Sorry, Ms. Potter

Our camping vacation was cancelled by some nameless masked freak hidden away in some office somewhere in the beltway, or Geneva or Seattle. Once we learned we had nowhere to go, I approached the ranger near the Park entrance at Silvergate, Montana. He saw me coming, and left his booth. Before he got close to me, the pussy put on his mask! “We were told Pebble Creek Campground was open now, and it is closed. When will it open?” He shrugged. “Why is it closed?” He shrugged again and made some reference to to, you know, this stuff going on around us.

We have resources and will simply do other stuff while here.  We are not hurting. So don’t shed a tear that we drove eleven hours based on the offerings of the Park Service website, and then had the rug pulled. The bastards don’t give a shit. In this world where everyone fears a case of the sniffles, common courtesy takes a back seat.

I sat in a motel in Casper, Wyoming yesterday, reading their silly newspaper (all newspapers are silly). Their governor, Mark Gordon, wants to clamp down on tourists in Yellowstone, as they may forget to be afraid while enjoying the natural wonders. He wants rules now requiring everyone to mask up while indoors, and even while in lines outdoors. He’s either stupid, or mean. He could be both. He could be just a name below the words of some apparatchik. I would have let it go, but he referred to the recent spike in positive tests, purely a result of more (false positive) testing, claiming that hospitals and emergency rooms are now overrun.

That’s just a barefaced lie. Sitting there with nothing to do, I went to his website, as futility is not an issue with me.

Dear Governor,

I urge you pay heed though I hold out little hope, as most politicians are not (really) in charge of the onerous regulations imposed by medical health officials.

I have spent the past months studying the nature of SARS-Cov-2, the supposed agent that causes Covid-19. It has never been isolated. I know news reports claim otherwise, but isolation of a virus is a rigorous process that requires filtration and purification to yield a “gold standard.” This has not been done. The gene sequence that is supposedly SARS-Cov-2 came from a soup of ingredients, and could be anything.

I know you will say they have now done this, as so much times has passed. They have not. This can only be for one reason, as they do not lack resources: The new and novel virus does not exist.

The machine used to test for the virus, the RT-PCR, is famous for delivery of false positives in asymptomatic people (80.33% in one study (Zhuang Guihua et al). Even in symptomatic people, it is severely flawed (40+% FPs). It is useless. The spike we are seeing right now in positive tests is not accompanied by illnesses or hospitalizations. That part of your words quoted in the Casper newspaper this morning is utter fantasy.

There is no sane medical or scientific reason for all the draconian regulations you and others have imposed … medical fascism. Sinclair Lewis famously said in the 1950s in his book It Can’t Happen Here, that when fascism arrived in the US, it would be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. He was wrong. It has arrived, wearing a white lab coat.

Face masks are for sheep. I am so ashmed of my fellow citizens, so ignorant, so frightened. Here’s mainstream source for you, the WHO: “The wide use of masks by healthy people … is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks. … There is no current evidence to make a recommendation for or against their use.” It does not get more mainstream. The CDC has issued a similar statement via a Reuters interview, The British Medical Journal listed six reasons to avoid masks. Again, it does not get more mainstream.

I trust your staff will follow up here, verify these citations.

No, I don’t, really. Science has little to do with your political activities. what I see is social engineering, regimentation, propaganda. It is springtime for Hitler in Germany! Enjoy! Fascists are having the time of their lives! It is 1939 all over again!

Of course, the governor will not see this. He is protected by staff who claim he is too busy for daily interactions with “constituents.” I am reminded of the late Rick Hill, once a Congressman for Montana. I paid attention to politics in those days, and learned through the rumor mill that Hill (a nice man by the way) spent his afternoons in his office playing free cell on his computer. There is an illusion fostered by myth makers that our public servants are overburdened and work hard. I doubt it. They are place holders.

I was told that it would be six or seven days before they governor’s staff could respond to my message. Instead, I got a reply sometime during the day as we traveled through central Wyoming:

Dear Mr. Tokarski,

Thank you for contacting our office. Our decisions are not easy and occasionally not popular with many; however, we are genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of our constituents and want to make sure we do our best to address the health and prosperity of our state and its people. We appreciate you sharing these concerns.  The Governor’s Office will take your thoughts under careful consideration. We thank you for keeping us apprised of Wyomingites needs and hope that you will share this information with the Wyoming Department  of Health, State Health Officer as well.

Thank you for your time,

Darlena Potter

Constituent Services

That tells me two things, one, that she had been somewhat reached by the message, as the response was almost instant, and two, that the governor did not have to break away from his computer games, as she handled the matter for him.

So here I am in Cooke City, Montana, full of merchants in short supply of food and other commodities, trying to pretend things are normal. Even though not required, there are masked morons about. I should have let Potter off the hook, but I did not. Again, awake early as my traveling companions sleep, I answered her. Man did I let her have it.

I do not believe a word of what you said. What is going on is insidious and dishonest. You merely skimmed my message looking for a preformed reply. I feel like Diogenes, carrying a light and searching the world for an honest human. People, especially you who kowtow to power, are the lowest form. Resign, begin to live an honest life. Have you got it in you? Do you, punk?

That was too much, I know. I had not yet had my coffee. But why can she not “… share this information with the Wyoming Department of Health, State Health Officer as well”? She wrote that to belittle me, as I was uppity in saying anti-science things in my message.  Science is the bought priesthood of our day, right beside doctors. She was smug, so I let her have it.

