Legal rumblings

Be still my beating heart … we hear of legal challenges to the monstrous crimes going on around us, and then … crickets. Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is going to initiate lawsuits against players who have committed crimes against humanity, Dr. Christian Drosten and veterinarian Dr. Tedros Adhanom among them.

If you come across this post and the video above is grayed, contact me at the footnote* below. I have it downloaded. [Down it went … It is too big to upload. If you want to see it contact me at the address offered at the end, and perhaps we can Dropbox. Also note, the video offered below, still up at this writing, is probably of better use than this one.]

Below, Fuellmich describes Section 7 of the International Criminal Code. That is a child of the Nuremberg trials, where various players pleaded innocence for “just following orders.” That is not a defense under ICC, and further, superior officers, even if they do not know they are ordering illegal acts, are nonetheless accountable.

There’s that word: “accountable.” Does it apply to anyone with money and power?

“The greatest crime against humanity ever committed,” he says. In my heart of hearts, I cannot imagine that the courts are immune from the vast network of corrupt people behind the pandemic. One can only hope that it gives pause to public officials, such as our Governor Polis of Colorado, who are ordered to carry out illegal activities. Under ICC, Polis is oath-bound and not immune from accountability, at least in normal times.

In that vein, the following is a video from BitChute which lays out in detail the idea of Notice of Liability. It’s long, and takes a focused effort for over two hours to absorb it and its implications. The intent is to use this legal measure against “oath-bound” public officials, such as Polis, for violating that oath in committing crimes against their constituents.

One bit of advice I intend to follow … if quarantined I will seek remedy via writ of habeas corpus. Maybe that’s beyond reach in this country at this time, where basic legal remedies are set aside due to a public ’emergency.’ However, prior to taking a PCR test, which I will resist unless mandated by illegal brute force, I will demand to know the laboratory doing the test and the number of amplifications used therein. If that number is, as recommended by WHO and Dr. Drosten, 45, the test is meaningless. If it is even only 30 cycles, it is only 20% “reliable,” that word having to do with the intended use of the PCR machine, comparison of DNA strands in scientific research, and not for diagnosis of disease. Also underlying the “reliability” of the test is the absence of a “gold standard,” or isolated virus. According to this source, it is testing for gene sequences known to exist in all humans.

The depth and magnitude of the deceit and criminality behind this hoax leaves me breathless. The people behind it, including Drosten, Adhamon, and Bill and Melinda Gates, are some of the most depraved human criminals who have ever lived. All of us who are both paying attention and who have lived to age forty and beyond know that justice is a rare commodity, and that we indeed live on a prison planet run by psychopaths and their sub-human minions. Still, I commend any and all who stand up and fight. Perhaps if there is reincarnation after this life, those who stand and fight get promoted to a saner existence somewhere else in the universe. One can only dream. Fuellmich states that those in Australia who do not wear a mask or do not wear it properly are imprisoned. In the Philippines, he says, they are shot in the head. I’ve seen no evidence to that effect, and am only repeating his words. I do not know that to be a fact. [A man was shot dead there on April 5 for failing to wear a mask. It must have been an overzealous cop, or clerk in a grocery store. I’ve met people like that.]

It bears repeating here that the mask is a symbol, nothing more, of bending the knee, of obedience. It is applied behaviorial psychology. Without masks and PCR testing, we would look around us and see that nothing has changed, that life goes on normally.

Étienne de La Boétie, who oddly lived until age 33 in the 16th Century, left behind a Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. I wonder at times about my own constitutional makeup, that during the 12 years of my career that I was employed by others, no matter their good qualities, that I felt confined. I remember, in my mid-twenties, driving down Montana Avenue in Billings, Montana, on my way to work one morning. I was sad, even depressed about what lay ahead, crawling over the backs of others for promotion, being outdone and outgunned in the business world. It would be twelve years before I made the move to self-employment. Prior to that time I was not a good employee, and thought something was wrong with me. As it turned out, something was right with me, and something wrong with nearly everyone else. Self-employment was glorious emancipation. It happened in 1986, but would take several years to fully appreciate it. Lacking self-awareness as I moved forward, I was reading more, and more thinking my own thoughts. I did not get the connection then, that I had been untethered.

At least part of this massive criminal hoax is directed at small businesses. They want them gone. Why? I think it can only be that people who run their own shops are independent-minded and hard to herd and control. That was certainly the case with me. At age 70 now, retired and free of debt, I know I am not immune, that they are coming for me too. However, since I am no longer useful as someones manservant, I wonder what might be in store. That creates fear inside me, and a reminder that I must be courageous. I cannot let fear govern me.

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18 thoughts on “Legal rumblings

  1. Mark

    I’m an independent contractor (not hammer and nails) myself. I fell into it as I kept quitting my full time/direct jobs to the point where no one would hire me (as a direct) again!

    I fell into it…and then fell in love with it! You mean Rastus can take an entire year off, toss the alarm click in the trash?? YES!!! Wake up when your body tell you wake?? YES!!! Self ownership is good, I wish I did it sooner!

