Living among good and caring automatons

Perhaps we’ve all experienced this: A conversation is going on, embedded in which is every lie being told today, that there are viruses, that they are out to get us, that people are dying of “Covid” (rather than obesity, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, etc.), and that vaccines can save us. If we say anything contrary, we are not met with derision or disagreement, but rather with what appears to me to be an eye-dart. It’s not a weapon or something fired at us, but rather a brief eye movement that signals lack of comprehension. People are so deeply brainwashed that the things we know and give voice to simply do not register. It is as if our mouths are moving but no sound emerges. There is not a lack of courtesy or ill will (in most cases), but rather a total lack of ability to understand what is transpiring.

I read once, though I have no reason to accept it as true, that the original Native Americans, coming upon European sailing vessels for the first time, could not see them. The reason is that they had never seen anything like them before, had no frame of reference, and so in their minds filled in water and sky where the vessels sat. That is where we sit with people brainwashed by both Covid and Climate psyops and all the others before.

I grew up American, attended Catholic schools and was deeply brainwashed. I should not look down my nose at my fellow citizens. But I did break free. What did it take?

I have a good intellect, but am not a genius by any standard. I’ve always been intensely curious about some things, like the Kennedy assassinations. I read about those up the yin yang, never coming close to solving anything. This is as intended by our juggling masters, the people who are charged with keeping the balls in the air at all times. So in this regard I was a little different from most people who see things that cannot be so, but accept that they are so because thinking is such hard work. They live in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance.

Our society is heavily dependent on structural engineering more than any other profession. Our roads, bridges, and buildings depend on very smart and highly trained people, and at least part of their training has to be a study of Newtonian physics. So conceptually all of these hundreds of thousands of people in the profession would know that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. They would look at the Twin Towers with the farcical holes in the shape of planes in the sides, and would realize that it cannot be so. That cannot have happened as we were told.

What do they do? They internalize the contradiction, and continue at their jobs. However, they don’t just internalize, but truly believe that the holes were real, that 2+2=5, and that Newton’s Third Law was suspended on 9/11/2001. George Orwell went to great length to explain in 1984 that it was not enough for proles to pretend to believe that 2+2=5, but rather that they had to believe it so. And with 911 and hundreds of thousands of structural engineers around us, the same thing has happened. They firmly believe in Newton’s Third Law, as it describes reality, and also that jet airplanes flew through concrete and left a hole. Believing in two things at once, even as they contradict, is called “cognitive dissonance.” It is the state of mind of the normie.

That is why it is so pointless to try and change them. The lies of our time are embedded in kids in grade school and reinforced throughout their lives. I was listening to a family conversation on vaccination (small pox) last night, and while it is easily discoverable that the vaccine did no good, rather that improved hygiene and diet led the way to eradication, and that the State of Massachusetts experienced its worst epidemics after mandatory vaccine laws were implemented, the argument is already lost. The easy information is the information the that prevails. That information is brought to kids in the schools, and reinforced throughout life in entertainment and news. We cannot overcome the power of the propaganda machine. Mind control is all around us.

I broke free, I think, because of a horrid event in my life, a crime against my child that was a slap in  the face, a wake up call. My world was turned upside down, and through it all, and only slowly, I came awake, and slowly came to life. I became more open to others, feeling a new energy called freedom.  I was getting happier, becoming friendlier and more confident in my persona. My confidence was growing, and I began feeding my curiosity. Rather than wondering about things, I found I had it in my power to investigate, and even, eventually (says this former Chomskyite) to think for myself. Frank Pasciuti described the phenomenon in his book, Chrysalis Crisis, which I read a couple of years ago:

                “According to [Kazimierz] Dabrowski, there are times when your personal development will require that you break down certain existing structures of your personality. New growth will sometimes necessitate its partial loosening or dismantling. During the process, you can feel as though you are all over the place. But with effort, you can modify or replace those structures, reassemble them, and transform yourself into a higher version of your potential.

That’s when you’re like the caterpillar that completely melts down in order to transform into a butterfly. It can be a distressing process and it may take time. When you find yourself in the middle of such a transition and you’re suffering, it may be hard to trust it can lead to any good. There may be a tendency to flee the struggle rather than stick with it long enough to acquire the growth.

But if that struggle is undertaken in the right way, it can bring light to key areas that are lacking in your development. They could be areas of deficiency that contributed to bringing the crisis about, undermined your ability to cope with it while it went on, compromised your capacity to adjust in its aftermath, or limited your inherent potential thereafter.

Once you gain knowledge of the transformative process and undertake it with growth and development as your goal, you can derive the specific knowledge you need to turn your crisis into a Chrysalis Crisis.” (Page 49)

This is why, I think, despite the horror of the crime I witnessed and the deep and perpetual effects on my daughter, that there was some benefit for me personally. When it happened I was a Conservative Republican Catholic, straight-laced and boring. Within two years I would no longer be any of those things, and within six years I would be divorced, saddled with child support, and happier, much happier, for it.

