Are you burning Russian oil?

Hardly anyone talks about oil anymore. We fill up our cars, drive around, without much thought about where all that oil comes from, and where it goes before it’s processed at the refinery.

One thing I found interesting reading the article above is that the US imported 7.86 million barrels of “petroleum” per day from Russia. When considering all the hoopla about reducing our dependence on imported oil, and the truly insane narrative claiming that our dependence on “fossil fuels” is being replaced with “green energy” alternatives, this figure is somewhat surprising to me.

The other thing I did not know is that Russia’s percentage of those imports in 2020 was “7%”. Sanctions, what sanctions? Is that another bullshit narrative we have heard repeated so many times we tended to allow it to enter our consciousness unchallenged? Well, if that’s true, 2020 Russia exported to the US an average of 550,200 barrels per day for each and every day of 2020. That’s a total of 200.8 million barrels of Russian petroleum exported to the US during 2020.

“U.S. oil imports from Russia exceeded last year even the imports from OPEC’s top producer and de facto leader, Saudi Arabia, which—after briefly flooding the U.S. market with its crude in April 2020—drastically cut shipments to the most transparent market to help inventory drawdowns amid collapsing fuel demand globally.”

“As per Bloomberg calculations, the United States imported on average 538,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil and oil products from Russia last year. This was higher than the average American imports of oil from Saudi Arabia, which is estimated to have shipped on average 522,000 bpd to the United States.”

Now, that’s not what the good people of the US are led to believe, is it? I guess it then follows that we need to reexamine the “Russia-is-our-#1-enemy” meme. To what extent can Russia and the US be real enemies if Russian companies are selling this much petroleum to the US on an ongoing basis? And to what extent to these ongoing sales affect America’s and Russian foreign policy?

So much for the Green New Deal. And so much for the evil Russians. Life is good.

So, if data is the “new oil,” what’s it being used for?

Most humans emotionally connect their personal belief system to the belief system of their political party, and so then any attack on their party – legitimate or otherwise – is interpreted by their brain as an attack on themselves. Reason and logic then jump out the nearest window as raw emotion takes the helm.

This is an extremely damaging and regrettable exploit of human nature. Worse, this exploit is as easy to execute as flipping a light switch for the majority of the population.

The largest psyop in history continues unfolding right before our eyes, armed with incalculable amounts of human behavior data collected from internet and smart phone usage geared toward manipulating us to walk in lock-step into the incinerator of our own destruction.

The security state cannot run if you do not participate in the 5G technology boom. The cell phone is the “weakest link” in the master plan to control our minds. One simple step. One decision. Think about that. How important is freedom to you?

38 thoughts on “Are you burning Russian oil?

  1. A theory of mine that may rest with me alone is that the oil cartel – ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Total, et al, has always been in control of “OPEC” and used it back in the 70s and 80s as the villain for a massive price hike. Since Saddam Hussein was a Western agent, as I view it, the Gulf Wars served some unstated purpose, then. That I don’t get at all.

    And, most of us know that the Cold War was public fiction, a hoax on the scale of Coronavirus … we were to be scared of communists, which could not be seen or felt but which were out to get us. Sound familiar?

    Anyway, US and Russia have always been buddies, the same hidden hands behind each.


    1. Mark, the Cold War was not different from the previous World Wars. All was planned and executed by the Jesuits from The Vatican. The Vatican is not a church with a dressed actor giving a performance for paying believers. It’s a corporation, which owns the entire world or believes to own. It is called The Concordat. It was Vatican which some 600 years ago invented all religions, then invented national states, then invented political parties. All this are parts of a world wide control system, which works perfect to this day. The Jesuits always controlled the information. All dates, past events, entire history is written and being told to us by the Jesuits. All ever printed word comes from the Jesuits. All history was told to us by them. And it started not 2000 years ago, but around 1300 when Charles 4. made his teacher Pierre Roger from Paris the first pope Clemens, who wrote the Golden Bull, where there is the first mention of so called “Jews” among other things still relevant to this day. They could control the world with a handful of soldiers because the world believed it belongs to Vatican. Then around 1800 Napoleon, who first worked for The Vatican, tried to become independent and we know what happened, then around 1871 the Prussians successfully created the first German Rich and became independent from The Vatican and since then the Germans became the Enemy No. 1 of The Vatican. It is Putin who now seems to made Russia independent from The Vatican. It’s actually “three Vaticans” or more knowingly “three Roms” which are located in Vatican, The City (of London) and Washington DC, which still control the world.


  2. In the late 1980s, Russia “allegedly” traded Pepsi 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer for three billion dollars worth of caramel-colored sugar water. Pepsi then “allegedly” sold the fleet for scrap recycling.

