen due to their weaknesses, not their strengths. Subordinates are most often smarter and better than their superiors.

I care what the group thinks about me. Even so, I cannot let it control me.

When I think I am right and everyone around me wrong, I summon a force within me to help me stand tall.

It is called moral courage.  It does not feel good or righteous. It is painful. It does not advance a career. It is a hindrance. It is so much easier just to go along.

But I don’t. I can’t. 

There is no reward. No one will ever take me aside and say “I admire your moral courage.” It does not work like that. Ergo …

I believe in me.

29 thoughts on “Me and Chainsaw Bob

  1. It was a podcast app – a program that plays podcasts.
    Google de-listed it. It’s the top app on the store, and the developer, who I sponsor, has been at it for 9 years. It may be his primary income.
    He may get it back – but he has to prove the impossible -that he won’t allow any covid “disinfo”.
    It’s like a highway having to choose cars it lets on – impossible.
    It’s likely to promote their own awful podcast player.
    Google makes a living buying out or pushing out successful products. This is SOP for them.
    As the post says, Fuck Google.


    1. Thanks, Faux. Good information from someone who knows.

      I sometimes think this blog is in less danger than videos (knuckles red from knocking on wood) because so few people read.


  2. Your insights are so incredibly resonant for me right now, Mark. My perception parallels yours so closely – it’s uncanny. Thank you for being a kindred spirit…

    On a side note: My grandmother passed away two days ago – peacefully in her sleep. I was not close with her, and had not seen her in the past five years. It’s a looooooong story. Needless to say, she was 4 months shy of turning 98 years old! She had a long and full life. She lived at home with my aunt and uncle. Fortunately, there is no “talk” of her dying from COVID! Despite fearing an invisible pathogen, at least my family is keen enough to acknowledge that “Nanny” passed away because it was her time to go. She was never sick a day in her life – just good old dementia the past few years of her life. So I attended my first “Face Time funeral” last night. Eh, it wasn’t so bad. The funny thing is my cousins were at my aunt and uncle’s house (a couple hours from me), and said they had not seen each other even once since the lockdown three months ago (they are in Pennsylvania). Yet they all felt comfortable getting together (there must have been 12 of them without masks and nestled closely on the sectional sofa) for this occasion to memorialize “Nanny”. People are funny.


      1. Hi Mark, the actual antibody test involves a complicated procedure, where they need a certain amount of blood, which then is being mixed with chemicals to dissolve all cell structures and initiate a reaction which is the basis of the test. There’s lots of voodoo involved and the chemicals they use are top secret and nobody there actually knows what they’re are testing. The laboratories have a protocol to follow and the “tests” produce an controlled amount of positive results. If they wish to have a flu pandemic they just adjust the parameters to get more positive results. Not so this new Corona tests which even can be bought online. This tests no longer need a blood sample, they work with saliva or with anything. And they have machines now which supposedly do all the work the laboratory did before and produce a result in minutes. And this machines produce results no matter what you put into them as this Tanzania president demonstrated. This makes it easier for both sides. The operator just puts a sample into machine and the machine decides if it is positive or not. It suggests there are no mistakes involved. That’s why nobody questions the daily numbers. Nobody asks how accurate this tests are. And the new paradigm is, even if you’re not sick, you are sick and you make others sick. And people believe it. It’s like in the middle age: my neighbor put a spell on me and now my cow does not give any milk anymore.


        1. I suspected as much. How can they test for antibodies for a virus that does not exist? Germ theory is a cultural myth, deeply embedded. Trillion$ rest on people believing in it. However, I think you are confused … the Tanzania president was deking them in the Covid 19 test, not antibodies, a separate scam.

