Is there relief from Obamacare in sight? Nope.

[Postscript] I should have perhaps advised readers new to political intrigue (prior to diving into this piece) that deception in politics is of high quality and multileveled. Of course politicians lie all the time! They cannot serve two masters, the public and the financiers, at once. Beyond that, behind the scenes, there are no “parties” and all the sniping at each other that goes on in public is checked at the door when they work in private. Obamacare was decades in the making. It was put in place to stay in place permanently, a financial straightjacket, a massive new corporate subsidy just like Medicare D. The idea that Trump represents something new and different is hogwash, and the notion that he has the power, let alone the desire, to make changes to a long-running and achieved goal like Obamacare is just a political stage play. The purpose of this stagecraft is to convince people that Obamacare is something worth keeping. After all, if Republicans hate it … it must be good, right? We are witnessing mere reverse psychology.


Liz Fowler

There are rumblings now, and have been since the “election” of Trump to the presidency, that changes are going to be made to “Obamacare.” I seriously doubt it. That bill, also known as “ACA,” or the Affordable Care Act, put us in an economic straight jacket. It gives insurance companies power over us that they will never relinquish voluntarily. If anything, Congress and Mr, Trump are now engaged in a ritual known as the Kabuki Dance, or a staged presentation where all the players know the final outcome.

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The Jewish question, again

I wish to revisit the Jewish question again, if perhaps only to push forward with some new analysis. The first time through was useful in that we immediately were introduced to the hateful concept of Jewry, and then a more analytical treatment, trying to understand who they are, where they came from, and what their role is in our world.

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When does push come to shove?

I want to push forward a bit in my own thinking regarding voting and vote counting as a result of Maarten’s post below. It is hard to move forward rather than stand pat, as there is always more to learn, but what is learned can unsettle what is already “known.” I tend to want to come to rest in a comfortable spot, as in saying

“Votes are not counted. If they do not have to count them, why would they bother?

That may not be the case.

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Double Header


The list below is offered as a start whereby an expanding list of elements consistent with hoaxes involving gun-toting crazies can be compiled, if anyone wants to add on. (Part of a list building project to streamline the approach to arguing in favor of hoaxes when engaging the doubters, i.e. almost everyone else on planet Earth)


Magic numbers alert fellow spooks to the nature of the incident (HOAX!)

Crime scene photos after the fact look like movie sets (i.e. ubiquitous water bottles to refresh bystanders as they mill about after a mass murder)

Eyewitnesses from afar confirm parts of the narrative with anecdotes (bad crisis actors)

Beefy cops/riot gear troops stand around, surprisingly relaxed in posture

Media sources parrot police sources

Location of the incidents are in controllable areas (often government property or nearby)

Media outlets report from outside facilities allegedly involved (watch for green screen glitches)

People who know people who know one or more victims chime in (spreading urban legends)

Lightning fast processing of grief/mourning/acceptance/forgiveness for surviving family members

Calls for legal reforms usually regarding gun access and mental health (drug access) services

Mass murder/suicide mentality: Is that even possible within a brain that can coolly plan and execute such terrors? I strongly suspect it is not possible. What we have been indoctrinated about human nature by the mindbenders is probably largely and deliberately false. Tropes rule our fears.

Rinse and repeat


Ab Irato over at Fakeologist has asked from time to time whether close proximity to a hoax makes it seem more real. As there was a “live shooter” incident in my burgh this morning, I broke my streak of ignoring these drill/hoaxes and deigned to have a look.

Same old, same old from my front row seat. However, since a colleague/roommate of mine knows the wife of one of the UPS employees (he not directly involved and so as good a witness as me: useless) a heightened level of diplomacy is required to maintain harmony. None of my friends or acquaintances have any patience for hoax-busting, to purloin Chris Kendall’s term, so when one of these drills is close by, very little can be spoken of. This is another level of disconnection that is embedded in these ops: No real dialogue can occur face to face. I can only sort this out on a blog with friendly strangers.

The DC incident has the feel of foreshadowing: Will his nibs be next???

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BroncoMany months ago I was reading the Mathis paper on OJ Simpson, and was of course enthralled. I am well satisfied that the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was staged, that the trial was scripted and that actors merely read their lines. That the white Bronco headed down the freeway was canned footage timed to be released for maximum effect. (Is that even OJ driving that vehicle? Very hard to tell, and it doesn’t matter, as it was just part of the TV show.)

