“In short, the whole business of creating psychiatric categories of ‘disease,’ formalizing them with consensus, and subsequently ascribing diagnostic codes to them, which in turn leads to their use for insurance billing, is nothing but an extended racket furnishing psychiatry a pseudo-scientific aura. The perpetrators are, of course, feeding at the public trough.” (Dr. Thomas Dorman, a member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom and Canada)

I just got done with Pseudoscience: Psychiatry’s False Diagnoses. It is a 30-page report, meaning that anyone diagnosed with “ADD” (Attention Deficit Disorder”) or “ADHD” (add “Hyperactive”) will not have the necessary attention span to get through. That’s too bad, since these folks have been diagnosed (and likely drugged) for something that does not even exist.

Statistics show that 6.4 million of our kids have this “disorder,” and the psychiatrists do not stop there – they say if the kids have it, the parents probably do too.

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San Francisco, CA – On Monday, April 17th the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Plaintiff’s emergency motion requesting injunctive relief – access to Montana’s May 25 Special Election ballot for U.S. Representative.

Today, in response to the ruling, Montana Green Party candidate, Thomas Breck, and Independent candidates Steve Kelly and Doug Campbell, will continue to fight to get on the ballot.  Plaintiffs filed an emergency application for an injunction at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).
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Identity fraud

AAA Lineup

The progression of personalities through the various mediums has been an ongoing subject of interest on this blog. People, Intelligence assets it appears, or perhaps just members of privileged bloodlines, are given an assignment, for instance, to be a musician. They are given fame and record deals and concert dates. From the outside looking in they appear to be a natural phenomenon. Then, for various reasons (unsustainable career, lack of talent, need to promote new acts, or merely to capitalize on record sales) they fake their deaths. Often they disappear from public view forever, as did Karen Carpenter, John Denver, Prince, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

But just as often, we have noticed at this blog, they reappear. Most often they go into the “news” business, or use of a fake but trustworthy persona to disseminate false information. Such people often guard the exits, as with Brandon DeWilde becoming “Thom Hartmann” and Janis Joplin twins becoming “Amy Goodman.” These are “lifetime actors” … that is, they will never reveal to anyone their secret or their real identity. They are permanently frozen in their fake identities.

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There is no “tax and spend.”

Not long ago I read William Greider’s Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Count­ry (1989). I had read it in the early 1990s, but really didn’t fully understand the story’s implications at that time. Hard to say why I missed some really solid connections to the power of money, the power of the Federal Reserve, and the half-truths and outright lies that many of us have lived with for generations.  We’ve all heard it from politicians and talking heads on the TV. “Well, how are we going to pay for that?”  “You’ll have to raise taxes.” After a second thought, here’s my take on it.
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JFKTV: Segment Eight

Political Hallucinogens

If JFK was ticketed for an early exit, what was the point of his election at all? His chief rival Richard Nixon was eventually installed, so why didn’t the powers that be just install Nixon in 1960? Why wait eight years?

One reason to delay Nixon was that although he was portrayed as electable given how close the votes were reported to be, he also came with a pile of suspicious baggage gathered during his time as Vice President under President Eisenhower. To let Nixon cool his heels for a time would allow the air to clear somewhat. He was destined to be used as a lightning rod of division and his personality was more conducive to riding herd over the systematic dismantling of the culture when the time came. A Nixon implosion in, say, 1966 would be too early to fully decimate the old values that the licentiousness of “the sixties” was to replace. By the time he did implode, the Vietnam War he was ordered to expand and continue as long as possible, as well as the complete breakdown of the family structure that came in the wake of the propagation of the sex, drug, and rock and roll lifestyle, his collapse took the integrity of the government down with him and with that the last signpost that anyone could measure their own civic obligations by crumbled to dust.

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Magic markers …

I got into a debate over at the Beatles Never Existed blog and posted some of our evidence about Bill Hicks becoming Alex Jones, or at least links to it. I find it interesting how I am immediately suspected of being disinfo, of deliberately planting lies. This is a universal problem, as so many of the supposed truthers out there are in fact disinfo agents. The obvious ones are Dallas Goldbug, Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, Crrow777, and some less so. I think sometimes that anyone who has a forum is disinfo. The ones who are real … we don’t hear too much about.

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The magic bulldozer

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful man in that state, one whom most Montanans do not know. His name is Dennis Washington.

delete meThe governor of Montana is Steve Bullock. He’s kind of nothing, as seen in his very busy Facebook page, headed by the photo seen above. It’s fairly typical of the hogwash surrounding politicians, pimping their families. This is a professional and very fake photo, the governor and child to the right seemingly not subject to the same lighting as the others. They are seated quite a distance from the fire, judging by their size, but only a few feet judging by the ground under their feet.

It’s all fake, and I don’t care. The fire itself is a Photoshop effect. Maybe his family is fake too, since he was apparently not at this particular photo-shoot. Bullock is a Democrat twice elected now in this very right-wing state, just another indication that elections are fake. His personal convictions probably range from “I’ve got these lines to read here” to “I’d better smile and be genuine for this here staged event.” That’s just how politics works.

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Blog notes, welcome Steve

I am experiencing something that all CPAs know about … spring. I don’t do near the volume of work I once did, but even so have been bogged down in accounting-style work lately. But it is done now, and the weather outside is nice, the place is greening up, the smell of the mountains is intoxicating. Every CPA in the country is having similar feelings now, even those in the boroughs of New York. It’s almost over, for a year anyway. It is spring.

I have been feeling new energy, and want to get back into the work we were doing before the Mathis attack, before we lost Straight. I still have off to the side here the lists we were working on of potential candidates for fake death and reincarnation, lifetime actors as they call them over at Gnostic Media, or “Zombies.” This is the work that draws the most skepticism from readers, and the work that convinced me that this world just isn’t what we think it is. As the bumper stick says, everything we know is wrong.

I have a couple of matters to clear off the platter, and then will dive in again, re-examining old work with better technology and bringing some new stuff to light.

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We know that Sharon Tate did not die that night, but was she even pregnant?


A remarkable set of photos were taken of actress Sharon Tate prior to her alleged death on August 9, 1969. These photos bear closer scrutiny, but first some more basic questioning of assumptions. And please be advised that if you click to go beneath the fold, there will be one gory photo, a fake one, but gory.

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Kendall Jenner: A big nothing

AB over at Fakeologist is kind enough now and then to highlight some of our work here, and I merely wanted to return the favor. His piece, Kendall Jenner media storm caught my eye, and watching the Pepsi commercial in the linked Toronto Sun piece absolutely freaked me. It is loaded with visual and musical subliminal imagery. I would take time here to analyze the commercial in detail, but two things stop me: One, it is a commercial and so is insidious propaganda to begin with, and two, it is Pepsi, which I regard to be a poison.

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