Judge Lance Ito and martial … law

Some of the best fun I had back when Straight and I were unearthing zombies and twins was the intriguing resemblance between Bruce Lee and Judge Lance Ito. Looking back I see I’ve collected and organized and sized the photos, but either left it at that or deleted the post. Since I have long thought this was some of our best work, I doubt that I deleted the post, but I have indeed gotten rid of many, so it is possible.

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Circular travels

I was listening to a talk by Andrew Klavan, the crime and suspense writer, given at Hillsdale College. I liked the entire talk, as I think I have come half-circle. Twenty-nine years ago I dropped my then twenty-years-running subscription to National Review, the magazine founded by Bill Buckley. I just renewed it. I hope this time around I am a better thinker. There is much I like about conservatism, and much I find to be less well reasoned. (Their attitude about the supposed “free market” and health care along with opposition to “socialized” medicine has led us to a dystopia called Obamacare, making us prisoners of AHIP, though they are not aware of this.)

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Speaking truth to spoiled brats

This video is 12 minutes. I invite anyone interested in seeing overprivileged whelps get a whatfer to view it. In it, Benny Peiser (cv below) is in a debate sponsored by Cambridge, and only his side is presented here. I thought it exceptional because he openly accuses the Cambridge greens of smugness, mentions how they jet about while denying access to fossil fuels to Africans, who desperately want to develop. He blames millions of deaths on green policies.

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100-year climate trends … barely perceptible

Montana 100 Year PDSI with arrow

I did this exercise for Montana, which was my home state until 2009, but I have this data for all of the lower 48 states. It was assembled by Bob Tisdale from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. As Tisdale says on the cover of the book, Extremes and Averages in Contiguous U.S. Climate, this is a “Book that NOAA Should Have Published.” NOAA, however, is a participant in the climate scare scam so even as its scientists and bureacrats are doing real and valuable work, it is not being published. We have to go get it ourselves.

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