Somewhere, out there, are the JonBenét Ramsey twins, alive and well

The Fake Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial*, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.


Dave McGowan

Straight emailed me several days ago with his latest discovery. It is another set of twins. Their name … JonBenét Ramsey. I will get into the details and do an analysis of photographs to make our case, but before doing that, want to discuss a book and a man that I have come to believe is a disinformation agent. His name is Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, which chronicled over seventy deaths of rocks stars and actors in Los Angeles in the 1960s and later.

That is the book that started Straight and I on our hunt for Zombies. I knew all those people could not have died. Even war zones have lower death rates. Something else was up. McGowan did not suspect any fakery going on except, perhaps, in the case of Jim Morrison. So I began to suspect that something was up with Dave McGowan.

What McGowan did in that book is called “misdirection,” getting us to “look here, not there.” People were beginning to assemble clues about the Los Angeles music scene of the 60s and 70s, especially the military and intelligence family background of so many famous actors and musicians of that era, people like the Fonda’s, John Phillips, Frank Zappa, Joan Baez and on and on. The cloud of deceit was lifting. McGowan was, in my view, assigned the task of leading the opposition. (“Misleading” is a better term.) In classic “limited hangout” style, McGowan let us in on enough information to make us think he had thoroughly investigated matters. But he left out essential details – fake deaths one of them.

McGowan died last December, or so we are told. I suspect he faked his death. After all, his assignment was over.

JonBenét figures in here because McGowan also wrote the 2004 book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, in which he recounts stories of our country’s most famous serial killers. As with Laurel Canyon, McGowan uncritically treats each one as real. He never doubts the official stories. The book left me with a sense of horror at the evil that people do to one another. That was the Intel objective – to scare us, make us distrust one another, lock our doors, stay inside after dark. Frightened people are easier to govern.

Chapter 20 of that book is about JonBenét. Here are some inconsistencies that McGowan uncovers in his description of the JonBenét Ramsey murder:

  •  Quoting from the book, “For reasons that have never been adequately explained, the investigation was compromised from the very beginning. Officers inexplicably failed to secure the crime scene … no effort was made to prevent contamination of any potential evidence. Detectives did not arrive on the scene until 8:10 AM, over two hours after the first patrol officers arrived. Around 10:00 AM, detectives allowed John Ramsey to leave the house unescorted for over an hour.”
  • JonBenét’s parents, Patsy and John, were never separated for questioning.
  • Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, quotes an anonymous officer who claimed that John Ramsey carried the body upstairs but never cried. Neither he nor Patsy ever attempted to console one another.
  • Biological materials in the case were examined by Cellmark Diagnostics in Germantown, Maryland.
  • No DNA evidence has ever been produced in the case.
  • Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler, was asked to join in the investigation, but declined saying that it looked like a “staged domestic homicide.”
  • While some members of the Boulder Police Department did attempt a real investigation, their efforts were impeded by the Boulder County District Attorney, the Denver Police Department, and the FBI.
  • James Michael Thompson, who worked for a private company that specialized in transporting corpses, stole two pages from the morgue book at Boulder Community Hospital, the pages that had recorded the arrival of JonBenét’s body four months earlier.
  • A witness from California, Mary Bienkowski, intervened and offered evidence about a pedophile ring operating in the Boulder area. She claimed this ring had direct links to the Ramsey family.

McGowan wrings his hands over all of this – what does it mean? As with Laurel Canyon, he fails to ask the right question: Was there a murder?

  • If there was no murder, if it was a staged event, and if the upper echelons of Boulder Police and the Boulder County Coroner** knew about it in advance, then police response would be slow, even indifferent. No one would particularly care about the behaviors of John Ramsey.
  • John and Patsy would only be given cursory treatment, as it was understood they did not commit a murder that did not happen.
  • If the event was staged, then descriptions of the scene inside the house would have to be anonymous, as they are fake too. Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, was part of the scam, doing misdirection.
  • Cellmark Diagnostics of Germantown, Maryland, is a CIA-connected outfit, and not coincidentally was also used in the OJ Simpson trial, also highly suspicious.
  • No DNA evidence is available because there was no crime scene or body. (Absence of DNA evidence is probably hiding something else – parentage?)
  • Gregg McCrary used the word “staged.” He appears to have been an honest man, and so wanted no part of a farce.
  • In a staged event, the people at the top of the District Attorney’s Office, Denver Police and FBI will naturally want to impede the activities of honest police officers and detectives trying to do a real investigation.
  • James Michael Thompson, then, did not steal evidence of JonBenét’s body arriving at the morgue, but rather evidence that her body did not arrive that day. That’s why he was dispatched to commit that crime.
  • Mary Bienkowski, then, a convenient witness, is part of the scam and is doing misdirection. She wants to deflect from absence of a crime, and so turns our attention to pedophilia. The news media ran with that theme, and is echoing it to this day.

