Don’t get 399’d


The shooters in the images to the left are, we are told, the Kouachi Brothers. How do we know that? They are masked, after all. They could be anyone from CIA to Mossad to MI6 to the Tsarnaev … Hey! The news says those are the Kouachi Brothers! That’s all you need to know. Shut off your mind. Get those swirlies going in those eyes. Believe, dammit. Believe.

Here’s a news item from Le Monde, which ought to seal the case.

PARIS (AFP) – Investigators disclosed today that Bernard Maris, chief editor of Charlie Hebdo, was mortally wounded by Warren Commission Exhibit 399, otherwise known as the “magic bullet.” Officials at the National Archives in Washington, DC, confirmed on Thursday that the bullet, long encased in a thick plastic display, had escaped the week prior and was known to be on the loose, doing its thing again. Its whereabouts are currently unknown. Citizens world-wide are advised to be on the lookout for a pristine bullet that stops in midair, makes sharp turns, and shows no wear despite having caused unimaginable human suffering.

In other news, from trusted source New York Times…

PARIS – Investigators, who thought they had found Said Kouachi’s ID in a getaway vehicle backtracked, saying that to their own amazement the ID was actually that of 9/11 hijacker Satam Al Suqami (whose ID was also found in the rubble of seven buildings in New York in 2001 even as no plane parts manage to survive the cataclysm). How it made its way to the scene of the Paris shootings is a mystery. “But,” said a police investigator, “we have found with events of this nature that strange things happen and that we are wise just to keep quiet and believe what we see. Otherwise, we might get 399’d.”

I love to make fun of the ordinary Joe, the doe-eyed casual news observer who sees events like this and unquestioningly accepts all the evidence as real. But I have been that doe-eyed person. I have taken events on the news at face, only later being set straight by those of more skeptical bent. So after years of observation, getting better as time goes on, it is easy to see the holes in Charlie Hebdo and be highly suspicious that this is yet another false flag.

That, of course, does not solve the crime. As anyone who as plunged the depths of these events knows, the underworld of intelligence operations is littered with false clues, false leads, and real domestic white Christian criminal masterminds. It is important, then, to try to keep eyes on the prize. To what end? It was easy to see with 9/11 that the object was a clash of civilizations, and attacks on a string of Middle East countries that happened to be Muslim. Charlie Hebdo appears to be designed to advance that narrative.

I do not know, of course. I do live in a parallel universe to the typical observer of events, seeing through most lies, probably only fooled on a higher level. After all, the “clues” left behind in events like 9/11, Boston, Hebdo are so stinking obvious that it is almost as if we are being taunted. “Look,” they are saying. “Look at the ease with which we fool John Q. Citizen. What are you gonna do about us?”

Here’s a guy who can string together clues over decades, making a case that many major events in our recent past are contrived for higher purposes.

“There have been four incapacitating political crisis in Washington since World War II: McCarthyism, Dallas, Watergate and Contragate. Students have been struck by the deep continuities between them: continuities of personnel, transnationality, and outcome. … By their decadic regularity, they deserve to be regarded as period readjustments of the open political system in which we live. At the center of all four crisis have been perceived threats to the prosecution of the Cold War. … I am not suggesting that the four crises were part of some single conspiracy, only that we should recognize that in all cases the outcome was roughly the same: a prolongation of a system committed to the Cold War. … In all four crises, one sees the recurrence of CIA and other intelligence officials and assets, repeatedly those with more militant anti-Communist stances than the Presidents they have worked under. Another common denominator for such individuals has been the exposure to narcotic trafficking, from the China Lobby of the 1950s to the Contra support networks of the 1980s’.

In the case of Dallas, Watergate, and Contragate, a common denominator at a lower level has been former CIA Cubans working with [Johnny] Roselli and [John] Martino at the JM/WAVE CIA station in Miami. I suspect this continuity is more of a symptom of deeper relationships than a major causal factor in itself, but the symptoms are over and hardly marginal. (Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK)

Since the end of the Cold War all of the happenstance events of terror involve a clash of cultures of a different type. Once it was Commies under every bed, now it is terrorists. Every event from 1990 forward has invoked Islamic archetypes. In the next theater, after the Middle East is subdued, I suppose our nightmares will be occupied by Chinese, or Russians, or who knows … but the obvious point is that within our own societies there exists an evil force that is managing our in-house movie, making sure we hate and fear the correct enemies so that the state is not impeded in its ongoing wars of aggression.

Images of Abu Ghraib torture were kept off American media, as our president did not want to upset our sensitivities. Recently images of beheadings by supposed ISIS members (more likely covert Western agents, says parallel universe guy) have made their way directly to our screens unimpeded by any thoughts of our sensitivities.

C’mon, people. Think about it. Who is managing your internal movie screen?

5 thoughts on “Don’t get 399’d

  1. “The Post reveals that CIA and NSA budgets have increased by over 50 percent each since 2004, with the CIA reaching $14.7 billion in 2013. Though budgets fell from 2012 levels, total funding is still almost twice what it was in 2001.

    John Miller is a longtime reporter. But he has had other jobs, too; in 2003, he left journalism to work for the LAPD, and then took a job as the assistant director of public affairs at the FBI, a job that involved managing “relations with the news media.”

    So perhaps Morell went to Miller and 60 Minutes for his first-ever TV interview because he knew what he was going to get.”

    Sanitized as best they could.

    9/11 has netted spy agencies over double their previous budget. Imagine what that kind of money can buy, in addition to an overwhelming population of consumer/zombies.


    1. I wanted to add this piece for context and contrast. We do have our priorities.

      Obama’s new plan would leave annual funding unchanged for two grant-making agencies, the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, each at $146 million; the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the third grant-making agency, would take a $412,000 cut to $226.5 million.”


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