Qualis artifex pereo

I’ll be brief. My pre-election post compared Biden to Moses and Vespasian. Parallel to that, Trump plays Pharoah of the Exodus and Nero. With the election seemingly settled, that begs the question: Whither Pharoah/Nero? In fiction (‘Quo Vadis’, ie) Nero falls on his sword. In one ‘reality’ I’ve entertained over the years, Epaphroditus, Nero’s secretary, had a slave in the retinue stick a shiv in the emperor’s blubber- regicide. This because Nero had executed his own wife, Poppaea, who was a member of a secret society operating under Nero’s nose and within which Epaphroditus was a key operative.

Nevertheless, the actual details of Nero’s demise are uncertain. Sound familiar?

They don’t kill their own. But, when needed, they do kill personas. With that in mind, how does the Trump persona kick off? I will say, with nothing of substance to back it, that the Trump persona will perish in a plane or helicopter crash over water. Rumors of sabotage will never die. Like Pharoah, the body will never be produced. Trump will then join all the other personas on Epstein Island, greeted warmly by colleagues for having played his part so masterfully in another ritualized fabrication of history.

The End.

9 thoughts on “Qualis artifex pereo

  1. Fascinating. The now future ex-president’s “demise” would also strangle in the cradle any populist, grassroots third party now being conceived around kitchen tables across the country, today. His outsized persona would have been the glue that holds such a start-up together, until it matured enough to create a leadership cadre all its own.

    No unifying charismatic leader, no new party. Duopoly, safe as kittens under a cook-stove.



  2. Well, I’m not very well schooled, in history, math, or anything else, so perhaps should keep my mouth shut, but am moved to say “I LIKE it. The re-interpreted Moses et al, that is. Like Huck, I learned ‘bout Moses and the bulrushers when I was young, being raised as a good little JW boy. Unlike Huck (“I don’t take no stock in dead people”), I wasn’t smart enough to ditch the story until closing in on middle age. So, thanks for this more plausible and entertaining version.

    “Qualis artifex pereo”. Gtranslate says “what an artist I”. Is that about right? Referring to the actors in role, I suppose, or is it to the author of the post :)?

    To get up to speed on this, I read (with more interest this time) the Nov 2 post that predicted what is now the apparent outcome. In that post, you pointed out that according to Pope’s analysis, “These re-enactments required kings and queens and their offspring to typecast themselves as personas that reflected the ancient gods.” In the comments, Bird of Para.. added the element of those kings and queens, etc., also reflecting the heavenly bodies and their movements.

    Thanks to you all, I now have a much richer context for my Moses story. I didn’t much like Moses, even when ‘believing’ in him, so having Biden take the part sits right with me.


    1. According to Wackypedia “Qualis artifex pereo” translates as “What an artist dies in me”, allegedly uttered by his nibs as his life drained out on the palace floor. See the bunker suicide of the artist previously known as ‘Adolf Hitler’ for a similar heroic sacrificial death of a fictional tyrant.


  3. Or perhaps they will have the Trump character continue to play the role of Goldstein, and he will spend the next four years (or a large portion of it) helping the dialectic move forward, an ‘ousted president’ hoping to return in 2024, simultaneously distracting and bamboozling the lemming masses who still believe this is all ‘real’.


    1. Oh, yeah, lots of worthy scenarios. Haven’t read it, yet, but there’s an entire compilation already published, called “Ending Bigly,” about what Trump’s future holds.


  4. Excellent! You give me much to ponder and explore.

    “They don’t kill their own. But, when needed, they do kill personas”

    My running theory has been the reverse-narrative attack to finish him off. Use his own ‘accomplishments’ against him. Overwhelming evidence about the sleever emerges and the 2023/2024 political narrative becomes “We got it wrong this time. We did our best, but this ‘therapy’ is actually toxic. We need to recall this stuff. We went to fast.” (Operation Warp Speed = too fast). MSM parrots the ‘too fast’ narrative. Orange Man = OWS. OWS gets tried for ‘crimes against humanity’ and a limited, more select number of modern day Mengelian type physicians. The 45 ‘loyalists’ and OWS patsies will be Nuremburg-ed and the benevolent Davos clique will be further promoted via their more ‘mature, China like response’ to the next variant or pandemic. A notable side effect: the general public too distracted to realize they’ve accepted mRNA/DNR/CRISPR/CaS9 enhancements into daily ‘medicine’ and they have inevitably acquiesced to the ‘test and trace’ techno-fascism bio-security surveillance for the greater good.

    I base my orange-man demise theory more on a Greek-hybrid model. The Friday 13th/Ides of March appearance of the Executive Order by 45. The ’Global Health Emergency’ on March 11th by WHO. 45 is more of a ‘Julius Cesar’ character who will bear the final humiliation of being stabbed in the back in such a virulent, cathartic public display that the impeachment theater will appear as mere advertisements in the grand show of things. But this is just a theory. And who is Brutus anyway, eh?


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