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Thom Hartmann: Government stooge

I have been reviewing past work concerning Brandon deWilde, who in my opinion faked his death in 1972 in order to become radio personality and author Thom Hartmann. Mr. deWilde was a somewhat familiar face to me.  I probably saw … Continue reading

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“In short, the whole business of creating psychiatric categories of ‘disease,’ formalizing them with consensus, and subsequently ascribing diagnostic codes to them, which in turn leads to their use for insurance billing, is nothing but an extended racket furnishing psychiatry … Continue reading

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Identity fraud

The progression of personalities through the various mediums has been an ongoing subject of interest on this blog. People, Intelligence assets it appears, or perhaps just members of privileged bloodlines, are given an assignment, for instance, to be a musician. … Continue reading

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Magic markers …

I got into a debate over at the Beatles Never Existed blog and posted some of our evidence about Bill Hicks becoming Alex Jones, or at least links to it. I find it interesting how I am immediately suspected of … Continue reading

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The magic bulldozer

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful … Continue reading

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Blog notes, welcome Steve

I am experiencing something that all CPAs know about … spring. I don’t do near the volume of work I once did, but even so have been bogged down in accounting-style work lately. But it is done now, and the … Continue reading

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We know that Sharon Tate did not die that night, but was she even pregnant?

______________ A remarkable set of photos were taken of actress Sharon Tate prior to her alleged death on August 9, 1969. These photos bear closer scrutiny, but first some more basic questioning of assumptions. And please be advised that if … Continue reading

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Kendall Jenner: A big nothing

AB over at Fakeologist is kind enough now and then to highlight some of our work here, and I merely wanted to return the favor. His piece, Kendall Jenner media storm caught my eye, and watching the Pepsi commercial in … Continue reading

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What is the true purpose of the fake Russian hacking story?

“This anti-Russian card is being played in the interests of some political forces inside the United States with an aim to strengthen and consolidate their position.” (Vladimir Putin) Putin is, of course, saying something that is true. But he is … Continue reading

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Farewell Josh

Our friend Josh (aka Daddieuhoh) has opted to take his leave from POM, following Straight, but leaving on a positive note. His new blog, Cutting Through the Fog, linked below, will be interesting. There are not many interesting blogs out … Continue reading

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