The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Old Man

I am of the opinion that the celebrities who attempt to infest and suffocate our fantasy life are all planned for royal bastards. By royal bastards I mean the off the books progeny of the hidden hands in the cap stone we never see. Just below the cap are these blood loyal whelps who pose as various personae to keep us enthralled and distracted while the inbred lizards behind the curtain practice their black arts.

Todays subject may not appear to be all that relevant given the cascade of evil befalling us at the moment but I think it is a good example of how even the illegitimate strands of these bloodlines carry on in service to their Satan.
Jeez- calm down!

Many people over time have asked this question: How can a nobody from the Austrian sticks become, even for a brief duration, the most powerful and dangerous man on planet Earth?
I’m talking about Adolf Hitler, of course, and the answer I like best is: If you are a Rothschild you can.

The official story, and the one backed by the Nazi Party, is that Hitler’s father, Alois, was the illegitimate son of a lowly maid named Maria Anna Schicklgruber and an oft unemployed miller named Johann Georg Hiedler. The claim that it was Hiedler is based on a document bearing testimony for the only time in print, and twenty years after Hiedler’s death, that Hiedler was the culprit.

The most widely circulated alternative is that Maria the maid was in the employ of a certain Baron Rothschild and this overbearing Baron was the biological father of Alois.

My choice is the Baron, but I will explain why Maria was not the mother. I will even hazard a guess as to who the real mother was.

Normally a “Rothschild did it” scenario reads to me like intergalactic reptiles are behind it all, or if more earthbound verisimilitude is required to get a rise, the Illuminati.

But thanks to some of the research of one Clifford Shack, an individual I know nothing about, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in this case, the Rothschilds did indeed do it.

The Official Unofficial Story

The legend is that a humble, unmarried maid, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, in the employ of a certain Baron Rothschild of Vienna, Austria, was knocked up by the Baron, revealed her state to him and she was then sent packing. The result was she gave birth to Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois.

The official story concocted by the Nazis, and still accepted in the main by the mainstream media, was that a Johann Georg Hiedler, an itinerant miller, was the father, married Maria sometime after the birth of Alois, and then died somewhere unknown.

I’ll just say here that Johann Georg Hiedler never existed as described. That is, whomever is listed at Geneanet, the genealogy site of Tim Dowling, he had no participation in the Hitler Project. He was remade into fiction, repurposed in a form of identity theft and recreated in order for Alois Schicklgruber to later legally change his name to Hittler, said to be an acceptable variant of Hiedler (really?), originally with two ‘T’s’. The why will be answered below.

The most plausible narrative I have is as follows:
There was a Baron Anselm Rothschild living in Vienna in September of 1836 when Alois would have been conceived, as Alois was born the following June. While most sites addressing the subject state that a certain Baron Rothschild had a manor where Maria worked, the fact is this Baron Anselm lived in permanent residence in a grand Viennese hotel called The Roman Emperors. The reason the richest man in Austria lived in a hotel was because Jews were not allowed to own property in Vienna until 1843, at which point the Baron bought the place.

Maria worked in this hotel in September of 1836, as evidenced by a police file card from the time. In an attempt to squelch any potential revolutionary organizing, the government policy was for all employers to get names and addresses of all employees and submit this information to the local authorities. Maria’s card was unearthed in 1934 by the ill-fated Engelbert Dolfuss*, chancellor of Austria, who was digging up anything he could find to use against Hitler, then threatening to overrun his country.

Confirmation of the Baron’s whereabouts came from the unwitting assistance of the Rothschild archives in London when a researcher named Clifford Shack asked for some seemingly innocent information on Baron Anselm that confirmed the Baron’s location at the time in question.

As it turned out, the Baron was in Vienna awaiting the birth of his son, Nathaniel “Puggy” Rothschild**, who arrived in October of 1836, via Anselm’s wife- and first cousin- Charlotte.

(As is well known, the Rothschilds, like the Hapsburgs, inbred as closely as they could. Unlike the Hapsburgs, the Rothschilds did not appear to have as much trouble with medical defects.)

So there is compelling evidence that Anselm and Maria were living in the same building at the same time; she in the servants quarters and he, presumably, on the top floor, in the Fall of 1836.

The legend then has the randy Baron being made aware of Maria’s condition and she was sent away. An orphan’s fund, in Maria’s mother’s name, magically appeared and the single mother of a Rothschild bastard was left to raise the boy in secret. Even Alois’ baptismal record showed bupkis where the name of the boy’s father should be.

