Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actually Die Months Ago?

If you are one of our readers, you have hopefully stopped believing anything you are told by the mainstream media. If we are dealing with news about some kind of major political figure, this skepticism should be triple. Given this logic, when I heard about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tonight, alarm bells naturally started ringing.

How convenient that Justice Ginsburg lasted until only a month and a half before a major Presidential election such with a major illness!

Deaths are almost never so conveniently timed, if natural and immediately reported. With this as my guiding logic, I began doing some basic research into her death, and my preliminary findings are concerning enough that I wanted to get them out immediately. From what I can see, Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have died quite some time ago.

To begin, we need to ask ourselves when the last public appearances by Ginsburg took place. She was said to be actively fighting a major illness (Stage 4 pancreatic cancer). There are documented instances of her fighting numerous types of cancer for the past 20 years. Recently, this allowed her the benefit of a complete disappearance from the public eye…no questions asked. Coronavirus quarantines would have allowed remote appearances to be faked. When we go back into the recent available photography of Ginsburg, we find that she was last photographed at a series of appearances in February 2020.

The crux of my initial findings is that the photography of Justice Ginsburg from these most recent events are chalked full of anomalies.

The imagery I am referencing is courtesy of Getty Images, where we can search by person and sort chronologically. The Getty photographs of Justice Ginsburg are found at this link, sorted for the most recent ones.

For photo analysis, I use a free tool called Forensically. With this tool, we can analyze what is called the “Noise” in a photograph to determine whether the images are legitimate. In a legitimate photograph, we should see a consistent pattern of Noise. The Noise is basically just a fuzzyness apparent throughout the image. The closer you are to the original image uploaded directly out of the camera, the more consistent the Noise should be across the image. Colors and patterns should make no difference to the Noise. There are other useful tools beyond that, such as the Error Level Analysis, which are better at highlighting areas of manipulation.

Viewing a photo through many of these tool options (Noise, ELA) can give someone an idea for what manipulations went into any particular photograph.

The problem in what I am finding with recent images of Ginsburg is heavy manipulation, and especially manipulation centering on Ginsburg.

It is only after a photo is re-uploaded many times over many years that Noise gets ugly and difficult to interpret. In photographs from 2020 uploaded directly to Getty Images, we should expect clean Noise. It is what we find in most cases, but absolutely not these recent Ginsburg appearances.

This is a hell of a finding, and I am still struggling with the implications as we speak. Were there not witnesses at these award ceremonies? It is difficult to say exactly when such a switch would have taken place.

I encourage interested parties to help me out with this one. I am interested in any information that we can find about the Feb 2020 thru Sept 2020 period, and even the period directly before this.

This post is made to simply get the concept out to public. The timing of this death is a serious red flag, and if an illusion had been maintained of Ginsburg being alive, we ought to be able to find traces of it.

Her death has been publicly announced for just a matter of hours now, and obviously now becomes a major issue in the 2020 Presidential Election. How interesting! It seems as though there are shenanigans afoot here.

This reminds me of Israel keeping Ariel Sharon alive for 8 years in a vegetative state, then using the death for political purposes. I cannot say exactly which appearance might have been faked here with Ginsburg, but I am certainly not seeing enough to allay concerns of manipulation.

If Justice Ginsburg actually died in early 2020 (or before), there would have been ample time for the Republican-controlled Congress to appoint a replacement. Wouldn’t there have been a tremendous incentive for Democrats to maintain the illusion that Ginsburg were alive until closer until the Presidential Election?

As was pointed out in comments, we must remember that political parties are an illusion. This could instead be a death planned for this moment for maximum divisiveness. Priming the pump for a script of a contested election. Get ready, folks, it’s going to get crazy real quick!

Edit: Commenter dtoc was kind enough to link us to a Twitter thread with a man adamant that the RBG of recent years was a body double replacement of the original. He shows adjustments of the internet which indicate that they are attempting to replace the old Ginsburg with the new one in the public mind. There is even a theory to go along with this that Antonin Scalia was murdered for failing to go along with this! He and Ginsburg were very close. What a stunning idea!

45 thoughts on “Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actually Die Months Ago?

    1. You are correct there, and there are a lot of possibilities for why this moment might have been chosen strategically, if that is what did indeed occur. I cannot think of a more divisive moment than right now for this to have occurred. We are being set up for a contested election script.