The existence of a JonBenét Ramsey twin adds credibility to the no-murder hypothesis. It is a glaring piece of evidence that people on the inside have to know about, ignore and cover up. If there had been a real murder and a real investigation of the murder, it would be known. It all smacks of Intelligence running a psy-op on us.

In this scenario there would be no investigation because there was no crime. The public only knew of one twin, and her disappearance had to be explained. So they invented a murder, probably much more than just that. It has also served, like OJ, as an ongoing pubic distraction.

Photo Analysis

There are a couple of hundred photos of JonBenét Ramsey on the Internet. Most were taken in her final two years before going underground, and so involve kiddie beauty contests, creepy enterprises that were highlighted in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. McGowan describes the industry as “cater[ing] primarily to the pedophilic tendencies of the adults,” and I agree. Studying these photos has been a creepy exercise.

But getting on with it, the girl is five or six years of age in the images, and we are aware of development between dates that photos were taken. We are aware that beauty pageant photos are heavily augmented, and that these kids are asked to wear contact lenses and lipstick and assume adult poses, some sexually suggestive. I am the father of daughters. It has been a difficult task in all aspects. It appears to me to be child abuse.

Here we go. Below are four photos that we have identified as “Twin One.”

Note in these photos the similar shape of the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Note how the one on the left has bright sea foam blue eyes, either a photo effect or contact lenses. (Thus, with all photos, we ignore eye color.) The lower lip rim is identical on all four. Here are a couple of face splits that, among many others, helped us decide that these four photos are of the same girl:

Again, aging, angles, parallax distortion, creates slight difference, but understand that these photos are known to be the person JonBenét Ramsey, so that there should be wide acceptance that they are of the same person.

“Twin Two:”

Twin Two has a slightly rounder face, lower ears, and slightly rounder eyebrows. The alar rims of her nose are lightly narrower at this point in her development. (Across the top, the first and second from the left look like real little girls. The first one is labeled as a Christmas photo on her mother’s lap, which would have to be 1995, as she supposedly died on 12/25/1996. The second looks like a school photo, very natural.)

Again, a couple of facial splits among these six photos that helped us arrive at the conclusion that these are of the same girl.

Keep in mind that there are age differences, but that all agree these photos are of JonBenét, so our comparisons showing them the same should not surprise.

At this point I am adding a side-by-side comparison of the two girls, Twin One on the left, Two on the right. This is offered without commentary to allow the reader to examine them and detect differences without aid of visual devices like lines and face splitting, or mere power of suggestion by me.


The following are face splits of photos, all shown above, showing differences between the twins:


That is Twin Two on the left, with the rounder face. Twin One on the right has markedly higher ears, and there is no parallax distortion, as the head angle is the same. The lips and nose do not match, the sub-nasal distance from nose to lip slightly longer on Twin One. But they are close, right? I would judge them very hard to tell apart were it not for the ears.


Differences are highly pronounced here. Twin One on the left again has a narrower face, higher ear, this time pronounced. The eyebrows do not align and are of differing shapes. All might be explained by angles and expressions, but frankly the differences are too great.


Ears are not comparable in this, but the same discrepancies appear in lips, nose, eyebrows and facial shape and length.

These discrepancies will be apparent to anyone to performs the same experiments as we did with any of these ten photos. I urge that you try.

Our conclusion: JonBenét Ramsey is a set of twins.

We speculate that neither twin was killed on 12/25/1996, that the event was staged to 1) take the character “JonBenét Ramsey” underground for training,  possibly as an actress, singer or news reader, and 2) to create a public distraction of lasting value. We assert that this explains all of the inconsistencies and incongruities in the Ramsey death case.

The matter of twins and twinning

I have written much more than is published here about twins. It is an ongoing discussion topic in the comments on this blog. Think about just the ones we have written about – Elvis, McCartney, Taylor Swift, Anderson Cooper, Drake, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Timberlake, Buddy Holly/Geffen-Katzenberg, Beyoncé, Mark David Chapman, Frank Sinatra and many more to come. Why so many twins?

The reaction to the current and tentative hypotheses is often off-putting, a quantum leap people are not willing to make. It reads like a John Carpenter movie script, and we do not have enough solid evidence to back it up. It takes us into uncharted waters, something I and the others who comment here do not fear, even enjoy. And we know something is up, something unusual and highly secretive. We will keep pushing.

