I came across an interesting couple of pages in Andrew Lobaczewski’s book Political Ponerology, two pages under the heading “Spellbinders.” I wrote a name by the heading, and I am betting that when I get to the end of this brief blog post, most of you will think of someone other than the name I wrote.

“Spellbinders are generally the carriers of various pathological factors, some characteropathies*, and some inherited anomalies. …

“Spellbinders are characterized by pathological egotism. Such a person is forced by some internal causes to make an early choice between two possibilities: the first is forcing other people to think and experience things in a manner similar to his own; the second is a feeling of being lonely and different, a pathological misfit in social life.”

“Triumphant repression of self-critical or unpleasant concepts from the field of consciousness gradually gives rise to the phenomena of conversive thinking, or paralogistics*, paramoralisms*, and the use of reversion blockades. They stream so profusely from the mind and mouth of the spellbinder that they flood the average person’s mind. Everything becomes subordinated to the spellbinder’s over-compensatory condition that they are exceptional, sometimes even messianic. An ideology emerges from this conviction, true in part, whose value is supposedly superior. However, if we analyze the exact functions of such an ideology in the spellbinder’s personality, we perceive that it is nothing other than a means of self-charming, useful for repressing those tormenting self-critical associations into the subconscious. The ideology’s instrumental role in influencing other people also serves the spellbinder’s needs. …

The spellbinder places on the high moral plane anyone who has succumbed to his influence and incorporated the experiential method he imposes.… Such activity is always necessarily characterized by the inability to foresee its final results, something obvious from the psychological point of view because substratum contains pathological phenomena, and both spellbinding and self-charming make it impossible to perceive reality accurately to foresee results logically. …

It is a characteristic phenomenon that a high IQ generally helps a person to be more immune to spellbinding activities only to a moderate degree. Actual differences in the formation of human attitudes to the influence of such activities should be attributed to other properties of human nature. The most decisive factor consuming a critical attitude is a good basic intelligence, which conditions our perception of psychological reality. We can also observe how a spellbinder’s activities “husk out” amenable individuals with an astonishing regularity. [Original emphasis]

I think, if you read those passages carefully, you’ll begin to sense the person I am talking about, especially the devoted, almost subservient following, and the word “messianic.” Spellbinders tend to develop a cult following, albeit small and relatively non-influential.

Have you figured out the name I wrote next to the heading for these two very interesting pages? If not, go beneath the fold for the big reveal.

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Lies and lying liars at NOAA

Several times a week I visit WUWT, or Watts Up With That, the amazing website run by meteorologist Anthony Watts. There he chronicles the entire Climate Change scam, naming names and calling out liars. They are all about, on a mission to distort reality for nefarious and vile purposes, which appear to be to impoverish us and reduce our numbers. The people behind climate change are criminals of historic stature. None can be trusted.

But I accept that about them, and I think as I read through WUWT that it is pointless to point out the lies and lying liars, as they know who they are and what they are doing. They are even rewarded. Take, for instance, David Viner, who laughably predicted in the year 2000 that Great Brittan had seen the last of this thing we call “snow.” It isn’t just stupid junk science and openly wrong, but also note that Viner is impermeable to any career damage caused by his own bad science. Here’s from his CV:

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The problem of Kary Mullis

Two days ago we received the following comment from Beata:

You are the first person I came across who suggested that Mullis probably met with an untimely demise. I thought about it soon after the PCR tests became the gold standard of covid diagnosis. My intuition told me that they got rid of him because he would talk and their entire scam would have been uncovered too soon to take hold.

It is probably not wise to make conjectures based on no evidence, or flimsy evidence, and I certainly have none to back up my suspicion that Mullis was murdered. I have only this: In the AIDS debate he was a turd in the punch bowl. He comes off as an honest, if somewhat odd man, kind of a Doc Brown of chemistry. He could easily be ridiculed and marginalized if he had not invented PCR and won a Nobel Prize for it (along with Michael Smith). He had gravitas.

