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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected … Continue reading

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New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

Recent public criticism of our work mentioned that there is a Gresham’s Law at work in research as done here, that bad work will crowd out good work. I was defensive about that, but on further reflection decided it is … Continue reading

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Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

I was passively watching a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday while fiddling with something else, when he announced that New England quarterback Tom Brady was on. Right away I thought spoof, and as the door opened and a fully … Continue reading

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Time Magazine has a penchant for giving us the enemies du jour of the empire in a most frightening fashion, almost caricature. Sometimes they even use parts of the word “Time” as devil’s horns, as above. I’ve seen on Facebook … Continue reading

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Dumpster diving

I am going to post a video here for viewing beneath the fold, but I want to emphasize – IT IS TRASH! In my “Response…” piece posted yesterday I mentioned that Dallas Goldbug is a noise maker, deliberately putting out crappy … Continue reading

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Response to Miles Mathis

See update 2/15/2017 down below. We were surprised recently by the Miles Mathis post about our website, and so stayed silent. I take this opportunity to address some of his remarks. He criticized three writers here. I’ll address only his … Continue reading

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Trump angst

The writers and friends of this blog spend a lot of time unraveling the past. It is fun, like being handed a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery every day. There is no shortage. Without reliance on authority, eschewing groupthink and … Continue reading

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Delicious irony

This is a story that is buzzing in my former home state of Montana. The newly elected Commissioner of Public Education is barely able to construct and utter a complete sentence. She might be, like so many Americans, functionally illiterate. … Continue reading

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A necessary discussion

This is a discussion initiated by Calgucus under the “Trees are Fake” post far down the page that I want to bring to the front page. It is easily apparent that the country is being stirred into a high state … Continue reading

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Update: John McCain matters

Just to be clear, I put up a short piece this morning claiming to have found a “smoking gun” on John McCain, but quickly learned that it was not. Rather than leaving the piece hanging out there I took it … Continue reading

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