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Another fake fiscal crisis.

Our “republican” form of government, or our (representative) democracy, if you prefer, is inconsistent with neo-liberal economics.  You can have one or the other, but not both, simultaneously. According to the MSM, “we’re facing another government shut-down.” Is that so?  … Continue reading

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San Francisco, CA – On Monday, April 17th the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Plaintiff’s emergency motion requesting injunctive relief – access to Montana’s May 25 Special Election ballot for U.S. Representative. Today, in response to the ruling, … Continue reading

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Identity fraud

The progression of personalities through the various mediums has been an ongoing subject of interest on this blog. People, Intelligence assets it appears, or perhaps just members of privileged bloodlines, are given an assignment, for instance, to be a musician. … Continue reading

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There is no “tax and spend.”

Not long ago I read William Greider’s Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Count­ry (1989). I had read it in the early 1990s, but really didn’t fully understand the story’s implications at that time. Hard to … Continue reading

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JFKTV: Segment Eight

Political Hallucinogens If JFK was ticketed for an early exit, what was the point of his election at all? His chief rival Richard Nixon was eventually installed, so why didn’t the powers that be just install Nixon in 1960? Why … Continue reading

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The magic bulldozer

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful … Continue reading

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Human Head Transplant Procedure Ahead of Schedule

Last year there was a minor media frenzy over plans by Dr. Sergio Canavero to do the first human head transplant on Russian wheelchair user Valery Spiridonov. Somebody beat Dr. Canavero to the punch.  It appears that an unknown surgeon, … Continue reading

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JFKTV: Segment Seven

\  Police Procedural in Black and White At police headquarters, the press swarmed inside and breathlessly reported on every detail they could pry loose from the men in charge, especially Chief Curry. These encounters with the police took place within … Continue reading

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Farewell Josh

Our friend Josh (aka Daddieuhoh) has opted to take his leave from POM, following Straight, but leaving on a positive note. His new blog, Cutting Through the Fog, linked below, will be interesting. There are not many interesting blogs out … Continue reading

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Cutting Through the Fog

It is with heavy heart and no small amount of hand-wringing that I am announcing my departure from Piece of Mindful. I will henceforth be blogging at My decision does not stem from any ill will towards Mark or … Continue reading

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