In the JonBenét matter, Straight, in his usual insightful manner, noticed something odd about the photos – they are supposedly of the young girl in kiddie beauty pageants, but it is only her, always alone. (Do an Internet search and see for yourself.) Why no photos of lineups and promenades? This is indeed odd, as if the photos were staged. Further research is needed – did JonBenét ever really participate in these contests? If not, then we have with the JonBenét Intelligence project a psy-op long in the planning and making, and designed to capture the public’s attention and insinuate that there are pedophilia rings operating about us. Again with the division and fear!

The JonBenét twins are 26 now***, and I would guess are busy in their reassignment. They might be a Fox News Anchor, a movie star or a singer, or who knows what else. We will search for them, but it will be difficult. We have only childhood photos, and are not able to conjure up an image of the JonBenét twins as they look now. The skull and face are not fully formed until age 20, and predicting at age six what they might look like is nothing more than a wild ass guess. But we will have our eyes peeled.


*Which we now know to have been fake.

**I have in my files here the Monterey County Coroner’s Report on the death of John Denver, a thorough document of many pages, and completely fake. Intelligence Control of the Coroner’s Office is essential in all fake deaths.

***That is, they are 26 now if anything we are told about them is true, if the pictures are set in the correct time – for all we know, these girls could be older now, the photos merely taken from inventory in 1996 and used to advance this scam. The Boulder scene could have been manufactured out of thin air. If that is the case, I have suspicions about who they are … something for future research.

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A comment worth a second look

We have a couple of projects in the works and many on the shelf here, enough to get us well into next year. We are doing due diligence on one that, if the evidence holds up, will be of high importance, in my view and Straight’s. It will at the very least expose major Intel control of a police department in a small city.

In the meantime, I urge all interested readers to stay caught up on the comments. There is real forward movement there. I might surprise you with a twin or Zombie, and Straight is always working that stuff too. But the answers to the questions “Why Zombies?”, “Why twins?” and “How so many twins” are beginning to flesh out in the comments.

Below is one I liked from an unknown party, first time I’ve heard from him/her, or perhaps just a new name for the commenter – I really don’t care. It is the content that counts. S/he used the name Frito under The Steve Clark Blunder post, and was responding to my glib assumption that Anderson Cooper, or the Cooper twins, had been assigned low-level work as CNN news readers, unbecoming of Vanderbilts.

“While your dismissal of Cooper as a lowly CNN reporter is kind of funny, and I love the idea of him reading it and recognizing that he’s in a pretty low status job for a Vanderbilt, you underestimate the benefit to Intelligence of a CNN reporter. He’s the guy legitimizing all the fakery. He’s the guy who interviews relatives of victims after false flags. He’s the guy interviewing the politicos. His influence is not small. The Face of CNN is a relatively important Intelligence Asset position. I’d say he outranks most entertainers. Singers teaching girls to be slutty certainly have a powerful and pernicious influence. But the whole industry does that. Whereas CNN is the place where news stories are turned into video to get inside TV watchers heads. The singers influence the culture, Cooper shapes, translates, and communicates the Narrative, putting every news event, real or fake, into the desired context for Intelligence. All that said, I see your point. The ratings for cable news are abysmal and getting worse.”

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The Thirteenth Tribe

thirteenthI don’t imagine a book like The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler, could be published today. It came out in 1976. If I read the scene correctly, there was still a mildly unfettered publishing environment in those days. The era was littered with poseur/academics writing at behest of CIA, of course, but fakes and spooks did not completely dominate the publishing world as they do now. Journalism, a safe refuge for the “vaguely talented”, according to Lippman, has always existed under the heel of power.

So it is hard to evaluate what is true in the book and the controversy around it. Modern genealogy states that only 12% or so of Jewry is Khazar in origin, but why should I trust modern genealogy when the whole matter of Jews and Zionism is a political circus? If they can fake moon landings and presidential assassinations, they can fake gene studies too. The mysterious Jewish Diaspora is not well chronicled, and reads like mythology. We might assume that the Romans indeed crushed the land of Israel and Judah, but what was there to crush? An Israeli archeologist disputes the existence of a powerful kingdom, or even that of figures like Solomon and David. There is no evidence, say Israel Finkelstein  and his American colleague Neil Asher Silberman. (See The Bible Unearthed.)

The “twelve” tribes are nothing more than astrotheology, the number twelve used as a substitute for constellations, just as twelve “apostles” gathered around the sun god, “Jesus,” who bears strong similarities to Horus.