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        1. Because both political parties are owned and operated by the powers that be. What incentive would any other Justice, Senator, or Congressman have for blowing the whistle on that, if they happened to become aware? None. It would be tremendously against their own self interest, and trust me…DC politicians are specifically filtered out to make sure they are the types who operate out of naked self interest.

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      1. And how true this is from hindsight. Biden won the election, Trump contested the election results in the courts, the staged January 6th insurrection at the Capitol over election results, etc. More scripted drama to create tension and division for the masses.


  1. I really thought she would have died months ago, and I do not believe the circumstances of the death of Antonin Scalia one bit (No autopsy? Really?), but showing up for work at the U.S. Supreme Court is hard to fake. Using a double is, perhaps, a possibility.


    The above case, Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants Inc., was argued May 6, 2020 and decided July 6, 2020. RBG had to be there on May 6 for all to see, although who knows what goes on behind closed doors when a case is decided after that.

    Chiafalo v. Washington and Colorado Department of State v. Baca were both argued on May 13 and decided on July 6.

    Trump v. Mazars USA, LLP and Trump v. Vance were both argued on May 12 and decided on July 9.

    RBG certainly could have died earlier than yesterday. I find this, dated September 9, when Trump added Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz to his Supreme Court list, to be a little too timely.



      1. Yes, virtually, but one would think that there is video of each justice, and that the video is authenticated.

        RBG Just Went to War for Your Birth Control — From the Hospital
        The Supreme Court live streamed audio of its arguments Wednesday, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out swinging despite being hospitalized.
        By Carter Sherman
        May 6, 2020, 2:03pm
        Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is laid up in a hospital bed, but she still came out swinging in defense of birth control during Supreme Court oral arguments Wednesday.

        Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court is now live streaming audio of its arguments — a first for the historically technology-shy high court, which is now working remotely. That decision let Ginsburg, the oldest justice on the bench and a four-time cancer survivor, chime in from Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she’s been resting after undergoing “non-surgical treatment” for a benign gallbladder condition.


        1. This doesn’t really breed coincidence, sorry. Body double and/or Deepfake are easy to do, especially in a virtual environment. There seems to be something unusual going on here.


  2. I was stunned by the strong resemblance between Ginsberg and Judge Judy, pointed out by a commenter. I did not take him seriously but looked into it anyway, a near perfect match. I had no idea what to make of it, and still do not.

    The US Supreme Court is like the British House of Lords, an unaccountable body that is used to arbitrarily resolve matters in favor of the elite. With rumblings in lower courts over Corona fascism, they are going to be needed and useful. Not to us, of course.


  3. not sure who this guy is, but he’s of the same opinion and has quite a few comparison photos; https://twitter.com/paulmuaddib61/status/1115770888102776832
    The treatment alone for pancreatic cancer/lung cancer (or any kind for that matter) is no joke, the effects are ravaging on the body. People who are 50, 60 yrs end up looking like skeletons. Hard to fathom someone her age looked that good. Unless they have access to cancer treatments that we do not.

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    1. My father died of pancreatic cancer. In the months leading up to his death he couldn’t get out of bed or even lift his arms. He had to be fed, bathed, his muscles needed to be massaged to relieve cramps. Nobody on their way out with this horrible disease looks like anything except death on a stick, stuck to a mattress.


      1. I’m sorry your father had to go through that and you/your family had to see him like that. I’ve watched it too, too many times, which is why it infuriates me to no end when people who have suffered and died of stage 4 cancer are now conveniently added to the covidhoax tally.
        RBG was diagnosed w/ pancreatic cancer in 2009…..surprising she lived for even one year following diagnosis, never mind until yesterday.


        1. Yes I know someone in insurance, and he said it looks like there’s going to be an anomalous drop in cancer-attributed deaths, coinciding with the arrival of covid. Kind of hard to explain without admitting it’s just reclassification. But I guess by the time it shows up it will be too late to trumpet, and brushed under the rug anyway.


        2. It’s likely the cancer diagnoses were faked to hide something…. RBG was no longer around for quite some time. As such, it gave them an excuse to hide her and replace her with younger looking doubles later.


      2. People’s appearance obviously change when sick especially cancer. I’m surprised they didn’t say Ginsburg died of COVID. It’s a top job slot so I’m sure someone is being prepped for her replacement.


    2. Thank you for this tremendous information. Sometimes, you scratch the surface and you can just tell that something isn’t right.