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Clearcuts, logging roads, grizzly bears and fake capitalism don’t mix

In early August, I drove from Bozeman to Missoula, Montana to attend a federal court hearing before Magistrate DeSoto. I’ve been at many hearings over the almost four decades of fighting to protect native fish and wildlife habitat on public land managed by the U.S. Forest Service-USDA. As so often is the case, our (plaintiffs) argument centered around the ill effects of roads and clear-cut logging on elk and grizzly bear populations. Because there are no laws to protect most animal species that live in national forests, the elk and bears serve as proxies in many of these court battles.  Our dependence on machines and capitalism are the primary underlying obstacles preventing proper consideration for all lifeforms when forest management decisions are made.  This is my opinion. I am not a scientist, journalist or lawyer.

There aren’t many journalists that cover these hearings, so I’ll simply suggest reading Laura Lunquist’s excellent article explaining the details of the case.   https://missoulacurrent.com/outdoors/2021/10/judges-ninemile-lolo/

My friend and colleague, Mike Garrity is quoted in the article expressing our frustration at the serial lawbreaking: 

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Pssst – the PCR test is fake!

I’ve spent a great deal of time between January of 2020 and now trying to understand the PCR process. I know in my family’s experience that PCR released a man who spent 15 years in prison, wrongfully accused, and got him a $3.5 million settlement from the State of Montana not for wrongful prosecution, but rather for malicious prosecution, that is, the people who framed him knew he was innocent. PCR set him free.  It took samples from the crime scene and compared them to the man in prison, and found them to be from different people.

PCR also found the guilty party, a man arrested on drug charges who plea bargained and agreed to submit DNA as part of that bargain. His DNA matched that at the crime scene, concluding that that man, and no one else on this planet, was at the crime scene that night. He walked free due to statute of limitations. Other criminals were involved as well, who walked free on statute, certain people who remained silent knowing the man in the first paragraph above was innocent. So it goes.

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One-World Scientism and its “Trust the Science” Refrain

“It’s no surprise that modern civilization, intellectually based on a fool’s version of ‘science,’ has built science as a new religion, with all the restrictions that organized religions have enforced . . . Talking news heads are feeding the population fast-food COVID science—a manufactured product consisting of synthetic bullshit about cases, deaths, the virus, the vaccine. It’s cardboard. And no dissenters allowed.”

Jon Rappoport, September 28, 2021

Dangerous speech verses free speech mobs of ignoramuses

Collectively (POM writers and commenters), we have analyzed and decoded this long-running, persistent, and egregious event called “COVID.” While a daunting task, there is some unique allure that draws us in, and very strangely, excites us. Before I get judged or berated, please allow me to define “excite” in the way I perceive it. 

Let’s look at the Merriam-Webster definition of excite:

Definition of excite:

1 ato call to activity 

b : to rouse to an emotional response

cto arouse (something, such as a strong emotional response) by appropriate stimuli


3 : to increase the activity of (something, such as a living organism) : STIMULATE

Would you agree that this definition of excite describes what you have exhibited since March 2020? In other words, have you been provoked or have you intensified your emotional response consistently over the past 18 months? I have. I readily admit to this. I also think we can agree that we have not been excited in a positive way.

Most human beings are naturally sensation-seeking, or excitement-seeking. Essentially, it may be an innate trait to desire novel experiences. Perhaps it is our brains that motivate us to want to cultivate new and unfamiliar circumstances, despite the fear and anxiety that typically accompanies them. My sense is this drive for excitement resides much deeper than our brains; it’s wired into the very consciousness that informs us — in order to provide opportunities for growth and evolution.

Why am I leading with this? Well, because the spell-binding and mind-blinding phenomenon we have observed since this operation began may be summed up in one word, excitement. Can you see what I am getting at? I am attempting to describe how the masses are actually excited by this induced trauma. I would go even further, and propose that the hypnotized populace is possibly being pulsed with external electromagnetic fields (through computer monitors, smart devices, and televisions) aimed to stimulate and accentuate excitation and sensory resonance.

