The Power of Propaganda

The power of propaganda is  to make something of nothing, but to do it so well that it puts people in a state of fear and keeps them there. I’ve been around a long time, maybe not as long as Clint Eastwood, and it has been going on my entire life. Covid is just the latest episode of a propaganda power play, well thought out years in advance and designed to scare the bejesus out of everyone. I was aghast at how much planning went into that scam. That’s well known to readers here.

Climate Change is just a little but short of Covid power, and, like Covid, is absolutely based on nothing. I tell people all they have to do is stick their heads outside and look around and see that nothing is changing. But they do not listen, and anyway do not think their own thoughts. They believe in “experts.” The fear agitprop about climate has been going on since the late 1980s. To date, not one prediction made by any climate scientist or agent has come to fruition. It is simply stunning … the results they can achieve with televised news and fake science over real evidence.

I am writing this in order to demonstrate the power of honest information. I just got back from my daily tour of Watts Up With That, Anthony Watts’ web page, probably the most read climate science blog on the planet. He puts out an amazing amount of material, and has been at it for years. Today as I read I saw four really important articles right on the front page. So I am providing links, just for the hell of it during my period of self-quarantine leading up to very minor surgery on Thursday. I took a PSA test yesterday at 9AM, and by 8PM last night had the result, negative. I was far more worried about that than a hernia. Anyway, I ramble.

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Friday tidbits

Stephers puts so much effort into per posts, giving them a long-lasting quality. They are still drawing comments months after posting. When she called her most recent “Part 10 of 10” I was somewhat concerned that she would not be writing anymore. However, she says that she is not done, just done with that particular series. She has much to offer, and will continue to write. For that I am thankful. Continue reading “Friday tidbits”

Part 10: mRNA Mavericks and Everyware ~ Re-assembling Life via Ribocomputing

An Inconvenient Truth About COVID Injections

Part 10 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

“Of all the new frontiers opening up for computation, perhaps the most startling is that of the human body. As both a rich source of information in itself and the vehicle by which we experience the world, it was probably inevitable that sooner or later somebody would think to reconsider it as just another kind of networked resource . . . The motivations for wanting to do so are many; to leverage the body as a platform for mobile services; to register its position in space and time; to garner information that can be used to tailor the provision of other local services, like environmental controls; and to gain accurate and timely knowledge of the living body, in all the occult complexity of its inner workings . . . In every moment of our lives, the rhythm of the heartbeat, the chemistry of the blood, even the electrical conductivity of the skin are changing in response to [the] evolving physical, situational, and emotional environment. If you were somehow able to capture and interpret these signals, though, all manner of good could come from it . . . Doctors could easily verify their patients’ compliance with a prescribed regimen of pharmaceutical treatment or prophylaxis; a wide variety of otherwise dangerous conditions, caught early enough, might yield to timely intervention . . . The information is there; all that remains is to collect it. Ideally, this means getting a data-gathering device that does not call undue attention to itself into intimate proximity with the body, over reasonably long stretches of time.” (p. 48-49)

~ Adam Greenfield, author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing 

This is the final installment of a series I launched in December 2020 (see Endnote 1). Although I had intended to wrap up this series with a concentrated focus on transhumanism, given this topic saturation on the airwaves (see links in Endnote 2), I would like to circle back to what I touched upon (Singapore as a bioengineering propagator worldwide) in the Prologue and Part 1, and to which I promised I would return.

A Brief mRNA Refresher

In 2018, Moderna President, Stephen Hoge, stated, “Why are we so passionate about messenger RNA? . . . It starts with the question of life . . . And in fact, all life that we know flows through messenger RNA . . . In our language, mRNA is the software of life.” He elaborated that cells use messenger RNA (mRNA) to translate the genes of DNA into “dynamic” proteins, involved in every bodily function. 

Theoretically, mRNA prompts proteins to be made in our bodies — thereby placing drug factories inside us. In a 2018 interview with C&EN, Moderna’s Hoge asserted, “You could ultimately use mRNA to express any protein and perhaps treat almost any disease . . . It is almost limitless what it can do.”

According to pharmaceutical giant GSK — which, like Moderna, also manufactures vaccines based on mRNA technology — messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) is a biological molecule that is naturally produced in human cells and carries genetic code for the cells to produce proteins. The company purports that synthetic mRNA vaccine technology is a new platform for vaccines — which will disrupt the field of vaccinology. 

mRNA Mavericks in Singapore

For the record, I was not avoiding the most commonly discussed topic when it comes to the COVID injections — that of mRNA. Rather, I intended to complete this exploratory journey with discourse of mRNA, in my unique way, and I appreciate the patience exhibited by POM readers. 

As I implied in my Prologue, the task of penning this series was to examine what I referred to as the “alchemical marriage of synthetic biology and COVID,” and to provide evidence that biotech tinkerers were re-imagining humanity in a quest for re-genesis. I suspected early on that the impending injections would not only be mandated, but would represent a covert method of re-assembling nature, thereby possibly re-defining what it means to be “human.” COVID was simply a commercialized catalyst — akin to a pitch deck — in marketing advanced technologies that were waiting in the wings, with mRNA playing a pivotal role. My guess is . . . we have not seen anything yet — at least in terms of where they intend to take a human being. 

In reference to the slogan of the Great Reset — build back better — I posed the question, “Could building back — using a plethora of genetic modification projects — be a means to a dead end of humanity, and worse, to biological life itself?” I return to this question in this final installment, and to individuals who may have played (or continue to play) a central role in human genetic modification; and thus, may be considered progenitors of synthetic (or re-assembled) humanity, or perhaps may be more aptly termed “re-genitors.” 