Now, of course, there is one particular question to be asked: What was the richest man in the country doing jumping a 41 year old spinster maid? Um, yeah, I forgot that detail: Maria Schicklgruber was forty one at the time of Alois’ conception.

Spinster is an archaic term, but even into my young adulthood, that descriptive was bandied about without penalty. ‘Natch, no one ever called their aunt Lydia a spinster to her face, but it was a commonly understood term. An aging woman, past her prime and fertility with no spouse and no prospects.

This lowly ‘old’ woman (for the time), working for swells who may not have even bothered to learn her name, would not likely attract the attention of the man who had Austria’s political infrastructure in debt to him and the family octopus.

And while we’re at it, why would someone leave an orphan’s fund to a rapidly aging, childless, single woman? We don’t even have to contemplate the odds of a woman in Maria’s circumstances surviving such a late pregnancy when the mortality rate for mothers of every stripe was something like forty percent. There’s nothing here to beg credulity.

So, what the hell was going on? My only other choice would be to have Maria ID’d as a perfect candidate to be a caretaker and agree, without rebuttal I’m sure, to take the bastard away to raise, and keep this future Rothschild asset hidden from sight.

It’s possible that the Baron never saw the child but was informed and then arrangements were made through his aides to set something up. If this narrative is true, one can be certain this was nowhere near the first time this had happened. The Rothschilds, I’m convinced, bred bastards the same way they bred horses, wine grapes and honey bees. Whomever the biological mother was, her social and physical condition was at a sufficient elevation to cultivate this bundle of joy for later use, but off the record.

I have not seen anyone else propose this caretaker hypothesis though there is a good chance someone somewhere has. There are more of us raking for clues to the real story everyday.

When Alois was thirteen, the story goes, he lit out for Vienna from his humble surroundings in the Waldviertel, meaning forest region- literally ‘the sticks’, which, from what I can tell, was the Austrian equivalent of, say, rural Alabama, where impoverishment, ignorance, illiteracy and superstition informed the local culture. He had been living in an upscale, for the area, farm owned by Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, the younger brother of Johann Georg Hiedler, the man the Nazi party ID’d as Alois biological father. (Who names two brothers Johann? Disjointed writers who never meet do-) Alois’ objective in Vienna was to be an apprentice to a cobbler.

The apprentice cobbler part of the narrative is quickly discarded because we are told that at age eighteen, young Alois is enlisted into the quasi-militarist postal service. Where he developed the skills for this job is brushed off by an alleged program set up by the Austrian government to give poor young men like Alois a shot at raising their prospects. Sort of an affirmative action program.

Sure. Top down authoritarians are always looking to better the opportunities of the mass of resentful slaves who would not hesitate, given the chance, to eat their oppressors.
Largesse from the State usually comes in the form of short term charity. They will feed a man but not teach him how to fish.

My opinion: The bastard Alois was placed in the postal service by his handlers to learn how to safeguard Rothschild intelligence. He certainly was not the only bastard in that service. It is agreed that the Rothschild postal service was the most secure in Europe- Queen Victoria admitted that her most important correspondence was handled exclusively by Rothschild postal agents.

I submit that is what Alois was doing in the employ of the postal service: Guarding his kinsman’s intelligence at the Austrian border crossing at Braunau am Inn, equidistant to Munich and the Austrian state capital of Linz. This is a point made by Clifford Shack and I must agree.

The Mother of All Beard Marriages

Alois life story continues apace: At 36(?) he marries for the first time, to a sickly, possibly invalid woman 14(!) years his senior. It’s probably only a coincidence that this woman, Anna Glasl-Hörer, was also a bastard, having been raised by Alois’ postal service boss. (!?) From what I can tell, the marriage was never consummated.

I will now suggest a possible motive for this otherwise unimaginable ‘marriage’ that left Alois with a hefty pile of cash upon Anna’s death 10 childless years later: As I said, Alois’ mother would likely be of such breeding as to bear a Rothschild bastard, thus leaving behind the howler of a spinster peasant being Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandmother.

To repeat, Anna Glasl-Hörer, was 14 years older than Alois and it was established by their complaining wives that the Rothschild Barons, Salomon and son Anselm, had an addiction to young girls, so much so that it was rumored the Austrian police were well compensated to look the other way when the Barons, père et fils, indulged their indiscretions.

