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Interesting links …

Josh does some really interesting genealogy work on the George Washington. I swear, the guy has a nose for a bloodline. Put him on a trail, he doesn’t let up till he is looking right up the schnoz of his … Continue reading

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JFKTV now available in full format

We are pleased to be able to add Tyrone McCloskey’s book-length treatment of the JFK assassination, JFKTV, to this blog. It is permanently linked on the right under “Public Hoaxes.” Tyrone prior to this time had serialized the work in … Continue reading

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Blog notes, welcome Steve

I am experiencing something that all CPAs know about … spring. I don’t do near the volume of work I once did, but even so have been bogged down in accounting-style work lately. But it is done now, and the … Continue reading

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Start here

This is meant to be a primer for first-time visitors to this website. We are a stable of six writers (at this writing), four active and two not, and we search for truth. That may sound like a conceit, as … Continue reading

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About Willard, and rats

This piece was written by “straightfromthedevilsmouth,” or the man I call “Straight,” or at one time “MR.” We have endured some disinfo attacks at another blog, a sign that we are coming closer to truth. As Dr. Judy Wood says, … Continue reading

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What the future holds …

In the coming weeks this blog is going to have some revelations, some shocking, about people who supposedly died who are still with us. The first one will be the hardest, as the lengths that they have gone to in convincing us … Continue reading

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Conscious consumers of Gnostic media

I am not a slouch, but often have to be slapped in the face with something before I see it. My saving grace is that I usually only need the one slap. Consequently, I need to collaborate and feed off … Continue reading

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Straight From the Devil’s Mouth

A commenter here has started an intriguing blog called “Straight From the Devil’s Mouth.” I will refer to him as “Dan,” as he treasures anonymity. Wikipedia is an excellent source of information on all topics, but it is important to … Continue reading

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Comfortably numb

Well, I have In Bruges playing in the background, a Pinot Grigio sitting beside me, and I just did my somewhat occasional survey of Intelligent Discontent. It would be wise not to publish this, as there are points to make … Continue reading

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Democrats soiled blogging too

A commenter in a post below yesterday made the point that Montana Cowgirl is more and more allowing “guest” posts, speculating that perhaps these “guests” have branched over into Intelligent Discontent to become Pogie’s ghost. It is confusing, so perhaps … Continue reading

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