Vintage Psyopera: The JFK hoax, a half century too soon

New writer Vexman is digging through some interesting stuff at his blog and since it has come up in the comments section of his first post here at POM, I though I’d post this excerpt from my Hitler research to add to the fun…

The spark that supposedly lit the fuse.

The victor’s history will tell you that the match that lit the fuse of World War One was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to his father, Emperor Franz Joseph, the fossilized figurehead of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Like the JFK assassination near fifty years later, the target was riding through hostile territory with the rag top of his touring car down with largely absent security.

However, this particular iteration of assassination on wheels supposedly contained an actual cabal of conspirators, unlike the American versions with their ubiquitous lone nuts. The Black Hand, a dissident group of Serbs looking for independence from the empire, was the band of misfits that has taken the blame.

The official story is as ridiculous as can be. Though no laws of physics were apparently broken on the streets of Sarajevo in late June of 1914, unlike the magic bullets flying across Dealy Plaza in late November of 1963, credulity is strained to the breaking point when the series of mistakes in judgement and bald-faced coincidences that led to the Archduke’s alleged demise are tallied.

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Jewish pogroms and retaliations of the Ruling Jews – Part I

As much as the title is pompous, I would like to suggest a theory that there is a connection between Jewish pogroms and the consequences, which were later inflicted by the PTB as retaliations against all those countries, whose nations were violently persecuting the Jewish population during history. The theory would be applicable only to the European territory, including Russia, where the PTB installed communism in many countries as the worst kind of dictatorship of proletariat (just like Marx has envisioned), making terror and cult of leader’s personality the thread of nations’ suffering and repression in general. Quid pro quo, or so they say.

The essence of my proposal is something that is not told in any history textbooks and may be shocking to learn. In the end it is still just my personal opinion, which I derived from many other researchers’ work and my reasoning. Being only a human, sometimes prone to making a wrong judgement, I may as well be exaggerating with my theory or simply be wrong with my assertions. However, there is a challenge for both you as a reader and me as an author to try to either further substantiate such theory or completely dismiss it. In both cases there is much to be learned hereafter.

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Welcome aboard, Vexman!

Our new writer, Vexman, is a resident of Slovenia, a beautiful country I had opportunity to visit a couple of years ago. We rented a car in Venice and wandered over  – borders and checkpoints are far less important now than in the past. We found a delightfully green country. We spent a night in Ljubljana before heading north and back to Italy via the Julian Alps. Living in Colorado we are no strangers to high mountains, but my goodness was that a spectacular drive. Slovenia is also the birthplace of President Trump’s beard wife (did I say that?), Melania.

Vex tends to research hard and go very deep into subjects, as can be seen on his current blog, Vexman’s Thoughts. I’ve enjoyed exchanges with him over there. His posts will be long and thoughtful – I have suggested he serialize them to keep them shorter and to keep readers coming back. He will take us places we’ve not gone before.

So welcome aboard, Vexman. Have a pleasant stay.

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Old Show Biz: Would you care for a Bloody, Mr. President?

A President’s Day reminiscence of two Actors-in-Chief that crossed paths with family…

Mr. President

“I come from a good family, I’m rich and I like my work, and so does the public, and the critics, and the Academy. I’m just a physical drunk. I like being drunk.”

“What did you say to that?” I said, really wanting a beer right then and there. Pop shrugged.

“I got it,” he said, reaching for the bill. “Let’s get coffee somewhere else.”

Pop went on about the time Van Heflin, movie star, confessed his love of the drunk. It was at the Ambassador hotel that a working luncheon was called for the rank and file union members across the Hollywood spectrum, from the stars to the little people; if you were a dues paying member of one of the locals, you were invited.

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Fauxtography inside the Matrix

The Tel Aviv Museum of “Art” has an interesting exhibit called “Fake?” It’s an exploration of various forms of fakery in art, from some of the most notorious Vermeer forgeries by Han van Meegeren to phony archaeological artifacts. I recently went to see the exhibit, and it was, to my surprise, an interesting and thought-provoking meditation on the question and definition of fakery in art.

One of the things that caught my eye was a deconstruction of a famous photograph of Theodor Herzl meeting Kaiser Willheim II on October 28, 1898 outside an agricultural school in Mikveh Israel in what was then Palestine. (Herzl, you’ll remember, is regarded as the father of the modern Zionist movement and makes an appearnce, along with some fishy photos and other red flags, in my paper pulling back the curtain on the Dreyfus Affair hoax.)

