Peculiar Plots – Intermezzo – O Gran Fogo

A short intermezzo from the peculiar plots, as I just saw this:

A large fire broke out at the Paço de São Cristóvão, which houses the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, on September 2, 2018, at around 19:30 local time (22:30 UTC September 2). Reaction to the cultural loss was swift, as the museum held over 20 million items — Brazil’s president Michel Temer called the loss of the historical and cultural heritage “incalculable”. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

A large fire breaking out last night in Rio de Janeiro, hmm, let’s look at this story…

Shortly after closing on September 2, 2018, a large fire broke out, reaching all three floors of the National Museum building. Firefighters were called at 19:30 local time, arriving quickly at the scene. Despite this, the fire chief reported that the two fire hydrants closest to the museum had no water.

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Peculiar Plots – Part 1 – The Ludicrous Lusitania

As promised and mentioned in my introduction, I would like to treat 3 stories, narratives, -or rather plots- that caught my attention in recent months. The 3 peculiar plots, as I think is an appropriate title for the series, are related in a way, have similar features and were all happening in the same time frame; the early 20th century; pre-WWII.

Part 1 in this series is about the first plot, a strange story indeed, and though not as well known with the general public (especially outside of the US) as similar stories as Titanic or 9/11, it shares a lot with them.

Allegedly, in May 1915, a German submarine sank, in 18 minutes, a ship full of people, probable ammunition and according to some stories a huge amount of valuable materials on board. The story is surrounded by mystery, intrigue, “conspiracy theories” and doubt, which makes for a good case for us, truth seekers, to look into.

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Introducing Gaia

First of all, an honor and happy to be part of the writing team here.

I have to say that blogging never was my forte, when joining POM almost a year to the day ago, the first comments were my first blog posts ever. I have been at forums since 2000, so there lies my expertise. But the “blogosphere” was virgin terrain.

As with most of us, I found POM via Miles Mathis and although I praise Kevin Starr for his excellent boomerang deconstruction of MM’s family history, I don’t really think he is “a committee”. I may be wrong and stay open to that possibility, but I rather think he went on a rabbit trail (publishing books even) and his ego doesn’t allow him to review his earlier assumptions (especially about “Space Travel”). He has the intelligence level to be able to do it, but he doesn’t. To some that may stink of “spookiness”, to me it more looks like “too proud to swallow earlier words”.

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