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NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me is a weekly comedic treatment of what they call “news,” NPR’s regular fare – what people here know as “fake news.” The host, Peter Sagal, is the visible promoter of the show’s content. He is prim and proper about current events, never questioning anything, always accepting official news as official truth. He’s a good doggy.

Now and then he will sneak something in – I distinctly remember one show where he promoted the use of LSD (in light doses) as beneficial. In last week’s episode, during the “Not my Job” segment,  he allowed guest Alan Cumming to go into intimate detail about his intimate relations with other men. He described how he and a former boyfriend were so taken with each other that they each had tattoos placed on their genitals as a memorial. Then they broke up, and oh the problems with new boyfriends!

NPR’s listening audience is generally older, and generally imagine themselves a cut above for getting their fake news form NPR instead of Fox. Sagal is taking them down! I shook my head in disbelief as I listened to the details of Cummings’ sex life. Good grief. I don’t want to know that about him. I don’t want to know that about anyone.

I am no prude. I am only a normally sensible adult who respects boundaries.

To:        Colorado Public Radio
From:   Mark Tokarski

I listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me last week, with guest Alan Cumming. It made me extremely uncomfortable, and was perhaps offensive to people of good taste. Cummings in the interview talked about how he and a boyfriend each had tattoos referring to each other placed on their genitals, and how he later had to warn new men he dated about what they would find before traveling “down there.”

I get that NPR wants to be out front in tolerance and acceptance of gays. I am not broaching that topic. But this was out of bounds, in my view, for any orientation. Imagine if the relationship was heterosexual and he talked of him and a girlfriend doing the same thing. It is private! It need not be aired! It makes people of ordinary taste and sensibility extremely uncomfortable. Is that the goal – to push the limits?

I hope that NPR got wide and vigorous condemnation for this episode. I doubt it , but hope so.

Mark Tokarski

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Commenting Policy

[This Post is written to serve as a reference for people, and will be linked in the right.]

It was never our idea to have a “commenting policy.” It was forced on us by outsiders.

We do not care what you think; we believe in exchange of ideas, even fiery exchanges. People who passionately believe things often express those things in an aggressive manner, and that can offend other people. We don’t care. This is not a nursery school. No one gets sent to the principal’s office. No one will ever be censored for passion, language, assertiveness, intelligence, or even stupidity or ignorance.

That is your business. We leave you in peace to comment as you see fit. Yes, we think it is important to be polite, but have some fun too! We are not hall monitors.

However, certain theories and ideas are often used as stalking horses to achieve other purposes, what we call “blackwashing.” Mere introduction of these into a comment thread can hijack it and create a debate whose real intent is to associate this site with ideas that are likely to make most people reject anything else we have to say out of hand. Such ideas can be used by agents to discredit us.

Intelligence agents and their employees use these memes to take all of the good and conscientious research done by honest people, and discredit it by association with idiotic or unpalatable ideas. This is not a statement about the validity of these ideas, but simply a statement that we do not wish this blog to be associated with them. Consequently, we ask that you cooperate with us by not broaching the following subjects on this particular forum.  (There are plenty of other forums available besides ours where you are free to discuss them.)

These topics are:

  • Flat earth.
  • Illuminati.
  • Reptilians.
  • Mandela effect.
  • Dallas Goldbug.

We understand that people will stumble on to those topics without having read this policy, and so we will be patient. Once an above topic is introduced that we feel runs counter to the spirit of this request, we will ask that you come here to read about this policy. A second offense will result in your comment being deleted and a warning. A third offense will result in banning.

Bans are not permanent, maybe a week or so to calm down. Forgiveness is a virtue. Alongside patience, it allows all of us to develop our brains as we try to move forward in understanding this goofy planet.

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Knowing what we know now …


Inspired by this comment.

Addendum: Not everyone pays attention to photos as we do here, so I assumed that everyone reading this would instantly know this photo is a paste-up. Imagine taking a photo of your family, and when the photo comes out, only two people are affected by the flash, everyone else remains dark. It does not work that way. The light from the flash travels out over a broad area, hitting everyone in range.

In this photo, only the three people in the foreground are lit up. That is because that part  was a photo taken somewhere else and then pasted into the photo to make it appear the she is actually on a gun turret. (Her eye is also out of line with the sight.) The three were probably photographed in a studio, as the lighting is so even – there must be a light shade in use to produce such even and delicate lighting.

When I saw Tyrone’s photo of Kent State (the “comment” blued above) I wondered if the Hanoi Jane photos were real or paste-up. It was no surprise. They are fake, as is she. “Hanoi Jane” was Intelligence, sent to discredit the antiwar movement. This photo angered most Americans. That’s why she did it. She’s a spook.

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CGI Videos in Social Media Passed Off as Real

This is a funny topic, and not in a ha-ha sense. It’s downright strange and I hope to get lots of talk in the comments section on why they are doing this (from real posters, preferably).

Let’s start with this video that has been all over social media lately and reported by CNN. Note that it’s 47 seconds long.


For those that didn’t catch it, he’s standing in front of a green screen and punching a CGI kangaroo. Maybe my September Clues days have sharpened me up, but I saw it immediately. I’d also like someone to tell me what video camera they were using to record this when every smartphone in the world takes high quality footage. Below is the screenshot from the Youtube search, how did they get such a high quality shot from such a poor video?

