The Van Allen Belts

The Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind. The particles are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field. It surrounds Earth, containing a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents the fastest, most energetic electrons from reaching Earth.

I did not understand the true nature of the Van Allen radiation belts when I dove into Dave McGowan’s Moondoggie series. They are far more than something we have to pass through on our way to outer space. If that were the case, we could merely take off from the poles to bypass them. Their true structure represents something, that when fully grasped, not only imparts the understanding that we never went to the Moon, but that even today we are bound in lower Earth orbit (LEO) in our space exploration (the reason that the Space Shuttles never went beyond LEO). This understanding comes from two sources. Here’s McGowan:

“In the very same NASA post that discusses Moon rocks being constantly bombarded with absurdly high levels of radiation, another curious admission can be found: “meteoroids constantly bombard the Moon.” Our old friend from NASA, David McKay, explains that “Apollo moon rocks are peppered with tiny craters from meteoroid impacts.” NASA then explains that that “could only happen to rocks from a planet with little or no atmosphere … like the Moon.””

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Moondoggie: Nobody went anywhere

This post concerns the work of Dave McGowan, author several books including of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and of Programmed to Kill, both of which I have read.

Weird Scenes is about the rock and roll scene in Los Angeles in the late sixties. McGowan exposes the military roots of most of the musicians of that era, interspersed with chapters on their deaths. Other than a cautionary word about Jim Morrison, he accepted every death as real. He did no interviews for the book, and did not even do the most elementary research into their deaths, such as checking to see if they were listed in the Social Security Death Index. Even I did that. The one photograph in the book, tellingly, is of Jim Morrison as a youth on board a naval ship with his admiral father, and it is fake.

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Reflections on gratitude and wellness — it’s that time of year

Writer’s note: This is primarily a stream of consciousness piece. Please no expectations of eloquence, nor long-form exposition.

First, on gratitude . . .

I am deeply blessed to be part of this modest, yet intellectually rigorous and surprisingly empathic community at POM. I say surprisingly because it is comprised mainly of men (with a few regular female commenters), and I typically do not expect men to be so open and receptive with emotional content. I should never have assumed this; and as I said, it has pleasantly surprised me.

On numerous occasions, I have conveyed my gratitude to Mark for the opportunity to express myself unabatedly here at POM, with no censorship and no judgement. And as Mark recently expanded his graciousness to invite regular commenters to submit material, I hope some of you will oblige, even if it’s one short guest piece. Such contributions help to keep the blog running with fresh, engaging content.

Writing at POM has other benefits. For example, when I allow myself to be vulnerable here in my expression, it rewards me with closure, healing, purpose, and directed focus. Typing on a computer (even though hard-wired) for any length of time is an immense challenge for me. I struggle on a daily basis with what is often termed, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I also contend with EMF sensitivity. While I loathe labels, these make it simpler to get my point across.

Additionally, I am a novice at writing. It does not come easily to me. Even if I had extra time on my hands (my day-to-day plate is full raising a family), writing remains a constant hurdle. Words typically do not flow onto the laptop. Writer’s block is a very real phenomenon I experience. Further, I lack confidence when it comes to expressing my thoughts — especially in group settings. With that said, I have come a long way in the 18 months of part-time writing for POM.

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Polar bears: Somebody went and counted them …

I like to suggest to anyone who thinks Climate Change is upon us and presents a real and present danger to do an experiment: As a passenger (not driver) in your car, the next time out, stick your head out the window. Feel the air, the temperature, notice the surroundings. Everything is OK.

That is tongue-in-cheek, of course. A more thorough method might be to look at data on sea levels (if you, like Barry Obama, live on a seashore) and land and ocean temperatures. Observe how little change is going on, and how easily we adapt. My own state of Colorado has experienced, over the past 100 years, an increase in daytime high temperatures of .47 degree Fahrenheit per decade. That is manageable, even welcome. There is a similar number for every state in the lower 48, for instance, Maine: .087, Nebraska: .323, Rhode Island: .334, Texas: .168. None of this is remotely alarming.

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In the Uncanny Valley of Life and Death

“Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?” 

~ (deceased) Emily Webb, Our Town

It’s been a rough week. I struggle to write, as my heart is heavy. Recent days marked the sixth anniversary of the passing of my mom, who died by suicide. Days before that, my friend suddenly passed away (at the very same age as my mom). Strangely enough, I do not know precisely the cause of her death; and even if I did, I would not have permission from her family to divulge the details. Suffice to say, I sense parallels to my mom’s situation, and the synchronicities feel inherently uncanny. Incidentally, many years ago, both my mom and my friend were very close, but life circumstances abruptly ended their relationship. 

While I can not convince others just how precious and crucial it is to fully breathe existence into our present and respective incarnations — persevering through the obstacles and tragedies — I can only speak for myself. My tethered spirit beckons to me to stay and persist. I recognize that I need to work harder at the living aspect of this life cycle (and frankly, to be more present), before I even venture into considering how to work on the dying part. 