    Enemies schmenemies. Before awakening to the fact that everything is a lie or distortion, I was not falling for the Red Scare. Terrorists come and go but…


  3. A few years ago, I got interested in the subject of oil and found out that Russian geologists never subscribed to the “fossil fuel” theory. I’m writing from memory—and searching the Internet for accurate information is more time-consuming now than it was then—but, as I recall, the fossil fuel “theory” isn’t even a theory. It’s a hypothesis put forth by someone in the 17th century that has so little evidence to support it that it has never, in all this time, risen to the level of a theory. Russian geologists maintain that oil is abiotic—it replenishes itself in the Earth’s core.

    I wonder if, or when, the abiotic theory of oil (and it seems to have enough evidence to be a theory, if not a definite fact) will replace the fossil fuel hypothesis here in the U.S.?

    The fossil fuel hypothesis was useful because it created the illusion of scarcity and allowed oil companies to crank up prices. They probably don’t want to give that up.

    I’ve also read that there’s an oil boom in the U.S. … Am I making that up?

    So… now I’m thinking it’s possible that the amount of imports we get from Russia (and even Saudi Arabia) may not be as high as we’re told. U.S oil companies may be getting a lot of their product right here at home, but don’t want to advertise this fact because they’re drilling in oil fields that were supposed to be depleted.

    If anyone here has more of a background in this, I’d love to hear from you.


    1. Well, they export oil and gas, a growing industry, just take the Baltic Pipe as an example. Much talk about protecting the climate, and being independent from Russia, but this project is under way. I heard about that theory long ago. What you don’t hear anymore, is the term “peak oil”. It should be still around, regarding depletion, or stop of production, because of “climate protection”.
      There is a judaic myth, sheol. A black place in the earth, just google for an illustration.


  4. My favorite example is the Tupolev TU4 tale. They landed some B29 (yes, the Hiroshima plane) in Russia, and claimed the Russians just copied them, making the TU4. So the nuclear scare could take off. The world is a stage, there is only one system.


  5. They (Russians) couldn’t even build a pickup without Henry Ford.

    Yet they can copy a B-29!! LOL 😉


    1. I think you’re clueless about Russia, their people or character. A matter of fact is that most people would perish under those weather conditions per se, not counting the tyrants trying to suck ’em dry, but Russians are still there, alive and kicking. Just because they were less industrialized, doesn’t mean they’re incapable of engineering.

      Ford is as much American as any other peerage Englishman immigrating to USA 5-6 gen ago. See here for details:


      1. Doesn’t dismiss anything of what I said.

        Henry Ford basically “rebuilt” his Rouge River plant in Russia…to give the Russians mobility.

        Engineering is not strictly a mental exercise…it is taking that “up front” mental exercise and in turn cutting metal. Tangibility is the outcome.

        I never said Russians were bad people.



    Back 10+ years ago I bought (and still have) the mindfuck psychogy book called “Major Jordan’s Diary”… Where he chronicles the evil smuggling of secrets from Great Falls AFB Montana to the Soviets of nuclear secrets. Primary with regard to ” heavy water”.

    We are to believe a) evil entities within US snuck deuterium/heavy water to “the Soviets”… Bringing forward their ” developmemt” by decades..b)Resulting ultimately in “Tsar Bomba”!! And Jordan brought forward ” the truth!!”.

    And..they have capability to blow up entire Earth 2000000 times with ‘stockpiles!”.

    And the SALT summits took place to curb this insanity..

    For “The People”!!

    I’m beyond the point of ever wanting to ever come back here…really.


    1. So much for being enemies. Why sell a rival country all that wheat that could be used to feed America’s hungry and destitute? Didn’t Russia already have an abundance of resources at their disposal, which they could’ve used to improve the livelihood of its population?


      1. Russia is a member of the United Nations. Nation states with central banks connected to the international banking cartel (the Crown) do not serve their own population until the powers over them are satisfied. Crumbs are what’s left in most cases. The U.S. should be preparing for living on less, IMO. It (“the fall”) can happen very quickly.


  7. Oh yeah, the Cold War to prolong WWII, because evil genius Uncle Joe hoodwinked Frankie and Winnie after “we” beat them Not-sees, gosh darn it! Took treacherous advantage of their WASP honesty and transparency; who, Who, WHO could have anticipated this?
    Witness the billions of greenbacks invested in the hundreds of retired planes being “stored” in the LSD (Lower Sonoran Desert), those planes which valiantly defended the American people from bad stuff for decades. Thanks, planes, for keeping our TVs safe from commie confiscation!
    Read some months back that commie-hater Hank Ford had engine plants in Soviet Union, furnishing many/most/all of their truck engines, as well as his more well-known plants in Dolphie’s Deutschland. I mean, it’s just good business sense, c’mon man!
    (Apologies in advance for any possible misgendering above)
    Steve, thanks for the post, and the comments it has generated. Why assume we are ever told the truth?


