Scientific Consensus: 97% of landfills are full of garbage

“We’ve had a complete unchallenged view of the climate change deniers. I think we need to have rather more balance in the debate, particularly when we saw a recent analysis of 12,000 scientific papers…and of the scientists who expressed a view – these were climate change papers – of the scientists who expressed a view 97 per cent said that climate change was happening and that it was human-made activity”. ( UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, 2013)

“97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening, and that human activity is responsible.” (Former Secretary of State John Kerry, 2014)

“Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous”. (Barack Obama tweet, 2011)

Let me be clear at the outset here that two days ago I posted for the third day in a row, and that after that WordPress emailed me to say that I was on fire, and keep it up! So yesterday I posted for the fourth day in a row, and WordPress got even more excited in another email. So today I am posting a fifth article, and perhaps then WordPress will have an orgasm.

This post is not new information, but I like getting those emails.

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Life in my tree

This morning I was doing my usual, poking around looking for something to grab my attention. For some reason,  Dr. Sam Bailey has not been censored by YouTube, That makes me cautious. She did a 17-minute presentation on the existence of viruses, concluding that there is not enough evidence supporting the idea, and that viruses probably are not real.

If this world had anything resembling a “reality”, the failure to isolate and prove the existence of even one virus would bring down the house of cards we call allopathic” medicine, as opposed to osteopathic or homeopathic. Allopathic medicine is said to be “science based,” and indeed much of it is. But so much of it is not.

And this is where it gets complicated. Not only do most people think viruses are real, but so do most doctors, nurses, and on down the line to the lowly janitor who dons a mask to enter an operating room to scrub. It is more than just the madness of crowds, but rather utter mass illusion replacing reality.

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Whither Lake Mead?

Sinking waters in the Colorado basin

I subscribe to Dr. Tim O’Shea’s newsletter, the most recent of which I link to here. In it he talks about Lake Mead, the reason we have a large city in Nevada named Las Vegas. (There is also a Las Vegas, New Mexico, where we have spent more time. The series Longmire was shot in large part there. What we did there stays there, and anyway can easily be forgotten.)

There is considerable concern that Lake Mead is being drained and that in the near future it will be a “Dead Pool,” that is, it will no longer be able to run the turbines that send electricity to Las Vegas and California.

I do not place much faith in Dr. O’Shea, as I imagine in real life he is very busy with his practice and doesn’t have much time to go really in depth on things. His work on Covid, while useful, is not deep enough, that is, he believes in viruses. He has a habit of talking down to his readers, too. That is also the case with his thoughts on Mead, but it did cause me to look into the matter for myself, reading a long, long piece about the area put out by, I think, the National Park Service, but maybe the Bureau of Reclamation or BLM. I don’t know. I’ve lost the piece, and you are on your own anyway. I did learn that Lake Mead collects 97% of its water from the Colorado, and damned little from any other source, because it sits in the midst of a drought-prone region that normally has very little moisture.

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Enough of Michael Connelly

The passage below is from Michael Connelly’s latest thriller, The Dark Hours, which features two of his characters, retired Detective Harry Bosch, and Detective Renée Ballard. It is set in Los Angeles. Facing a long overseas flight, I purchased the book on Kindle to read on the aircraft.

“What do you hear about the vax?”[Officer] Moore asked [talking to Detective Ballard].
Ballard shook her head.
“Assholes”, she said.” “We’re first-fucking responders and should get it with the fire department. Instead were with the grocery workers.”
“The fire guys are considered health-care providers,” Ballard said. “We’re not.”

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News flash!!! It often gets hot in August

Thanks again to Dave Klausler

Those of you who took time to read Dave’s story of life and death in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness seemed, like me, very appreciative of his efforts. One commenter even went to far as to trace Dave’s movements in the story on a map as he read. In my mind as I read it was kind of a given that Helen would survive, and yet … it was suspenseful. When at last help arrives near the trailhead, there is a sense of relief that Helen will get to a good place for care, and that she will recover. By that time I was totally invested in the story. Dave creates a sense of comradery between him and the various rescue personnel, and finally, Helen. It is a nice ending.


If often gets hot in August

Friend in California: “We have a cabin in the Sierra’s and we spend time there every summer. Usually the temperature is in the 70s. We went up there last week, and it was 88! It’s never been that hot up there before, never!”