    3. Be very wary of paulmuaddib61@paulmuaddib61. He’s a QAnon guy. QAnon people are paid disinfo.

      Dave Zublick also did a video in 2019 (not on YouTube) stating that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died. I wouldn’t trust Zublick, either.

      I believe that the elite have different cancer treatments than we have. Jimmy Carter had cancer, but poof!, it’s gone! Carter will be 96 years old on October 1. Or he could go soon, too.


      1. I don’t think it’s fair to place a blanket disbelief in anything any QAnon person said. It may well be packed full of disinfo, but it’s not always so black and white. Furthermore, you have to try to judge the content on its merits. ISS fraudulence is all over Flat Earth, doesn’t mean I should automatically disregard it.


        1. Fair point, with NASA & flat earth. Even a shill like Alex Jones gives you truth. The problem is, they present so many rabbit holes, and I just don’t have the time to sort it all out–especially if you don’t really trust a source to being with.

          @paulmuaddib61 has “QPlusNews.com” at the top of his Twitter page. He says, “Followed by @GenFlynn.” A Q video was posted yesterday: “This video is dedicated to all Anons, Light Workers and Starseeds. It’s an honor to fight alongside you. We are CueAnon. WWG1WGA.”

          RBG probably died earlier than this week, but, say, a January 2019 date would require a lot of deception, IMHO. A February 2020 date still would require a lot of work, since justices and their staffs work closely together. A June or July or August death all would require much less fakery.

          Keep up the great work, Fauxlex.


          1. I agree, his QAnon prominence was off-putting for me as well. Thanks for the comments. It helps when there is a group effort on some of these.


  4. Everyone reading this, please click the Twitter link from dtoc’s comment. It appears we may be looking at a Ginsburg body double with Memory Hole alterations through the internet to make the two a better match. This would certainly agree with my findings of significant modifications to Ginsburg in just about every photo.


    1. That Twitter-er claims old photos of RBG are being memory-holed on the Internet. It’s for this reason that old print magazines (back issues of TIME, etc.) are valuable. You can find photos from a particular time and make sound diachronic comparison.

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  5. These people are all actors. There were numerous clips like this but most have been buried. I don’t know if these are Masonic rituals they have to go through or some type of humiliation ceremony but certainly the world around us is very bizzare. https://youtu.be/huLyrEloA3g And to answer your question Senator Graham – A resounding YES – the American people can see through this sham.


    1. If they can fake the life and death of a Supreme Court Justice they can fake donations to a political party. These reports of money moving from place to place or in the coffers of billionaires are specifically designed to control our beliefs. There’s a process underway right now and we’re at best pawns and at worst cannon fodder or tally marks.

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      1. it’s interesting that she died on Rosh Hashanah, which began at sunset on 9/18.

        And then this from NPR; https://www.npr.org/2020/09/18/100306972/justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-champion-of-gender-equality-dies-at-87

        ‘Just days before her death, as her strength waned, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

        ‘Installed’ is a strange choice of words. As is ‘dictated’.


      2. I know plenty of people here in Libtardia Central (SF) who give their money to the billionaire fronts in order to feel warm fuzzies. Who knows how much is actually coming in, but selling indulgences never goes out of style.


  6. A fake quote to go along with a fake death. I wonder when her real life ended? I once saw a site where people hypothesized that Beyonce was replaced before Destiny’s Child which I found hard to believe at the time. Today I am thinking maybe it’s true. Maybe some people are replaced before they’re famous, on the upswing, so-to-say and their entire public lives we see are faked/controlled.

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  7. A big part of propaganda as I recall from Ellul is getting people to take action, eg voting. So the timing is indeed very convenient to stimulate more people to take part in the ritual. The supposed threat to abortion rights of a shift in the court is a big motivator for many. Also just the excitement of a big news story just before the election, to prompt audience involvement.


  8. OT for FAUXLEX: The NBA has to be rigged. The LA Lakers led the Miami Heat 2-0. Everyone knows that no one comes back from 0-3. The Heat played down two stars. You would think Lakers star Anthony Davis would have a monster game, and yet, against scrub backups, he only took nine shots and was MINUS 26 for the game. I check NBA “fixed” and “rigged” on Twitter and a lot of other people are just not buying it.

    We know the stock market is rigged, elections are rigged, polls are rigged, CV stats are rigged, Google search results are rigged, but please, not my bread and circuses!!


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