Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand

This topic has been in my In box for a while but since Miles’ guest writers/singers were way out west recently, I thought I’d add to the pile now.

When I was looking into Truman Capote and his fictional murders, I took a side trip to get a glance at James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok. One of Capote’s characters was named Hickock and I wondered if there might be a connecting clue to Wild Bill. I couldn’t find any though there was a hint through some tangential Rodeo promoters in the 30’s, but there wasn’t enough to continue that digression.

Later, to streamline that look into Hickok, I decided to list a few basic questions that could be applied to any historical person of interest to determine if they were whom the MSM says they were. These questions by now are familiar, but I am attempting to sift through several people of the 19th century, especially here in the good old U S of A, to get a better grip on, for example, our “special relationship” to Britain and the crown and the methods used by spooks major and minor to keep that relationship intact. Continue reading “Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand”

Fraud in the IQ game

I saw a Facebook post yesterday that began with the words “Psychologists explain…”  and commented that I normally turn away from those words. But then I thought “Wait! This may be the first time psychologists actually explained something!” I cannot think of a more bankrupt field, save that of economists.

I’ve been reading a book called “Betrayers of the Truth” by William Broad and Nathan Wade. It is about science in general, written in 1982 before the great hoaxes of our own time, such as the Stephen Hawking affair and global warming. The authors describe the work of Cyril Burt, a famous British psychologist who engineered much of our current mythology about IQ.

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The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty is perhaps one of the most effective disinformation agents ever used by our hidden-hands rulers. I say “is” because his work is still used by JFK assassination “experts” like Black Op Radio’s Len Osanic to promote the event as real. Osanic is still running interviews from long ago, before his 2001 death. The JFK assassination is an interminable rabbit hole. I am not going near it with this post.

Instead, Prouty has been used to promote another matter that has had me curious for some years now, the promotion of the idea that Franklin Roosevelt was murdered, poisoned by the “Churchill Gang.” This link will take the reader to the Prouty archive, which is maintained by Osanic. There we learn that Stalin met with FDR’s son Elliot Roosevelt in  1946, and that the following exchange took place:

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Jerry Clower, The Lying Dog

I had a friend, since passed away, with whom I spent a lot of time in the back country and on trails, and consequently, a lot of time on the highway. This was pre-Internet, and in Montana radio stations are few and there are lots of dead spaces between the towns. The primary means of entertainment while traveling was cassette tapes. This would be mid-90s.

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Eva Perón: Another shoe drops

This post is written to accomplish three objectives.

  1. I needed to satisfy myself that the actor known as “Eva Perón” was indeed one person, and not a composite. I went looking for twins and body doubles.
  2. I needed to understand who the second “mother” was in the Ciccone family photographs. It took a second set of eyes, those of Richard once more, to solve that mystery.
  3. I need to put this project to bed and get on with my life. Here’s hoping.

As to the use of names like “Eva Perón, “Silvio Ciccone,” “Madonna Fortin,” and of course, the singer known as “Madonna,” we have no idea who they are or what their real names are. I use those labels for convenience, nothing more. All the world’s a stage.

So off we go once more. You might be surprised, no, shocked, at Richard’s discovery. Continue reading “Eva Perón: Another shoe drops”

About those photos …

Waxy face

The above photo has been sitting here on my computer for maybe two years. It comes from the days when I was deceiving myself into thinking that twins were all about us. But it still bugs me. It is said to be Taylor Swift with her parents. The problem is that Swift looks like a mannequin. Below the fold is another photo of Swift.

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The Italian Stallion grew up in hell’s kitchen, where he excelled at polo

Stallone StallionNeeding to get away from the Perón‘s (there is one more segment to follow with another startling discovery from Richard Juckes), I decided to do something quick and dirty. Somewhere I saw a photo of Sylvester Stallone playing polo. That’s not a big deal, as the man is very athletic. But it is incongruent. Stallone is said to be from Hell’s Kitchen and a broken home one who did odd jobs like cleaing animal cages to make his living as a youth. Polo is a difficult sport that takes years of practice to be good. Stallone has described it as like playing golf during an earthquake.

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