GMO Plantations are NOT Forests

I cannot play the video without the link to the organization(s) who produced it — so they can use it to make more money, grow more staff and send emails to unsuspecting contributors. They probably sell their mailing list to Democrats too. It’s a good video if one can ignore all the crap surrounding it.

More evil from the evil bastards.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. This video has all the important points covered in triplicate. Evil exists in most forms of commerce and trade. The planet, and everything living on it is under attack. This is how far it has come. How far it goes is up to all of us.

Do not consent. Do not remain silent. Do something, however small to thwart these evil bastards.

Blue and Yellow make Green

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Green New Deal

Wall Street Democrats (“Blue”) and “Environmental NGOs” who act green in name only (“Yellow”) have been conspiring to kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution for decades now. Nothing has changed. Global mega-banks continue to trade “green stocks” just like any other stock, bond, commodity or synthetic instrument.

A pic is worth 1,000 words.

Any organization with a large annual budget — let’s use $1 million as a rough figure — is in on the scam. Most, if not all, of these fake environmental corporations, fake hunting advocacy groups, fake “conservation” organizations, are extensions of the Democratic Party. They all collaborate with the destroyers of planet earth. They all have made their “deal with the Devil.”

Climate is the umbrella under which most of the new propaganda is generated. Fear is the emotional touch-tone used to dupe the goyim into another frenzy, another round of consumer purchases that will end up in the landfill just like the last newer, better models that are now outdated and cast aside for the latest in technology and “science.”

Anyway, not much of this is new to most of our savvy readers. The article linked above is comprehensive in that it links the faces and major players in the latest global roundup and con — going green. Bigger the mass number of duped souls, the bigger the ecological catastrophe when the wrapper comes off and things go to shit, yet once again. Nothing changes but the sales pitch.

ps. Stephers (thank you) sent me this:

Cory Morningstar, IMO, is the most informed journalist/writer on this (faux-green) subject. Her reflections on the article I posted are more important to understanding all the twists and turns in the “Green” stampede than all of Blumenthal’s. His focus on Moore’s movie LIMITS (limited hangout) our view.

Fighting for Nature Never Gets Old

British Columbia (Northern Rockies) clearcut

The fight to protect native forests in the Northern Rockies region continues. After more than three decades of challenging US Forest Service-USDA timber sales, mining proposals, oil and gas leases and livestock grazing on federal public forests, we have still got a lot fight left in us. It’s nice to win a lawsuit in federal court. It keeps morale high and blues at a safe distance.

Two recent back-to-back court victories really fires up the troops. The “Gold Butterfly” project (the governments sick imitation of “Iron Butterfly”?) was withdrawn last week:

The other project was a Bureau of Land Management project aimed at killing ancient juniper and limber pine for the livestock industry. They want more grass, less trees.

One reason and one reason only underlies all such nonsense. Love of mammon. Mammon is not just money, but is a trust and valuation problem. Placing trust in the unreal, the legal fiction which opposes nature is the core belief in commodity production and ecological destruction. More specifically, mammon screws up one’s individual appreciation for reality, for all of (morally priceless) nature, replacing both with monetary valuation — and certain spiritual death. What wouldn’t these sociopaths not sell for a few shekels?

Still kicking. Growing old, but not sick of the fight to save a few patches of God’s country. If you can’t beat ’em, join with us. Never a dull moment.

Photo: Chessman Reservior; Helena, Montana’s water source.

Theft of Touch

World record group hug.

Physical touch is an essential element of being human. Quasi-legal lock-down, masking up, social distancing all contribute to stress and reduced levels of hormones and neurotransmitters that keep us from going crazy.

Social torture compromises our immune system.

The aristocracy obviously wants us to go mad from a lack of touch by breaking social bonds. Hug your friends and family often, it may be critical to our mental well-being.

Many thanks, again, to Camille.

So how can we cope with a lack of touch? Don’t let the satanic elite, techno-freaks rob you of our “social glue.”

Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND

Do not comply!

And another one bites the dust….

Payette National Forest, Idaho

This recent legal victory will save a lot of wildlife habitat and forest land in Idaho that would have been logged (destroyed) and sent to the sawmill (sawdust and 2 x 4s).

A few days earlier the Alliance won a big case that protects bull trout in northern Montana.

Life as a volunteer forest/water/ecology activist is good. Never give up the fight.

Martial Law (Herd Management)

Martial Law is just another form of herd management. “Lockdown” is just another form of herd management. Media lies (propaganda) is just another form of herd management. Government in all its forms and “isms” (mind control) is just another form of herd management. Actually, we are considered lower than livestock by our aristocrat handlers — our masters. We live voluntarily in a master-slave system. Debt (dependence) perpetuates the system, which appears to be growing stronger than ever, now in its 6th of 8th millennia, depending on which researcher you choose to cite.

L.A. Cops breaking up a little girl’s birthday party “enforcing the law.”

