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Time Magazine has a penchant for giving us the enemies du jour of the empire in a most frightening fashion, almost caricature. Sometimes they even use parts of the word “Time” as devil’s horns, as above. I’ve seen on Facebook … Continue reading

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Trump angst

The writers and friends of this blog spend a lot of time unraveling the past. It is fun, like being handed a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery every day. There is no shortage. Without reliance on authority, eschewing groupthink and … Continue reading

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A primer on “mental illness”

Certain words grate on me – they are used to avoid using using other words. It is part of how we process things, I suppose, a way of denying reality. For example, on NPR and I suppose elsewhere too, they … Continue reading

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Induced hatred

I have a three-part writing mission, and get sidetracked. Part one is to merely establish that the American people are not capable of self-governance* – not now, anyway. Time might heal us, make us sane again, but agitation propaganda destroys … Continue reading

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Mind Kontrol

“My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and … Continue reading

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A courageous performance

I have long enjoyed Jon Stewart but not taken him seriously. He is a court jester – such people are important in oppressive environments. They serve as a tension relief valve and foster the illusion of free exchange of ideas. … Continue reading

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Photographic evidence of Russians in Ukraine, U.S. style

Tha above images are, according to Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, satellite photos proving there are Russian artillery systems stationed near the town of Lomuvatka, about 20 kilometers northeast of Debaltsevo. (See link.) Take a close look and see … Continue reading

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Life in These United States: Use of critical thinking skills = “having a conspiracy theory”

We have … used that computer model about input, process, output, where the process is the thinking about whatever the input, or activating event is. … I remember the first time I talked about this on the show was after … Continue reading

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The power of (two or three) words

There are two (or more) ways of looking at the average political IQ of a typical American: One, people are busy. They are working, paying bills, raising kids, watching football. They have very little time for politics. Consequently, when the … Continue reading

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Ebola = agitprop

I have long passed the point where I tremble in fear on command. I have long passed the point where I grant credibility to the pretty talking heads of the American media. News in the US is state-controlled, heavily censored … Continue reading

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