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Mirrors in short supply

I was at an afternoon gathering a couple of weeks ago, people my age, a very nice group. I interacted with a woman who wanted to speak with me in person, and who had read the blog. I had a sense of foreboding, and saved the conversation until later in the event, not too long before we left. To my surprise, this woman was highly complimentary of me, the blog, the writers and commenters here, and so stated before a group of five or so spectators seated around a table. As conversation proceeded, I described the process by which virologists “isolate” the specks of cell debris they study, always challenged to remember terms like monkey kidney and bovine, but I said to the the table at large that virologists do not do credible work. I did not say what was on the tip of my tongue, “pseudo” or junk science.

A man at the other end of the table said he has a friend who is a virologist, and was going to run my words past him.  What, I was asked, would be his reaction? I said he might be coming to my house with a bomb. That produced laughter, eased tensions somewhat, and ended the conversation.

I have been saying since March 11, 2020 that there is no virus. How do I know this? It is simple. They don’t need a virus, real, fake, or even allowed to escape from a Wuhan laboratory. They have all of the tools they need to simulate a virus, including a weak-kneed and compliant news media and virologists trained in the art of fooling themselves. [Not to mention the completely fake PCR test.] The rest is done by seeding the popular imagination with tales of sick and dying people and fake death numbers provided by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, two very corrupt organizations run by psychopathic monsters. This whole pandemic, long planned, centered on devices and tricks to convince the public of a virus, like masks and social distancing. Lockdowns (which never affected me personally – I simply refused to participate) isolate people with their televisions and phones and pads, and allowed the news media to saturate their brains with fear and propaganda.

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On hating people, punishing goodness, you know, Fauci-type stuff

“Evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.” (Dark Helmet, Spaceballs (1987 Mel Brooks movie)

Beneath the fold here, for those of that kind of bent, is a musical piece, Opus 84 by Ludwig Van Beethoven, otherwise known as Egmont. It is the overture only, about eleven minutes. We were just listening to it today as we traveled up into the hills to view the change of colors.

Egmont is based on a play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of the same name. The reason I bring it here is not to go all hoity toity on you, but rather because I read the play some time back, and can only now place it in perspective.

In the play, Lamoral, Count of Egmont, is introduced to us via his aides, making decisions that affect the people he governs. He is eminently generous, kind, and fair. When it is suggested to him, for instance, that he can raise additional needed revenue by taxing pensioners, he notes that pensioners probably have more need for the money than him. These words, to my knowledge, have never been uttered in real life by any taxing authority anywhere.

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MM Mailing it in

On September 26 Miles W. Mathis linked us to a piece called 30 Facts You Need to Know: Your Covid Cribsheet. It is originally posted at OffGuardian. It is a nice little compendium of things that have been discussed here and elsewhere for months, but it is also troubling. Here are some of the 30 Facts:

1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%. Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, that the vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid.

3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated. Countries around the globe have been defining a “Covid death” as a “death by any cause within 28/30/60 days of a positive test”. Removing any distinction between dying of Covid, and dying of something else after testing positive for Covid will naturally lead to over-counting of “Covid deaths”. British pathologist Dr John Lee was warning of this “substantial over-estimate” as early as last spring. Other mainstream sources have reported it, too.

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Sunday sidebar

A courageous act

Travis Mateer (aka the poet Willilam Skink) did something very courageous and, in my mind, perfectly logical. There was a pro-abortion gathering on the courthouse lawn in Missoula, Montana, where he lives. With a megaphone, no less, he asked the gathering if they also supported his right not to be vaccinated, our bodies, our temples, all of that.

They do not. Read the short piece, Their Body and Their Hypocritical Choice, if you get a chance. He closes out with some justified righteous indignation.

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