Return of the Dragon, Part II

We’ll be out of touch now for a couple of days. I am going to be laughing as we work our way along … at a discovery made by my colleague MH. I am away from my desk and cannot do my own analysis, but this one looks so spot on that I do not question it. He has developed a very sharp eye.

In case you don’t yet know it, the OJ Simpson trial of the mid-1990s was pure show business. OJ did not kill anyone. Both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson assumed new identities. I don’t know where Goldman went, but Nicole assumed the identity of an invented younger sister, Denise Brown, and is hidden in plain sight.

OJ has since disappeared, now replaced by a body double who shows up for photo ops. The lead prosecuting attorney, Marcia Clark, quit the profession of law after the trial, a wise move since she was an actress, and not a lawyer. The Dream Team attorneys, merely reading from a script, played their parts and went back to their lives, though Robert Kardashian is still inflicting grief on us with that crazy family.

Witnesses, cops, jury … all were paid to act, or perhaps did not know they were in a reality TV show.

Of course, that means that the judge, Lance Ito, had to be in on it too. And he was. He was not a real judge. Rather, he was an actor of a different stripe, a man who could simulate karate on the big screen like no one before. He was the movie martial arts performer Bruce Lee, who supposedly died in 1973.

You can understand why I laughed so hard when MH told me of his discovery. They are rubbing our faces in it!

[Ito’s and Lee’s time lines do not cross, with Ito supposedly joining the LA District Attorney’s Office in 1977 after getting his JD from Berkeley in ’75. Keep in mind that Intel, or Spooks, can manufacture a cv, so that none of this has to be true. Lee could have easily been playing bit parts and minding his business until called on for the part of Judge Lance Ito in 1995. There is an age difference of ten years between the two, but we have seen this often, as with Amy Goodman, said to be 14 years younger than Janis Joplin, Alex Jones, said to be 10 years younger than Bill Hicks, and Betty White/Jayne Mansfield, who is 83, and not the reported 94.]

Anyway, here is all we have at this point, but enough for me, as facial features aligning like these are a one-in-ten-million shot.


Note the alignment if the eyes, nose, mouth, chin and skull shape. The eyebrows and eyes are the same shape. There is no doubt in my mind except … How do they pull something off like this? Fake deaths we are used to now, a common occurrence in Hollywood. That Bruce Lee faked his death? Just one more.

But Judge Lance Ito, with no law background, no presence in the LA court system, was going to raise a lot of eyebrows if he just disappeared after the trial. Here’s how they handled that, from NBC News (a player in this hoax, and not a news agency):.

A spokesperson at the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that Ito retired on Jan. 5 [2015]. Philibosian said he quietly spent the last 20 years on the ninth floor of the criminal courts building, where high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies, and rapes are tried.

“There’s separate security to get in there. He was assigned there because of his high level of expertise,” Philibosian said.

His courtroom wasn’t easy to find: The Los Angeles Times reported a few years ago that after having his name plaque stolen so many times, Ito gave up and stopped replacing it.

So, you see, he is never seen in the court house because he comes and goes by a secret entrance. Even though he handles high-profile murders, robberies and rapes, his name is never in the paper. And he doesn’t have a name on a door because even though it is a high security part of the court house, people keep stealing it.

In other words, friends, he is not now nor has he ever been a judge. He doesn’t show up for work, ever. His gig ended in 1995. He has not been around since.

Bruce Lee, our latest Zombie. I am as surprised as anyone.

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An American Ambassador abroad

I was asked point-blank by a fellow hiker yesterday, a Dane, about our upcoming American elections. I make it a point to avoid such topics, and in saying that I don’t much pay attention, that it is all theater, raised the hackles on another hiker, this one a fellow American.

Half an hour later our American friend had completed his explanation of the American political system, the best democracy in the world, he said. He was a complete reflection of our media, our education system, a font of received wisdom. Even though a nice guy (a CPA even!), he was as clueless as one can be about the real workings of countries and power systems. He is merely as Americans are raised to be, I suppose. He could be a school teacher, even a good one! Our ignorance, after all, is not endemic, but rather has to be learned, taught and re-taught down through the ages. That’s why we have clueless teachers. They pay it forward.

The day before our hike leader, a Frenchman, was explaining how by some mysterious means the melting ice from French glaciers was going to release trapped radiation from Chernobyl. I asked, quite innocently, where our feet currently stood in relation to Chernobyl, and while he wasn’t sure of direction (nor was I), did say with some sarcasm that the cloud from that reactor had stopped at the French border.

So said the French government at the time. Our hike leader did not believe that, of course, and said that he did not trust the French government, as it is corrupt.

“Yours too?” I chimed in.