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          1. to test for antibody, which are common proteins and cannot be virus specific, they need a certain amount of blood. If your doctor does not take enough of your blood for the test, it cannot be tested. What they do now is not clear. It cannot be an antibody test as previously known, it also cannot be DNA test which is even more complicated and expensive. They don’t explain themselves here. They just “test” and give as new numbers every day as they could oversee every human on the planet every time. They just don’t even say clear numbers anymore to avoid questions, they tell us some indicators somehow calculated from the fake numbers, which is even more unclear what they are based on and nobody questions it. Or they tell us “they aim to get less than 300 new infections per day” (in Germany) as they would test every German every day. How else could you know how many new infections you have? They suggest it is somehow based on estimations derived from some small scale tests. How can you estimate 300 new infections within 80.000.000 Germans? How many persons do you have to test to sufficiently make such predictions? It makes no sense but they don’t care because they control the flow of information 100% now and nobody dares to questions it. The Tanzanian president was talking about this machine-tests, where you put your sample (saliva sample for instance) in and the machine then tells you if it is positive. Obviously all the countries, small and big have this magical machines now. Tanzanians did not make the machines themselves. It’s a small country without any industrial background. Somebody gave them the machines and they played a little with it.


            1. on the other side I’m very optimistic actually. Nothing bad happened so far. People cannot work, wear masks, stay in queues. Other than that it is just talking. In Germany the majority of the workers is still being paid, at least partly. Some small companies got broke or will get broke but I consider this a kind of cleaning process. My neighbor lost his small sewing business but she wasn’t making any real money there. She just went every day to the shop, hoping to make enough money to pay the rent. They live from what the husband makes anyway. Now she has more time for her children and less paper work. There was this talk about making measles vaccine mandatory in Germany from March on, but then came Corona and they stopped talking about it. Today I read in the paper, there will be no mandatory Corona vaccine (in Germany), if they ever will have a vaccine, which I doubt. No mention of measles vaccine so far. Topic closed. People are reminded now of washing their hands, etc. which probably was necessary for all the refugees from the third world countries. They did the same with us after the war to teach people about proper hygiene. Also this staying at home, not working and still getting money is maybe some preparation for some form of unconditioned basic income. They keep talking about it and it will come.


              1. Any basic income will certainly not be unconditional. They are currently shrinking people’s opportunities to make a productive living. They are conditioning people to the rationing of food in stores. They will likely require people to be tracked and vaccinated if they want to have access to a job or basic income, or to shop for food or anything else.


              2. I am very curious, BarbM124, about making the measles vaccination mandatory, given the Stefan Lanka court case outcome wherein your highest court ruled that there was no proof of the existence of the measles virus. Is Germany as anti-science as the US?


                1. in this Lanka process they did not confirm officially that there is no proof of the existence of the measles virus. They only stated, that the scientific papers this Dr. Bardens brought to the trial are not sufficient enough to fulfill Lankas conditions. This allows us of course to draw the conclusion that there is no proof at all because this papers were the best available but that wasn’t the point of the trial. Also Lanka demonstrated that the Robert-Koch-Institute (a kind of German CDC) is not meeting all its obligations as defined in the law, but it seems not to bother anybody. The law is what they say obviously and one cannot sue the state or its parts if they don’t wish that. I just read again about that measles vaccines and it looks like daycare places can reject a child if not vaccinated. But that doesn’t mean that daycare places have to reject a child if not vaccinated. Schools are different matter because they are obligatory. Every child in Germany has to attend a school. They cannot reject a child and leave it without a school. Even though I suppose some will pressure parents to vaccinate their children. Again, all happens voluntarily but one has to take a stand and say no. Which IMO is wrong if not criminal in itself. People should be informed to their best interests and not pressed to do things they don’t wish to do.


      2. The 120 year old standard of criteria for disease recognition is the Koch postulates, of which the sharonavirus hasn’t passed any of the four.


        1. KP’s have been amended to accommodate viruses, as by definition they cannot pass even the first of the four. But Covid-19 has not been either isolated or purified, so there is no proof of its existence, no gold standard.


          1. actually it all started when Robert Koch changed his last postulate from “cause the same sickness” into “cause a similar sickness”. Then they started to ignore the first postulates and focused on the last one to base their treatments on it. They pretend it is a proven fact, that symptoms lead to immunization, so their medicine has to create similar symptoms and then the patient will be immune or in general helped. That’s how they develop their vaccines but also their medicine, for instance Tamiflu. It causes heavy Flu symptoms as described in the book and therefore it helps against Flu. It is absurd but people really believe it. People have some cold, then take the Tamiflu their doctors prescribed them, then they get really sick and they still are grateful and convinced it was necessary. “it has to get worse before it will get better”? Really? How could this absurd perspective ever become popular and accepted?