A teenage girl giving birth was not quite the shocker in those days as child bearing was the primary job of women up to just before our present day. If, say, Salomon was the father of Anna then her mating with Anselm would be within the parameters of the extreme endogamy practiced by the royal bloodlines. Mating with a half sibling was considered by ancient royalty as the perfect match. Anselm and Anna would be that kind of match. I suggest that Anna Glasl-Hörer was the real mother of Alois, not Maria Schicklgruber.

Anna and Alois- mother and son. On paper, husband and wife. A beard marriage hiding behind chronic illness would allow for the legal transfer of funds once the marriage was terminated, officially in this case by Anna’s ‘death’.

Anna was well off, like a Rothschild rent-a-womb would be, but Alois lived away from his “wife” on the top floor of a local inn and was apparently generous with his time and attention towards the younger female members of the staff.
Sounds like the behavior of a certain Baron, only on a much more modest scale.

(Note: I think this aspect of the story, Alois the rake, is an attempt to mirror the myth of Maria the Maid being the biological mother of Alois at the hands of another out of bounds hotel resident. More on such parallels anon-)

After seven years into this sham marriage, Anna filed for separation because one of Alois’ maids, Franziska “Fanni” Matzelsberger, turned up preggers with Alois Jr..

My interpretation is that Alois now had an heir so Anna wasn’t needed anymore. She dutifully ‘died’ three years later when Alois and Fanni produced a second child, a daughter, Angela. With Anna out of the picture, Alois was free to legitimize his concubine and their offspring, along with collecting a sizable inheritance from his late starter wife.

Enter Klara Polzl, Adolf the Awful’s biological mother, so the story goes. Alois employs Klara as house help, who turns out to be his 16 year old niece- or maybe cousin- to assist with his wife and children.

(The confusion regarding niece or cousin depends on which Johann was listed as the official biological father. Since the script in these deceptions are regularly edited by disparate hands, it’s never certain which historical lie was agreed upon.)

Fanni takes a dislike to Alois’ familiarity with Klara and demands she be sent packing. Klara returns home. Shortly thereafter, Fanni dies of tuberculosis. Re-enter niece/cousin Klara, and Alois weds her.

Not so fast- One could not marry their niece/cousin without papal consent. The swiftness by which this consent was given is another point in favor of Alois being of the bloodline that most mattered. (Like father, like son- marry your niece/cousin and keep the bloodlines, even the illegitimate lines, flowing.)

The happy couple (despite reports of brutal physical abuse- a detail added to the narrative to give a possible reason why Adolf turned out bat shit crazy) have more kids, only two of these which survive- Adolf and his sister Paula.

Given the Rothschild approved closeness in relations between Alois Sr. and his niece, Adolf would have the higher pedigree than Alois Jr.- that is if Fanni, Junior’s Mom, was but a humble maid.
I suspect not because Alois Jr. married a British woman named Dowling, which is a peerage name, leading to the Stuarts/Stewarts.

Adolf married no one (Eva Braun was a fiction in my reading of the story), which is a pretty big clue as to actual rank: Producing viable offspring, whatever order of the father’s birth, is the primary responsibility of royals, and the Rothschilds were royal no matter how you spin it. And that may be why Adolf was positioned the way he was- because he was a dead end, genetically. (Recall the story of Hitler’s rumored monorchism. That may be code for sterility, or, yes, gay….yawn- I digress…)

But roll back to Alois Sr., at age 39. For reasons no mainstream version can put their finger on, Alois went down to the local church with a couple of yokels and petitioned to change his last name. At this point the legend of Johann Georg Hiedler as Alois’ biological father came into play. And, for reasons also unknown, the name Hiedler became Hittler, with two ‘t’s.

So, I’m going with Alois as an intel agent for the Rothschilds, in the midst of a sham marriage, changing his name, as intel agents often do. One of the yokels was Johann Georg’s much younger brother mentioned earlier, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, the prosperous farmer who helped raise Alois when he was young and his caretaker mother was ‘dead’.

It occurs to me that Maria was chosen as caretaker and married off to the phantom Johann Georg Hiedler so that Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, Johann’s alleged younger brother, could oversee Alois’ upbringing without having to pose as the father of a child who looked nothing like him. This younger Johann, a well off individual in a forest of poverty, may have had much higher connections than anyone has yet suspected. May I suggest a connection?