I am interested in this subject because my name, Tokarski, is Jewish, and my father’s family history is riddled with mystery. (I was raised and educated as a Catholic.) I grew up thinking I was Czech, but the Tokar/Tokarski name has origins in Germany and Ukraine, with immigrants making their way to Pennsylvania. My grandfather immigrated to Montana from Pennsylvania. In those days a Jewish background was something to hide. One branch of my family changed the name to one of Spanish origin, though they are in no way Spanish.

But that would make me only half Jewish (the other half Irish), and that on my father’s side, which does not count. I am not allowed to say “my people.”

Given all of the deceit around Zionism and the political goals behind the State of Israel, then, I would expect Koestler’s book to be trashed, and it was at the time. His thesis is that modern Ashkenazi Jews are the product of eastern European tribes, mostly the legendary fighters who stopped the spread of Islam at the Caucasus, the Khazars. According to legend, the Khazars adopted the Jewish faith as a way of avoiding a choice between Rome and Constantinople.

And so, the narrative goes, the Jews who found a safe haven in Khazaria had a civilizing effect, a blend resulting in culturally advanced warriors. As the Khazar kingdom collapsed, its descendants ended up in Germany and Poland, says Koestler. He finds no evidence to support the theory that these were the remnants of Western Jewry as it scattered from Spain and France.

There’s far more to the history of Jewry than that, including ghettos and shtetls and inbreeding, surviving the plague, a sense of identity reinforced by the hatred of others. The high intelligence of Ashkenazi could be genetic, or merely the result of exclusion from the normal trades and being forced to make their way in non-agricultural and non-industrial pursuits, like banking and finance.

Were it not for Zionism, none of this would be controversial and there would not be such a cloak of deceit behind all of the studies of modern Jews. The claim by Jews on the state of Palestine was specious with or without any historical truth in the Bible. The history of humankind is one of global wanderers. Who among us, besides Jews, gets to go back and steal land from others based on historical mythology? If there is any merit to that claim, then all residents of the United States except our Native American Indians need to pack our bags.

That whole affair, Zionism, strikes me as an attempt to colonize the Middle East in the manner of the United States and Australia, seeding it with Europeans.

So I read Koestler’s work wanting to know my own roots, and learned that those roots, on Dad’s side, are cultural, and not genetic. I am not “Semitic,” but then, according to Koestler, neither are most Jews. And then too, I am Irish, that is, I am a citizen of the United States, a seeded European colony.

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The Justin Timberlake Twins

This has been discussed in the comments as a given, but we have never put up evidence of Justin Timberlake being a set of twins. So without introduction, I will get right into it.

They are hard to tell apart, so I will do facial splits after this. Twin #1 is the one we think of as the friendly one:

Twin two is the performer – that is, Twin One above does interviews and the other one below stage performances. He is indeed a gifted performer, but he’s not that bad in interviews either – just a little more laid back.

You can see why we call one the “friendly” one. With twins this seems a recurring theme – one is outgoing and engaging, the other less so.

Now for some facial splits, as I know my readers love that. However, with these guys, as hard as they are to tell apart, I think it is necessary.

As you can see, when the nose is aligned, all other features fall out of sync.

Again, and the same result. (These photos can all be clipped should any of you want to duplicate these results. Just remember to set the pupils at common distance before comparing. And beware the ears, as they can be deceptive. (In this case, twin #2 does have slightly higher ears.)

Both twins profess to be close personal friends with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and maybe that is true. Maybe Fallon does not know they are twins, but I suspect as a show biz insider he is in on the game with all these people. I wonder if, when Timberlake is on, both twins show up, one to perform, the other to sit?

Below are two shots of each of them on the Tonight Show. See if you can tell which is which.

It’s not easy to tell right off, is it. Hint: One of them is a little more friendly and engaging.

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Dreamworks, SKG and, oh yeah, add H and H (for the Buddy Holly twins) to that name

Note to readers: See this post, Weird Scenes at Clear Lake, which was triggered by this discussion at Clues Forum. We know now that when celebrities fake their death at a young age, that it is done for re-assignment purposes. Where once I assumed that Buddy Holly had merely left the music business and was living anonymously somewhere, I came to realize that he was a public figure … finding him being the only problem.


katzenberg-parsonsThe search for Buddy Holly has been long, with many diversions and dead ends. The breakthrough came last week. I thought that I had found another Zombie in an almost perfect match between Gram Parsons* and Jeffrey Katzenberg, the film producer. Don’t be fooled, as I was, by the match-up on the left. I jumped on board too soon, excited by the new discovery. The problem was in the chins – I had inadvertently cut Katzenberg’s off, and so did not see that it was quite a bit longer than Parsons’. This was another no-go. Straight pointed this out, and in the ensuing discussion, I mentioned that Katz and another Hollywood mogul, David Geffen, looked an awful lot alike. Check it out:

That’s Geffen top right, and Katz underneath. They are not the same man, of course, but imagine, yet another Hollywood mogul, this time in the music business, aligning like that with his long-time business partner in Dreamworks SKG. These guys appear to be twins. (Note that Geffen’s ears are higher – this will come in to play down below.)

