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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected … Continue reading

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New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

Recent public criticism of our work mentioned that there is a Gresham’s Law at work in research as done here, that bad work will crowd out good work. I was defensive about that, but on further reflection decided it is … Continue reading

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Jimi Hendrix/Cornel West revisited

See Addendum below on dental comparisons. One of the “zombies” we discovered some time ago was Jimi Hendrix/Cornell West. This particular assertion has created doubt, even within our group of writers here. At least part of that doubt comes from … Continue reading

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The John Lennon twins [Six Beatles and counting]

A short while back we put up a post called John Lennon Family Photos. Some interesting anomalies turned up. I will highlight three of the photos: The man standing behind the two children is called the “boarder.” But more importantly, … Continue reading

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Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

Comedian Bill Hicks (real name unknown) was a psyop, both alive and after he faked his death. Alive he pretended to be a conspiracy theorist, tromping about the stage imitating the head wound to President Kennedy. The “psyop” part of … Continue reading

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11/24/63: They fake killed the wrong Oswald

[It would help, before reading this, to review our work on the Lee Harvey Oswald twins.] Imagine you are in a field, and that all about you are rabbits. If you try to catch one, it disappears into its hole. … Continue reading

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Freddie Mercury became Dr. Phil McGraw: Case Closed

1/21/17 Addendum: In the comments below (thank you JM), we learn that Dr. Phil has a son who is a rocker, and who sings in falsetto voice. Dr. Phil has no idea where he got the talent. (See the video … Continue reading

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RIP Minnie Riperton/Gwen Ifill, 1947-1979, 1981-2016

Gwen Ifill died on November 14, or so we are told. There are no spook markers that I can see around her death. It could be real, and if so I offer condolences to her family, her twin sister, and … Continue reading

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Brian “Razzle” Williams

Let’s get straight to business on this one. Razzle (also known as Nicholas Dingley) was the drummer of the glam rock band Hanoi Rocks from 1982-1984. While Wiki says the band was Finnish, Razzle appears to have been born in the … Continue reading

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Housecleaning: Phil Hartman/Glenn Beck

We have been getting better at our facial analysis, more precise in measurements, and paying more attention to timelines. We are beginning to suspect replicas over Zombies, though I assert we have some of each. I have had some nagging … Continue reading

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