So the vast majority of the people around us are deeply brainwashed, and incapable of change. There’s no slap in the face for them, only reinforcement of mythology with fake mass shootings, fake planes flying through buildings, and fake viruses and vaccines. They passively absorb all of this as they watch news, and then have it reinforced in entertainment. One of the worst TV shows ever offered in this regard was called House, wherein a team of beautiful and brilliant doctors reinforced every medical myth there is, from germs to autoimmune to plagues and viruses and vaccines. Gregory House was said to be the greatest diagnostician of his time. Don’t argue with him.

How can we fight that? (There was a similar show in Britain, Doc Martin, that did the same thing for them. Martin was especially insistent on vaccines.) People do not think about things, but rather passively internalize their environment, and propagandists control that environment. There is no breaking free.

So I was fortunate in one regard, but also, and readers here know this well, consigned to a life of isolation. I have had to decide to be happy living among automatons, as I cannot change them. Sometimes in my mind, on long drives or falling asleep, I imagine conversations with them wherein I am allowed to make my points and people even listen. Those conversations never take place in real life. It is like this, and will always be like this. We have to endure. It is a wacky and insane planet run by evil monsters, and populated by good and caring zombies.

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  1. That was just really, really helpful for me at the moment. Thanks, Mark.

    If we say anything contrary, we are not met with derision or disagreement, but rather with what appears to me to be an eye-dart. It’s not a weapon or something fired at us, but rather a brief eye movement that signals lack of comprehension.

    That is an eloquent description of exactly what happens as well, when I first mention anything requisite to actually having any understanding of this plandemic.

    Not many care. If they manage to listen, they do not cognate on the ramifications.
    They rather solely listen to people (fake personas) they have never met and will never meet, rather than individuals (a family member or friend) who has spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours taking the time assimilating research and laboriously learning the variety of techniques / skills / subjects to undertake any serious effort in inching ever so closer to the real. for the sole purpose of trying to untangle the illusions which have been foisted on us at literally every angle, both the material and the spiritual.

    Newton’s Third Law was suspended on 9/11/2001

    Great brief tangent on the similarities here.

    It seems 9/11 both created eyes-wide-shut conforming “patriots” but at the same time, shook awoke those who cared enough or somehow were able to see something and connect it to some overarching understanding of how this world of deception operates.

    So the vast majority of the people around us are deeply brainwashed, and incapable of change

    The same is happening today. For every eye dart I get, I look forward to the inevitable “color-me-interested” look. Please let me know if you have a shorter / cleverer name for that.

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      1. A heartfelt post. A few comments though:

        that brief eye movement (the “eye-dart)” which you say signals lack of comprehension, is , in my opinion, the eye movement that signals exactly the opposite: comprehension; and that eye movement IS most often hostile, for you are attempting to puncture the cocoon which keeps them safely cocooned in the very cognitive dissonance that you speak of.

        Do you realize that to admit that you are right, to see that it is all a politically motivated hoax would bring their whole life crumbling down? Literally crumbling down ; It is no small thing to wake such a person up; they would have to start over from scratch and so anyone over 25 is virtually a hopeless case.

        As i am the father of small children, i sometimes contemplate how i am going to keep my children awake; Even not watching t.v or computer and being “homeschooled” is no guarantee because the nature of man is to want to “sleep” , and that is so because the nature of self consciousness creates an existential tension, which in the end, makes lying to oneself almost a necessity.
        I am planning to shock my children in some way at the right time; by this i mean i must impose on them a sort of initiation into adulthood; they must be challenged almost beyond their strength; it is a truism that too easy a life, too happy a childhood creates weaklings.
        And as you know, you were shocked awake with the crime against your daughter, but one wonders if she was not shocked into a deeper sleep, (on some level) for that is the dual possibility of shock treatment, no?

        anyway thank you for sharing your thoughts; perhaps if you challenged some of the people around you abit more you would not feel so lonely; why not stick it in their face as they are basically doing to you? Why not show anger and passion towards your grandchildren who are being taken away from you right below your eyes? Personally, i cannot understand how calmly you seem to allow your grandchildren to be snatched away from you? These last words are my shock treatment to you Mark. You seem to want to live peacefully in your old age, but I say that only dignity left to you is to go down fighting; adjust your life for the final battle. One may say that that is a hypocritical thing to say from a man who is so isolated from society that i can go weeks without talking to anyone but my wife and children but i am preparing for battle; make no mistake about it…things with me are far from over and it is already beginning since my oldest is just now school age and the government hirelings are starting to come around….I am ready for anything, but surrender…

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        1. without any intention of “adding insult to injury”…i was thinking again after writing the above: what if , when i was a teenager, my grandfather said to me:
          “hey kid you head is full of alot of shit you know..; use your damn computer and see that there are other viewpoints about climate change and corona; go away from me and come back when you have something to say that isn’t just what your teachers told you…”
          yes, i respected my grandpa and was scared of him; he was a severe old jew bastard; once when i lied, he said, “if you lie again David i am going to wash your mouth out with soap…” and a few months later, i lied about something and he took me by the neck, dragged me into the bathroom, and washed my mouth out with soap and afterward he said,
          “A man has nothing…nothing if he does not have his word. remember that!”
          And i damn well remembered.