Last evening over dinner we delved a little bit into politics, and I mentioned that three presidents in my lifetime had changed their names as young men. No one was aware of this. (They are, in case you are curious, Lesley King, who became Gerald Ford, William Blythe III, who became Bill Clinton, and Barry Soetero (Barack Whatshisname). And. Yes, I know few people know that, but you could look it up in one of your trusted sources. I think even Wikipedia, the Intelligence bible, is forthright about that matter.

I was asked then what I thought about Obama’s citizenship, and laughed, saying none of us know where that character came from or what he was up to before holding office, or his parents, for that matter. But I said I didn’t care, as citizenship is the least of issues we should be concerned about in an office holder, that a true leader should have have character rather than merely be one.

And while Obama is a character, he has none, as far as I can see. It is the first requisite for holding office, to have sold your soul.

Thus did yours truly, American ambassador abroad, stand up for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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Champex, Switzerland


We are in Champex, Switzterland. We have been hiking two days, covered around 20 miles, climbed and descended maybe 6,300 feet. The climbing, while hard, is something we can stay on top of, merely resting and recharging muscles. Descent is a little more challenging, as the pain is often unrelenting. Young people do much better at it.

The photo above with a dam in the background – I remember in economics class back in the 1970s they talked about how the French would build dams, pump water up to them at night when rates were low, and run the water down during the day when rates were high. This is one of those kinds of dams. They are building another one, a sister dam, out of sight and using underground tunnels. These are the Swiss, and not the French, I just remembered.

The ground markers, atop a hill and the end of our climb yesterday, mark the boundary of the Sardinain Empire from the 1700s, so I am told.

The village in the valley was hit by a an avalanche in 1997, 20 people killed. So we are told. We walked by many mountainside fortifications to prevent a recurrence.

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Parting shots, Chamonix

We leave tomorrow morning for the Haute Route hike. We took a tram cable car (Telepherique de L’Aiguille du Midi (phew!)) up the mountain today to get a look at the very high Alps surrounding amount Mt. Blanc, at over 15,000 feet. It is a remarkable engineering feat! As I understand it, this technology was developed and perfected in the late 1800s. The views are just stunning! Cable cars run every ten minutes all day long, each one holding 30 or more people. Trams and elevators took us up to about 13,000 feet and no kidding, way way up high like that, we exited through the gift shop before coming down off the mountain.

That is a tried and true marketing strategy. (We bought nothing … it was already a spendy day to get up there.)

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The “Occult”


This damned IPad is a most annoying tool, jumping around, making up words … I was ready to publish this and then pow! The image above disappeared along with the first paragraph.

Anyway, I put up a post on “The Occult” which was just too many words and so I took it down, and here I go again. All we need to know about this is as follows:

“Occult = “Intelligence,” capital “I.”

“News,” “entertainment” and “music” are all run by Intelligence. We live in an age of mass deception, so that every level of our “reality” is a manufactured illusion. It has perhaps been so since the advent of electronic media. They are all fake, these media personalities, from your local “meteorologist” all the way up to the Dude, currently Obama.  Everything on TV is fake. TV is used to publicize hoaxes, Orlando the most recent.

Kill your TV.

It is fun to unravel, especially knowing that all of the gruesome death scenes we are being fed are hoaxes. They want us frightened, and the “occult” is just another fear factory with nothing real behind it. Absent that fear, it is just a mystery spun out before us. Mysteries are fun.

There is a reality. It is our feet on the ground, our loved ones and friends, our brains and emotions, all before us via our five senses without mass media, TV, Internet. Our best weapon for exploring the world around us is our brain. It has the ability to sift, sort and analyze and connect dots. Critical thinking skills, no longer taught, are the best tool we have. The best way to short-circuit our brains is by means of visual fakery, which usually bypasses critical thinking edits.  TV is used for that purpose. It creates our fake reality.

Again, too many words.

Some dude, by the way, is re-blogging every word I put up here, even my travelogue. It is creeping me out, so stop that.

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Chamonix, France

Chamonix is where we ended our trek six years ago, and where we start this one on Monday. We didn’t have time to see much of the place then. It is a ski town, of course, but today we saw hang gliders, kayaks, bikes, climbers and hikers of all shapes and sizes, a lively place. We sat down to dinner in a small upstairs loft of a burger joint, and were joined by a couple from Israel, a group of four from Czech Republic, and a family from Great Britain.

The photos are of Mount Blanc and its massive glacier. It looms over the town.

Thankfully I can transfer photos from my Nikon CoolPix to the iPad, and so won’t have to rely on this toy to take photos. It does a reasonably good job, but loses quality quickly if you try to zoom. It gets very grainy.