Cousin in Wilmington: “Delaware can be very hot in the summer. We try to get out, go up to Maine, where it is cooler. This year has just been brutal. We put in a new air conditioning and heating system this year, and that’s good because it is going to be very hot in the future.”

The news media acts in concert, and every outlet is controlled. When told to bark, they do so in unison. They have no honor, no dignity, and for the most part, no critical thinking ability. In television or visual media they are chosen for appearance and the ability to convey trustworthiness as they blindly read scripts, blissfully unaware of content. I would go so far as to say they are “stupid” in the sense that they are not smart enough to be able to be self-aware, and imagine they do good work. (That is called the “Dunning-Kruger effect“.)

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Appreciated Assistance, a short story …

Note: The short story below came to me via email from Dave, along with a warning that it was 39 pages (double spaced) if I would not mind reading it. Dave Klauser is a friend of the blog, and if he wishes he can tell you more about himself in the comments. The thing that grabbed me immediately about this story was that I was familiar with the landscape, as was Dave. The trail head, Lady of the Lake, was the very first hike I did with my brothers in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, maybe 1960 or earlier. I was very young, maybe ten years or less. Dave has the trails, the lakes and peaks correct, and writes as a skilled outdoorsman. As the story unfolded I realized I was in a cliffhanger. It’s a page turner.
This is a completely new twist for the blog. I am happy to run this piece for Dave. I hope the story grips you as much as it did me. I hope if anyone reading this who might have any dusty manuscripts sitting around, that you send them along. Just for fun, as this blog is and always will be non-monetized. If there is a running blog theme here, it is that Mark gets repetitive and needs assistance, and others to provide it.
Enjoy Dave’s writing. He is very good.,

Appreciated Assistance

By DS Klausler

I awoke.

As I listened intently, I determined that I had not heard such a sound–ever. Ah yes… growling. Not human; guttural. Now loud; yes: feeding. No… an attack. Wait, now human… screaming–male. Gurgling.

Whatever; I suited up. Wailing; human. Thrashing and growling; must be a bear. Yes. Crying. Moaning. Silence.

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The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Old Man

I am of the opinion that the celebrities who attempt to infest and suffocate our fantasy life are all planned for royal bastards. By royal bastards I mean the off the books progeny of the hidden hands in the cap stone we never see. Just below the cap are these blood loyal whelps who pose as various personae to keep us enthralled and distracted while the inbred lizards behind the curtain practice their black arts.

Todays subject may not appear to be all that relevant given the cascade of evil befalling us at the moment but I think it is a good example of how even the illegitimate strands of these bloodlines carry on in service to their Satan.
Jeez- calm down!

Many people over time have asked this question: How can a nobody from the Austrian sticks become, even for a brief duration, the most powerful and dangerous man on planet Earth?
I’m talking about Adolf Hitler, of course, and the answer I like best is: If you are a Rothschild you can.

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About that ankle

Some time ago I asked for home remedies regarding a ligament problem in my right ankle. I tried a couple, including DMSO, to no avail. Physical therapy made only a temporary difference. While in Alaska, I quit wearing the brace, as it seemed to make no difference. The discomfort, mild anyway, with or without it was the same. I took to heart the words of the Mayo Clinic website, that eventually, it will heal.

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About those nuclear power plants

“When we generate electricity from a conventional generator, be it coal, gas, oil, or hydro, the machines are all linked together by the transmission system. This synchronizes all of the generators, which in North America is that a speed of 60HZ or 60 cycles per second. To put it simply and without going into great detail, the magnetic force of all these generators in synchronism gives the system stability, both steady state and transient, which keeps the whole system operating in a stable state and able to withstand line trips, generated trips or lost of load without taking the entire system down by loss of angular stability or a cascading voltage collapse. The more of these independent power producers generate back into the grid, and the more we depend on them for energy to feed load, the less stable our system becomes. With all of these energy sources on during the night that do not offer any spinning mass (inertia) to the system, the less stable the system becomes and therefore the less reliable.” (Peter Gibson, 40-plus years’ experience as the electrical utility sector employee)

I clipped that quote from the book The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity: Clearing the Air Before Cleaning the Air, by Terry Etam, a 25-year veteran of Canada’s energy business. The reason it caught my eye was an interview I did with Ab of Fakeologist with Gaia down in Colombia as well. I commented at one point that ExxonMobil and the Sierra Club had worked hand-in-hand in California to shut down the nuclear power plants that existed there, only one (Diablo Canyon) still functioning.

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