That led us back to Buddy Holly. We have known for a while now that Holly was twins. What if the Holly twins became David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg? Would that not be cool? We worked on it over the weekend.

It has been a tough project, however. Photos of Holly are old and few in number. In most he is wearing horn-rimmed glasses with coke-bottle lenses. That gives the illusion that his eyes are spaced a little wider than they really are. I cannot “fix” that by adjusting the size of the skull, otherwise I am doing mere confirmation bias. So I have tried to work with photos of Holly without glasses, few in number.

Nevertheless, we were able to distinguish two separate men in the Holly photos. Here’s a sampling of Buddy Holly Twin #1:

Both Holly brothers wore a dental veneer in public, which is why they so often smiled with mouth closed – bad teeth (Twin #2 more so than #1). And, as we usually find with twins, one is more outgoing, more expressive. Here is Twin #2:

The photo on the far right are his real teeth, something that was later worked over to produce a handsome smile. (I try to avoid criticizing people for appearances or for making cosmetic improvements. We are all imperfect.)

Please bear with me for two face splits to establish that these two different men:

Again, be aware of the distortion caused by the glasses, offsetting on the left but there on the right. The primary key to telling them apart is ears. In each photo here the angle that we are viewing is straight-on, so that there is no parallax distortion. Twin #1 has much higher ears, as does Geffen. But like Geffen and Katzenberg, their features align closely.

The best result came from Geffen/Twin #1, seen as follows:

That is as good as they come, perfect alignment of skull, nose, eyes, ears, chin. Others work as well, but in these two photos, they are looking in the same direction with the same half-smile. At this point, I knew we had our man. David Geffen was once known as Buddy Holly.

Katzenberg and Twin #2 was a little more iffy, and I will easily accept criticisms if we are not in agreement. I am satisfied on this, however, because of too much coincidence – Geffen and Katz aligning so well as to be convinced they are twins, and the perfect alignment of Geffen and Twin #1. It would naturally follow that the brothers are still together.

Notice that the best alignment comes with the two on the right. That’s because Holly is not wearing glasses, so we don’t get that slight distortion of Holly’s face. Instead, it is Katzenberg who is wearing glasses. While modern lenses are much thinner and don’t cause the “coke bottle” effect that I suffered in my school years, there is a very slight apparent shrinking of Katz’s skull caused by the spectacles.

There you have it. I hope I have made a convincing case. Straight held my feet to the fire on this one, being skeptic of the Twin 2/Katz alignment. I told him I would write it up with due caution and note his reluctance to be fully on board.

There’s another character involved in all of this, the “S” in Dreamworks SKG, Steven Spielberg. I am reminded of the old nursery rhyme, substituting the word “trust” for “like”:

I do not trust thee, Doctor Fell,
The reason why – I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full well,
I do not trust thee, Doctor Fell.

Spielberg, like so many others, arrived on the scene a fully credentialed genius. Is he, like his business partners Geffen and Katzenberg, and other moguls like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson – a phony, a front man for a much larger Intelligence operation?

Most likely so. That is my bet. Most likely so. These people are phonies, all of them. _____________

*The search for Gram Parsons is ongoing. Suggestions are welcome. He is out there somewhere. Note that he supposedly died of a drug overdose in 1973 at Joshua Tree Monument, but that his body was stolen by two friends from the LA International Airport, and burned in the desert. This all legal we are told, so no one was prosecuted but the two friends were fined for littering the desert. Yeah, that happens everyday. If you don’t know how to read that correctly, try this: Parsons supposedly died, but we have no body, no proof of death. Just trust us. He’s dead. (I am still intrigued by the close alignment of features between Parsons and Katzenberg, but do not know how to interpret it beyond mere coincidence.)

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Beyoncé is not dead, was not replaced by a body double. She is twins.

We have been sitting on this one for quite a while, not for any particular reason other than is so much material at our disposal. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is, in my humble opinion, beautiful, talented, and twins. In fact, the twins aspect is so easy to spot that I am not going to split faces or even draw lines through eyes. You’ll see it.

