Mark Tokarski:

I am of simple mind, easily led astray and subject to occasional emotional fits of clarity. My profession is accounting, and even though I don’t like it, I’m good at it. So that’s what I have to do. This is what I want to do, but no one will pay me.

We live near Aspen Park, Colorado, in a small log cabin, from which I send missiles of frightful content. I will continue to do so unless my goddammed brother turns me into the law. I was responsible for the Tylenol scare. I graduated from a Catholic high school in Montana, but even for all their good intent, it didn’t take. I learned to think for myself in spite of them.

I can be reached at mark at mpthct dot com.

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  1. I came here too by typing this Lennon phrase…
    Mark, Lennon is making your blog famous


  2. Chelsea Chafee of Missoula pleaded guilty on Thursday to helping defraud the state workers compensation fund.
    Chafee was given a 10-year suspended sentence to the Montana Department of Corrections for accountability to theft.
    During the sentencing in District Judge Jeffery Sherlock’s court, Chafee explained that in 2011 she helped stage a work-related injury to her fiancee Matthew Ailer while they were working for a janitorial firm.
    Ailer collected more than $60,000 in medical and disability benefits.
    Chafee is currently serving time at the State Women’s Prison for burglary, arson, and theft


    1. Sounds like you are an upstanding person, Matthew. You perpetrate a fraud and then we are to believe you or her??


  3. funny how you bought my friends’ commentary without a hint of paranoia….even though they posted in all lower case. i believe your heart’s in the right place mark, but your associates are either fucking idiots or intel. there is no in betwixt.


  4. I do not have a Twitter account. 140 characters is beyond my ability to be brief. I can be reached at mark at mpthct dot com.

    I cannot imagine running a website without a forum. I know it gets heated at times, but it is worth it just to bring in varying viewpoints. This changes my own outlook, as I am never, unless sitting alone, the smartest guy in the room.


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