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Ain’t Gonna Study S’mores No More

They say that rattlesnake tastes like chicken. Ostrich meat, curiously, does not. Rather, it tastes like beef, so I am told. So here’s the question for the coming weekend: What does child slavery taste like?

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Of Art and Freedom

Art is essentially an uncensored expression of human freedom.  Artistic expressions of freedom come from inside the artist.  Making art is something an artist simply must do, and must do with autonomous, soulful emotion.  Art’s essential spirit is connected to … Continue reading

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The Jewish question, again

I wish to revisit the Jewish question again, if perhaps only to push forward with some new analysis. The first time through was useful in that we immediately were introduced to the hateful concept of Jewry, and then a more … Continue reading

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Double Header

LIVE SHOOTER BASICS: The list below is offered as a start whereby an expanding list of elements consistent with hoaxes involving gun-toting crazies can be compiled, if anyone wants to add on. (Part of a list building project to streamline … Continue reading

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How to Rule the World in Three Easy Rolls

I was born a nerd, and I will die a nerd. Like every nerd growing up, I was not much of an athlete.  I preferred to play board games with my best friend Thad, a fellow nerd. This was long … Continue reading

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Three Jews Three

With Mark opening up the discussion about Jewish influence, I offer a take on three personalities that have had a profound influence on the modern age. This was originally part of a longer project but POM is the perfect venue … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me…

This is in response to Miles Mathis’ latest where he touches on the lineage of the Greek tycoons of Onassis’ vintage. This POM post is also wild speculation with no foundation in admissible evidence, but I feel compelled to pick at this zit a … Continue reading

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Protect, restore and expand US forests

For several hundred million years forests have been consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing carbon.  That stored carbon is released into the atmosphere when we cut down or burn trees and disturb forest soils.  Since the signing of … Continue reading

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JFKTV The Kennedy Assassination as Television Programming Compiled and Edited for Committee Referral by Tyrone McCloskey “Orthodoxy means not thinking- not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Read This First This book can be read as … Continue reading

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JFKTV: Segment Ten

Other Dead Kennedys After JFK’s scenes concluded, the next up was Bobby. The aisle had to be cleared for Nixon and selling Tricky as more popular than Bobby was impossible at that point. But then JFK’s “death” guaranteed Bobby’s “demise” … Continue reading

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