Here are two photos of the one I find intriguingly girlish in her beauty, along with welcoming and inviting in her charm. Let’s call her Twin A.

The other twin is a little more threatening, maybe casting a nasty glance to warn us away. She is Twin B.

Twin B has a rounder nose and slightly shorter chin, a shorter face in general. But these two are as easy to tell apart as the McCartney brothers once you study their faces a bit.

I must add here that I am not a fan boy, don’t have her poster up in my workshop. I don’t pay much attention to pop culture, but am doing more since this work cropped up. I enjoyed her work in Austin Powers: Goldmember, where Twin A even demonstrated some comedic chops. But note that in that movie it was Twin B that did the singing number, and Twin A that did the acting.

That’s Twin A on the left, Twin B on the right [from the Goldmember movie].

Here is Straight’s summary of her power and attraction, and also a current move to perhaps run a “Paul is Dead” psyop on her to misdirect curiosity that they look so different in their assigned roles.

Beyonce is a megastar. She has more genuine female fans than any other celebrity I can think of. Women of all ages are obsessed with her, black or white. Since she is so beautiful I believe they look at her pictures a lot and admire them. Since the twins are noticeably different, I believe Intelligence is either A. responding to questions from people as to why she looks different when performing or B. preparing for that scenario.

The beautiful, better-looking, long-faced Beyonce [A] is the diplomat who is very sweet, nice, and non-judgmental in interviews or TV appearances. That is one of her main appeals. How nice she is. The other twin [B] is an absolutely incredible singer, and even better performer and dancer. A true talent. However, she has a bitchier look on her (rounder) face. So like Justin Timberlake, one is the personality and the other is the talent.

So either in response to, or in preparation for questions, Intelligence is pulling the old “Paul is dead” card by saying “Did Beyonce die and get replaced?” which is meant to turn off inquirers, and for those that ask questions will get led down the Illuminati/Satanism/Cloning/Abuse disinfo rabbit hole.

Something else is interesting about Beyonce. Her, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West are notorious on the internet for using Illuminati symbolism in all of their videos, concerts, etc. This is commented on everywhere, in Youtube comments, Vigilant Citizen, and every once in a while Jay Z and Beyonce make fun of it in their songs. This is mainstream knowledge. I believe they do it on purpose as misdirection from the social engineering they are involved with in their lyrics, and to push the “Illuminati/Satan Worship” disinfo rabbit hole, while discrediting the idea that they are just puppets of puppets (Geffen, etc.). Reasonable people make fun of it, the curious get sucked into the rabbit hole and get called kooks. I’m sure there is more to it, but that’s my two cents.

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Titanic musings

My reading slowed to a crawl during our recent European trip, but I did manage to finish a couple of books – each has been a struggle, collections of evidence portending to exciting conclusions. I dutifully struggled through them. Each was intriguing.

Today: The Titanic Conspiracy: Cover-ups and Mysteries of the World’s Most Famous Sea Disaster, by Robin Gardiner and Dan Van Der Vat (1995).

Later down the road: The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler (1976)


The Titanic: The famous movie starring Leonardo and Kate did not come out until 1998, and of course, in true Hollywood fashion, told us nothing. Worse, all of the scenes involving water in that movie lead to my unwillingness to suspend disbelief: The water temperature that night was 28 degrees Fahrenheit (salt water freezes at a much colder temperature than regular water), and so offered only a few minutes of consciousness to those who went into it.

The authors, Gardiner and Van Der Vat, here take us through a tedious summary of eyewitness testimony and the hearings that were held by the US Senate and British Court of Inquiry, all necessary. They are thorough.

Then they jump ship on us. They lead us with a string of confusing clues that point towards something far more sinister than a massive naval clusterf***. They refuse to follow the evidence because it might lead towards a conspiracy theory. They instead take the trampled path of moral cowardice, concluding that everything went down just as official history says.

A far more enticing scenario, not even far-fetched given what we know of public hoaxes these days: Insurance fraud. JP Morgan, the true owner of the Titanic, had another ship, [a virtual twin named] the Olympic, that had struggled at sea, endured two costly accidents, and cost him a fortune. Damages to the ship appear to have been repairable, but that is not really clear from scant evidence. Morgan was mostly self-insured on that vessel, but fought his way through the British legal system seeking compensation for one incident involving a British navy ship. He lost at every level.

Morgan was in Florence at the time of the disaster. He was scheduled to take the maiden voyage, but backed off claiming ill health. Instead, he was shacked up with a mistress. He also held back some valuable works of art that were scheduled to be shipped aboard Titanic to New York City.