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Norm MacDonald is gone

I love comedy and good comedians. It is a terribly difficult profession, and those who succeed usually have years of struggle under their belt. The funniest man of my lifetime, and it is always subjective, was Mel Brooks. He was famous in years before I came of age for being the 2000 year old man, interviewed by Carl Reiner. Comedy is subjective, as I said, and I never found that bit funny. But Blazing Saddles? Hilarious! Brooks seemed to thrive in visual medium, as with Space Balls where, when teleported from one room to another, looked down and found his ass was on the front instead of the back. He chided his staff for not telling him how big it was.

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The lighter side

Since the last post might appear to be a personal attack on Big Swede, who came here to attack us, I thought it best to maybe put up something quick and let it fall into the background. I am currently involved in going through old photos, reasons for that I won’t discuss, but nonetheless fun. My wife and I are in our 27th year, and it has been unending adventure. I spent part of today looking for a photo of me in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, where we crossed a stream that had a bridge, but it had collapsed. She took the photo as I hopped over without going in. I think I have lost the photo, from the 90s, when everything was still film. I had written on the back of the photo the caption beneath the photo which I dredged up on the Internet today, a foot bridge that had collapsed in Prague. It is my sense of humor, take it or leave it.

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An infrequent Swede visitation

Ideas for blog posts are infrequent.  I think of it as sitting in the woods passively observing, when a rabbit runs by. I had no idea last evening that a rabbit was on the way to this blog in the form of a Montana man I’ve known (via the blog) for years, Big Swede. He dropped in to insult us, and indeed he can be infuriating because he does not read. Therefore, he gets to lay his business on us, and anything said in return will bounce off, unread.

His first comment was to deliver a video to “… all you deep thinking intellectuals who hang out here.” It was the video I offer below.

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Taking the red pill express

Long ago I came across the term “ponerology,” or study of evil in politics. I thought maybe I had read a book by Andrzej Łobaczewski by the name of “Political Ponerology,” but I do not have the book on hand and have no notes about it. Reading reviews at Amazon, many people found the book, translated from Polish, to be dense and poorly written. Maybe that is why I do not have it, as my memory says I once did. Maybe it was too much for me.

Nonetheless, krogers in a comment links us to this article from State of the Nation, Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism by James Lindsay. Ponerology is in the subtitle. It is long (17 pages in Word) and challenging, and took me well over an hour to read. He introduces terms like “pseudo-reality,” or false and unreal constructions that are introduced into our lives by people of evil intent, psychopaths who have nothing but schemes to acquire power and control. Right away I thought of two schemes of that nature: Climate Change and Covid. I found the whole of the article easier to grasp by thinking in terms of Climate Change, a pseudo-reality constructed by hack and quack scientists and designed to change the way we live, travel, and enjoy life. But it all applies as well to Covid.

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The fact-free zone

We once had an encounter with a lady, a naturalist or something like that, who makes her living taking photos and identifying and classifying plants and animals. She was on our property for a couple of hours, and at one point mentioned how windmills are helping us in the Climate Change crisis. I could not let it go, and said that windmills were, in my view, medieval technology, harmful to wildlife, and unable to supply our energy needs. She mentioned then how it was a hard choice, but a choice that had to be made. I left to get her some statistics on the greening effect of CO2 in the atmosphere, and while I was gone, she told my wife that I had no idea how hard she studies these issues.  On my return I told her I would forward the data via email.

She continued her hard line, saying that Siberia was being devastated by Climate Change. She is fact-free, knows nothing about Siberia, and does not study these matters. Otherwise, evidence would force her to change her mind.

In the video beneath the fold, Kevin Walling is challenged, point blank, to supply hard data regarding hurricanes and deaths, along with any other issue related to Climate Change. He does nothing of the sort, instead citing “common sense” and that “the public believes.” Marc Morano sets him straight, not that Walling can hear. I love the moderator’s closing words to Walling about science … “Try it sometime.” It’s a short clip, enjoyable. Walling cannot disguise his contempt in his facial expression.

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The Delta Crusaders

I encountered my dentist yesterday at the grocery store, or I should say, my former dentist. I’ve not seen him for a year and a half. He requires everyone to wear a mask, which I find undignified. (I also pee standing up.) We chatted and for some reason he mentioned how awful the news is these days. Then he said “You don’t watch news, do you?” “No,” I said, “never.” I did tell him I knew about the flooding on the east coast, but whatever else has him all depressed I know nothing about. I know there is some psyop going on in Afghanistan, and that California is on fire. (California has a long history of fire suppression, so that when it burns, it burns big. And, of course, I would not put it past Climate Change fanatics to set fires.) Also, I saw on separate screens in the gym (different news outlets) this morning something about a lawyer in South Carolina who was murdered – that story also has a psyop feel about it.

I have noticed that mask wearing is on the rise, maybe half of those I saw yesterday at the store. And I know that would be attributable to what they are calling the “Delta Variant.” Jon Rappoport, always a go-to for me, writes today how there is no test that can distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and Delta, and legally anyway laboratories are not allowed to report to you on Delta. (Link.) Jon has the same problem as we all do when he writes about this stuff: He has to enter the world of the surreal to get into the minds of ordinary people and government officials who believe in and who spin this nonsense. Jon knows that there is no SARS-CoV-2, so that the Delta Variant is another angel on the head of a pin.

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