Outing Brian Staveley

I have one household chore that generally takes well over an hour, and so like to have background noise. This morning I listened to Brian Staveley in a 9/11 video hosted by AB and Fakeologist.

I am not a good liar, and in fact decided years ago that it is better in almost all cases (except when feelings are needlessly hurt) to be honest. Consequently, I have never studied the art of lying. My first wife was a highly skilled liar, part of the reason she was able to charm me into being her mate. I still marvel at how she can tell detailed lies with seeming innocence and absolute conviction. That is what it takes to be a good liar.

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Don’t touch me, you brute!


I was in vegetative state last night when I saw this penalty called on a Cincinnati Bengal defender. He reached out and grabbed the jersey of the offensive player, but not in a way that impeded his motion in attempting to catch an otherwise overthrown ball. It was probably just a hyperactive referee, but reminded me that officials control the game of football with their ability to call or not call anything on any play. This was ridiculous.

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Seventeen years after …

SBWell, it is the seventeenth anniversary of 9/11, so this has to be written. Please take time to review Kevin’s article below, The Sewing Circle (Loose Threads) as it is much more interesting than this will be.

It is time to talk about controlled demolition of seven buildings, two of which oddly formed the number 11 and that perhaps sat mostly empty for 33 years, of vicsims and rabbit holes, the devilishly clever misdirection of Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Judy Woods and, of course, Jim Fetzer, who is not very clever but omnipresent in every fake event. All of that matters, and it needs to be discussed, especially on the anniversary …

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The Sewing Circle — (loose threads)

Man, I Feel Like a Woman!


This special edition of my Sewing Circle series was BIRTHED by the backlog of SEW many…too many, “Look Like a Man” actresses.  Did men of the early 20th century have a proclivity towards manly wo-men just as men of the early 21st century appear to be leaning towards “boys with breasts?”  What attributes did men find attractive about women before Hollywood was calling the shots?  I’m hoping it was something like this:

The female presence aided in the active construction of society, and the manifestation of qualities such as compassion, care, protection, and love. Although these qualities are not restricted to the female gender, having a stronger female presence in society helped build a more just and equitable community.  Upliftconnect.com

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves. Tom Wolfe

That “someone she loves” could be another woman.  That beautiful “woman” could also be a man.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine roles sometimes overlap, but ultimately they have clearly defined functions to fulfill and this Sewing Circle series is my small attempt to encourage readers to stop supporting Hollywood’s subversive agenda to confuse the issue.  Compassion, care, protection, and love have no role to play in Hollywood.  Never have and never will.

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Afterthought: John Halliday outed as Paul, updated

I am using the original blog post posted in June of 2016 in order to bring it forward with all of the comments below intact. But I want to make some additions, and do some speculation. The first post was very short.

From this point forward I refer to the original Paul McCartney as Paul, and his replacement as Faul. I do not know their real names, so that will have to do.

First, I want to go back to the original photo that started me on the McCartney twins hunt. I call it the “Boat Photo.”

Boat photo with arrows

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Peculiar Plots – Intermezzo – O Gran Fogo

A short intermezzo from the peculiar plots, as I just saw this:

A large fire broke out at the Paço de São Cristóvão, which houses the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, on September 2, 2018, at around 19:30 local time (22:30 UTC September 2). Reaction to the cultural loss was swift, as the museum held over 20 million items — Brazil’s president Michel Temer called the loss of the historical and cultural heritage “incalculable”. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

A large fire breaking out last night in Rio de Janeiro, hmm, let’s look at this story…

Shortly after closing on September 2, 2018, a large fire broke out, reaching all three floors of the National Museum building. Firefighters were called at 19:30 local time, arriving quickly at the scene. Despite this, the fire chief reported that the two fire hydrants closest to the museum had no water.

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