The authors detail how easy it would have been to switch vessels, as it all works out timing-wise. There was very little aboard either ship that directly identified it, and the scant evidence recovered from the deep does little to reassure us – that is, even though two items of hardware can be tied to Titanic, they could have been easily switched as both ships were in dry dock prior to the disaster.

There appears to have been a rescue ship in the area, the Californian, but it sat in the water as the Titanic went down. Was it supposed to be on hand after a deliberate collision with an iceberg? Controversy swills about Californian’s location that night, from eleven to fifty miles away.

Also, there was a fire in one of the [coal] bunkers, allowed to burn even as the ship was in Southampton in the week prior to its voyage and throughout the journey. It was even going on during boat drills to test seaworthiness. Such a fire would not sink the vessel, but would weaken the steel – allowing it to go without remedy seems insane.

I don’t know what is true, of course, but the point is that we need more and better research than these two authors could muster. They got scared off by the old CIA bugaboo from the 1960s, that speculation on anything outside official truth leads to a “conspiracy theory,” and they are just too sane and stable to go that route.

But there is a catch 22: Had they gone that route, given Intelligence control of the publishing industry, the book would never had seen light of day. Self-publishing in 1995, unlike today, was a vanity affair. Maybe the authors came face to face with the censors, and engaged in the noble art of smuggling truth.

Here’s a titillating detail they included but did not investigate:

“The rest of the day [Monday, April 15, 1912] yielded twenty-seven bodies, including one identified as Colonel J.J. Astor, whose initials were on the collar of its shirt. Mysteriously, there was also a handkerchief with the initials “A.V.” as well as $2,440 and £250 in notes plus several gold items (belt buckle, watch, pencil, cufflinks and diamond ring). His estate exceeded $100 million. Many of the bodies had two or more layers of clothing; Astor had a blue serge suit and brown boots with his brown flannel shirt. How strange that Astor, unquestionably on the ship after the last boat left, should turn up dead near a lifeboat. He undoubtedly died in the disaster, but was the body really his?” (pp 163-4)

In fact, Astor’s final minutes of life read like a bad novel – he steps forward and asks to be included on a life boat only 2/3 full, but is denied the request. He stoically accepts the verdict on his life by the lowly Second Officer, Charles Lightoller, and goes to his quarters to release his dog to enjoy a few moments of freedom before they both perish.

I don’t know, that just reads like fiction, you know. What do they call it? Oh yeah … it sounds like bullshit.

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The Cooper twins – a closer look

Much of our work here on this blog has been about twins, but the focus has shifted as we have moved forward. We no long wonder who might be twins. We wonder who isn’t.

In my post about Anderson and Carter Cooper, where Carter, supposedly 28 months older, faked his death in 1988, I deliberately short-shifted the twin question. I thought it was a time sink. But it has been bugging me. I showed one photo where the boys looked very close in age and dressed alike, and left it at that. There were other photos showing them to be older and younger than each other, but I suspected they were fake. I chose not to go down that road, as the post was about the boys as grown men, faking their lives.  It was too much detail for one post.

Here’s the original photo I ran of the boys:


It’s funny in that it is the mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, who looks pasted in to that photo. Wyatt is looking below her head, as if she should be shorter, and Gloria is looking somewhere else, not at Wyatt. Her skin tone is lighter and much softer, and she is out of focus compared to the others. The lower part of her torso has a ghostly quality about it. But the boys are in focus, and they look like twins to me. They perhaps inserted her later to remove someone else – the birth mother? Who knows with rich and famous royal families. (Thanks to Tyrone for that link, showing Anderson’s lineage all the way back to Edward I Longshanks Plantagenet (1239-1307).)

Then there are these two:


Those both look like real photos, and the boys again look very much alike and close in age.

But I ran into photos like this:


Now there’s an age difference! Anderson’s head was pasted in, by the way.  Notice how he is of a lighter shade , but it’s a pretty good paste-up. I am not convinced, but you might be, and that’s no problem. If they are not twins, we have our first evidence of that.


This one is a little easier to see a problem. Again the boys are dressed like twins, but this time it is very easy to spot fakery. And again, it is Anderson’s head that was pasted on. Notice how the professional photographer forgot to have him look at the camera, like Carter is doing. Gloria and Carter are in sharp focus, Anderson is not, and again, his skin tone is lighter than theirs. This photo is clearly a paste-up, with turtle-necks making it easier to splice the head on the body. That is probably why Intel chose these photos – turtlenecks.

It reinforces my suspicion that the three photos of the boys above (wherein they look close in age, and like twins) are real, while these two are fakes.