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Just like school daze

“In true liberal education … the essential activity of the student is to relate the facts learned into a unified, organic whole, to assimilate them as … the rose assimilates food from the soil and increases in size, vitality and beauty.” (Sister Miriam Joseph, The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric)

That is a quote I took from the opening pages of the book which just came two days ago. It is recommended by Jan and others at Gnostic Media, whom I have come to like most of the time. I cannot wait to dig into it, as it has stood on its own for eighty years.

I had an interesting exchange over the weekend, and want to bring the gist of it here without naming names or demeaning anyone. It has to do with the nature of education. The contention tossed at me is that in my writing and research I am hiding my sources. No one, after all, reaches the same conclusions I do. (Add just two more notes and he is playing the full “conspiracy theory” chord.) But he does not seem to believe that it is possible to use our own brain and resources for research, that the essence of research is reliance on authority figures.

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How to Rule the World in Three Easy Rolls

I was born a nerd, and I will die a nerd.

Like every nerd growing up, I was not much of an athlete.  I preferred to play board games with my best friend Thad, a fellow nerd. This was long before Nintendo and PlayStation, long before World of Warcraft or Minecraft.  We played chess and checkers, Risk and Stratego, and many of the Avalon Hill war games, like Tactics II and Stalingrad.

But I was not just a nerd.  I was also a tycoon wannabe.  And so I enjoyed the games where you made a million bucks: Careers and Masterpiece and above all, Monopoly. Continue reading

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Three Jews Three

With Mark opening up the discussion about Jewish influence, I offer a take on three personalities that have had a profound influence on the modern age. This was originally part of a longer project but POM is the perfect venue for me to present segments in more digestible bites.

(The following may be more rant than useful information, but quite frankly, I have never gotten wood over The Jewish Question, which is why I didn’t have much to add to the comments of Mark’s previous post)

Karl Marx is one of the most famous names in modern history, equal to that of Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, two other iconic frauds that have helped shape the delusional world of smoke and mirrors we find ourselves in. Yes, yes, Jews!!! Christian shills weren’t going to be able to sell this snake oil, so the oligarch’s, like their Roman ancestors, used the Jewish people once again as a cudgel. Throw in the Roman concoction called Jesus Christ and you have the four Jewish aces of the age of anxiety that keeps the blinders securely fitted on the indoctrinated proles.

It’s not like other races haven’t been used as weapons of the mind (Middle East- pick ‘em), but here in the Christian west, the elites have time and again used the false dialectic of Gentile/not a Gentile to herd the vast Christian majority in one direction or another. Because they have the numbers, and the consumer power, the fear and anxiety of modern mass mind control has been directed at the Christian majority by their obscenely wealthy, nominally Christian (Sometimes Masonic) brethren.

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Greg Gianforte fake punches a reporter

6/13/17: Well, serving of humble pie handed me this morning, I am told the following: “I Heard this afternoon that the congressman pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, sentence suspended, assigned 40 hours of community service, ordered to undergo 20 hours of anger management training, and given a $300 fine. He’s also made a $50K contribution to the Committee to Protect Journalists and apologized to Jacobs.”

My answer, not to deny fault, was to simply observe that the narcissistic personality has a tendency to piss down on lesser beings, and flying into blind rage is but one aspect. I did not say, as it was contrition time, that before we have a Committee to Protect Journalists, we could use some journalists.

GlassesAlthough we have lived in Colorado now for nearly eight years, I still have many ties to my former home state of Montana, and so pay attention to events, weather, elections and all of that stuff up there. One thing that caught my eye, and still has me scratching my head, is this:

There was a special election up there, as former Representative Ryan Zinke had been promoted to the  official position as sock puppet for the timber industry, aka Secretary of the Interior. On the night before the election and in Bozeman, Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the British Guardian based in Washington, went up to Greg Gianforte, one of two candidates for the seat, and held a voice recorder in his face and started asking questions about the Republican health care bill. Gianforte, as Fox News reporters recalled the event, “… grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, ‘I’m sick and tired of this!'”

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The Jewish question …

A certain writer/researcher we know and admire (speaking for myself) is often seen to be uncovering this or that person’s Jewish roots. That particular question is on our ‘don’t go there’ list on this blog, but what the hell, let’s go there. As long as you are not full of hatred, and do not imagine that Jews have murdered a gazillion people, have at it.

Who are these ‘Jews’? How did they become so powerful? How do they manage to mask their heritage? Are they evil?

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