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JFKTV: Segment Five

  Praetorian Guard- The Dallas Police Force Along with the Secret Service, the Dallas motorcycle cops escorting the President were ordered to remain behind and to the side of the limousine so as not to obstruct the public’s view of … Continue reading

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JFKTV: Segment Four

  Praetorian Guard- The Secret Service In the literature dealing with the actions and inactions of the Secret Service, the man most cited as suspicious is shift commander Emory Roberts, the man leading the team of agents in the car … Continue reading

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Firehose of Propaganda

One thing that has become very clear to me in the last few months is that TPTB have dialed the smoke machines up to 11 trying to blanket us in a thick fog of misdirection and disinfo. It’s just an … Continue reading

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JFKTV: Segment Three

In this segment I cast the spotlight on Hollywood’s participation in the JFK road show- Hollywood Dreamscapes One of the aspects of this psychological warfare operation that requires careful consideration is the script. Hollywood is by now understood to be … Continue reading

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We are seeing now the value of Intelligence asset Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, nothing more than an arm of the National Security State. I just read through the latest disclosures, and had to laugh. According to Wikileaks, they … Continue reading

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JFKTV- Segment Two

Previously on JFKTV: Out of site of the crowds as they pulled away from Love field and prior to the motorcade approaching the first crowds lining the streets, the switch was made and actors took over as President, First Lady, Governor … Continue reading

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One of the Most Fake Photos of All Time: The LBJ Swearing-In Ceremony

So last night somebody posted this famous pic to Reddit’s conspiracy subreddit with the catchy title “One of the most disgusting photos of all time:” Here was his comment to go along with the picture: “This photograph was taken on Air Force … Continue reading

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Brian Epstein, because The Beatles-

  I think we are in agreement that The Beatles were a massive psy-op and lead the way in restructuring the culture by first helping to demolish it- Beyond twin spotting with Paul/Mike and John/Fohn, and assorted Ringos at the … Continue reading

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Where did I go wrong?

I am sitting here wondering where it all went wrong. We were having so much fun! First came the Miles Mathis attack, which though hurtful contained enough truth so as to be taken seriously. That spawned a review of some … Continue reading

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

  …and especially Warren Beatty (and the desiccated remains of Theadora Van Runkle’s mannequin). I take full responsibility for last night’s Oscar meltdown. Clearly Mr. Beatty has not recovered from the shock of my revealing that Bonnie and Clyde were … Continue reading

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