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Avast, We Scurvy Dogs!

This essay contains medical information that might be construed as advice. It is not, but rather just long-winded opinion. Read it at your own risk. Zombies on the Brain In this piece I will proffer a novel thesis. And like every … Continue reading

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Our Dam Obesity Problem

The following does not constitute medical advice. It is opinion. Before you make any changes to your medications, diet, or lifestyle, be sure that the person in charge of overseeing your health care is fully informed. By the way—that person … Continue reading

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What game is afoot?

I always do something most others don’t when viewing something like this: I put myself in the shoes of the person holding a camera. In the case, he is being allowed to film the incident. Normally a camera would be … Continue reading

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Zika: 4,180 becomes 270 becomes 6

If you’re following the news, public health officials are manufacturing a scare around the so-called “Zika” virus. We were initially told of an outbreak in Brazil in which it was discovered that there were 4,180 cases of microcephaly, or babies … Continue reading

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