Fear is the enemy of freedom

As a youngster in the 1950s and 60s, the big thing hanging over my head was the Russians and the bomb. The propaganda was relentless. The fear we felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) was real in us. I remember a gal named Susan who was teachers’ pet assigned to go to all eight classrooms in our school to announce that the Russians had backed down. Our sense of relief was palpable. Creating fear in children in that manner is abusive, but the idea is to get ’em while they are young, instill the fear so that it will reside in them for their entire lives.

At age 38 I finally realized that the USSR never posed a threat, that the Cold War was not real, I felt a physical sense of relief, as if a cloud had been removed, a weight taken off my shoulders. That physical sensation was real. All the fear they instilled in me as a child vanished, and I felt a wonderful freedom I’d never before experienced.

I did this for myself, that is, I was not following some leader or guru. I was just exploring and testing my boundaries when the dam broke. It was an accumulation of questions and doubts arising, and no specific instance. But I do remember a particular moments. In the book The Fish is Red, by Warren Hinkle and William Turner, there is a a brief section (pp 129-31) where it is alleged that Havana had concocted a plan to overthrow the Arturo Frondizi Ércol government of Argentina. A Cuban career diplomat serving in Buenos Aires resigned and took with him eighty-two documents that purported to detail such a plan. The Cuban government claimed that the documents were forged by Cuban exiles working with the CIA. The US State Department announced that it had exhaustively studied the documents and that they were genuine.

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I’ll take Manhattan, and give you Houston …

No doubt I am not the first to have this flash of insight – in fact, just as George Harrison* picked up My Sweet Lord from Ronnie Mack and the Chiffon’s He’s So Fine, unknowingly and with great embarrassment, I am sure I will be reminded that this idea has passed here on the blog by commenters, and at other places too.

I’ve been thinking about public hoaxes that have been pulled off during my lifetime, but there was a gigantic one that played out in the years before I was born, while dad was chauffeuring a general in the Philippines and playing clerk/typist in safety. It was called The Manhattan Project. It was an ‘eyes only’ affair that was gripped in military discipline and compartmentalization. Only a very few had a wider view of the whole project.

I had an uncle who was involved in Manhattan. He was a shop foreman for various workers at Hanford, Washington. (I’ll bet you thought I was going to say he did something really important. He did not.)

What was Manhattan about? Building the bomb, we are told. But readers here, and those who follow MM, might have serious doubts that this is the true purpose of the program. After all, we learned, various atomic tests were obvious fakes, using photography tricks to make the explosions, which were probably just stacks of TNT, look massive. But I think we can be certain that Manhattan was a huge sink for real money that could not openly be authorized for expenditure.

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The psychiatry of virology

I have a habit I’ve long practiced of, after reading a book and highlighting with 3M flags various passages, returning to those passages and transcribing them to Word files. My theory is that anything worthwhile in a book will catch my attention but not sink in, as too much information passes before my eyes while reading. On second visit, and reading the flagged passages aloud (using Dragon Naturally Speaking, a software program), I feel I have a better grasp and memory of it.

I started doing this years ago by hand, a tedious process that would leave me drained. Then a commenter in a private email mentioned the software. It is a godsend.

I read Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, flagged many passages, and then set it aside as I went off for my various surgeries, now complete. I set about to transcribe those passages some time back, and then yesterday sat down to complete the process. I had it in mind that Lobaczewski could explain the nature of the forces that have taken control of our world now, both via the Climatistas and Covidians. I think he does that, but his writing can be dense-packed, and even on second reading and transcription, I am not sure I grasped it.

Nonetheless, I am offering the rather long passage below the fold as something that really caught my eye today. I am thinking that if you read it and then insert “virologist” for “psychiatrist” and “virology” for “psychiatry”, that we will have a good notion of how that profession ended up being so corrupt. This would also apply to “climatology,” but that field is comprised of so many different disciplines (none of which are grasped by Climatistas) that it is better just to stick to virology.