        2. People are hermetically sealed against reality, and in that there is comfort. Jacques Ellul (in his dense, almost unreadable 1965 book Propaganda) made the point that people literally need propaganda, as it makes them feel secure … even happ(ier). So challenging cherished beliefs is indeed a threat, and they do often respond defensively to being threatened. Hence, anger. I have noticed with some that a dose of reality brings out that anger and hostility.

          To respond to challenges to cherished beliefs with anger is a sign of deep indoctrination, as I see it.

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          1. when i am confrontational and respond to peoples deep indoctrination, i never think that i am trying to educate them or awaken them; that would be arrogance on my part; if i am awake compared to person A then i will appear asleep to person B, (although i suppose one can get to a point of being so awake that no one could believe you are sleeping)
            No, i show anger and contempt when confronted by someone much more asleep than me (i.e someone who has more need of more lies to go on living)
            for the simple pleasure of it; i admit that it is my form of malice but i have to vent it somehow and i only vent it if the person is aggressive or in my face; i never go out of my way; and if that person shows any humility, i will immediately soften.
            in other words, i am not suggesting you get angry and passionate in order to “educate” others; as i say , that also is an arrogance and a self deception. Do it for your own pleasure. your own sanity.


            1. I have a grandson who has exceptional intelligence and is at the same time warm and compassionate to others. I would never do anything to alienate him, as losing his friendship would devastate me. Perhaps it is as with my older brother, also intelligent, warm and compassionate. He never offered advice, never confronted me with my shortcomings, and yet by his example I learned so much. That may be the best we can do.

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          2. I have been an uncomfortable foreigner in this place for my entire existence here. When I was seven years old, I thought surely I was switched at birth, stolen, left on the doorstep or the stork misdelivered the mail, these people could not be my relations. Over fifty years later, I have the same suspicion, but it includes all of these beings around me. Maybe not everyone comes into this world with reservations about what is given. Maybe this accounts for the NPC phenomenon.

            Of my brothers one is proud to say that he does not read books. They all can discern what they need to know from headlines. Believe that if one selects the ‘right’ news channel, he can know the jist of things well enough. They are not here for a long time, but here for a good time. Go with the flow. What else can you do? That is the ‘philosophy’ of flavors that provoked one brother to say, ‘There is nothing you can say that will change my mind”, last year when I presented the idea that the situation might not be what is being played on the TV. A sister and the other two brothers got angry and ignored me for months. That gobsmacked me, to face it that I’ve been overlooking this glaringly obvious fact since I got here. I heard Clint Richardson say in an interview, that the majority do not want to be free. Alan Watt said men want a ruler that is a man like them, a king or parent to rule them. Men do not want the responsibility of governing their own minds. They learn by osmosis. The only ones who want this rulership job are psychopaths, of course, so that is what we have. Cal Washington said there is a group mind that can change at any instant, Croww said that at present people prefer a ‘fantasy based reality’, Jacques Ellul said similar things about mass man and his unconscious comfort in propaganda. Ed Bernays, Klaus Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Jon Stewart, Russell Brand, the Simpsons and friends. The safety and security sold to us is freedom from doing your own thinking and the terror of governing your own mind in exchange for unquestioning obedience and faith by osmosis or diffusion. Dear Mark calls this a “passively internalized environment” that sums it up even more succinctly. I got the picture when I saw Madge the manicurist on the Palmolive dish soap commercial say, ” You’re soaking in it!”

            Over the years I refused to recognize this, thinking, if people were educated, if they were motivated, if the resources were used correctly, if the corruption was not so endemic…..Lots of ifs. Thinking how we are taught, even coerced to think in terms of problems and solutions as two separate things. This is like water for a fish.

            In Nature, there are no problems. Only man creates problems which also need the solutions that he makes that in turn make more problems. It is good for business. By the time most grok this, his sand has almost run out of the hourglass, his voice is faint with age, bitter with grief or apathy; his body and brain is weak and befuddled with drugs, regrets and pain. The young are trained to believe in more exciting new problems and solutions to attend to than listen and remember or watch and think for themselves. And the cycle repeats. Is this what the Buddha and the Christ and were telling us about? The cycle of suffering, the wheel of reincarnation, karma, the kingdom? Maybe we are taking the stories literally and in the contexts we are trained in rather than seeing how they resonate allegorically with what is?

