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Bill O’Reilly, shape shifter, revisited

This post is a re-visit as I promised commenter Graemebird a while back. The subject in question is TV host Bill O’Reilly, and my contention is that he is a zombie, and once went by the name Bobby Fuller, whose … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann: Government stooge

I have been reviewing past work concerning Brandon deWilde, who in my opinion faked his death in 1972 in order to become radio personality and author Thom Hartmann. Mr. deWilde was a somewhat familiar face to me.  I probably saw … Continue reading

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Identity fraud

The progression of personalities through the various mediums has been an ongoing subject of interest on this blog. People, Intelligence assets it appears, or perhaps just members of privileged bloodlines, are given an assignment, for instance, to be a musician. … Continue reading

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Magic markers …

I got into a debate over at the Beatles Never Existed blog and posted some of our evidence about Bill Hicks becoming Alex Jones, or at least links to it. I find it interesting how I am immediately suspected of … Continue reading

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Stu Sutcliffe/Andy Warhol reviewed

au Part 1: The nature of the Beatles (reference The Beatles Never Existed (TBNE)) My assertion is that Stu Sutcliffe was an Intelligence asset who faked his death in 1961, and was reassigned the role of artist Andy Warhol. To … Continue reading

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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected … Continue reading

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Jimi Hendrix/Cornel West revisited

See Addendum below on dental comparisons. One of the “zombies” we discovered some time ago was Jimi Hendrix/Cornell West. This particular assertion has created doubt, even within our group of writers here. At least part of that doubt comes from … Continue reading

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The John Lennon twins [Six Beatles and counting]

A short while back we put up a post called John Lennon Family Photos. Some interesting anomalies turned up. I will highlight three of the photos: The man standing behind the two children is called the “boarder.” But more importantly, … Continue reading

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Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

Comedian Bill Hicks (real name unknown) was a psyop, both alive and after he faked his death. Alive he pretended to be a conspiracy theorist, tromping about the stage imitating the head wound to President Kennedy. The “psyop” part of … Continue reading

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11/24/63: They fake killed the wrong Oswald

[It would help, before reading this, to review our work on the Lee Harvey Oswald twins.] Imagine you are in a field, and that all about you are rabbits. If you try to catch one, it disappears into its hole. … Continue reading

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