Climate Change and Dunning-Kruger

I’m currently immersed in a book called The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science by Tim Ball, PhD. Ball is a Canadian climatologist who was sued by Michael Mann, the SLAPP-happy climatologist whose pseudo scientific masterpiece, the Hockey Stick, was featured in IPCC publications and Al Gore’s movie. It took several years, but Ball won the lawsuit and Mann (or the forces behind him) was forced to pay all legal costs. The reason why the Canadian court ruled in Ball’s favor was simple: Mann was not genuinely pursuing the matter, and was apparently only suing Ball to make his life difficult. Ball is featured in a post-ruling interview here.

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Get it down

I have a new computer, and am faced with the onerous task of transferring what is on the old to the new. In the past I have simply moved everything, no effort required.  But now as I approach my 70th year, I am for-real retired, and want to do some pruning. With advances in mechanical capacities, each of us is given enough computer memory to easily contain everything we’ve ever written or photographed. Most of it is forgettable, but with computer memory, it is stored. I want to live a good long time, so don’t go morose on me, but having experienced the passing of my entire birth family, I realized that with their deaths go their computers and every memory stored thereon. Only things on paper survive.
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The real function of the Democratic Party

The following comment is from “Allen” and posted at Moon of Alabama. I noticed it because it was reprinted in whole at Reptile Dysfunction. I have not paid much attention to impeachment because I don’t know the script, I don’t know what surprises they have in store. Whatever it is, it does not affect our constitutional republic, since we don’t have one anyway.

The Democratic Party plays an indispensable role in society’s political machinery. This doesn’t mean it has any power, in terms of controlling the state or setting policy. It means that without the existence of the Dem Party, the US could no longer maintain the pretense that it’s a “democracy.” If the Dem Party disintegrated, the US would be revealed for what it really is — a one-party state ruled by a narrow alliance of business interests. …

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Temperature proxies

Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe, behind hydrogen and helium, it is one of the most important and abundant elements on Earth.

Molecular oxygen O₂ is produced from water by cyanobacteria, algae, and plants during photosynthesis and is part of cellular respiration for all living organisms. Green algae and cyanobacteria in marine environments produce ~70% of the free oxygen produced on Earth and the rest is produced by terrestrial plants. …

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