  8. How ironic if we are to believe the geopolitical news propaganda that Russia and America are at odds with one another for meddling in each other’s national politics and electoral voting systems. You’d think that if the animosity shared between them was real that the U.S. would have no reason to depend on Russia for oil exports, if the stats are true. It’s like saying that a car company would depend on a rival business for car parts in furnishing their automobiles or that a textile empire would use the textiles or fabrics provided by a rival conglomerate in making their rugs and other similar decorative pieces. It’s yet more proof that all these “countries” are really working together and aren’t at odds with each other at all. That also implies that a lot of the conflicts on the geopolitical stage are farcical too. It’s yet more evidence that we’ve always had a “one world gov’t” of some sort.

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    1. Plus, we never even needed oil or petroleum to begin with. That’s another huge scam, too. If y’all can remember, they engineered massive psyops like the Titanic and the Hindenburg not only to extort insurance money in the billions but also to slowly shift people away from renewable, cheap, and environmentally-friendly sources of fuel like steam and coal to more costly, highly flammable, and destructive forms of fuel like petrol which made billions yearly for Big Oil. We can run cars on water and even alcohol, for example (another reason for the ban on alcohol during the 1920s-30s was to make it harder for people to use it as a substitute to oil so people will consume more petroleum, thereby making the oil companies richer in the process).


      1. Gasoline was a “waste” produced early on when refining for diesel and bunker fuel to run big engines. The personal car/truck market, and the whole suburban lifestyle was a way to make profit from refinery waste.

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  9. Speaking of the Cold War… I watched Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” recently, a supposed historical drama about the American U2 flyer shot down and captured in ’57, and the negotiations to trade him for a captured Russian spy.

    Tom Hanks plays the everyman (of course!) obscure nobody insurance lawyer oddly assigned to defend the Russian spy in a show of giving him a “fair trial” – which Hanks nobly takes seriously, causing everyone to question his good taste. After a show trial anyway, Hanks is called on (by CIA head Dulles no less) to negotiate the trade with the Soviets.

    But the reason I mention it, and perhaps someone can help me out here – late in the movie, while Hanks is embroiled in Kafka-esque red tape and Soviet bureaucracy, there’s an esoteric scene of some sort that needs a Jay Dyer to decode. Or an expert in Freemasonry, at least. I’m referring to the scene where Hanks meets with an East German official (surname “Ott”), who stands before a large square and compass symbol and greets Hanks with a special handshake; then delivers a strangely artificial “performance,” puts on a stilted act for the benefit of his (Ott’s) secretarial pool(?). While Hanks exchanges knowing smirks with his young male assistant. What’s THAT all about…

    Then Ott takes off, and it seems Hanks’ hopes are going to be dashed when the male assistant finds him in the hallway to tell him Ott has left on some engagement. Hanks, however, finagles to make the deal with the young man. In dialogue that may or may not be some coded Freemasonic thing. Like Hanks has realized he’s got to play this according to some ritual?

    Hanks’ CIA handler is then super-pissed at him for screwing everything up, and flustered for the first time, while Hanks (for the first time since getting to Russia) is cool as a cucumber and confident. He’s pulled it off! He knows/ thinks he succeeded in both the assignment, AND his own side-deal, where he’s going to free a young American student as well as the spy pilot. Maybe Hanks knows the masonic angles better than his (unlikeable) handler?

    And if it piques your interest further, the Coen Bros had a hand on script touchup with this one, so they likely may have contributed some or much of this strange scene.


    1. And keep in mind who bankrolled and built Soviet Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution: the elite business class that run the West. And historically, 9/10 of the U.S.S.R.’s military technology was supplied by America and Western Europe. Same with Nazi Germany and every other phony socialist regime in the world.


  10. On the other hand, the vast majority of America’s petrol imports come from Canada. Only about seven percent is Russian oil. So it’s not exactly like were fully dependent on Russia for their petroleum.


    1. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter since ‘The Families’ “own” all the so-called countries in the world (and always have), and by extension their natural resources. So no matter where it comes from, they always get their huge piece of the pie.

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  11. “How important is freedom to you?”

    Depends on if the person is willing to fight for their “freedom” instead of selling themselves out for the illusion of convenience and security. Most people, practically, don’t really value “freedom” anymore than the religious value truth or skepticism over faith or belief. And that’s where the problem lies concerning free human expression.


  12. HARRY’S…

    Beyond (or aside from) the “business” aspect, I believe there is a philosophical-theological aspect that is equally important to the aristocracy. And there exists a concrete social-cultural dimension that must also be managed or the pitchforks come out onto the streets, putting all that effort to control the human population at risk.


    1. Yes, it’s about controlling how people see things and react to their surroundings so as to make sure they don’t step out of line. Money is really a means to that end in the ultimate scheme of things. As they create the money, anyway, it hardly matters to them personally. They probably never even seen a dollar bill or a nickel in their entire lives. Only the slaves in the system have to care about money so as to survive.


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