            Thank you for everyone here who lets their ideas be heard, I appreciate all of them. I am trying to emulate Marcus Aurelius in his statement that a man should entertain a thought without rejecting or embracing it. You give me some good practice!


            1. Waterproof, that was a very moving cry in the dark. It also sounded like a more polished and sophisticated version of something I might write. There’s a tiny subset of this blog’s tiny readership who seem to pay as much attention to individual commenters as they do the writers. And of that tiny subset, and even tinier subset think that I’m a professional Langley troll who comments not only as ScottRC, but Fauxlex and OregonMatt, among others. I suggest they add you to the “Might Be ScottRC” list. I would if I were them. (And, for all you know, I am.)


            2. Also, I have to ask: Is “Waterproof” a reference to an obscure detail in a notorious novel by a certain Russian-American author? If so, the sync between us truly is uncanny.


            3. I did not expect to hear Dharma preached here, online and in the face. It’s encouraging.
              Seems it can only be heard if we ‘seek it first’ and we don’t hear it as much as ‘recognise it in others expression’ Mainstream media with all its craft, has nothing on those who give expression to their Dharmas/ what life has tort them. May The Metamorphosis Go Well.


  2. This was a great post! I’ve asked myself and others may times what the qualities are that we possess and that ‘sleepers’ don’t. My own simple conclusion is that the two that count the most, in order of importance, are curiosity and intuition.
    On a personal note, after much soul searching, I’ve decided to stop trying to wake up my young adult children. This may be anathema to some, but since my kids aren’t going to wake up, I’d rather that they be happy, even if they are “sleeping.”
    Thanks again for the post!!

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    1. HQO:

      My 83 yr old father called me yesterday. He knows I have not taken any vaccine, as I “am the only one (left, that is)”.

      But the rhetoric is being escalated due to ” Delta” and so he called w/ genuine concern.

      I no longer butt (is that right spelling?) heads nor even attempt to exert any influence on orhers. Not even family.

      All i can do is try and reassure that all is fine with me at least.

      That’s it, that’s all I can do.

      Traveling several thousand miles and all I hear on radio, regardless of locale, is utter s&%t. All of it.

      We are literally up against the Demon from Hell. Literally.

      All that one can do is take care. I hope all readers do the same. Give it your best, anyway.

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      1. If I could post photos of Oregon Coast in early morning light…one would see that not only is everything all right…but everything is Beautiful!!

        Absolutely Beautiful!

        Don’t let them fuck it up for you.


        1. Sometimes my wife complains to me: “The world is so messed up and evil!”

          And I remind her: “It’s not the world; the world is beautiful, flawless, divine; it’s people, shitty, deceitful people, who are messed up and evil. Don’t drag the world into this! And certainly don’t confuse The World with Those Who Would Rule Humanity.”


        2. I’ve tried to respond to your response to me. Both to tell you that we’ve had some of the same experiences and to tell you that I’d love to be able to see pictures of Oregon and also the real thing. Through no fault of the blog itself, but instead I think it’s WordPress, I can’t seem to post my response to you. I’m trying to write this little comment in the hopes that at least it will pass. This happens to me a lot with WordPress, unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for responding! I’ve definitely tried to answer you. Just know that I empathize and understand completely, because I’m living it myself. Ciao! 🌞


    2. Besides an inability to walk away from a debate on the ludicrous topic of man-made global warming, I don’t bother trying to reach anyone anymore either. What’s the point? It’s too late in the game and none of it will matter anyway.
      I say live and let live at this point.
      Do what you enjoy doing and make everyday count.
      Time is short, use it wisely.

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      1. Yes, I’m sorry to say that not only has this been my own experience, but I’ve come to the same conclusion that you have, Jack33. Do what one enjoys and make every day count! I learned that first hand when my husband /soul mate (who just so happened to be called Jack by everyone, though his name in Italian was Giacomo) died of cancer. Who expects to find a soul mate, much less to have the person die at age 53, after it took a lifetime to find him?! You are SO right about finding something you enjoy, which isn’t always easy, but it’s so important, and about making every day count!! Also, with the kinds of things these horrible people are pulling out of their sleeves, who knows what we’ll be “permitted” to do and for how long? We’d better enjoy life while we’re still supposedly allowed to!

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  3. Just play your own banjo…that’s all you can do.

    Look at this cutie…that’s just damn cute!



  4. Automatons, NPCs, Organic Portals. The theory, not all humans got an individual soul. This is contrary to the teaching all humans would be equal. The concept helps to understand what is going on in this world, an in ones life.


  5. With the World-Wide Weather Control System hitting on all cylinders, it is now time to assume that The Great Dust Bowl (and China Flooding) of the 1930’s was also planned and executed by the same organization(s).

    For those who still do not believe Weather Control is a real thing, consider what the U.S. MILITARY did to the Ho Chi Min Trail during the Viet-name War, you know, where the ALL CAP NAME was DRAFTED into Service!