This is admittedly a stretch, but the name Nepomuk rings a bell. The name derives from John of Nepomuk, a Czech saint. The name also appears in the extended name of Prince Klemens von Metternich, the power behind the Austrian Empire. This prince to my eyes appeared something like the Henry Kissinger of his day, negotiating in every direction from his perch in Central Europe and, most significantly, deeply in debt to our puppet masters, the Rothschilds. Specifically to the Baron Anselm and his father Salomon.

Metternich also produced a legion of children who begat grandchildren of the nobility from various fertile wombs. He certainly stinks of top shelf royalty and may be related to the Rothschilds indirectly. The odds are good he was. Who backs a horse this big without loyalty assured through marriage and blood?

This second Johann may also be related to the prince. To lean solely on the name Nepomuk is weak tea, but he was a key operative in the Alois narrative, not only helping raise the boy but also abetting the name change by creating a long dead older brother out of whole cloth. There was motivation beyond a mere payoff to an already financially comfortable subject.

(Another regular question is how Hiedler, the name assumed to be the legitimate one for Alois and thus the impetus for the change- decades after Hiedler supposedly married Maria and legitimized Alois- became Hittler. It’s often written off as a clerical error, similar to the mangling and truncating of surnames that happened to immigrants at Ellis Island.

Meh- maybe for run of the mill polloi, but we’re dealing with Rothschild assets here and one guess would be that the name change was also to sever ties with the Roman Emperors Hotel and the proximity of the Baron Anselm and the lowly maid. After all, no one would have heard of the name Schicklgruber if it wasn’t for the Dolfuss investigation in the early thirties. This part of the narrative was thought to be buried for good… and upon further reflection, if Alois was ‘married’ to a fellow Rothschild bastard, who happened to also be his mother, further separation from the Hotel would be vital. Add to all this that Johann Nepomuk Hiedler was also styled, Huettler, suggests the Hittler alias came from compression of both names. This is deliberately muddied waters. A way to confirm or deny a connection with a shrug as needed. Basic spy craft-)

Later, in retirement, Alois Sr. runs his own farm, at a loss. He also becomes a beekeeper. Neither is likely- Rothschilds don’t lose money, unless there’s a scam in progress where they appear to take a hit. It may be this losing proposition was a money laundromat and dispersal system for other agents; and I take the beekeeping to be code for Alois being a master Mason. Vienna was the first location for inter-faith lodges and the Rothschilds quickly took control of yet another in-place structure to use to their own ends.

A Now Adolf…

Adolf’s mother, Klara Polzl, died when Adolf was 18. He immediately went to Vienna, like his father. There he stayed in a hostel owned by the Rothschilds. The story goes that he became an art bum***, but in the Fall of 1912, according to his sister in law, Bridgette Hitler, née Dowling, Adolf stayed for a time in Liverpool with her and her husband, Alois Jr..

She relates in her memoir that Adolf would rise early, eat a perfunctory breakfast and vanish for the day, only to return late at night without a word.
I suggest he was being vetted by British intelligence prior to the Great War- that as a Rothschild asset, he was examined for competency sufficient enough for general intel use.

I’ve stated before that the two world wars were a collaboration between axis and allied intelligence to sweep and clear the east to prep the region for industrialization. That’s what the battlefield antics were staged for- to inject western technology and engineering into the agricultural based societies being eliminated by force, occupation and deportation under a smoke screen of deadly ideological clashes.

It goes without saying that the Rothschilds and their peers would be the primary beneficiaries of this industrial overlay to these economically moribund regions. They had control of Russian oil, but no efficient way to get that oil to the west. A take no prisoners remake of the east was what the two wars were about, IMO.

Back to Adolf-

In 1914 he volunteers for the Bavarian home guard even though he is both an Austrian citizen and a wanted man for desertion, having failed twice to report to the Austrian draft board. As a foreigner he was not eligible to serve in the German army.

The regular home guard had already been sent to the front so the thinking goes that Hitler was accepted into what was largely a civilian volunteer corps. In that atmosphere, anyone who wanted to help was not going to be turned away.

Next we find he’s a dispatch runner, in a German uniform, running intel between the back of the front lines and the chateaus where the barrel sized generals were pushing small blocks of wood topped with tiny flags across maps spread over large oak tables while sipping claret from priceless crystal goblets.