But I did use the IPad to grab a shot of contrails. We get them occasionally in Denver, but just a few minutes ago we had seven or eight in view. This photo is the remnants of a whole sky that was striped every direction. The best explanation I have heard is that they are using passenger aircraft to get rid of chemicals that they cannot legally dump in land or in the oceans and seas. There are no laws against such activity, as I understand, but it is not something I think about much, so do not quote me.

If you read far enough, you’ll find some people who think that contrails are used for mind control. I doubt it. I think that would be redundant. TV has that ground well covered.

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Geneva, day one …


My wife woke me at 6AM asking if I wanted to attend a piano concert by the river. She must have known the answer as she and daughter were on their way out the door. And, it turned out to be a SITAR concert, so staying in bed was the correct choice. Got up to make coffee, exploded the espresso maker (apparently you have to hold the handle in place), spent the next half hour cleaning up the damage. One broken glass was the only casualty. Will spend the rest of today in coffee-splotched shorts as we travel to Chamonix, France, where the forced march begins on Monday.

Sitar … Some British group, 1967, some band member trying to distinguish himself, long piece taking up the third of the back of an album, me trying to lift the needle and get it on the next song without damaging the vinyl. Ah yes, fond sitar memories.

Anyay, she grabbed this shot with her IPhone, Lake Geneva, slight ripple effect caused by strained rasping sound of sitar strings.

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The blog becomes a travelogue

Europe 242-1

At the John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011. (That is me with the man purse.)

We are leaving today on a trip for Europe, and has been my custom in the past, when I have time I will write and publish photos of our adventures. We are two extremely fortunate people, my wife and I, and so these past years since 2007 have been to …

  • Spain (Barcelona, my carried memory the Salvador Dali museum in Figueras);
  • Europe (Rome, Florence, Venice, and then hiking the Swiss Alps, then sight seeing Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic);
  • Nepal, where we hiked a portion of the Annapurna Circuit (it was on this trip that I gathered strong evidence that the earth is indeed round, as we circumnavigated it), and Thailand, including an island in the Gulf of Thailand where the water is bathtub warm;
  • Peru, where we hiked the Inca Trail and visited Machu Picchu;
  • Ecuador and the Galapagos, where I marveled at the intricate survival skills and wacky humor of land tortoises – such cut-ups!;
  • New Zealand, in part where we endured five inches of rain over two days on the Milford Trek, completely worth it;
  • Europe again, where we hiked to the base of the Matterhorn and then a trek through the Dolomites, then driving to Slovenia and through northern Italy to our favorite hangout (and everyone’s), Florence; and finally,
  • Costa Rica, beautiful country and lovely people and with great friends, but where I discovered I can live without bus tours.

This trip we will start out in Geneva, where our daughter currently lives, and from there to Switzerland/France and a portion of the Haute Route, hiking fifty miles or so over five days, with 14,000 feet of elevation gain, 16,000 of descent. There is a debate about which is harder – hiking uphill, or down. The answer is “yes.”

After the hike we are off to Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and then fly home from Bergen, Norway directly to Denver. We return on 9/11.

My wife has done all of the details on this trip (and all the others), everything a travel agent would do from airline and train tickets to advance museum passes to avoid long lines, as at the Louvre. She has gotten very skilled at trip planning.

Money? Of course, always an issue. Our question is where we want it to be when we go – scattered about the world, or sitting in a bank. You can guess the answer. Travel is not only fun, it is gives us a broader, deeper perspective. The United States is just a place to hail from. People everywhere know about our country, but they manage to live their lives 24/7 without thinking of us, unless we are bombing them. As one AAA gal told us before our first trip to Europe, “just lay low. Don’t be Americans.”


While away, please play! Use the comment sections here to explore the topics we have discussed in the past months, including putting up your own photography and research. This is more and more a communal effort. I’ll be able to check in and delete any spook attacks, but otherwise will be busy with walking, riding trains and buses, drinking fine wines (my preference: white and cheap), photography and sleeping.

My colleague MH does his research, as I see it, in spurts, and by the time I get back will have a tote bag of new projects. I can’t wait!

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Bradd Pitttt

Here we go again, more twins.

First, a brief discussion of twinning. Straightfromthedevilsmouth left an interesting comment under the De Niro post. He referred us to this article from Wired.  It says that there are about 605,000 famous people in the world, judging by Wikipedia living person entries.  That is about .000086% of the world population, and extrapolating to the U.S., means that about 27,350 of us are famous. That’s qualifies as a very rough guess.

Other sources tell me that twins occur in about 2% of the population, so that of our 27,350 famous people, there should be 547 twins, or 274 sets, assuming no triplets or quadruplets.

Now, judging from 1) the grocery store, 2) the post office, 3) Target, and 4) COSTCO, it is my judgment that, even though many of us are reasonably attractive, perhaps only one in fifty of us is good looking in the movie/rock star sense. That means that of the 274 sets of twins in our famous population, 6 sets would be good looking.