    Recently read an article about the flooding in China and in that article it mentioned the highest death toll in China from a flood was 1931, the first year of the Dust Bowl In North America.

    Just as with our time here and now, some areas are experiencing extreme drought while others torrential rains, just like the 1930’s.

    For those who may not know, Mother Nature (for lack of better terminology) isn’t really into “extremes” but generally speaking, seeks to find a balance or return a balance to an unbalanced situation.

    My Grandfather once told me a story about a tornado that hit during the Great Depression/Dust Bowl years that left all of the cows standing dead in the pasture where the wind had swept up hay and shot the hay like missiles into the cows.

    My point here is that speed increases penetrating capability and with enough speed, it is possible for a 747 to penetrate a steel structure building to some degree or another. Not saying that is what happened and the planes and jet fuel (kerosene) most certainly did not bring down any buildings. I did take physics in HS and College though in everyday life have little use for those formulas/equations.


    1. The phenomena you describe are coupled with force brought about by electric fields … a piece of straw does not embed in a tree unless both the straw and the tree are in altered state. It is not speed, as speed by itself does not affect mass until Einsteinian physics takes hold. Anyway, planes traveling at a mere 500 mph (impossible at sea level) are crushed like beer cans when they hit a steel and concrete structure. It also makes no difference if either the plane or the building is supplying the motion. The result is the same. Picture a building traveling at that speed hitting a stationary plane,

      Picture this: You have a baseball and an amazing throwing arm. You throw the baseball at a brick wall. At your best speeds, the ball merely bounces back and falls to the ground.Maybe you can place it in a machine that throws it 200 mph or more. What happens? At those higher speeds, the ball is flattened before it falls to the ground. At no point in our Newtonian world does it pass through, leaving a round hole in the wall. No amount of wiggling intellectualizing can change that outcome.

      However, it can be made to happen in cartoons and by use of CGI.


      1. A thought to seriously consider is that the WTC Complex was built with the intention of its destruction after 33 years. So construction begins on 1 WTC, The North Tower, on Augustus 6, 1968 (though the Groundbreaking was Augustus 5, 1966).

        So from CON-STRUCTION to DE-STRUCTION was 33 years 36 days and 9/11/2001 was a TUESDAY just like 8/6/1968 was a TUESDAY!

        To Holy See the rest of this post?

        Planes, Brains and Automatons

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  6. Reading Mark’s most thoughtful essay above I find the following:

    “But I did break free.” Is that so? It this presupposition (subjective)?

    “There is no breaking free.” Is that so? Is this presupposition (subjective)?

    These two statements could appear to represent an internal inconsistency.

    My point is: All we think and speak appears, to some degree, IMO, to be infused with presupposition, ie. personal experience, which may include elements of brainwashing, propaganda, lies upon lies and the sort. This is just one example of human paradox.

    Most severe, again IMO, is our struggle with personal identity. Are we (ALL CAPS) who we say we are when we present our social security card, driver’s license, fishing license, credit card, etc.? I don’t think so. What do you all think? Can we simply “be” as Creator created us, and at the same time be the person/identity represented in ALL CAPS — given to us by the (corporate) state?

    This is sincerely intended as a (millennia-old) question, not a criticism, judgement or other hierarchical arrangement.

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    1. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. You are correct about that. Beyond that, I view your comments as about degrees of self-awareness, never achieving it to the fullest. When I hit on something in the mirror that I do not like, it feels like a punch in the gut. It means I’ve again built up an image that is not in agreement with reality.

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  7. I have some Good Liberal friends whom I don’t see often, but talk to or text with occasionally, and they clearly think of me as a project. They want to convert me. This offended me until I realized I’d been thinking of them exactly the same way… and that the only way to win this stupid game with them is not to play it.

    What’s especially annoying is that their attempts at conversion involve sending me propaganda that I can easily, effortlessly debunk. When I’ve responded, point by point, to every piece of nonsense they send me, my friends admit that they can’t disagree with anything I’m saying. Then they act as if there’s some overarching point that I’m just not seeing and they can’t explain. When I’ve sent them articles by Rappaport or CJ Hopkins, they concede everything without an argument, and are sometimes even enthusiastic in agreeing with statements that directly contradict and completely destroy the logic behind their beliefs about Covid. Then they send me some new piece of utterly absurd propaganda (sometimes admitting they haven’t even read—they just thought the headline was interesting), and once again, they agree with my point-by-point debunking without budging from their belief in the overall Covid narrative. It’s rock of Sisyphus shit. I can’t do it anymore.



