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A true valedictorian

This valedictorian address is available on video at Gnostic Media, but is behind a pay wall. Fortunately, someone in the comments linked to a printed version. That link is beneath the fold.

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Is there relief from Obamacare in sight? Nope.

[Postscript] I should have perhaps advised readers new to political intrigue (prior to diving into this piece) that deception in politics is of high quality and multileveled. Of course politicians lie all the time! They cannot serve two masters, the public … Continue reading

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The Jewish question, again

I wish to revisit the Jewish question again, if perhaps only to push forward with some new analysis. The first time through was useful in that we immediately were introduced to the hateful concept of Jewry, and then a more … Continue reading

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When does push come to shove?

I want to push forward a bit in my own thinking regarding voting and vote counting as a result of Maarten’s post below. It is hard to move forward rather than stand pat, as there is always more to learn, … Continue reading

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Many months ago I was reading the Mathis paper on OJ Simpson, and was of course enthralled. I am well satisfied that the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was staged, that the trial was scripted and that … Continue reading

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Just like school daze

“In true liberal education … the essential activity of the student is to relate the facts learned into a unified, organic whole, to assimilate them as … the rose assimilates food from the soil and increases in size, vitality and … Continue reading

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Greg Gianforte fake punches a reporter

6/13/17: Well, serving of humble pie handed me this morning, I am told the following: “I Heard this afternoon that the congressman pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, sentence suspended, assigned 40 hours … Continue reading

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The Jewish question …

A certain writer/researcher we know and admire (speaking for myself) is often seen to be uncovering this or that person’s Jewish roots. That particular question is on our ‘don’t go there’ list on this blog, but what the hell, let’s … Continue reading

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Something’s not right, Part 2 [revamped], using Forensically, an online and free tool

Rather than doing a new post, I am simply updating this, as there are comments going one beneath and I do not want to erase them by deleting the post. So consider this revamping Part 3, really. A commenter asked … Continue reading

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Sir Faul revisited

Note to readers: The following is a piece I wrote in early 2016. I was still quite wet behind the ears, and new to the idea that the truth is not only “out there,” but barely hidden and often easily … Continue reading

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