Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actually Die Months Ago?

If you are one of our readers, you have hopefully stopped believing anything you are told by the mainstream media. If we are dealing with news about some kind of major political figure, this skepticism should be triple. Given this logic, when I heard about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tonight, alarm bells naturally started ringing.

How convenient that Justice Ginsburg lasted until only a month and a half before a major Presidential election such with a major illness!

Deaths are almost never so conveniently timed, if natural and immediately reported. With this as my guiding logic, I began doing some basic research into her death, and my preliminary findings are concerning enough that I wanted to get them out immediately. From what I can see, Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have died quite some time ago.

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Ear Worms

Maarten wrote some time back about a phenomenon in music we call “ear worms,” though I cannot locate that specific piece. I’ve been suffering a bad case lately. Two songs have haunted me, one that I resent, the other that is just fun.

The one I resent is “Paul” McCartney, the original Paul, singing “For No One” from their 1966 album Revolver.  It is a haunting melody about losing a lover, that devastating feeling most of us know when after deep emotional involvement, we simply don’t matter anymore. Nothing can be done but get over the pain and move forward.

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Irrefutable Scientific Proof ISS Footage is Fraudulent

Among my favorite hoax topics is the fraudulence of the International Space Station.

Videos purporting to be from the International Space Station are absolutely not taken from orbit. This has been demonstrated without the slightest shadow of a doubt in many different ways. There are dozens of undeniable anomalies in videos without any acceptable explanation. These are conclusive to anyone who is fairly judging; the ISS footage cannot possibly be shot in a real weightless free-fall orbit environment.

With that said, I think I have discovered the most conclusive self-outing ISS video possible. The smoking gun, if you will. In this post, you will find a video of André Kuipers (pictured above) and a screw, and boy does André really screw the pooch with this screw…

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Two important court cases

Anyone who follows alternative media or information sources like Jon Rappoport will know about this, but it bears repeating anyway. There have been two important events, a lawsuit in Ohio and and a district court ruling in Pennsylvania.

First, Ohio: Attorney Thomas Renz filed suit in Toledo against Governor Mike DeWine, and the opening words are as follow:

“In recent months, entire states have been imprisoned without due process and with the clear threat to impose such lockdowns again, interstate travel has been severely restricted, privacy rights have been devastated, numerous business takings without compensation, and many regulations being implemented without statutory process requirements under the guise of a health emergency that is roughly as dangerous as a seasonal influenza outbreak. The plaintiffs in this case have all been injured in various capacities by these unconstitutional actions, and without action by the Court, will be left without redress. More terrifying, without action by the Court, the Court will be setting future precedent that will allow states to withhold fundamental Constitutional rights, in violation of US Supreme Court precedent, circumventing the various levels of scrutiny applied to such rights, and justify such actions under public health emergency orders without subjecting those orders to any real review—just trust the bureaucrats because they are the experts.”

He is demanding that there be real science behind declared states of emergency, and not just someone’s word.

[Here is the full body of the Ohio complaint, 56 pages. The plaintiffs demand a jury trial, an important aspect given how corrupt elements of our judiciary are. Trial by a jury of our peers is one of our foremost and sacrosanct rights.

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Is JonBenét Ramsey now a Fox News Anchor?

Note to Readers: I made a note a while back to review this post, as when I first did it I made the mistake of comparing photos of a child to determine if more than one had been used to play the part of “JonBenét Ramsey.” That was a pointless enterprise, as 1) we do not even know if such a child even existed, and 2) messing with photos of children is wasted time, as they change rapidly and we cannot predict what they will look like as adults.

Below you will find but one photo of “JonBenét”, but enough other information in order to judge for yourself that the event was an elaborate hoax. There’s another similar event in Europe, the disappearance of “Madeleine McCann,” that bears close scrutiny as well. It is similar to “JonBenét” in that both police and parents seem indifferent. I conclude at the end here that I was going to take a look at that matter, but never did. Maybe someone else wants a shot at it.

I just re-read what I wrote back then, and do not change a word. There was no murder, no child, no pedophile ring, no investigation. It was all a TV show.


The Fake Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week (originally written 11/2016) a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.

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Blue and Yellow make Green

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Green New Deal

Wall Street Democrats (“Blue”) and “Environmental NGOs” who act green in name only (“Yellow”) have been conspiring to kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution for decades now. Nothing has changed. Global mega-banks continue to trade “green stocks” just like any other stock, bond, commodity or synthetic instrument.

A pic is worth 1,000 words.

Any organization with a large annual budget — let’s use $1 million as a rough figure — is in on the scam. Most, if not all, of these fake environmental corporations, fake hunting advocacy groups, fake “conservation” organizations, are extensions of the Democratic Party. They all collaborate with the destroyers of planet earth. They all have made their “deal with the Devil.”

Climate is the umbrella under which most of the new propaganda is generated. Fear is the emotional touch-tone used to dupe the goyim into another frenzy, another round of consumer purchases that will end up in the landfill just like the last newer, better models that are now outdated and cast aside for the latest in technology and “science.”

Anyway, not much of this is new to most of our savvy readers. The article linked above is comprehensive in that it links the faces and major players in the latest global roundup and con — going green. Bigger the mass number of duped souls, the bigger the ecological catastrophe when the wrapper comes off and things go to shit, yet once again. Nothing changes but the sales pitch.

ps. Stephers (thank you) sent me this: http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2020/09/11/comments-on-green-billionaires-behind-professional-activist-network-that-led-suppression-of-planet-of-the-humans-documentary/

Cory Morningstar, IMO, is the most informed journalist/writer on this (faux-green) subject. Her reflections on the article I posted are more important to understanding all the twists and turns in the “Green” stampede than all of Blumenthal’s. His focus on Moore’s movie LIMITS (limited hangout) our view.

When photo analysis software misleads

I long ago learned the hard way that we can become victims of our technology. I found that facial overlays are useful when I am careful about the eyes, but then found that there is technology available that can do overlays, as above, and get very bad results. I was doing overlays for a while, and then reverted to my old technique, the face chop. It is surely primitive compared to what iPhones and Androids are doing with facial recognition technology. I will never forget standing in line waiting to get on a plane in Atlanta as we were quickly ushered aboard, a camera instantly recognizing our faces and correctly identifying us. Gadzooks! What I do is primitive.

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Legal tender

I’ve been curious about this … my favorite courses in college were in business law, which included such ideas as “legal tender.” Given that money is a necessary concept, there has to be some means whereby we all agree that there is a common and accepted means of exchange. We use currency. Once upon a time we used the gold standard, and then silver certificates, but all of that was tossed out the window, and we now use Federal Reserve Notes. Continue reading “Legal tender”

Too good to pass up … a snitch has had enough

I am taking on more of the writing burden here as others sort through stuff. I have been at this since 2006, and for better or worse I’ve never run out of things to write about. I was wondering what to put up today, and stumbled on this post, courtesy of the Skink: It is called Wear your damned mask, cover your damned nose. Let’s confront store employees who flout mask-up rules, and let’s file formal complaints with our boards of health. That’s a really long title. It is written by James Conner, a man who I used to read occasionally when I lived in Montana. I had forgotten all about him. At the top of his blog he has changed his photo to one of him wearing a mask. He’s always been an angry blogger, so what follows is true to form.

“At Walmart this morning, the checker wore his mask below his nose in defiance of our governor’s mask-up directive. I confronted him. Yesterday, at Super 1, my bagger also wore his mask below his nose. I confronted him, too.”

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