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A brief time in the Hamptons

We just returned from a brief stay in “The Hamptons.” I’ve never really known what exactly that phrase means, but in my mind it is large beach houses and Billy Joel and Jerry Seinfeld sunning on their decks. It is … Continue reading

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Comment with photos

The comment below printed but the photos did not at Reptile Dysfunction. So I print it here. People who would not look at the photos anyway can now avoid coming here to see them. ____________________ Steve, you can slap them … Continue reading

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Parroting intelligence

Another person, not me, took the words of our friendly resident sociopath wherein he attacked me for the umpteenth time, and noted that he doesn’t seem to be able for formulate thoughts in a coherent manner. He’s going through the … Continue reading

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Two lonely truckers from Billings, Montana…

We are traveling again today, this time by car. We’re going to Billings, Montana. I grew up there. Towns are like minds – they can be narrow confines or exciting adventures. Boulder, Colorado is an exciting adventure. Billings, for me, … Continue reading

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The mother and child reunion

I am working my way through Quigley’s tome, Tragedy and Hope, as we travel and in our spare time. I’m on page 504, about 700 to go. It’s a pleasurable reading experience, hardly a beach book but written in such … Continue reading

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Twenty-one minutes

I long ago stopped suggesting that people read books that I have read – why would they anyway? There’s an element of “should” in there, as if one person’s work has more merit than others based on my judgment which … Continue reading

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Coffee time with David Crisp’s Billings Outpost

We’re sitting in a coffee shop in Billings MT, my home town. My only remaining connection here is my mother, 95 and hopelessly memory-deficient. We visit her, and she pretends to know me. She does not, although staff says that … Continue reading

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Roper the mountain man, city shit

I woke up this morning thinking about a friend of years ago who died in 1998 by his own hand. In writing about him I always called him Roper Jobes, and that’s enough of a name for anyone else. In … Continue reading

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The nature of stupidity

From John Cleese I think the problem with people like this [he was asked about Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck] is that they are so stupid that they have no idea how stupid they are. You see, if you’re … Continue reading

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A passage of another day of little signficance wish

Don’t know who said this – I thought it was Ogden Nash, but it doesn’t pop up on the Google: May all my friends be safe and well; may all my enemies go to hell.

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