Hitler is in the rear with the gear, handling sensitive correspondence- just like his old man handled Rothschild intel. His cover as an actual German soldier could only happen if he was some important person’s ‘boy’.

For the duration of the war, Hitler remained a Private First Class, roughly speaking- the German ranking system did not have a Corporal designation.

If you believe the war record Hitler boasts of in Mein Kampf, you’d expect a man with two iron crosses, one first class no less, to get a promotion.
But since Hitler’s bio is a complete fabrication, details like that don’t matter to the average prole looking for an Ubermensch to vanquish one’s own inherent shortcomings.

It seems to me that the Hitler of WWI was mirroring some aspects of his father’s bio to reinforce both narratives as being true. The intel asset begets an intel asset. What’s missing is a Hitler love life, sketched in with a ‘suicided’ niece, Geli Raubal, Hitler fell for (shades of Alois marrying his cousin/niece) and a prop styled ‘Eva Braun’, a character only known about by the public after the Second World War, and after her alleged suicide and body dump.

In conclusion, I see Hitler as a typecast character, a tyrant whose chaotic presence masks the planned for destruction of an old system by the hidden figures that created him. He and the actors who sold this character to the gullible public provided a lint catcher for the resentment and hatred of the masses of victims he was blamed for while his creators operated unscathed in the dark. These people would use blood loyal assets in the most sensitive positions. This is what the bastard breeding program was for.

Many claim the state of Israel was one of the primary goals of the wars, but that is overstating the case. Israel was already being constructed long before the Hitler persona was born. What Israel was meant to do was provide local enforcement of the Rothschilds’s interests in the area of the Suez Canal, the key point in the connecting thread between the Russian oil fields and the western technocracies that would run on that oil. The bonus of positioning Israel above criticism thanks to the holocaust narrative and its relentless promotion only added to the defenses of the region.

It’s important to note that Rothschild whore, Winston Churchill, lead the charge to switch the British Empire’s fuel supply from easy to access coal to remote oil deposits. Having a British guard dog in the region of the canal was vital to stability and security.

If you want some kind of outside verification for this yarn above, start with the name Clifford Shack. He’ll lead you to the inspiration for some of this. However, he is a conventional thinker when it comes to assassinations, mass murder and the like, so cherry pick if you feel like it. I always do.

Miles Mathis covers similar material and spirals off in many directions as only he can. The idea Hitler came from Jewish wealth is included. I can agree with that in the main, but the wealth was discreetly parceled out. If Hitler did any time in a youth hostel, it was to create honest witnesses though I don’t think, beyond August Kubizek, the writers put much effort into confirming Hitler’s pre-fame existence.


*Dolfuss’ wife was vacationing with the Mussolinis when he was ‘assassinated’ by Nazi operatives. I suspect Dolfuss was on vacation with them as well.

**Puggy and Alois parallel tracks- These half-brothers parallel in age, close enough that Puggy may have been Alois’ handler, the one who handled the finances, including a decent sized inheritance that came to Alois a year after their father, Anselm, died.

***The art bum touch is redolent of the bohemian milieu that Puggy sampled as a gay photographer. Having Hitler pose as an artist gave his character authority in determining the imagery of the Reich, even though people like Riefenstahl provided the actual aesthetic input.

9 thoughts on “The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Old Man

  1. How much of what we are taught is factual, be us Austrian or American?

    Interesting stuff though
    It’s not called his-story for nothing

    oh yeah – “most powerful and dangerous man?…” – no, badass maybe, but he wasn’t all that.


  2. I suggest Huettler or Hüttler would sound phonetically like Hitler/Hittler in Austria, when I holidayed there in the 90s, folk would say ‘Grüss Gott’ in greeting which sounded more like ‘Griss Gott’ to mine ears. (Then again I once asked for peanuts at a shop and the assistant fetched a bottle of Pernod, and that was back home and the shopman was an Asian.)