(And anyway, Lobaczewski’s talk about how psychopaths are not, usually, the brightest lights on the Christmas tree, reminded me of Al Gore, whose two weakest subjects at Harvard (where he was a legacy) were science and math. Nonetheless, we are told by Wikipedia, Gore became and avid reader who “fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories.” I have no idea what that means, but have the impression on reading that passage and about his educational years that people were covering for his sorry ass. This would fit in with Lobaczewski’s thesis below,)

I warn you, Lobaczewski does not write for casual readers. Nonetheless, enjoy his writing below. (His first paragraph refers to his time in Poland when it was under domination by the Soviet Union. Thus references to meetings and’ the party.’)

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Me and Adolf share one thing, at least

I was born on April 20, 1950. It so happens that I share that birth date with Adolf Hitler. However, I doubt that is his real birthday. It just so happens that in a non-leap year, that day is the 110th of the year, or an expression of 11, a spook marker. I am thinking now I should also examine February 2, the 33rd day of the year, and of course March 11, an expression of 33 and the day the WHO declared the worldwide Covid pandemic. But for today, I will stick with April 20th. [Later insertion: March 3, maybe too obvious to use?] Given what we know about spook markers and fake events, I think it safe to say that any of the following events could be suspicious in nature. The only thing I am certain of is that I was born on that day. I have the paperwork to prove it … wait a minute, birth certificates can be forged. Never mind. I am a spook.

I left out all athletic events. It so happens that several major league baseball stadiums opened in that day, but the baseball season starts that time of year. Certain other events seemed real, such as a 2013 earthquake in China that killed 193 and injured 11,826 – those are not spooky numbers. [Later insertion: 11, 8 and 26 are 11 with two expressions of 8.] I would be curious, of course, if readers were to examine events on their own birthday, to learn if any other day in the year has as many suspicious occurrences. In the end, it could all be subjective thinking on my part, and the events could be natural and real.

You might say that I need to busy myself with more important affairs, and I would agree. I started out here with the idea that at age 71, I would list the major public hoaxes that have occurred in my lifetime. It seemed a tedious chore, and I got distracted. I may yet do that, as my feeling was that very little around us that qualifies as a public event is real.

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Friday finishers

I’ve been afk this week, I realize, hoping for inspiration. What follows is just a rundown of the things going on with me, of no particular interest to anyone, of course. If you had a blog, you could do this too! I urge you to make a blog. I’ll be happy to link to you.

Microsoft Edge: Now and then as I am working here on the desktop, I find that the path is unfamiliar and that I am logged out, for instance, of this blog. Then I utter the words under my breath “Goddamned Microsoft!” It was more than ten years ago that I switched over to Firefox from whatever browser Microsoft was offering then. I did so because the company back doors its whole application, tracks your activity, and looks for advertising opportunities, mostly. I am not doing anything subversive – in fact, I am an open book. I go to well-known websites, never look at anything pornographic (OK, I did watch Game of Thrones), and quickly get out of any application that might force me to look at advertising.

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Conversation overheard …

(People don’t seem to realize that mobile phones are also tracking and recording devices. Norm and Bob certainly didn’t.)

[Sound of a ring tone, theme from Walking Dead]

NM: Yeah, Norm here.

BS: Hey Norm! Bob Saget here.

NM: What the f###-? You’re not supposed to be calling me! Goddammit Bob, I’m dead!

BS: It’s OK, Norm. Can I call you Norm? You know, when you died, I claimed I was your best friend. You know, like Tony Orlando and Freddie Prinze.

NM: What the f###?

BS: You know Normie, Freddie Prinze, Chico and the Man, committed suicide at age 22, 1976. Is he there by chance? He’d be 67 now, almost your age. And mine.

NM: “Normie”? I’m Norm! We’re not friends! We’ve never been friends. I saw you go on news and YouTube and all that claiming we were best buds. That really annoyed me!

BS: Well, Normie, that’s show business. We’re all best buds. Is Freddie there?

NM: Why am I talking to you? I gotta hang up here. We never had this conversation. This gets out, your career is over. Got that?