    1. Steph: My mother and father lived to 96 and 89, Respectively, Dad possessing his (limited) abilities to the end, Mom lost to Alzheimers. My mother had six sisters, one still alive, now 98. She bore nine children. We call that aunt periodically, and she is still with us, not sure where she lives, thinking her sisters are still alive. That is normal dementia, nothing to worry about. I suggest to my many cousins that she doesn’t need to be set straight. Just go with it. These folks were all raised on farms, no vaccinations, no processed food. I suspect a connection. Sorry for the (inevitable) loss of your grandma. I hope your family revered the older people. They know stuff.


  3. I left a comment on fakeologist regarding the delisting of the podcast app in question, and also my thoughts on the utility of mailing lists.

    Regarding how some individuals seem to be able to detect lies much better than others, the question which often comes up is, why? Why me? Is it nature or nurture? ‘Genetics’ or environment? Blood or upbringing? If some combination, then in what proportions?

    And if it is anything to do with nature / ‘genetics’ / blood, then why can one person see lies on the TV when his or her siblings / parents / children fail to see?

    If it is anything to do with nurture / environment / upbringing, then similar questions arise: why can our classmates from school not see? Why can others in this corner of the internet realise that the lunar lander is a joke, but fail to connect the dots and see that ALL of what we are shown about ‘outer space’ is also a ruse?

    I don’t have any final answers to these questions. I have, however, put forward the idea that the NPC meme is more than merely a meme.

    When studied carefully and across time, many of the creatures around us do appear to behave no different than bots. The TV gives them one set of programming, they comply. The TV then gives them a different set of programming, they comply. This is true even when the first set of programs contradict the second, and the second contradicts the third, and so on. They just go with the latest update.

    Is it called TV programming by chance, by accident?

    Hence we see people who would have laughed at the idea of lockdowns in 2019, suddenly supporting them by March of 2020, and as we approach the middle of this year, the same people will support whatever comes next. If you try to have a civil and logical conversation with them about this, they will invariably become emotional (e.g. turn to anger).

    We may confuse this emotional response with sentience, but is it the same thing? Is the fact that these creatures display emotion a sign of what we would call intelligence or self-understanding or thoughtfulness?

    Is the fact that they communicate in the same language as us (e.g. English) a sign of ‘intelligence’ in the same sense that we might deem ourselves to be intelligent (i.e. able to think about our own thoughts)? I used to assume so.

    Not any more. It is clear to me that I am dealing with bots. No different in form or function from the programmed characters in a mass multiplayer role playing game. This does not make them ‘bad’ or me ‘good’, there is no value judgement necessary here.

    Why would any sane person want to treat a bot like an intelligent creature? Loneliness, perhaps, as was explored in the criminally underrated Her (2013).

    Perhaps there is more going on. Cognitive dissonance, egoistic pride, ‘if they are bots then I would have worked it out by now’, etc etc.

    Regardless, the proof is in the pudding. Try to have a calm, rational conversation with one of these creatures about the ‘pandemic’ and the ‘lockdown’ — or, if you dare, the very existence of these invisible enemies (‘virises’) who apparently hate our freedoms.

    When you are done listening to them get mad at you for daring to ask simple questions, then come back and tell me these creatures aint bots. Come back and tell me how I just have to be more patient with them, that they will ‘figure it out eventually’.

    I’ll listen to you, patiently, if you present to me a logical case — which is more than the bots will do for you, when you try to explain to them why they should NOT fear this invisible enemy any more than they should have feared the previous invisible enemy (which also hated our freedoms, of course).

    The NPC framework may be daunting at first, yet if we want to base our our opinions and beliefs and behaviour on the available evidence, it seems to me to be the logical path forward. Assess and treat the creatures around you like they are programmed bots and EVERYTHING begins to make a LOT more sense. Try it and see for yourself.


    1. “A considerable percentage of people we meet on the street are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It’s fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.”

      G. I. Gurdjieff


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