Thanks for the memories

We are on the Amalfi Coast today, having down time. We are meeting our daughter for dinner later this evening, and the town of Almalfi is just wall-to-wall shops and tourists, so inside is better than outside. So I have been laying here on the bed looking at old photos of the Beatles, trying to figure out the Paul/Mike dynamic.

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I deliberately left behind on our current trip anything looking like serious reading. Experience tells me that such books will have many unopened miles on them on return. I did bring some light detective fiction, The Daughter of Time, a 1952 book by Josephine Tey. It has been a joy, surprising sections that remind me that I need to read more fiction. I think it was Norman Mailer who said that journalists use the truth to tell lies, while novelists use lies to tell the truth.

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Iconic images are not accidental


Photos like this are, of course, all over Facebook for the 19th anniversary of the great event. I think it interesting that in the US, the further away from New York City people are, the more likely they believe in  the events of that day. That is the power of TV news. Within the city, if memory serves, there was great skepticism. No one saw or heard a plane.* Those memories were all supplied later.

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The De-industrial Revolution

This is from AB at  Fakeologist, taken from Clues Forum, written by Simon:

…the demolition of two empty towers in Manhattan kicked off a glorious era of enlightenment for humanity at large. The sheer crassness of the 9/11 hoax has awakened millions of individuals all over the world to the pathetic machinations concocted by the sorry little clique of rogue, “supremacist” psychopaths that pretends to rule over the fine people of this otherwise magnificent planet. Mass deception is their chosen strategy to uphold their ill-gained privileges – and it has certainly worked quite nicely for them for many, many years. However, their antics have become painfully transparent in later times – and there can hardly be today any thoughtful person (worthy of this description) who hasn’t started seeing through their self-serving propaganda.

Let 2019 mark the beginning of a new – and genuine – “Age of Reason”.

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Slow news day

I always chuckle when Rick Steves starts out his travel videos (on PBS) by walking up the final four steps if a large stairway, leaving us to imagine he had walked the whole thing and we just caught him as he made it to the top. He did not. Anyway, this is my Rick Steves impression, taken high above Lake Garda in Italy, where we really truly did walk up a bunch of stairs today.

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Time to recharge batteries …

The above video is a debate between Craig Idso and Jeffrey Bennett on climate change. Idso has a PhD in geography and runs the website Center for Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. Typical of our corrupt times, trying to find that web page on the Google leads to a host of other sites that attack it, beginning with the DeSmogBlog, which has a long list of people whose character and intelligence it impugns. I recently asked the proprietors at Desmog to put me on their list, as even though I am but a lowly retired CPA, I want to be in the good company of the people they demean. No response.

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Speculation on the whereabouts of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. has to be one of the handsomest men ever to enter and leave the American celebrity landscape. His parentage is superb, so it naturally follows. That may sound like something it is not. I don’t think that John F. Kennedy was his real father.

I do not want to plagiarize anything by our friend Tyrone, and so quote directly from his piece, JFKTV.

Where they go when they “die”

I never would have considered this hypothesis if I couldn’t give a decent answer to the inevitable question: Where did he go after he left the motorcade, Dallas and the presidency? The best guess, and it aligns with the assertion made earlier that they do show you everything if you know what to look for, is Greece, specifically the island of Skorpios in the Ionian Sea. That island was the central compound for the empire of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

In early October of 1963, the international press was allowed seemingly blanket coverage of Jackie’s trip to Skorpios to meet Onassis who was at the time rumored to be sleeping with Jackie’s sister, Lee Radziwill, who was also there. By this volume’s reckoning, the trip was also an eleventh hour review of the plot to secrete JFK onto the island, which was impenetrable by anyone outside the small circle of abettors.

This scenario also makes sense regarding the sham marriage in 1968 between Jackie and Onassis. From that point on, no one would be suspicious of Jackie O hanging out in Greece. No one would suspect that Jackie’s kids were actually with their father.

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