She’s just a tool. Mark Gordon is just a tool. The park ranger at the entrance is just another masked moron. Somewhere in the bowels of power are the real people doing this to us. They are safely insulated.

But still, I feel like I attacked an innocent bystander. The people doing this to us are unreachable. Sorry, Ms. Potter. You’re just a tool, but did not deserve my angry reaponse.

17 thoughts on “Sorry, Ms. Potter

  1. Talking about pols playing free cell– I read that Mullis book, and he had a chapter “who’s watching the store” about this sort of thing— people imagining that some wise old men somewhere are selflessly keeping the rudder on an even keel. Sort of a half truth I would say, since somebody somewhere DOES seem to be minding the store, though not in our interest of course.

    Side question for Faux: you said EthicalSkeptic is an epidemiologist? I can’t find that credential on his site. He’s very vague and anonymous about his background, claiming it’s in high level consulting and business strategy, and all around extraordinary (but undisclosed) accomplishments.


      1. I had the same problem ,but opted to accept him at face as what he said was in accordance with all I have learned. He says there is a new SARS, I doubt it, but the death toll this year is not unusual, and flue season usually ends with warmer weather. I assumed he did not use his name as it would jeopardize his job somewhere, as with many I know. Gotta respect that.


      2. Ok, well that’s something at least.. Meanwhile, any other sources for the .3% mortality rate he gives? Which is also given on talk radio, unsourced… Think I heard a reference to a European study claiming that at one time, or a study of studies.. Is that where they got that number?

        In that one chart from ES at top of yr post.. How does he arrive at “actual covid cases”? Which I assume is how he derives .3%.
        Is he extrapolating from “seroprevalence” in the population? A calculation based on the rate of positive tests (or antibody positives?) over multiple weeks, to somehow determine approximate positives in total?

        People on fb are naively using the raw number of positives (2.7 mil or so), and alleged covid deaths, to say mortality is around 5%… Lol


        1. The death toll in terms of SARS-Cov-2 is undefined, as if attempting to divide by zero, as we do not have a gold standard for the virus. Forget for now the debate about whether viruses are even disease agents, and attempt to construct a death rate for a virus that has not been isolated and a machine (test – RT-PCR) that is wildly inaccurate, never meant to be used for this purpose. We have no data, what data that is put forth is meaningless. The test is the virus. The more we test, the more positives we get. It is a scam. We just had cold and flu season, which Wikipedia says is “not well understood” by doctors, meaning they got no clue. Medical Dark Ages, we are in.

          The only thing that keeps this scam going is the public’s faith in white lab coats, engrained in them since childhood. Once you place absolute faith in anyone, you effectively give them permission to lie to you. It is guaranteed that once permission is given, lies follow. Doubt me? Check out the number of masks around you. They are faith-based symbols having nothing to do with science. They scream “We cannot think for ourselves!”


          1. Sorry, I can see how my post was unclear— I lean towards the position you outline, just curious how EthicalSkeptic got some of his results using the mainstream data. And also the AM radio guys.


          2. You could have went to the Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore and cheered on the Donald. I’m watching it live on yewtube. The camera angle with him sitting behind a red barrier gives me a vibe he may get sniped. Seems like with all that’s happened this year that a fake or real disposal of Mr. Trump may be in the cards. I hope not!


            1. I’m hearing rumors that this may happen around Aug 3rd or 4th! But he gets resurrected around Aug 8th. I know it sounds crazy, but just something to keep in mind.


        2. The 5% figure is criminally wrong. People spreading that number should be banned for spreading misinformation (like we often are) but it will never happen.

          The key thing here is that we cannot start mixing between a mainstream analysis and deeper conspiracy questions. If you start mixing these two, you start to muddle all analysis.

          Ethical Skeptic is great in undermining the mainstream narrative and he plays within mainstream bounds. The argument that something deeper is going on where viruses do not even cause illness is something we need to completely separate as its own question. If we are to argue against the mainstream, it helps to do it completely on their turf to show them that even by their own standards this lockdown is completely ridiculous.

          The argument that viruses do not even cause illness (and that there is some kind of grander conspiracy) is totally acceptable for us to debate. But it is not something we should mix in with the Ethical Skeptic’s kind of analysis.


  2. Mark, suffice it to say you’d not be the first of us to send ill-advised email due to this new tyranny

    I am new to join the site, although I’ve peeked in from time to time. Initially, I linked to background check Miles Mathis. As of today, I fortuitously linked in research the Covidiot Scamdemic- & would add appreciation for the work done here on that topic

    The Sargentile
    “This already is WW3, ladies. And I’m telling you- we can win this thing”


  3. “The Governor’s Office will take your thoughts under careful consideration.”

    I would pay good money to see her say that with a straight face.


  4. Something curious— I mentioned that “anti-mask 2020” group on fb. Well somebody posted that they noticed the group leaned mostly female. Makes me wonder if that holds true in the public at large, or just that sample?

    One young woman posted that women “had more to lose.” She elaborated that she was thinking in terms of the burka as a form of oppressive social control.

    Anyway, it is an interesting aspect of mandatory masks that they have a different kind of impact on each sex. And even more dramatic an impact on beautiful women. A beautiful woman is slightly leveled, to a par with others.


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