The Crown and more…

Take a listen before this interview is taken down.

As requested in the comments section lately, I am a personal friend of Dean’s and know him as a man of high moral character and exceptional talent. If you want to criticize — and we’re loaded with critics these days — I kindly ask that you try to avoid the most common logical fallacy tactics and get right to the content or position that’s chafing your behind.

If you want to know more about the powers vested in the Crown and City of London and how it ties directly to our present condition, I welcome you to take a few minutes to take a hard look at the evidence presented. I’ll keep this short, so enjoy.

Dealing with a psychopath

Bide 3In a comment below I went off on Joe Biden, calling him a psychopath. I was waxing profound, I suppose, but the truth is I have no way of knowing this about Biden without getting close to him. All that I know is this: He creeps me out. The man to the right does not look at all 77 years of age. Further, I know he was balding as a young man, and had hair plugs inserted, and they were obvious. All in all, I take the current version of Joe Biden to be an extreme makeover. Look at the youthful skin! He must be subject to treatments to keep him that young, as makeup can only do so much. He doesn’t even have crow’s feet. I can only surmise that he does not partake in regular American allopathic medicine.

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Corbett strikes at “the root” of evil.

“We are being asked to accept this abrogation of our most precious freedoms, including our freedom to travel, our freedom of association and assembly, our freedom from arbitrary detention within the walls of our own home, our freedom of privacy in transaction and interaction, and other hard-fought freedoms that were purchased at the price of our forefathers’ blood, on the basis of a novel coronavirus that is presenting a novel, existential threat to humanity that has never before existed.

But that, of course, is a lie. Because every single flu season for your entire life there have been such hypothetical chains of infection that have taken place. And I have no doubt—let’s put it on the table—I have no doubt that there is someone listening to my words right now who has been involved in some chain of infection that has ended up in some immune-compromised person dying.

Never before has that person had to think of themselves as a murderer, let alone lock themselves within the confines of their own home to prevent such a murder from ever taking place again. But that is what we are being asked to accept right now.

And I want this out on the table.”

Remember, silence is consent. So, if you are one, like I am, who is not willing to give up God-given (“negative rights”) rights for some fake virus and new, digital slave system totally dependent on government orders, however idiotic and evil, draw your line in the sand and do not cross it. Speak out now. Speak truth to power. Just say no.

Jon Rappoport nails it

I’ve been following Jon Rappoport for years. His work on the scamdemic has been outstanding, and today he offered up a post that neatly summarized what I (and Stephers) have thought from the beginning – there is not now nor has there ever been … a virus. They made the whole thing up, and are using the PCR machine as a testing device because it can be depended on to turn up false positives.

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Shut up, lock-down, wear a mask, or….. Watch This!

Please, help spread this knowledge. It’s free. Warning!!! You will learn things you did not know.

Clint has produced a new, 10-hour documentary on the war on Nature — weapons are pointed at YOU! “Scientism” is exposed. Time to act! It’s now, or never.

Must watch.

steve kelly, bozeman, October 21, 2020

Holographic Cosmos, Local Simulation: A Bridge Hypothesis

By posting this, I hope to explain my working hypothesis for all kinds of space-related anomalies and craft a cohesive model for our perceived reality. This hypothesis could be considered a bridge between generic space fakery theory and Flat Earth theory. I do not believe that the Earth is flat…but if you are a Flat Earther, I encourage you to read on.

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The Defense is Rwaawwng

Since this pandemic narrative began, I have imagined a scenario in which the alleged virus had its day in court. In this instance, I pondered that the case of a novel virus causing a widespread disease did not “hold water.”

When I watched this recent discussion from October 14 between Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon regarding the sloppy science and trickery amidst this pandemic myth, I had a “positraction” moment. I could not help but envision the iconic film clip from “My Cousin Vinny,” that made the word “positraction” famous. (1) I suggest watching Dr. Cowan first (from the 7:30 timestamp to the 12:25 timestamp), and then for fun, watch Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito (see the linked video above). So classic.

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Quixotic but nonetheless satisfying …

In recent days I have witnessed the following:

  • A youth hockey tournament that was to take place in Aspen, Colorado, was cancelled by, I assume, the Pitkin County health department.
  • Our fellow writer Steve Kelly pointed out that medical people think that skiing should be cancelled due to gatherings in buildings around ski resorts leading to transmission of the supposed virus.
  • A sign in the gym where I work out warned all members to wear masks, otherwise “the county will shut us down.”

This is fascism, as Steve noted in the title to his piece.

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Medical fascists attack skiers for having way too much fun.

Exploring the steep and deep.

Nerd/nərd/noun: a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

There must be no real joy in the fields of medicine or medical research. I have expressed my gut feeling before that the fascist nerds controlling this psyop seek revenge on the non-nerd population for being hazed and belittled in school and in homes with multiple siblings. Sports and music events and other popular social gathering places like bars, restaurants, and political rallies seem to piss off the “white-coats” more than other activities. Skiing in now in the cross-hairs. Not many nerds out on the slopes craving that sensation of floating in bottomless powder (pow) or feeling “the need for speed.” How insensitive? How long should this bullshit go on?

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