However, MH and I  have a list of 42 potential twins sets, of which we have so far confirmed, to our satisfaction, that 19 are indeed twins! Another 15 need to be investigated.

This is way, way out of whack! My speculation, and we seem headed in this general direction, is that the population of people who are “famous,” who are mostly related to one another, and usually having royal ancestry. So they could well be the product of selective breeding. (There is also, perhaps, a drug regimen to enhance the possibility of twins.)

If this is the case, then it might not be out-of-bounds to speculate that the five children that Angelina and Brad Pitt have adopted are part of a selective breeding pool, and though we only see five at a time, there well might be five more twins behind close doors. They take them out for public viewing five at a time. In Hollywood, twins are never seen together.

That is just speculation, of course, but this is not: Brad Pitt has an identical twin. Here are all the photos of Brad that we have looked at:

Can you spot the two that are different from the other six? It is not easy, I guarantee. I will make it easier here by narrowing the field to four:

Pitt side by side

Again, I have given away the game by use of the (red) lines to delineate relative ear height. (The yellow line merely lines up the eyes.) The two in the middle have markedly higher ears than the other two, and are the second Brad Pitt, not seen as often as the first. Let’s call the four Brad Pitts 1, 2, 3 and 4, left to right.

Here are some face splits. I believe in this technology – it is the only way I could pick out the ringers in the above eight. Only then did I notice that ear height differed.

These are, left to right, 4/3, 1/2, 1/4, and 2/3.

1/4 is a match, as is 2/3. Those are the third and fourth face splits, left to right. 4/3  and 1/2, the first and second, look reasonably close, but do not match because of slight facial differences (mostly seen in the noses),  and, of course, the ears give away the game.

Which one is sleeping with Angelina Jolie? Do you really want to know the answer? If not, stop reading, right now.

OK. Ready? Neither is sleeping with Angelina. Both the Pitt twins and Angelina all go home to separate bungalows each evening, and the five (if not ten) kids are taken back to the star breeding compound.  Pairing in Hollywood is a press agent matter, mates assigned to one another for certain durations. Then they break up and re-pair. So Brad and Angelina have never been Bradgelina, and certainly not BradBradgelina.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

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Rocket fantasies

Elon Musk and Richard Branson are investing in space travel. Each is a successful entrepreneur/billionaire. Each has started ground-up businesses and built them into empires. These are exciting times!

Musk 2Both are complete phonies, by the way. Branson, of course, was one of the fake Manson victims in 1999, known in that life as “Steven Parent.” CIA spun a wild tale about how he was killed in cold blood by Tex Watson on the night of the Tate murders. Since we now know the Tate murders were faked, and since Tyrone McCloskey spotted Parent in his new life as Branson, I think it safe to venture a guess that Elon Musk is also a phony. Miles Mathis does a nice job on him in a 10/5/1015 paper. (I especially like the photo of Musk’s supposed wife and illusory five kids, evidenced by five bi and tricycles. Good grief they have no respect for us!)  (The dog looks fake too, now that I look at it.)*

And why not? We have fake serial killers, fake news and newscasters, fake musicians, fake epidemics, fake sports, fake serial killers, fake mass shootings – everything around us is fake. Why is it not safe to assume that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg are all fakes as well?  Branson we know to be a CIA plant, as the Manson affair was CIA and he was tapped to be a fake victim. The others?


Paid actor?

And, of course, that would mean that the space travel depicted in the above video is fake as well.

Branson is no rocket scientist. In his first life, he was said to be a mere “hifi enthusiast.”

Regarding Musk, I am not sure if they are really sending firecrackers up into space, or merely using stock footage of other launches, but I do know that the landing of Falcon Nine on a platform in the Pacific, shown in this video, is faked. It is so crude they should be ashamed! They have no respect, none, for our intelligence.

Go to 1:29 in the video, and watch as we anxiously wait for the landing. It looks suspiciously like the kind of smoke you see on sound stages for rock concerts. But what the hell. It is smoke. Nothing happens until 1:47 when a light appears from above, supposedly the tip of the rocket blast as it eases into the picture. And then … it freezes! Nothing.

Communications breakdown we are told, no WiFi out there in the ocean. And then at 2:32, a successful landing!

In other words, rocket launch, possibly real, possibly fake. Platform, possibly real, possibly a sound stage (at Lookout Mountain?). And then:

Light appears from above …

??? …


Yep. I buy that. I buy Branson, Elon Musk. They are no way phonies fronting for fake enterprises. No way are they mere spooks, Intelligence assets. No way. After all, it was on TV. It is real.


*No way does the gal in that photo, supposedly his first wife Justine, look like she has borne five children. Far more likely she is a hired model, fake, just like Musk. She still has a girlish figure. With most women, it just does not work that way.

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