    We are all in this “boat.” I was going somewhere with all this. Accepting a state-given (more or less mandated) identity has become “the norm” without much critique. However, we are standing at the doorway to a whole new (digital) identity system. Will we reconsider our historical roots, reevaluate our (mostly passive) consent to our false identity, and its evolution into the world of cybernetics and block-chain, or will we stop, think, analyze, and make a personal choice before entering a world which may have no path or return to our natural source. How much do we trust the World Economic Forum and its full partner, the United Nations, anyway?

    As Lee Iaccoca said, after it was said by Thomas Paine and Gen. George Patton: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Obviously, there are far more choices than these. That is, however, the point. You choose. Actively or passively.

    What would Socrates and Jesus say? I like using them as points of reference, because both are highly influential in human history and both are “unknowable,” IMO, because they did not write anything down. Whatever is said about them and their opinions is inadmissible evidence, even in the state’s “kangaroo court” system.


  9. Great article, Mark, by the bye, even to-day in the shops, if you get too near a customer so flee like they’ve been scolded with hot water. Even though, wearing a mask in voluntary now in the UK there are some who still insist on ruining their own health (spooks and dolts?).

    I was watching an old episode of the Scottish soap ‘The High Road’, and the doctor in it said, ‘The problem with polio is that it has similar symptoms to FLU’. (The doctor was trying to get those ‘ignorant’ farmers to accept the dodgy polio vaccine.) There is nothing new under the sun.


    1. During my (final) physical exam a couple of years ago, my PA brought in a young intern, and the two of them together gave me a hard sell on the need for me to get vaccinated, both for flu and pneumonia. I calmly listened and just quietly said “no”, but wish I had been more forceful, as in “Don’t you ever come near me again with your snake oil.” I am done with the PA (she also tried to get me to see a urologist based on a worthless PSA. Urologists slice and dice and perform thousands of debilitating and unnecessary surgeries every year). I’d like to say I am done with doctors, but they are useful in some regards, as with broken bones and the like.

      [I have an inguinal hernia I would like to have repaired, but they insist on a PCR test, a deal breaker and insult to intelligence. Yes, I know the odds favor a negative outcome at this time, and if “quarantined” I would just ignore them (what are they going to,do, follow me?). But the indignity of that moronic test is too much to bear, so I wear a truss when doing strenuous work or exercise. That may be for life, as PCR appears to be here to stay.]


      1. there is no need to get it repaired; your life is going on more or less normal isnt it?
        I too have the same problem and i have adjusted my life easily and continue to do heavy, very heavy labour. It is not going to “rot” as they say; that is the standard bullshit line.

        Here is the thing to understand:
        once they have installed the meshing to hold in the hernia, if there is ever any problem …you will have to go back under the knife.In other words, the moment you get the operation, you have lost control of yourself ; as it is , you are not in pain and life goes on pretty much normally. You can control the situation.
        It is a scam mark, just another billion dollar a year scam. Research how many of these quickie operations are given each year in england alone and do the calculation; and it is said that 35 to 40% of operations need a second or even a third one.

        i agree with you on one point only: western medicine is good for setting bones or if you are about to die; their machines and drugs can help resuscitate you and that is about it. The moment you are up and kicking again: head for the door going !!… Almost everything else going on at a hospital is a scam

        my three children have never once seen the inside of a hospital; we had government flukeys coming by almost daily begging and trying to shame my wife into giving birth at a hospital, or at least hire a midwife… I spit in their face…literally… i realize that would not work in the usa but it worked here in japan. It was fun.


        1. I got a hernia in my forties running out a dribbling ground ball to get to first base. It was just a nuisance, but I tore it wide open in a father-daughter basketball game, going up for a rebound. It was big and dangerous. I used a truss for a good long time, but went to see a doctor about repair. He said “So you think you’ve got a hernia,” and looked at it and I had surgery two days later. That’s been decades ago and I’ve experienced to problems. The current hernia is on the other side, and I worry about tearing it wide open. I make it a point never to jump. But you’re right – I can live with it even as it gets very sore when I am long on my feet, as a long hike.


          1. well i am now out of my league here..because i have never heard of getting a hernia on both sides, so your situation is something i cannot comment on; one thing though; have you considered that the operation caused the second hernia.

            as for Timr comment about even broken bones possibility not needing modern western ways: that is SO true really; my broken arm at age 10 was set wrong and because of that my shoulder can pop out of its socket quite easily; there ARE other ways and in fact, open any self help medical books written pre 1950 and there are chapters on how to deal with hernias through exercise and diets and posture adjustment.


          2. It’s an “inguinal” hernia, of the groin, and can happen on either side. The only home remedy I have seen is external use of castor oil, which I was doing for a while, but I was seeing no progress and it is so messy. I know exactly how I got it – we live on a steep wooded hillside, and I was cutting down dead trees and moving them down the hill. At a certain point I picked them up and threw them over some bushes so they would land on my neighbor’s driveway – so i could drive over and get them, saving lots of work. The picking up and throwing of a heavy object did it.


