Hilarity ensues …

I’ve been reading comments at a long thread that I won’t link to concerning our series of posts on the man in Taos. Comments are open on this post, so it will be a chance to see if the defenses put in place are effective.

What startled me is this: In that thread several facts about me are discussed that take some research on their end. One is that in 2015 I was in Ljubljana in Slovenia. I think at that time I was writing about our travels here on the blog. I don’t do that anymore. That year we were in Italy for a trek in the Dolomites, and on return to Venice rented a car and drove to Slovenia, something had never done before (both renting a car while abroad and visiting Slovenia).

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Earth is in balance

Climate change05192018

[Note: Comments were accidentally turned off when this article was published earlier today. That is now an automatic feature that I have to override.]

A while back I sat across from my son and daughter-in-law and received the low-down on climate change. We are, I was told, entering the Sixth Great Extinction, and we are causing it. I didn’t get excited, and from a relaxed posture suggested they get ready to enjoy some Canadian wine. I am not worried about the planet.

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Another “frivolous” lawsuit

Environmental groups (real ones, anyway) are often criticized for excessively engaging in lawsuits. The logging industry has engaged the PR industry to defend them, generating talking points such as calling the lawsuits “frivolous” and even painting environmental groups as racketeers. Behind the scenes they no doubt talk a different line … lawsuits force industry to follow the law, and are a damned nuisance.

I worked for many years in the environmental movement in Montana. The group I worked with, Montana Wilderness Association, is now a full-fledged industry front group. They might have been so in the 1990s too, when I was with them, but they had very little money. That is usually a sign of a genuine environmental group. These days their money rolls in from trusts and foundations and they are bloated with excessive staff while “collaborating” with industry. They are phonies.


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The Middle Ages never ended

During the frenzy of the past couple of weeks, I took time off to engage in other pursuits. In particular I have been focused on Immanuel Velikovsky’s Mankind in Amnesia, which dovetails very nicely with other things I have read about on the effects of child abuse in younger and formative years.

Children that are traumatized in early years usually develop effective defense systems that they carry with them throughout their lives, often misdiagnosed as some sort of mental “illness” like “bipolar” or “ADD.” In fact, these particular “diseases” are rare, but child abuse is, sadly, common. The great manual of collected drivel that the mental “health” professions use to match their disorders with available drugs is the DSM-5. That desk reference, as Dorothy Parker famously said, should not be set aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

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One point of clarification before I move on with my life. I described the vehicle I saw parked at the Miles Mathis residence as a “golf cart.” I did not know how else to describe it. But that is not accurate. It was something like the above vehicle, and was blue, as I recall. It did not say “police” or have light bars or anything like that. In the town where I grew up, the people who enforced parking laws used them. We called them “meter maids” because they were all Lovely Ritas.

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Plans for the future …

This coming week comments will be reopened on non-Mathis posts. I will be watching for Team Mathis. If they jump on board, down they go again. I have no plans to write about him again, ever, though our other writers will do as they please. I know what I need to know. As Robert Zherunkel reminded us, the response two the two pieces was …

“The sound of an arrow hitting its target.”

I also agree with Robert about “… this innate drive in all people, the urge to confess. Not out of guilt or need for atonement. Sometimes it’s just to brag …”. A lot of good information came from Team Mathis in the early days. As the man I met in Taos said to us during the 2016 conference, roughly quoting, “With a limited hangout, take what is good and leave the rest.” I thank TM for the good information given us.

The TM response has been to call us spooks and agents, and enough people will believe that to allow the TM engine to keep chugging along. Fine by me. Maybe TM will back off genealogy and let go with some more secrets. Real ones.

I had a friend in high school, a very bright and funny guy named Dick. Because it was high school, egos were fragile and backbiting, cliques and gossip were hard to endure. We would kid each other, and at times he would be the object of kidding. He would draw back and say … “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

Dick would stop there, and I remember it so well because I thought it was very funny. It also caused this mediocre student to take a good long look at that poem by Rudyard Kipling. It is beneath the fold.

And of course, Rudyard Kipling was probably a gay Jewish intelligence agent, and the poem “If” just another project.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Back in my youth there was a TV game show called “Camouflage” in which a large picture board was covered up, and contestants, after correctly answering a question, were allowed to see (as I recall) one-ninth of it. They were then asked to describe the whole picture. Often the brighter or luckier ones would guess right based on just a small portion of the larger screen. But we all know that “evidence” can be interpreted many ways, and without a final unveiling of the total picture, we will never be sure of what is true.

Bob Zherunkel’s original piece on Miles Mathis was surgically shortened to eliminate the part called “Down the Rabbit Hole” as I did not want to make perhaps unflattering speculations based on one-ninth of the evidence. We agreed that portion would be restored with the following proviso – we will use Mathis’ own words and allow the readers to draw their own inferences. We accuse him of nothing, as we do not know the whole story. We are, after all, only seeing part of a larger picture.

Below is the original piece in total, with the excised portion restored. MT

This is not a follow-up or response.  Robert Z., true to his word, will not offer one.  This is simply the original piece in its entirety, with the above-named section restored, along with related remarks throughout.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Clowns

By Robert Zherunkel

Why do you believe what you believe?

Because you read it in the newspaper?
Maybe at one time in your life. But if you’re here, you’re way past that level of gullibility.

Because someone posted it on the Internet?
Surely all of us have made that big U-turn on the Disinformation Highway when we realized that we were being sent down a rabbit hole.

Because certain advocates claim something loud and long enough, stridently and even viciously?
Haven’t you heard the saying, “If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one!”?

Extraordinary claims, it is said, require extraordinary evidence. This saying is a little fuzzy, given that there is no generally accepted measure for “ordinariness.”  But the general idea holds up: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is untrue. Continue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole”