Conversation with a public health official

Good afternoon Mr. Tokarski,

My name is xxx, I will be facilitating the response to your request for records from Jefferson County Public Health under the Colorado open records law. Based on department policy, we charge $25.00 per hour to search, review, and provide records under the Open Records Act, with the first hour being of no charge. The Colorado open records law does not require us to create documents that we do not have in our possession. Because requests #1, #5, and #6 would require us to develop documents or studies, we are unable to fulfill those. Request #2, #3, and #4 are primarily based on existing evidence that can be found in numerous publicly accessible sources for free. However, if you would like us to collect those studies for you, based on similar requests, I estimate that it will take approximately 24 hours of staff time to do so. With the first hour being of no charge, the total cost would be $575.00. This is simply an estimate and could increase or decrease slightly once we begin the process of going through the documents.

This will take a while to complete because many of our staff are working very long days to protect their community from this disease. We should be able to have this completed by December 4th, but this too is just an estimate.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with this request and I will begin the process.

Thank you.


Official Title
Jefferson County Public Health


Thank you for your response to my request. After filing, I decided that since your office is merely following orders from above, that I would be better advised to file an FOIA with the Governor’s office, and did so. I don’t imagine I’ll have better luck there, as Mr. Polis does not strike me as either strong or terribly intelligent, so that the extraordinary measures he has taken against the citizens of this state surely do not originate with him. But his staff will at least have to pretend so. That is my only leverage, that public officials must publicly posture as being law-abiding and to be using a scientific approach.

As with your office. I hold my request open and ask you to keep it so pending a response from the Governor. The $575, meant as a deterrent against ordinary citizens questioning your work, is not so in my case.

I am today attending a little affair, a used book store that is going out of business. The reason? Your office. The measures you have taken have affected every small business in this county. All are struggling. The gym I use has a sign that says something like “wear your mask or the county will shut us down.” Where do you get such power over people? Suicides, though not reported by our sterling news media, are up dramatically. Alcohol sales are up by 50%, desperate people are begging on street corners even up here in the foothills, all because of your office. Older people in hospitals are intubated, put on ventilators and in induced comas, administered dangerous and useless antiviral drugs, and then die. All because of your office. [removed a reference to unintentional but nonetheless criminal acts by hospital personnel, fearing libel ] when all they need is an oxygen clip. Fear of the elusive virus has paralyzed even trained medical personnel.

The CDC has admitted, publicly, to perhaps 10,000 deaths nationwide due to “Covid 19” (which I suspect, but cannot know, is millimeter wave radiation sickness due to 5G.) The rest of the 200,000 or so deaths they claim to be Covid were merely natural cold and flu season deaths, mostly older citizens with comorbidity factors, relabeled Covid. Autopsies were forbidden. Death certificates are meaningless. This is massive fraud and criminal activity, crimes against humanity as a group of Nobel Laureates have called it in their lawsuit. I realize you are part of it, but not the cause of it. We need for people like you, offices like yours, to stand up and fight. It does not happen. We are a land of sheep. I look around me at the masked masses and think Zombie apocalypse. I don’t wear a mask, but when forced to do so to prevent some poor schmuck worker, like a barber, from getting in trouble, I wear one that says “This mask is useless.” That is the extent of my capitulation to your nonsense.

I also know that there is no scientific basis behind my items 2,3 and 4, and that the “publicly accessible sources” you would refer me to merely rely on postures of authority, not science. Science has been chucked out the window in this massive hoax. Most importantly, perhaps unlike you, I have read scientific sources concerning #1, and found them either inconclusive, or perhaps even fraudulent. Their methodology does not begin to satisfy Rivers’ Postulates. You’d be well advised not to refer me to those papers should this FOIA stay alive. Regarding #6, I am in possession of a paper, censored by Chinese authorities, by mathematicians who calculated an 80% false positive rate for the RT-PCR test in asymptomatic people. I am happy to share it with you.

I have an inguinal hernia and recently consulted with a doctor who recommended surgery. I agreed, but when his office called and told me I had to have a Covid test first, I balked. That test could cost me two weeks of my life, and for nothing. I regard it not as 80% unreliable, but rather 100% so. I have said for months now that the PCR test IS the virus. More testing equals more “cases,” which are meaningless and at the same time result in effective house arrest without due process. This is tyranny. We live in lawless times, and in the Dark Ages of allopathic medicine. You are [probably unknowingly]  part of the lawlessness.

And I wondered, as you wrote that your staff are involved in long days “protecting their community from the disease”, if while doing so are they wearing Wonder Woman or Batman costumes, or better yet, The Joker. This is a cruel joke being played on us, after all.

That would, of course, refer to the Heath Ledger rendition of the Joker, though Jack Nicholson did credible work.

Mark Tokarski

Note to readers: My original FOIA request to Jefferson County can be found here.  Also, I removed the name of the respondent just in case my response was libelous. This person is part of a hoax, bigger than presidents and governors, but not the cause.

34 thoughts on “Conversation with a public health official

  1. I hate (but understand) their response – gotta get paid by their owners yanno?
    You’re response is sadly only for your readers benefit, as they won’t even give it a real look.


  2. Sigh… it’s sad but there times when people (still feel the) need to censor themselves.
    A friend of mine (an up-and-coming young adult writer of fiction) had to rewrite parts of her book due to today’s political and cultural climate.

    I’m a nobody – so I have next to nothing to lose.


  3. Well said, and it does show (even if they’re lower level) that they have no readily available scientific basis for their mandates. 24 hours??? Shouldn’t they have immediate ability to provide “science,” since presumably they would only take such drastic actions after making sure, for themselves, that they were justified…? (I mean if their claims to expertise and authority were more than a sham pretense.)

    One quibble— bringing in 5G, if it’s just speculation, seems like a distraction; it’s too loaded a term, full of “tinfoil hat” jokes, if it can’t be asserted with solid evidence. And besides how are those 10k deaths that they claim as Covid alone different from the others— since ALL are from a suspect test, and/or merely “presumed” without testing (allowable under reporting guidelines.)

    I think you also overlook a major source of “Covid deaths” aside from natural cold/flu, or at least don’t underline it clearly(?); you mention intubation, but it should be spelled out that this was done because doctors were in a panic over “aerosols” and told not to use standard respiratory treatments. Vents are deadly, at least they are when used in a chaotic, mass scale way, according to that Tim Corbett (IIRC), the former nurse/ UK activist, whose video someone posted here. So iatrogenic deaths are a big part of the equation. Also the neglect of nursing home residents who were deemed Covid positive, leaving elderly with dementia to die from weeks of no human contact, bed sores, etc. Again due to filling the staff with panic and fear.


    1. About 5G. WiFi/WLAN routers we have in our homes constantly emit radio at 2,4 and 5,0 GHz. 5G frequencies are inbetween. I’m wondering on what basis they could be said to be harmful. I don’t think they are.

      As for the rest, I share the thoughts expressed on this page.


      1. 5G cannot penetrate walls, so you are free of them indoors. They are millimeter wave frequencies, and interfere with oxygen molecules, and can affect you while outdoors, especially in areas where the technology is up and running, as in NYC and Wuhan.

        We do need more and better information. Cowan does a good job with it in his Contagion Myth book. I will cite some passages this week.


  4. I remember the original cast of Saturday Night Live, as I am that old. In those episodes, they would present “news for the hearing impaired.” Chevy Chase would read a news story, and in a corner inset, Garrett Morris would put his hands around his mouth and yell the story.

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    1. No – I am going with a different FOIA to the governor, but expect the same response. Implicit in the response is that the information I seek, scientific evidence backing these policies, is out there if I only look for it. It’s a dodge. My point exactly is that there is no scientific evidence to support the policies. But it will be like nailing Jello to the wall. I’ll do my best, but a real attorney would be useful.


      1. There are attorneys that specialize in FOIA, but most I have known practice at the federal level where if you win, you get paid at federal rates via Equal Access to Justice statute. Non-profit corporations are often exempt from fees if the information is used “in the public interest.”


      2. The specific function of your FOIA is for me vague, but wherefore do you requisition this information from local administrators rather than a federal scientific body?


        1. It is vague for me too. I did not know how to approach these people, who are immune from criticism and worshipped as are all members of the medical profession. I got the idea for a FOIA from Andrew Johnson, a Brit, and looked into Colorado law and found that this state has an open records law. I thought it might be a way to expose them as charlatans.

          I had fear and trepidation, and my usual response, foolhardy for sure, when faced with fear, is to confront the fear and take bold action. But do not assume I had a plan. This was, in football terms, an audible. I do not know how to proceed or what to do next, and know that the people on the receiving end have been briefed on FOIAs and how to respond. Trying to scare me away with the high cost of proceeding is one such tactic. They have others. I am winging it, but the county office was not the place to start, so I filed a similar FOIA with our dweeby governor.