  3. Thank you for this contribution, Ty. I know your life is busy (mine is not). I enjoyed the piece, but want to read it again on our upcoming cross-Atlantic flight, this time diagramming the players with arrows. I like the idea that “dead ends”, people who cannot reproduce, are given alternate roles such as childless movie stars or despots and mass murderers. In my own work I have found some of our “serial killers” to be dead-ended Nicholson lookalikes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “I’ve stated before that the two world wars were a collaboration between axis and allied intelligence to sweep and clear the east [and west. e.g. London] to prep the region for industrialization.” – This is the main theme of “Gravity’s Rainbow” by Thomas Pynchon

    “Prince Klemens von Metternich, the power behind the Austrian Empire. This prince to my eyes appeared something like the Henry Kissinger of his day,” – Kissinger’s Ph.D thesis, titled “a world restored” was on Metternich

    A lot of the writing in this article is very Pynchon-like. I am tempted to run it through forensic document analysis and see what pops up. I like Pynchon.


  5. some old people who actually met Hitler on some occasions told me unanimously he had very impressive eyes. You can’t see this in the old movies of course. I don’t think a person can give commands and be so obeyed and feared as the official story goes. It’s an act or a game or a show. Whatever you call it, it’s not different to what happened in the corona show. Some silly clowns pretend to make decisions and all the others obey and follow and nobody even tries to say no. How can a Joe Biden still be the POTUS? Or how can a Karl Lauterbach still be German highest health commander? I see my US friends on pictures still wearing masks, in Germany we still have to wear masks in public communication, even though the mainstream science already stated that they are not helping and not healthy. Now all the destroying of food industry. Do you know the old movie “The Soylent Green”? It’s from the 70-s and about a year 2022 where people cannot afford natural food anymore and have to eat “Soylent” products and the green one is made out of humans.


  6. on the second thought it brings me right into the middle of the old world. When I hear about some “tycoon”, like a rubber tycoon suddenly producing tires for an automobile tycoon or some oil tycoon or railroad tycoon, what ever. This people came out of nothing and suddenly became famous and very rich for introducing some new technology to the new world. But not one of them had a history of developing this technology. This even applies for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs even though the official story suggests otherwise. This technologies weren’t completely new, it was always something brought from the old world and only somehow improved for the new world. And the improvements were made by teams of new and fresh educated engineers who were allowed to learn about the old technologies but had to stay unknown and in the background.


    1. That is a very good point. Why is it that all of our DARPA technology is credited to lone wolf geniuses – Gates, Schmidt, Zuckerberg, Musk, Jobs, Bezos, when it is very well understood by people behind the scenes that these men are just cardboard fronts?

      Gates especially is annoying. Noam Chomsky wrote about him that during the mid-90s, Gates refused to attend meetings that were going on about how the Internet would be set up, seeing no future there. What a visionary! And it is well understood that his mommy approached IBM about getting the boy set up with what became MSDOS. Now he is serving his real purpose, using unlimited funds made available to him to advance eugenics and depopulation, especially directed at Africa. Both his father and grandfather were eugenicists. Makes me want to puke.


  7. What a compelling piece, Tyrone, thank you. Your take makes much more sense than any I have seen.

    My intro to sleuthing was an obsessive reading of library books on WW2, with a few on WW1, starting around 5th or 6th grade. WW1 accelerated “democracy” since the peeps were now so pissed at the colossal waste the very same peeps had “demanded” occur in 1914, they then deposed most of the royals ’round Europe with their votes. Yep, the average John Cockney and Pierre Gauche got riled as hell when that anarchist fella shot that poor archduke and his archduchess, so what else could power do but accede to the will of the newly-democratized masses and unleash 4+ years of industrial war? Never mind the humiliation of white feathers, shiver me timbers!

    So, the narrative goes, less than a generation later, due to that “disastrous” treaty signed in a train carriage, some bad euros went crazy and even supported strongmen and the rise of fascism, since the royals had been booted out and that was what the peeps wanted. Once again, the allied peeps demanded bad men be killed and bad countries be bombed. How to stop the murderous leanings of the public? I even took a stab at John Toland’s massive “Hitler”, which was too dull to finish. Anyway, throughout these readings there were so many, “Wait…what?” moments in the narratives that it made teen-aged me conclude the Germans and Japanese had “thrown” the wars by committing insane blunders, only to somehow, someway, end up stronger with suddenly re-nascent heavy and tech industries (steel, automotive, electronics) which would, “Doh!” end up hurting the allies in the decades afterward…who knew? How to know? It was the fog of war, that must have been why!

    And yet there are still occupying forces in both nations, keeping down them pesky Baby Hirohitos and genocidal Baby Dolphies, closing in on 80 years. So confusing!


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