Quixotic but nonetheless satisfying …

In recent days I have witnessed the following:

  • A youth hockey tournament that was to take place in Aspen, Colorado, was cancelled by, I assume, the Pitkin County health department.
  • Our fellow writer Steve Kelly pointed out that medical people think that skiing should be cancelled due to gatherings in buildings around ski resorts leading to transmission of the supposed virus.
  • A sign in the gym where I work out warned all members to wear masks, otherwise “the county will shut us down.”

This is fascism, as Steve noted in the title to his piece.

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“Covid-19” = AIDS with emPHAsis

AIDS is a real disease, or better said, a syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that indicate an “immune,” or healthy body no longer functions as it should. It becomes susceptible to various diseases, such as pneumonia or cancer, because it is tired, worn down, even worn out. AIDS can be traced back to self-abuse, most notably use of antibiotics and poppers in the gay community, but also hemophilia and malnutrition.

Our medical system is corrupt, and research is run from above by grants, and those grants control what is being researched. It’s a money chase. When Richard Gallo and Luc Montagnier declared that HIV, a retrovirus that has never even been isolated much less photographed, was the cause of AIDS, they should have been pilloried, as they did so without evidence. They announced their findings without scientific papers, but rather by press conference. After that, all money for research involving AIDS was directed at HIV. Billions upon billions have been wasted.

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Fellow writers here at POM: Feel free to write over this. It needs no top-of-page time. It’s just a little venting on my part.

James Corbett has a nice little video podcast about the term “conspiracy theorist,” its origins and use. It is, of course, used as a thought-stopper, but honestly, with most people what is there to stop? We are dealing with products of the American education/information system who were trained to memorize, obey and to never question authority.

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Wear a mask while having sex

GatesAmidst the thunder of shoes falling all about me, I keep wondering which of these might be the “other” shoe falling. The insanity of facial masks is surly being pushed for unstated reasons having nothing to do with disease.  Bill Gates’ presence signals a eugenics agenda at work. He wants to remove a billion people from the planet, perhaps just for starters. I look at that boyish face masking absence of feelings, empathy or any other human emotions, and think ” If only …”

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Two numbers: 90% and 3,628,800

We went on a three-hour hike today at nearby Staunton State Park, a very busy place, especially on a Saturday. Parking lots were full.

There are no regulations in place in Colorado regarding outdoor wearing of masks except in places like Boulder, aka the “People’s Republic,” an oppressively liberal place. Up here in the mountains, I rarely wear a mask indoors, and never outside. 

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So advertising doesn’t work, right?

I wonder sometimes how people survived without modern antiseptic contraptions such as the one pictured to the left, the Katadyn water filter as offered by REI. I remember reading at some point that on the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800s, the men were advised to dip their cups deep into the Missouri River waters and to avoid drinking the foamy surface waters. I don’t recall anything about dysentery on that journey.

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Some reading topics

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and blog posts that say “I read this, you should too,” carrying with them long passages from the original are kind of boring. So I am just going to pass quickly on this stuff, and hope readers pick up on it and do their own journey.

Artikel Wissenschfftplus, LK Verlags UG, The Misconception called VIRUS, by Dr. Stefan Lanka: Of course, I read it in the original German, but it is available in English too.

That’s a joke. My older brother studied German for four years in college, I never understood why, but people who speak more than one language are by definition smarter than me, and he never explained it to me. (This reminds me of a Pat Buchanan speech at a Republican Convention years ago, when party politics still had meaning for me. A pundit, long since passed, said after his speech, “I liked it better in its original German.”)

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Any old virus will do

I refer readers to a paper written by Dr. Stefan Lanka posted on 9/11/20. Dr. Lanka is a noted and controversial virologist of good standing. He was the man who instigated court proceedings in Germany that ultimately found that the existence of the measles virus had never been proven.

The title of the piece is Misinterpretation Virus II: Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis.* Since this is part 2, I assume there is a part 1, but it may not have been translated, as this part was, by James McKumiskey.

*h/t to commenter Alexei for bringing this article to our attention.

I started working on this blog post yesterday, and quickly realized that it was going to end up being very long, and the length of the writing would be my education, as in writing stuff out I sometimes gain understanding. In the same process, I also lose readers. It’s too damned long. So, I am not sure how to present this other than to urge that you read the paper. I printed it out, and it was 6,400 words and 14 pages. So it will take half an hour or more. But I found it absorbing and I was not aware of passing time.

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A word about yesterday’s exchanges

A brief word on an exchange yesterday under the post titled A project Gone Awry: Transcribing a Kaufman Interview. Ordinarily I don’t much care what goes on in the comments here. People get in arguments, change the subject, sometimes get testy. All in good human fun, as the people who frequent this blog are usually smart and opinionated. However, I took issue yesterday with Maarten for the following reasons:

  • One, he attacks people who have checkered pasts for that reason alone. Redemption does not exist in his world, that is, if you are on his hit list. Apparently you’ve got to be Caesar’s wife to enter the arena of the Scamdemic and have credibility. The two people he attacked. Dr. Andy Kaufman and Dr. Tom Cowan, each went into medicine with belief in the system, and became disenchanted and disaffected. They each chose new paths. The financial fallout from such moves is too much for most to endure, but these two men acted on their consciences. I admire them. Those who remain in the system, who maintain belief or who have doubts but are afraid to speak up are far less credible, in my mind, than those who turn their backs.

The photo above, by the way, is me, a real human being with good and bad qualities, abilities and shortcomings. That’s how I look, now at age 70. My wife took the picture, as you can see by the shadow. Photography is a strong point for neither of us.

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