“03.28.2020 | 6:00 PM | LOS ANGELES – A birthday party for a little girl was dispersed by police amid the state’s ‘stay at home’ order enacted to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday evening. Officers responded to reports of a gathering involving 30 to 40 people at a home in the 5500 block of 4th Avenue in the Hyde Park area around 6:00 PM. Units arriving on scene learned that the group was celebrating a birthday party for a little girl. The officers advised the partygoers that they had to disperse from the area due to the state order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Several partygoers became irate prompting officers to request additional assistance. Eventually officers declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and formed a line to push out the partygoers. It was unclear if any citations were issued.” Source:


“In the United States, martial law can be declared on a national level by the President or Congress, or within the borders of a particular state by that state’s governor.”

Under Martial Law, local “officials” begin to exercise their version of authoritarian rule, whether it’s legal or not. Don’t count on the law, or constitution to save you from crazed power-mongers in low places of power. Herd management is fun, especially if you’re a sociopath or psychopath.

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that he will authorize the city to shut off water and power services to residents who hold such gatherings.”

“Beginning Friday night, if Los Angeles Police Department officers respond to and verify that a large party is occurring at a property, and there’s evidence that the venue has repeatedly engaged in such behavior, the department will request that the city shut off water and power services within 48 hours.”

Martial Law is supposed to be temporary. I guess we’ll see what the new meaning of that word is in the next few months. Welcome to the plantation, folks. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave… such a lovely place….” – Eagles

We are all prisoners here, of our own devise. Woke up, good souls.

Lawsuit forces feds to reconsider Yellowstone buffalo management plan

By Helena Dore Chronicle Staff Writer

“The National Park Service and other federal agencies behind an ongoing bison management plan have agreed to supplement the plan’s environmental analysis.”

The Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP)(2000) is an abomination allegedly to prevent transmission of brucellosis from buffalo to cattle. Brucellosis is an infectious disease that has never been transmitted from buffalo to livestock in the wild. In fact, the IBMP is a maze of federal rules and regulations requiring state wildlife agencies to cede their legal wildlife management authority to the USDA-APHIS (Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Service) under the constant threat of losing their “brucellosis-free” status.

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Judge halts planned logging in Helena-area roadless area

Ten Mile-South Helena Logging

A large roadless area on the Continental Divide West of Helena, Montana will not be logged and burned as a result of a lawsuit brought by several grassroots ( code for “broke”) conservation groups I’ve worked with since the 1980s. Although this is not a total victory, the “defacto wilderness” is protected for now.

The following (and photo) is from Tom Kuglin a reporter at the Helena Independent Record: “Roadside logging and other fuels reduction work south of Helena has been ongoing since 2019 for the Ten-Mile South Helena Project.

A federal judge has halted the U.S. Forest Service’s plans to log and do other fuels reduction work in portions of an inventoried roadless area near Helena.”

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The Medical Propaganda Machine in Action

Businesses play a significant role in adopting the narrative that surrounds the global lock-down associated with the virtual reality of the “pandemic” declared by the WHO (World Health Organization). One PR group, Edelman Trust is an example of how the network of business interests, medical researchers and political figures work seamlessly to create a narrative that becomes the new “reality.”

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Colorado takes the lead in mandatory vaccination.

Colorado is apparently taking the lead in mandatory vaccination using the public school system as gatekeeper and record-keeper. We knew this was coming.

Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for Children

According to the article’s author, Renee Parsons:

With little more than a 48 hour public notice,  many Coloradans were enjoying a brilliant  Sunday afternoon as the State Senate Health and Insurance Committee was squirreled away in the  confines of the State Capitol to approve the School Entry Immunization Act, also known as SB 20-163.   (Emphasis provided).

In Colorado both houses of the state legislature have Democrat majorities, and the Governor is a Dem, which barring some unexpected political twist or turn is a pretty good indication that SB-163 will become Colorado law.

We don’t spend nearly enough time here at POM discussing the law, IMO. It is law — and the color of law — that enables Orwellian mandates to permeate society and restrict our movement, our ability to support our families, and most other choices that should remain one’s personal responsibility.

Not surprisingly, companion legislation is being considered by Washington lawmakers. Congressional Democrats are pushing H.R. 6666. Now, isn’t that an interesting number? It’s called the “Trace Act,” because it calls for testing and contacting every American citizen, and undocumented guests within U.S. borders. H.R. 6666 also establishes a new, national tracking agency to monitor vaccine history with a digital record-keeping system that will be used to accept or deny certain rights and privileges — such as airline travel, or admission to a federal facility, for example — using a network of checkpoints to control our every move.

“HR 6666 grants $100 billion to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to establish a local mobile health unit in each community to conduct a diagnostic door to door COVID 19 testing program.” – Renee Parsons

Imagine if shopping for food at your local Wal-Mart store required a compliance scan to gain entry. Sweet!

The government wants a population of children, so it is no surprise that mandatory vaccination will begin in our public school system. Be vigilant. This is not a drill. Fight for life. Your’s might someday in the near future depend on it.