  10. You know who has been ‘programming’ the masses the past 100+ years, right? They run Hollywood. TV. Music. Vegas. Wall St. DC. The masses are programed from cradle to grave by ‘media’. Some of you are very recent to the scam being run. Yet, still avoid those in control. You do have an uneasy feeling or foreboding this fall w/the real cold & flu season kicking in, while the carriers that took the jab of zombie juice begin to ‘shed’ & take ill.


  11. Holy shit. Are you me?

    “Sometimes in my mind, on long drives or falling asleep, I imagine conversations with them wherein I am allowed to make my points and people even listen.”

    This is literally, verbatim, what I do. It’s how I’ve fallen asleep every night for the past ten years. I have the conversations in my mind that I am never allowed to have in real life, and I attribute much of my spiritual growth to this process. I’ve even had conversations with you, mostly regarding the State and it’s evil and unnecessary nature.

    Wow. Thank you Mark. I wonder if this is what sets us apart, allows us to awaken? This process is important, I think.


  12. Intriguing post and replies so far. Thanks everybody.

    I used to believe that most adult humans are intelligent and thoughtful enough to change their opinions as they encounter new information.

    At that time, I now know, I was very, very naive. Laughably so, looking back.

    I have since come to learn that the vast majority of humans — even within the ‘alternative’ ‘conspiracy’ ‘truth’ scene which many of us frequent — simply cannot or will not change their minds, irrespective of evidence.

    It was difficult for me to accept this, even though I saw example after example after example making the case clear. Eventually I saw too many instances of people post-facto rationalising their pre-existing beliefs for me to ignore it any longer.

    Some time after this, perhaps a couple of years, the NPC meme became a thing. We’re talking circa 2018. For most of the folks using and sharing this meme, it was a joke, a way to mock ‘leftists’ and other dogmatic internet kvetchers.

    For me, it was no joke. There was an inherent truth to this notion. I published several pieces of content about all of this at the time, blissfully unaware that less than two years later, I’d be provided with overwhelming evidence that the masses are no different from bots.

    The programming came down from above, and the masses not only accepted lockdowns but demanded lockdowns. To save people from an invisible body-possessing demon. It was that easy. No logical discussion allowed. All skeptics labeled as blasphemers and heretics. The world changed almost overnight and there was to be no mature conversation about the impacts.

    Now, in mid 2021, my home country of Australia is under lockdown, Sydney experiencing it’s most extreme lockdown since muh pandemics began, 18 months into two weeks to flatten muh curves. From tomorrow, the military will assist in policing the restrictions, one of which is ‘no visitors’. That’s right, no visitors to your house, lest the invisible body-possessing demon strike. ‘Stay home stay safe’, lol.

    For the few of you who might have read this far, I’ll share one personal reflection on all of this which I have not shared particularly widely before. I consider the Membership of my site to include some of the brightest and most objective (i.e. logic over emotion) folks I’ve met anywhere, online or irl. To see so many of them struggling to accept the reality that the masses are no different from programmed automatons was difficult for me to process, especially early on in the scamdemic.

    How much more evidence can anybody need to see? What more does ANY intelligent, thoughtful person need to see? It is obvious now. Painfully so, at times. The people are not waking up. The people are not thinking for themselves. The people are truly hopeless, they cannot / will not think for themselves. Ever. They belong to the hivemind. This is their nature.

    But I can see why the NPC framework is difficult for so many people to truly entertain. It would mean accepting certain seemingly-unpleasant truths about friends, family, colleagues, and so on. Much easier, in some ways, to continue with the charade that the invisible body-possessing demon believers are merely ‘misled’ or ‘confused’, that they will ‘wake up soon’ or some such nonsense.

    I have elaborated on these kinds of topics elsewhere, no need to belabor any points right now. Cheers to those of you who have read this comment and not gotten mad at me. I’m not trying to make folks mad. And I don’t think the NPC framework is something to be mad about. This is the world in which we live. Why not embrace reality?

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    1. Something I’ve brought up with my grandsons – why is it that “viruses” only attack humans? Why not cattle or the bison herds of Yellowstone? Why do we not see howler monkeys falling out of their trees, sick as can be? I was told that indeed there have been dogs and cats with the Covid virus, to which I replied “I need to see some evidence” It ended there, but on good terms. We still like each other.


      1. When I saw someone with a mask on walking her dog I said, ‘Does your dog breathes different air, then?’ No reply.

        I used to be a dog walker in my youth, didn’t pay well, but the dogs were smarter than their owners. Nothing new under the sun.


  13. Re “modern medicine is at least good for broken bones and such”

    One would think so, and yet even there a case has been made that there are much better ways. See the always-insightful Dr Jennifer Daniels (search for her “truth-files” archive page of old podcasts) where she describes how casts and things impede natural healing, compared to other options. She also describes the danger of being whisked away from, say, an auto accident to the emergency room, where many unnecessary, harmful interventions may be taken. Not that aid isn’t needed, but she critiques the standard practices.

