Psychiatry: a useless profession

I do not have a lot of faith in the profession of psychiatry. I am familiar with the work of Jung, and only somewhat with Freud, and I regard them both as brilliant men and trailblazers. Freud came to the conclusion that children abused before the age of five would not remember that abuse even as it affected them for life. I think that is a brilliant insight.

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is taken from the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition. I am somewhat confident that it is a real thing, and in fact have a been exposed to it both at work and in my personal life. However, psychiatrists are pill dispensers first, diagnosticians second, and the DSM contains hundreds of disorders that have been voted on by members of the profession. I don’t buy that, don’t buy any of it, don’t imagine that there is ADD or defiant personality disorder or anything else. There are just people in pain.

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Gas stoves targeted

We are lucky in our neighborhood to have a natural gas line serving all of our houses. Most people living in the foothills use propane, and while it too is convenient, we never have to worry about that huge hit they take when it is time to fill a 500 gallon tank. Natural gas is clean, giving off less in the way of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, SO2 and NO2. Oh, and it also gives off CO2, the much maligned but beneficial byproduct of all fossil fuels.

And, part of my retirement plan was to buy an interest in some natural gas wells. I used to hold a working interest in maybe twenty wells, but sold them all due to what I felt was overexposure to risk. These wells cost tens of thousands of dollars to plug, and things like replacement of tubing strings are expensive propositions. I was under-capitalized. So I sold the “working interest” portion of the wells, keeping much smaller (and risk free) royalty interests. Prices were depressed at that time,  so I took opportunity and made a fair offer to purchase a one-third interest in two very stable wells with projected lives exceeding 70 years. That is much longer than my projected life, and a very good deal for our grandchildren.

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Bruce Lee became Judge Lance Ito of OJ fame

We used to search for what we called “zombies,” or famous people who faked their death. What becomes of them after? My favorite of all time was Evita, or Eva Perón, who retired to the northern US and became Madonna Fortin. She raised a family, one of whom was the lightly talented Madonna,  who then played her own mother in the 1996 film Evita. It took a commenter to spot that for me, Richard Juckes, as I had only discovered that Evita faked her 1952 death. Then it got exciting.

Another of our discoveries came from a guy I called “Straight,” whose name was Eric, who had an eye for this sort of thing. Since Miles Mathis has now run two pieces on the fake death of movie icon Bruce Lee (1940-????), I thought I would resurrect this piece, which takes it all in a different direction. I offer no criticism of the Mathis pieces, as each has worth and goes in different directions than my work. It is the kind of stuff that I do and no one else, and is lightly regarded, but I trust it. It has to do with facial recognition patterns, and the uniqueness of facial plates. It is rare that two people line up precisely after adjusting faces for the distance between eyes. When they do, it speaks.

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Unexpected wisdom

I enjoy the works of C.J. Box, a writer who lives in Wyoming and has given us the character Joe Pickett.

Pickett is a game warden, and has never wanted to do anything else. He is also a man who, knowingly or not, thrives on the idea that people automatically underestimate him. He does not look for trouble, but trouble finds him, and in Box’s world, this trouble manifests in an endless assortment of villains that find their way to the wilderness of northern Wyoming. Pickett is not Rambo, and does not automatically come out on top of his engagements with these assorted bad guys. He suffers, gets lost, makes mistakes, gets shot and loses one truck and horse after another, only surviving by some sort of native intelligence that pushes him to do something that allows him to, in the end, survive and to be with his wife, Marybeth, and daughters Sheridan and Lucy.

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I do not know what ivermectin is or what it does. I could go read up on it, but think I can glean enough without knowing details. It was effective against many things from worms to other parasites to Lyme’s disease to influenza and the common cold. It is the latter two that suggests to me that Anthony Fauci, WHO, FDA, CDC, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worked behind the scenes to prevent its use and limit its supplies.

There was a reason. I suggest that there is no such thing as “Covid 19,” and the existence of viruses, for anyone who knows how to read and to think properly, can easily be dismissed. The reason why ivermectin was practically outlawed was that it is effective against influenza and colds. I do not know why, but suspect zinc is involved. It is useful, but not important to know these things.

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Them runbacks

Did anyone notice suspiciously weak tackling and pursuit efforts in the two runbacks for touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills yesterday? Or is it just me?

By the way, on October 20, 2019, Micah Hyde returned a Miami Dolphins onside kick 45 yards for a touchdown. That is what the ‘3 years ‘3 months’ refers to.

See below fold for more photos, courtesy of Ab via Twitter. They went all out with the ’33’s.

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Another bomb cyclone

Bomb cyclone” is a term originating in meteorology, and not something used to get the public’s attention. Another way to think of it is explosive cyclogenesis. Technically, it applies to any low pressure system where the center of it drops 24 millibars in 24 hours, that is, a measure of barometric pressure, or the weight of our atmosphere upon us. This generally translates into violent weather. Our most recent weather front that froze out everything from Montana east was a bomb cyclone.

The above image, from, takes a little screen gazing to understand. As I understand it, each concentric circle is a millibar, so that this storm more than qualifies as explosive cyclogenesis. To the right of it you will see a map of California. This system will be dumping a lot of warm moisture on top of existing snow. Since the ground is saturated already, the water plus melted snow has no where to go but out. They are calling for flooding in the Sacramento Valley. In the high country, the Sierras, anywhere from one to two feet of snow.

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Resolution for 2023: Decolonize, de-imperialize, and restore sovereignty

As a child of the 1950s and ‘60s I cannot help but see flashes of Vietnam in Empire’s latest – hopefully its final – military expedition(s).  Social media platforms and television propaganda maintain a persistent numbness.  Institutional and individual indifference breeds a hunger for bread and circuses, football, Disneyland, talk shows and star-spangled “influencers,” who excrete toxic slime from every crack and crevice.  The system now occupies every square inch of terrain.  Bureaucrats, bored out of their minds, nevertheless read the latest memo from Washington directing street operations programmed to steer the “hive mind” hither and yon, round and round, to a place called nowhere. 

It’s hard aimless work averting eyeballs — already robbed of their gaze — day in, day out, away from the wretched, inhumane global slave quarters and killing zones where pillage of the last untrammeled forests, grasslands, and scenic vistas produce commodities and emerging, synthetic  “Green” markets needed to keep the insatiable machines, financial schemes and meaningless political simulations from totally melting down.  Down this road is one logical end: suicide. 

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Damar Hamlin and musings about professional sports

I was only half-paying attention to last night’s game, and I noticed a crowd of players on the field. I then learned that Damar Hamlin had been seriously injured in a clean-contact play. He got up and fell backward on the ground. Players immediately summoned medical assistance.

I learned later that Hamlin had suffered cardiac arrest. Players were shocked, and when asked to resume play after a five-minute referee timeout, they refused. Buffalo Bills Coach Sean McDermott and Cincinnati Bengals Coach Zac Taylor met and decided to pull the players off the field. Later it was announced that the game would be postponed. The crowd left the stadium.

Hamlin remains in critical condition at this moment. There is no word on resuming the game. I think they should just call it a tie and let the cards fall, but I would not be surprised if they finish it up on Monday, January 9th, un-televised. After all, the NCAA national Championship game is that night, and the NFL and NCAA have turf agreements. Maybe they play on Tuesday, but the NFL playoffs start four days after that. That is not a lot of time for both teams to prepare, as both are in the playoffs this year. Come to think of it, both teams play on Sunday the 8th, so Monday is probably out. Again, call it a tie.

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