Martha Gellhorn: The Forest Gump of war correspondents


I have no idea where I am going with this, or if it will see light of day. Enjoy my “process,” such as it is, as I do not outline blog pieces, or even plan them in advance. Yesterday I had no idea that I would be writing about Martha Gellhorn today. I just finished this piece with the words “I get it” way down below. There comes a certain point when writing this stuff that I realize I have reached an appropriate ending.

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Odds and ends

Just a few matters here, some loose ends to clear up.

A writer using the pseudonym Dagen D. Proveritas submitted an essay at the Miles Mathis site called I’ve Been Considering Matthew Shepard and I Believe His Murder Was Faked. It’s a good piece of work, a bit longish for my taste. Because it is Mathis, Mathew is linked to the actors Sam and Cybill Shepard. On what evidence? The last name. However, there is no mention of anyone being Jewish.

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Blogging and geriatrics

BBDI while back I was emailing back and forth with a lady who lives in Cody, Wyoming, business related, and mentioned to her that on a trip to Yellowstone National Park last June our grandson (then age 12) wanted to see a dam. We drove by Boysen Reservoir, and when we got to the head the boy was disappointed that it was an earth-fill dam. Meh. So I made it a point on the way home to make a right turn in Cody and head up the highway to Buffalo Bill Dam, a real one. There was so much snow in the mountains last year that during the winter they had drained the reservoir so that it would not overflow. Even so, last June both floodgates were wide open and an amazing torrent of water was entering the Shoshone River down below.

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The One

OK, it is time to fess up here. I have a Facebook account and check it daily. I watch TV, though not news. I like intrigue and good acting, and there is not much to be had. I am currently watching Season Three of Bosch, the detective created by Michael Connelly, and played sort of okay by Titus Welliver. (I think the lead character should be taller and have more muscular legs. This guy is supposedly a former Green Beret but looks more like a Lt. Detective Fife. [Now that I published that I realized it is false. Welliver is a very muscular man.]

This has nothing to do with Bosch. It’s not like Game of Thrones, where they routinely kill off lead actors. Bosch always wins. Boring. What I notice, and I know we all do, is that every time Bosch ends up in court, the judge is either going to be a woman, or a black, usually both. Why do they do that? It is so predictable. If I ever see a white male judge on TV, as we have in real life, I think it will signal end times.

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Is Obamacare dead? Hurray! Long live Obamacare!

One of the most unsavory remnants of the Obama era is known as the “private mandate,” a requirement that every citizen purchase health care insurance from a private corporation, or face a severe penalty. This requirement led to a new bureaucracy that tracked every American to make sure we had insurance. It was suffocating and onerous – the health insurance industry (“Americas Health Insurance Providers,” or AHIP for short) bullying us into buying their crappy products, using Obama as a sock puppet.

The Affordable Care Act, ACA, or “Obamacare” (as if) was challenged in court on this basis, and was spared by a 2012 ruling that said that the penalty is a tax, and Congress has the power to tax. I do not know if this was an unintended consequence, or if the people around Trump are really that clever, but in late 2017 as part of a broad tax bill, Congress eliminated the penalty. The Fifth Circuit recently held that 2017 act constitutional, and here is the catch: The “attributes that saved the [ACA] statute because it could be read as a tax no longer exist.” The writing on the wall says Obamacare is dead! Long live Obamacare!

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