    (That said, I’m sure the full picture is nuanced and a mixed bag, nothing is black or white.)

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  14. I have an off topic question, something I’ve been pondering here lately while reading Gary Taubes’ book “The Case Against Sugar.”

    What REALLY accounts for the “diseases of Civilization”? (Now called Western diseases, to avoid giving offense, they say.)

    Taubes’ answer, or hypothesis, following in the footsteps of many alternative or marginalized researchers throughout the 20th century, is that refined flours and sugar (and perhaps especially the latter) are the key culprits. Over time, in sufficient quantity, they may trigger (in some percent of the population) “metabolic syndrome” – non-alcoholic fatty liver and insulin intolerance, leading to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a host of other chronic illnesses.

    I find his case very persuasive, but I remain a bit wary of fully accepting it. What if it’s only a partial or half-truth, misdirecting from, say, the Vitamin A (in concert with vaccines) toxicity theory that was discussed here recently?

    Taubes is after all very “mainstream,” albeit one who plays the skeptic and critic. He comes from a very prominent family of “experts” as you’ll see if you follow out the links on his Wiki page.

    And what to make of the fact that much of the supporting evidence he (and his predecessor critics) marshal seems to be at least controlled on some level? That is, filled with the usual “spook markers” or curious characters. Maybe it represents genuine research findings, and has just been “marked” anyway, like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. But still one wonders if there’s more to the story of, say, the Pima Indians (and other Southwest Indians) who always show up in this story, as a “canary in the coal mine” foreshadowing the later waves of obesity and illness that would roll through the public at large, like tremendous glazed jelly doughnuts…

    I’m not sure what if anything I’m suggesting is being hidden or misdirected from. As I said I do find Taubes very persuasive in his account. Just more wary than I used to be when I read his first nutrition book some years ago.


    1. For me, the disease of civilisation is vaccinations and also pollution. When I was young, there was no such thing as children with cancer, nor dozens of different vaccinations.

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      1. Thanks Jackie. In terms of obesity and diabetes in particular, Taubes and his allies seem to have a strong case – they point to numerous examples where native people around the world were healthy, until the intro of industrial foods (chiefly flour and sugar early on because they were easy to store and transport.) If you get a chance to read any of his books, please let me know what you make of his claims. He is highly readable and presents much fascinating historical detail.


        1. Have you read this, Tim –
          ‘What is ‘real’ sugar?” So I researched it when I got home. Turns out “real” sugar may be a cloaking term for beet sugar. And why not just say beet sugar?
          Because beet sugar can now be genetically modified. In 2011 the USDA began allowing sugar beets to be GMO. And that is a problem because there is no labeling of GMO’s in the US (although there is in Europe, since 2004). These sugar beets could either be GMO or not, we don’t know. I assume they are
          GMO, because if they weren’t, there would be no need to cloak them with strange wording. If you are proud of your beet sugar, you label it as such in the ingredient list. ‘

          Click to access hansen.pdf

          I believe vaccines weaken the immune system so other influences like pollution, GMOs, etc can wreak havoc on the body. The more vaccinations you have, the more immune system is compromised, and this with the other other influences is why we have ailments like menigitis, Alzheimers, cancer, etc.

          Also, fattening livestock with hormones must have a pass-on effect to the consumer, so sugar isn’t the only enemy.


          1. Very interesting, I’ll check out the link. Have to say I’ve never looked into GMOs in depth.

            Interesting too how the US always gets different agendas. A funny one in this regard – Stephen Fry was on NPRs weekend quiz show yesterday, and described how copyright law limited him to voice the Harry Potter books for UK and territories, but not US… Which makes no sense really, since we get the book itself.

            Anyway if Taubes is warning people off sugar, minus the GMO beet connection, the health effect is still mostly the same it would seem. Maybe the idea is to limit the fallout to certain groups?

            FWIW, a mag profile of Taubes described the extreme lengths he went to to walk the walk himself – just how sugar avoidant he was. He said that he had an addictive personality, so to eat even a little would make it hard to resist going all in.


    2. Relating to mis-direction : the act of forcing your concentration into a small highly charged device (I phone) automatically constricts the ear-nose-throat system . ‘Flu’ comes about from this over constriction – so your system needs a rest – viewing I-phones etc while recovering from the flu is anathematic.


      1. That would not surprise me if true, but what are you basing it on? Maybe it’s not much different from other focused attention activities like reading a book..

        I always wish I could find a good eReader incidentally (the kind that mimic natural lighting) for browsing online, but they strangely seem designed mainly for books.


  15. There are 3 types of people:

    Highly trained circus animals (lawyers doctors etc…)
    Barnyard animals (most other people)
    Those who realize they are surrounded by circus and barnyard animals aka MOREONS (less than 1% of the total population)


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