          Federal? That is big game hunting, and I would guess that FOIAs are all about at CDC and NIH and places like that. I would for sure be in deep over my head. This is the kind of stuff for which we need good and sincere lawyers.


          1. Yes, CDC and NIH, is exactly what I’m suggesting. I am happy to assist, sign for it myself, but will need help narrowing down what documents, emails, etc. we’re looking for. More specific the better from my experience. Better yet if it’s a document known to exist, but hasn’t been released into the public domain.

            F0r example: “Please send all documents used in the initial discovery of the Covid-19 virus, including all documents which confirm the methods used by CDC to isolate, identify and culture the Covid-19 virus using Koch’s Postulates.”

            Maybe that’s not a good example, but I’m sure you’d get a response worth the trouble. No response is cause for legal action.


            1. Very good … I will work on this. With CDC I woudl look for studies on the effectiveness of masking and distancing, scientifically done with use of control groups. I also want to see their evidence that RT-PCR can detect disease, and that “testing positive” is equivalent to having the disease. I’ll work on the wording and run it by you.

              I have always wondered about FOIAs – how can we ask for a specific document when we don’t know it exists?


              1. I like it! They won’t “answer our questions” but must according to law and its exemptions provide documents and communications in their possession relating to the FOIA.
                It’s a convoluted process, but it can, and has, produced some amazing results on occasion.


  5. Thanks. I meant in the sense of being able to outwit them and be ahead of them. They obviously see people like me coming and are well armed. I have long had an admire-distaste feeling about lawyers, in that they are trained to think like sharpshooters, anticipating their prey and gunning them down.


  6. Great deed, Mark. Maybe somebody reading your response will come to realizing he/she is complicit, although chances are thin. We should’ve all follow your lead and swap their offices and mailboxes with such requests. It must feel like a nightmare knowing people are catching up on hoaxery.

    Btw, doesn’t charging for work done by county officials, whose salaries are funded by State (taxes), contradict the essential meaning of being a “public official” employee? Aren’t they representatives of us, the public? They’ll be compensated for those 24 hours of work they perform searching for your paper regardless of the invoice. One of their job descriptions is responding to FOIAs, isn’t it? Excuse me for saying it, but this is a genuine mindfuck 🙂 The total number of men hours done by all employees will NOT be any larger, there’s no EXCESS work done by them as they’ll keep working their usual 8hr/day shifts even with a million FOIA’s pending. They actually think we’re all retarded, your experience is the proof of it.


  7. If this was a movie, when would the hero fight back? I mean at what point if this were a movie, would the hero take physical action? It seems to me in a movie the time would be long past due. Since this is not a movie i expect more discussion on our way to be slaughtered.


    1. Thanks Alexei. I am goi g to run this tomorrow unless something else takes its place. He is saying exactly what Kaufman and Cowan and others are saying, that the word “isolate” when used by a virologist does not mean “isolate.” This is where Enders stepped in in the 1950s, as virology as a science was circling the drain. He saved it.


          1. Anybody fluent in Italian, and can translate this section from the Scoglio paper?

            “Questo, tra l’altro, solleva un’ulteriore questione molto importante: se il presunto virus muta tanto da aver prodotto oltre 70.000 sequenze genetiche diverse, quale di questi sarà selezionato per il vaccino? E come può il vaccino coprire qualcosa se gli altri 69.999 sequenza non sono coperti e il virus, in ogni caso, continua a mutare costantemente?

            This is the messed-up part in English:

            “question: if the alleged virus mutates so much that it has produced over 70,000 different genetic sequences, which of these will be selected for the vaccine? And how can the vaccine cover something if the other body , and 69,999 Sequential and are not indoor and and the virus, however, continues to change constantly? ”

            It obviously means to say something like “how can the vaccine protect more than one person if there are 69,999 other viral sequences, and also the virus continues to mutate constantly?”


  8. Computer whizz i am not. I finally thought to use google translate.
    Here is the messed up section of Scoglio’s paper:

    “question: if the alleged virus mutates so much that it has produced over 70,000 different genetic sequences, which of these will be selected for the vaccine? And how can the vaccine cover something if the other body , and 69,999 Sequential and are not indoor and and the virus, however, continues to change constantly? ”

    And according to google translate:

    “question: if the alleged virus mutates so much that it has produced over 70,000 different genetic sequences, which of these will be selected for the vaccine? And how can the vaccine cover anything if the other 69,999 sequences are not covered and the virus, in any case, is constantly changing?”


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