When unspoken is best left that way

“But if I really say it,
The radio won’t play it,
Unless I lay it between the lines.”
(Dave Dixon, Noel Paul Stookey, James Mason, “I Did Rock and Roll Music,” Performed by Peter, Paul and Mary)

The above lamentation is from a song from the early 1970s that has not weathered well. Artists named in it, Donovan, the Mamas and Papas, are relegated now to “oldies” radio stations. Those are disappearing now, along with the listeners.

There was pressure during that time to be free of censorship, usually concerning sex. In fact, there was a group from that time period, The Fugs, that simply bypassed the censors and let fly with masterpieces such as “Boobs a Lot” and “I Feel Like Homemade Shit.” We can easily see here how censorship restrained profound artistic expression.

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Mackinac Machinations?

Mark’s recent post, Fake events of my lifetime, got me thinking: what news stories of the past left me feeling … unconvinced? A certain incident immediately popped into mind. Either I am an insensitive lout who is pitilessly digging up a family’s grief, or I have put my finger on an old school hoax—one from the days before cellphone videos and crisis actors. You help decide …

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Smedley Butler, call your office. Someone is on to you …

The Bogus Business Plot: Part 2: Smedley Butler, The Lying Quaker

The revered general who saved FDR from Wall Street takes a pounding as Josh undresses him in Part Two of his essay. Butler, like John F. Kennedy,  John McCain, John Kerry and others who came to prominence via military heroism, turns out to be a paper tiger whose exploits were phony.

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Calcified lies

This link is to a rather long piece at the website Calcified Lies. The reading was, for me, difficult, and I intend to take another shot at it.It was supplied to us by [Annette and then] Inside Baseball under the Boston Marathon post below.

I was unable to find the name of the author.

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Boston Marathon, nodisinfo.com, Dave McGowan and limited hangouts

The website nodisinfo.com is not listed in the blogroll on the right, nor will it be any time soon. I do not know what to make of it. I first ran across it when I began looking into the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax. It was there I first encountered clear color photos of the actors in the Marathon bombing, such as the one below.


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Recommended reading: Faith Dealers

“Kevin,” in the past has spent tedious and long hours investigating the background of celebrities. This link takes you to the first of four papers in that series. (Hint: no one gets famous on talent alone, and often enough talent is not even a requirement. Right, Damon? Affleck?

He turns his sights now on a rich vein for exploration, evangelists, faith healers, preachers. The paper is called Faith Dealers, and I hope more research follows. In this first segment he takes down a woman who held me enthralled until her highly improbable (and likely fake) death on 12/25/2015 – Dorothy M. Murdock, or Acharya S. It turns out she’s part of the peerage, just another a spook. I always found her writing tedious and over-referenced, and now I know why – it was committee work. She was just a front for another Intelligence operation.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Conclusion)

How did they pull it off?

  • In the 28-second video above, note how the evacuation of the cafeteria is so blurry that no faces can be made out. Also, it is very hard to make out faces of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the cafeteria. In fact, at 24 seconds, if you can freeze it there, see if you agree that Klebold’s face has been blurred. Harris, on the other hand, usually has his back to us.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part six)

Bowling for Columbine

This movie helped me realize that Michael Moore, film maker, is a spook and complete fraud. I watched it many years ago, and assumed it was a plea for gun control. Only later do I understand, thanks to the good company I keep here at this blog in the other writers and commenters, that each attempt to promote gun control results in a surge in gun sales. That is probably the objective. Even if armed, the American population in its deeply ignorant state is easily managed and presents no threat to the state.

As for the movie, as I moved from scene to scene, I slowly began to understand Moore’s technique: Staged ambushes. Every scene is contrived, and every participant in the movie knows it. I have seen his other movies, and won’t see them again. But if B4C is contrived top to bottom and end to end, so too must be the others. After all, how else did Moore gain access to the mainstream if not himself a spook?

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part five)

At the end of part four of this series, our heroes Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had entered the school library. They did so at 11:29, a spook number (yet another way of writing “11” twice or “11” and “911”, which tells the entire world community of spooks, Freemasons, intelligence operatives and wealthy scions with inside connections that the event is fake.)

The scale of this event is breathtaking. As I have worked on it these past weeks I have felt over-matched. Just as with 911 itself, the amount of planning, the actors involved on low and high levels, the cooperation of the media and law enforcement is intimidating. No one will believe this. Or, as skeptics are so proud of saying, “Someone would have talked.”

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part four)

Patrick Ireland escape 2

The above image, Patrick Ireland being rescued by two SWAT Team members, is iconic. Ireland was hit by a shotgun blast, and suffered injuries to his head and foot. He was said to have lain unconscious for over two hours after his injury. Keep in mind that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had commenced their rampage at 11:19, and committed suicide within a few feet of Ireland at 12:08. Spook numbers book-ended the Columbine Massacre. (Photo credit: ABC News.)

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