This will leave the perceptive reader with a question: The boys were born in 1965. Did they know at that time that they would be called on by Intelligence to become fake TV journalists? I doubt it. The photos were real at one time, and once it was decided that Carter would do his fake swan dive and morph into Anderson, they merely took some old family photos and fixed them up to fit the new facts. Since there was no Internet prior to the late nineties, that would be the time that this was done, after Anderson and Carter were in play.

I now think that everyone who has a position in news media is a fake person, including all TV pundits and news readers. I do not exclude local media, but down that low in the game, stupidity, good looks and believability might be the lead qualifications for employment. So somewhere at Langley or wherever is a file called “Anderson Cooper,” and nearby a person who manages that the scam along with several others. I would guess that a whole floor or wing of a building is devoted to management of fake news personalities.

The important conclusion to draw: Reliable fake people are in place to assure that all news is managed.

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The Chris Brown twins

Straight is younger than I am, and so has more knowledge of the current pop scene that I do. This is nice as he fills me as we go along on the people we are uncovering. Take a look in the comments under the Drake and Rihanna posts down below for his remarks (and also others) as they add a lot to the background for those posts.

On this one he tells me the following:

“Here’s a couple [of] things to know. Rihanna and Chris Brown are both megastars with hit songs on the radio every week. They have been dating on and off for 12-13 years. In 2006 Brown assaulted Rihanna and left her bruised.


That story was HUGE and really blackwashed him and made Rihanna’s career take off. Now it’s obvious it was fake. Since then Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and Chris Brown is famous again, constantly involved in some sort of drama. He’s a big player in the pop tabloid scene.”

Once nice thing about Chris Brown in matching up photos is the tattoos. I can usually make them match up too, reassuring me that I am on the right track.

But even saying that, Brown was difficult. I came up with six photos of one of him, and three of the twin. On the twin, two have no tattoos, which means these are either younger photos, or that the twin never got them, or that he has some fake ones put on when he is doing the body double routine. I do not know the answer there. Actually, don’t care.

Here are the six of Chris Brown, Twin #1:

And here are three of the twin:

I am going to do everyone a favor here and not split faces, though that method is tried and true and indeed convinced me that Brown is twins. The differences will be obvious to you. Here are one of each randomly chosen, side by side:


Again, the primary difference between the two is ear height. All others difference are slight. They are identical twins.

Notice in the photo on the right that the neck is mostly covered, possibly done to hide the tattoos, indicating they are fake, or that they do not match up. Twins present difficult management problems, not appearing in public together just one. Continuity is another. The Beatles mastered this feat by using Jane Asher as a beard, dating both “Paul”s”. Perhaps Rihanna is a beard in this regard too, one of the Rihanna’s anyway.

Straight indicates above that the conflict between Brown and Rihanna was fake, and I am only left to wonder which Brown inflicted fake injuries on which Rihanna? Again, don’t care.

By the way, we both realize that by focusing on twins who are also pop stars that the blog is taking on a US Weekly quality. In the future I’ll be interspersing twins with Zombies and also writing about other matters having nothing to do with photos. I do regard all the twinning we see as a layer on an onion, the back story perhaps going back decades. I don’t think all these twins are accidental occurrences, nor do they randomly become famous.

And, of course, our work on Zombies is a search for truth, as with each one we uncover we is making it more apparent that news is fake, and the people who bring it to us are fakes too. US Weekly would never write about that.

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Rihan Rihanna danna?

Rihanna is a beautiful woman, so there being two of her is a real treat. Like Drake down below, there are images of her about with her “twin,” and yet Wikipedia makes no mention of that. So I gather that it is being done to muddy the waters, as with Drake, as Rihanna is indeed a twin.

First the publicized “fake” twin shots:

That really ought to seal it, as they look genuine to me, and they look like twins. But having learned from my Steve Clark episode not to presume anything, I went ahead and ran down nine photos, five of which turned out to be one twin, four the other.

Here is Twin #1:

That, we can all agree, is a very sultry, sexy woman. You meet someone like her in a bar, find out she is with a guy, and ask “Have you got a sister?”

She does, in this case. Twin #2:

Are you picking up on this? Twin #2 is more open and gregarious, and smiles very easily. We find this so often with twins, one a little more withdrawn and the other more outgoing. It must be just how they play off each other growing up, the roles they adopt.

Bear with me, as I will do but one face split:


They are so close that I am wondering if famous people can wear fake ears, because the ears give away the game. The chin is a tad longer on one, the noses miss by just a very little bit. These are identical twins, or my name is not Drake.

That’s it for today.

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