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

One of the first things done for someone who wants to be a Climate Alarmist is to issue that person a Get Out of Jail Free card. Along with the card is issued a reminder, “Don’t worry. You can say anything you want. You can make up your facts. The scarier, the better. No one will call you on it.”

The photograph above is an example. It is said to be of a small part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Image credit is given to AFP – many groups go by that moniker, but my best guess is that it is either a French or German news service. Below is said to be a map of the GPGP, taken from our friend and favorite liar, Wikipedia:

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Blue Bayme and miscellany

The Sierra Club quit beating its wife. So they say. At this link we find that they took $25 million from various natural gas interests between the years 2005-2010. They allegedly stopped, in 2012 issuing the following press release:***

The Club continues to view natural gas as a flawed but necessary transition fuel to a clean energy future powered by wind, solar and other truly clean energy sources. That’s all the more reason that we must even more aggressively push for strong state and federal regulations. To succeed in those efforts, there can be no question of our independence. We can no longer accept donations from companies or individuals involved in the natural gas industry.

Sierra Club was not alone in taking money from fossil fuel companies. The Environmental Defense Fund is as guilty, if not more so, along with Natural Resource Defense Council and others, usually the big enviro groups.  This article is from 2012 and outlines much of the corruption. There’s a common and never debunked belief fostered on the public by Climate Alarmists that the fossil fuel industry is funding Climate Skeptic groups, kind of a David/Goliath situation. This, like everything else said by alarmists, is just another big lie.

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Global Banker Alliance Unveils “Green” Plan to Transform and Weaponize Global Finance

Meeting in the shadows of the COP26 gathering in Glasgow, Scotland, the captains of private finance laid out their plans to restructure the global financial system.  For months, I’ve been waiting for the banks and financial institutions to make their move.  The plan is to reconfigure the role and scope of global and regional financial institutions, including the World Bank and IMF.

 The officially cover story presents this massive transformation as a unified transition to a global (carbon) “net zero” economy. This new arrangement will totally change “global financial governance.” By further weakening national sovereignty by forcing nation states to follow new rules that favor wealthy of alliance members for their benefit under the guise of promoting fake United Nations “sustainability goals.”  We have already seen this power-grab progression expressed in the global lockdowns, surveillance systems development via the 5G/6G rollout in “Smart Cities” around the world.  That was the appetizer.  This is the entrée. 

Whitney Webb has written a very comprehensive analysis of the meeting, the plan, and its implications for all living things on this little planet of ours. 

“This alliance, called the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), was launched in April by John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change; Janet Yellen, US Secretary of the Treasury and former chair of the Federal Reserve; and Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and former chair of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada. Carney, who is also the UK prime minister’s Finance Advisor for the COP26 conference, currently cochairs the alliance with US billionaire and former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. 

“Though GFANZ has cloaked itself in lofty rhetoric of “saving the planet,” its plans ultimately amount to a corporate-led coup that will make the global financial system even more corrupt and predatory and further reduce the sovereignty of national governments in the developing world.”  Id.

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Green Party Prevails at 9th Circuit Court

It’s been a long wait.  I was a plaintiff in this lawsuit to strike down Montana’s unconstitutional election laws. 

On November 8, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an Opinion in Montana Green Party v Jacobsen, 20-35340. It struck down the unequal signature distribution requirement that has existed for Montana petitions for new party recognition ever since 1981.  The unequal distribution requirement was responsible for the Green Party’s petition failure in both 2018 and 2020.  The three Judge panel rendered an opinion written by Judge Fletcher, which held that the case was not moot because of the change in the law, found that the District Court was correct on the First Amendment claim, but reversed the District Court as to the 14th Amendment claim as to the Equal Protection violation in regard to the discriminatory signature requirements in the State House districts.

The original dispute was a result of the removal of all the Montana Green Party’s candidates from the general election ballot in 2018 by the Montana Supreme Court. The Supremes upheld the District Court’s Opinion, which removed Greens from the 2018 ballot over a small number of “irregular” signatures in several voting districts.  The Democratic Party filed suit to protect Senator Tester from my U.S. Senate campaign as a Green Party candidate.  After signatures had all been “certified,” and I had won the Primary election to become the Green Party’s nominee, Democrats filed a lawsuit to eliminate any competition from a “real left” challenge.  Way back in January, 2019 I wrote a piece right here at POM on the lawsuit, and its possible implications.  I was wrong about 2020.  The Green Party and its candidates were again removed from the competition.  Democrats scream bloody murder about “voter suppression” against ethnic minorities but are never tagged with voter suppression when it comes to Green Party candidates and ballot access manipulation to protect its left flank, which is usually exposed for all to see. 

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