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Vintage Psy-opera: Ray Chapman

(This post is conjecture born of extreme prejudice towards all forms of professional media, which forever has attempted to convince the public there is a distinction between their clearly labeled fictions and the non-fiction they take pains to present for our emotional benefit and critical understanding- What they give us is ALL fiction, even when using verifiable facts- But, if in the reader’s estimation that is a delusional position on my part, then consider this post satire, if that makes you feel better- I, like professional media, am not under oath)

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I realized what the punch line to this post was going to be: Ray Chapman, the star shortstop of the Cleveland Indians from 1912 to 1920, and arguably the greatest bunter in major league history, used his bunting skills on August 16, 1920, in collusion with New York Yankee pitcher Carl Mays, to fake his own death in front of thousands of fans at one of the most fabled sports venues in American history, the Polo Grounds in the Bronx, New York City- Officially, Ray Chapman is the only player in Major League Baseball history to be killed playing the game- Continue reading

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John Lennon family photos

We have found with some performers that their family backgrounds appear to be made up. Jim Morrison, for instance, appears to be pasted in to his family photos as a youth, this one for instance. And here are Janis Joplin and John Denver, obvious paste-ups. Neither belongs.

The question is why? In Joplin’s case, since she was a twin, it could be that she was given a new family to conceal that fact. With Morrison and Denver, perhaps such musical talent is rare in spook families, so they adopted them, or Langley placed them in foster homes for minding. Admiral Morrison would then be “Jim’s” case manager, as would be Lt. Col. Deutschendorf for Denver.

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I’ll Take “Long-Running Psyops” for $400


“Would you buy life insurance from this man?” That was the question posed to me by Phil Solesky, an ad man who made a career out of figuring out how to separate people from their money by selling life insurance. He wrote me the following, and I found it interesting enough to pass it along. I paste it below without further comment: Continue reading

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Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

Comedian Bill Hicks (real name unknown) was a psyop, both alive and after he faked his death. Alive he pretended to be a conspiracy theorist, tromping about the stage imitating the head wound to President Kennedy. The “psyop” part of that routine was a deep lingering suspicion that he got cancer at age 32 by some evil means, probably CIA injecting something in him. It was intimidating, and we could not voice our suspicion because we had no evidence.

They were messing with us.

Bill Hicks after his fake death became another psyop, this one promoted by a spook named Ed Chiarini and calling himself Dallas Goldbug. As we have found here, death and rebirth among famous people is not that uncommon, the “Zombie” phenomenon highlighted on the list to the right. So Goldbug got out in front of us and identified Alex Jones (real name unknown), the conspiracy broadcaster from Infowars, as the reincarnation of Bill Hicks. He is, as he knows, quite correct about that. That was intentional, and the only time Goldbug has ever been correct. It was bait.

Now comes the clever part – Goldbug went on to put out a list of loony and nonsensical rebirths, saying that JFK became Jimmy Carter, Jim Morrison became Rush Limbaugh, John Lennon became Steve Jobs, and many others. All of that is obviously nuts wrong, and meant to appear that way. Now when any of us step forward to identify Zombies, the first accusation we hear is that we got the information from Goldbug.

See how it works? It is called blackwashing. It is another way of hiding truth in plain sight. Goldbug created incredulity, and that allows Zombies to hide out behind him. That is why I say he is a spook. And  I wonder sometimes how we can ever manage to come out on top – that sort of psyop is just clever.

Anyway, just for giggles, below the fold is the transformation of Bill Hicks into Alex Jones, the one thing that Goldbug ever got right, but for the wrong reasons.

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Back many years ago I used to go to our local library looking for something new and interesting. I would go through the stacks looking for books that had many copies, thinking that popular meant good. I’m no literary critic, but in that manner, I discovered Robert Ludlum, and gobbled up everything he wrote. If not good, at least he was enjoyable. He had a sense of authenticity about him, and his characters, while formulaic, were not the typical American-good-everyone-else-bad type. Anyone could be a villain, duplicity was all about, and power was always hidden in the shadows.

Ludlum died having written perhaps half of his final book, and other authors took over. I could tell, reading that last book, exactly where he passed on. The writing voice changed, the characters became cardboard cutouts.

Robert Ludlum is now a trademark, and the books are written by a committee named “Robert van Lustbader.” I’ve not read another since.

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Pizzagate – nothing there. Move along, folks …

I was in the gym one day doing whatever, and had my headphones on. I was unknowingly singing along with a song so that anyone around me who had not similarly blocked out the room could hear me. A woman, who was under supervision of a trainer, tapped me on the shoulder and pretended to dance to my singing. We both laughed, and I told her the name of the song. She then said that given the terrible thing that had happened, glancing at the TV screen, it was nice to have some relief from the horrible world.

The event that troubled her was the Paris bombings. It was the first I heard of that event. I have seen the woman in the gym several times since, and have wanted to console her as I could have that day had I understood what was happening to her. I would have said “Oh, don’t worry about it. That event is fake. They do that just to make you feel scared and alone and depressed.”

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