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This is meant to be a primer for first-time visitors to this website. We are a stable of six writers (at this writing), four active and two not, and we search for truth. That may sound like a conceit, as if we have some special mission in life. We do not. We are simply people with active minds and of a curious nature. We want to know what’s up.

I blogged for many years and went around in circles, never moving forward. Much of American history is meant as a wheel-spinning exercise. Events like the Kennedy assassination or 9/11 were planned to be that, full of misdirection to keep us occupied in place without forward movement. Some time in early 2016 I re-read Weird Scenes in the Canyon by Dave McGowan. I noticed something odd – rock stars and actors of the 60s and 70s were dying right and left, scores of them. “This cannot be,” I thought. These people are not dying. They are going underground.

Thus began a search in which I was joined by the writer straightfromthedevilsmouth, who I call Straight. He has remarkable organizational, computer and math skills. He put all of the dead rock stars in a database and began looking for clues about their demise. He also has a startling sixth sense in his ability to make visual connections among various people.

I did a search of the Social Security Death Index, and found only a few of the dead there, and those few were often ‘signaled’ with hokey Social Security numbers (33s and 47s, etc., the Intelligence signature). We had a breakthrough of sorts when in a comment I addressed the strange death of Bill Hicks. Another commenter said that Hicks had faked his death too, and re-emerged as Alex Jones. That turned out to be both true and controversial. It haunts us to this day, but we will not back down.

Some time along the way Tyrone appeared on the scene, and at one point brought with him a picture of Bobby Fuller, who bears a strong resemblance to Bill O’Reilly. Using “face splitting” techniques, as described in another post, I found that Fuller, who faked his death in 1966, did not just resemble O’Reilly, but rather was identical to him to the degree that I asserted that Fuller was a CIA plant who faked his death, and that O’Reilly is a complete phony who used to be Fuller. Others would emerge in this manner – see our Honor Roll of Zombies. There is not universal agreement on these findings, even among us, but judge for yourself. We are only orthodox about one thing – that belief is the enemy of knowledge.

Tyrone eventually joined us as a writer – he brings his own style, his own ideas. He has done considerable work on his own, including the paper JFKTV, which caught my eye and led me to him. He can turn a pithy phrase like no other. He calls our work “face chopping.”

As we moved forward, we began to notice that twins were a common occurrence among stars – we already knew that Elvis and Paul McCartney were twins due to the work of Miles Mathis. I noticed that there were two Mark David Chapman’s. We thought at one time that Will Smith had surgery to lower his ears … nope. He’s twins. See the Honor Roll of twins for more – they are too numerous to list.

We did not know where this was taking us. Other oddities emerged. One writer, who is silent to this point, showed us that Inger Stevens, who fake died in 1970, looked exactly like Emma Thompson. But they could not be twins – there was a whole generation between them! I went searching for PBS news anchor Judy Woodruff, and Straight, with that sixth sense, brought me Dalida – again an exact replica, but a generation between them. Others on the Internet had noticed that Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren were replicas, fifty years apart!

Daddieuhoh came on board, and brings with him depth and scholarship – he can lead us to academic papers, and is the questioning force here that keeps us from assuming too much without rock solid evidence. He is also pushing forward with new ideas on how all these twins and replicas emerge. He too is beginning to play with photographs, so much more lay ahead from him. Be sure to check out his research showing that Gandhi was controlled opposition and that the Dreyfus affair was an enormous and intricate psyop.

Straight recently noticed that Matt Damon lines up with ten (or more) other actors, a resemblance so strong that it cannot be coincidental, and yet different enough to be recognizable. We are now debating among ourselves the possibilities that are causing this phenomena. These are not twins. These are replicas.

That is where we are at right now, November 14, 2016. We invite you to examine the menus on the right here to review our methodology, our twins, our zombies, and, like us, enjoy the ride. We do not know our destination. We only know that as much as we have learned, we have a much longer road ahead.

(I should add, we are not limited to this research. Every writer here is free to go his or her own way and take us down any road. We don’t have rules, nobody is boxed in, but we do try to keep it interesting.)

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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  1. I appreciate the kind words, Mark. Very exciting times ahead for our research.


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