BS: I’m dead too, Normie.

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An unsettling video

Note to readers: On further reflection after having published this piece, I urge all to take any assertions about vax lots with a huge grain of salt. I am not sure it means what I thought it meant on viewing the Cowan video.

The link below the fold here is to a video by Dr. Tom Cowan, and offered to me and others by Stephers. In it Dr. Cowan, reciting the work of others, shows that most adverse events from vaccines are sporadic, and confined to specific lots. Further, he says, the episodes wherein hundreds of events, including deaths, are confined to various lots, are seemingly spread out over 38 states, with twelve states apparently exempt from such fallout.

Link to Cowan video. It is 26 minutes. Since it is BitChute, I cannot reproduce it here.

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Moon landings again …

I have suggested to Petra that she review the work of Dave McGowan (fake death 11/22/15) called Wagging the Moondoggie. While a limited hangout, it is a fascinating one, easy reading and littered with humor. I want Petra to confront all aspects of the alleged hoax, and not just those few she selects. I am going to start out with a quote from Lyndon Johnson on leaving office,and prior to Apollo 11.  He apparently did not have a moon landing in his sights. 

“Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control Earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change the climates …”

McGowan mentions the moon landings being a cover story for other objectives only one other time in his 14-part series, in part one, saying “In truth, the entire space program has largely been, from its inception, little more than an elaborate cover for the research, development and deployment of space-based weaponry and surveillance systems. The media never talk about such things, of course, but government documents*make clear that the goals being pursued through space research are largely military in nature.” (*The link leads to a 404 NOT FOUND at this late date.)

So that is my primary point to make to Petra: The moon landings were misdirection. Something much bigger, more sinister and therefore more secretive was going on. They did not build the Saturn V rocket just to befuddle and dazzle us. Such technology as was under construction was ahead of its time, and probably in play now in our GPS world where we are all under surveillance at all times, where weather can be controlled, where Vancouver and Seattle can experience 100+ degree hot spells in their otherwise cool climate, where public health is subjected to Big Brother oversight. 

My objectives here are small, however. A list follows of points gathered on my third reading of McGowan. I ask Petra to address some of these points, maybe select just five. She has thus far narrowed the argument to two or three points she regards as pivotal (everyone here disagreeing on the “pivotal”). Time, Petra, to broaden your scope. These are points raised by McGowan, in his order.

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No is all we need

Guest Post by ScottRC

As a care provider for high-functioning disabled people, I workwith clients in their homes and am mostly unsupervised. One of my clients, concerned about ordinary sniffles, went to a convenience clinic for a covid test and received a “positive” result. My immediate supervisor texted me saying I needed to get tested too. I texted back a polite no. An hour later, the next-in-command texted me with the same message: I “needed” to get tested. My response was even more polite. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that.” At the time, I was at the client’s house, so I asked the supervisor if I needed to leave. I was prepared to get fired. He didn’t respond, but twenty minutes later, my immediate supervisor texted me on an unrelated matter, as if nothing had happened.

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The other shoe

Climate change has always been a Trojan Horse. This is easily seen by mere review if its “science,” none of it valid, no prediction made ever coming to reality. Further, it has achieved “consensus” by brute force. There are thousands of real scientists who know better about its nonsensical ideas, but who also know that if they speak up they will be cancelled. Climate change is totalitarianism. It cannot survive in an open and free environment of exchange of ideas. These people, the Michael Mann’s (“MM” = 1313, or 1133, surely a fake name) and Al Gore’s are sock puppets, the people behind them closeted. They know as much about climate as they do about representative government, which they label “democracy”.

There is a reason for brute force. Lacking hard data, lacking public support, they have to force their nonsensical ideas into place with a sledge hammer. They intend to impose totalitarian rule, the real objective. Climate is merely the stalking horse. These are fascists, communists, socialists, whatever “ist” you want to use. They are the public face of psychopathy, Lobaczewski’s “Ponerology”, or rule by evil forces, Mann’s “closeted friends.”

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