    And I don’t lust after the dollar- had fellow contractor doing same job/same location call me a %$##er for having basic small truck. You see, its not what you are and what you have, but what you PROJECT!!!

    I hope he gets the vaccine!!!! 🙂


  2. We each have our journey, and our own pace. I think of all I have learned in 2020, and am grateful for all your posts (and others’ too) that have moved my search more inward, as opposed to the usual presupposition that it’s “out there.” I hope we here at POM can accommodate as many “newcomers” as is possible without boring the hell out of our “master class,” who, as should be expected naturally, are anxious to maintain forward motion at maximum speed. It will take all levels of knowledge and ability to overcome the adverse affects of the 4th industrial revolution and WEF’s “Great Reset.” I especially want to thank Alison McDowell for her insights and courage standing face-to-face with the evil bastards pushing the global, trans-humanist agenda.

    How will you (we all) plan to resist digital slavery?

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  3. Incredible story on NPR tonight… Saying that until January of this year our knowledge of viruses was “primitive”.. Lol
    Covid suddenly sparked our brilliant researchers to new heights.. I wish I had a link but the whole story is funny if you can find it. So absurd.

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      1. I don’t think they want small business gone, just a change and consolidation of ownership.
        With previous owners being well compensated to sell and leave with no problems letting go of their deeds and licenses. Many business owners are constantly on the local news with sob stories that they may go out of business and every dollar counts. If a place went out of business or a company went bankrupt then they were doing bad last year. The amount of money your local businesses are getting thru “forgivable” PPP loans and grants and other funds is way more revenue for the year than if the Covid hoax did not happen.

        Your area may actually have businesses closing up for good, but I’m speaking about the town and area I live in. I see the new cars and the bills being paid and the property taxes paid and the wives and girlfriends living large at the department stores. Looking at other information that people who own and operate these places, show they are not hurting like they have been nonstop telling us all year long.

        The stimulus bill can make one sick just by skimming thru it. Very little to do with a deadly pandemic as most here on this blog already noticed. This is a financial event, not a biological one.


        1. Man, that sounds like a colorful town you live in – I wanna see wives and mistresses of small-time tycoons living large at dept stores… Even if I did see them, I’d have no clue about their social connections – my burg being fairly anonymous and anomic.

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          1. No tycoons, just regular upper to lower middle class business owners crying how Covid has ruined everyone, and of course they have all had relatives that supposedly died from it. Doesn’t take a private detective to figure out the social networks, financial liquidity and control of the movers and shakers in a small to medium sized town. It’s not invading privacy, which none of us have anymore or being nosy, especially when certain folks have it way better than they let on and state in the media as such. When I think about the Elite and their minions, I think of Paris, London, Berlin, NYC, not cornfields and train stations, but regardless of how small your town is they are there. Do a little digging and you’ll find some people and families are not really who they say they are or who you thought they were.


            1. I don’t doubt it necessarily.. Just saying the people I see in passing in my medium size city are mostly anonymous strangers; I appreciate your perspective though.


  4. Hi Mark, they keep deleting this videos and others keep reloading them on Youtube. Just look up “Reiner Füllmich” occasionally, sort by upload date and they will appear again or in parts.
    The most weird thing is, the mainstream consequently pretends there is no such opposition. Not a word about this people. Either this is a clever misleading, which I don’t think, or we are witnessing history as it happens. Once the stone begins to roll, anything can happen. I wish a Happy New Year everybody.


  5. Unusually informative article from NC… It looks like Blackstone (private equity) is a big player in buying up all the distressed commercial real estate. And engineering how it all goes down, controlling rents, etc.

    Amazingly, too – the second part of the article gets into their purchase of Ancestry dot com, as well as general involvement in medical data and “biosciences.” Very strange doings, for anyone trying to read between the lines.

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  6. Blackstone is one of the many investment funds of Jacob Rothschild. Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, was an economic adviser to Donald Trump.
    Blackrock, Blackstone, Black Cube, Schwarzman… In Scots Gaelic, Sgian dubh means ‘Black Knife’ though “dark knife” is a better translation in the sense of its being hidden for evil purposes.


  7. Hey, MT:

    Has this been posted here yet:

    Interestingly, CA Fitts explains exactly how the satisfying self-employment experience you describe is specifically being liquidated in the current CV psy-op and the concurrent globalist roll-outs, of which there are many. It’s disaster capitalism where they created the disaster, not Mother Nature. Of course, there’s much more to it: some of which we’ve discussed here, some Alison McDowell is explicating, and some none of us have mentioned yet.


  8. My college-aged nephew had a friend test positive, so he took a test which also came back positive… then he got a call from the CDC asking him to name people he had “exposed.” We had all gathered as a family over the holidays. He named other family members, but did not name me, perhaps because I have let it be known what I think about all this. Has anyone else heard about this practice? I’m amazed. I mean, I knew fascism was here… but wow… it really IS here…


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