The exhibit showed that this famous picture was actually a fake, created by splicing and dicing two different pictures. Here is the famous one:  Continue reading

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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected too much.

So far I have examined four sets of twins, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Aniston. They’re all in the reccycle bin. While Straight still thinks that Beyoncé is a twin, I told him that if I cannot defend it, I cannot assert it. I don’t think she is a twin – it was just a publicity stunt involving alter ego Sasha Fierce that promoted the aberrant photos that led me off track. It was confirmation bias, writ large.

Beyond that, I am finding myself echoing the sentiments of a few commenters as I sweat out these matters … so what? So what about twins? They don’t matter. They are not interesting. They are just show business people.

I am going to get out of the twin-spotting business, to de-link the entire list with cautionary notes on each, and get on with my life with a hard lesson learned. There might indeed be a set or two of twins in there – some nuggets among the fool’s gold. Jared Leto comes to mind, having, like Elvis, both a music and acting career at once. If so, more power to him/them. The ones I left on the list – Rihanna, Drake, Joplin etc., I regard as defensible.

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Our Dam Obesity Problem

The following does not constitute medical advice. It is opinion. Before you make any changes to your medications, diet, or lifestyle, be sure that the person in charge of overseeing your health care is fully informed. By the way—that person is you and you alone.

If You’ve Got the Tide®, We’ve Got the Cheer®

Ever heard of pica? Not the font size—the eating disorder. Pica is the habit of ingesting things that are not food: dirt, drywall, chalk, clay, and so on. Some people see a box of laundry detergent, and their mouths start watering.

Pica has many causes, but a chief one is mineral deficiency. People who are low on iron, for example, often chew on ice; those low on zinc may dab a moist finger into the laundry soap for a nibble. Their taste for Tide® comes from their body’s unconscious craving for something it is not getting enough of. The non-food items rarely satisfy nutritional needs, but at least the pica-sufferer is not trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Continue reading

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Old Show Biz: Dennis Hopper

A little levity from the files of Old Hollywood courtesy of my old man… and this time you can believe every word of it.

But First…

Serenity Now*, the halfway house down the road from Olive View hospital in the Westwood district of LA housed twenty men, including Pop, who had just been released from the psych ward after a second attempt on his own life. The drop off the ladder would have snapped his neck but the cross beam was weaker than the force of his weight on the rope, so the game continued.  (* Fake name)

He had graduated from the bin a hero, having accidentally drawn a seeming catatonic out of her stalled awareness by sketching her portrait. Passing the time with pencils, charcoal and oil sticks, Pop zeroed in on this patient, a young woman, twenty if a day, the perfect model under the circumstances, who sat motionless for hours in her corner of the rec room, staring at the floor a foot beyond the hem of her hospital gown.

Her colorless skin and the darkened ridges around her eyes made soft pencils the obvious choice; there was no hue to play with, only the cut-outs of her features against the off white of her skin.

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POM and the MSM

Family duties of late has exposed me to television on a regular basis for the first time in  ages- The show I find most amusing is from NBC- Timeless is the title of the show and it’s a reimagining of the old 60’s lunacy, The  Time Tunnel, from ABC-

I will not belabor too much at the risk of the collective readership’s forehead crashing through the tabletop in a narcoleptic seizure but I do want to let TV-free readers know just how reliant TV is on conspiracy culture these days-

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New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

Recent public criticism of our work mentioned that there is a Gresham’s Law at work in research as done here, that bad work will crowd out good work. I was defensive about that, but on further reflection decided it is valid criticism, and I need to take a good hard look at past work I have done.

Much of my work on twins will stand, I hope, but not without review. Some of it I will leave alone – McCartney, John Lennon, Janis Joplin for instance, as we found confirming evidence in childhood photos and/or the fact that they are so different in appearance that they are easily distinguished. Elvis Presley, discovered by another researcher (who is given due credit in the article), is very difficult to distinguish but had two certificates of live birth, good evidence. Mark David Chapman stood against background wall height measurements as a fake prisoner, one a couple of inches taller than the other. This confirms the photo evidence. However, if photo evidence is by itself questionable, the project has to die.

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