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Old Show Biz: Dennis Hopper

A little levity from the files of Old Hollywood courtesy of my old man… and this time you can believe every word of it. But First… Serenity Now*, the halfway house down the road from Olive View hospital in the … Continue reading

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POM and the MSM

Family duties of late has exposed me to television on a regular basis for the first time in  ages- The show I find most amusing is from NBC- Timeless is the title of the show and it’s a reimagining of … Continue reading

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The Hitler Project: Building the Crib

Once again, in case you missed the other Hitler Project posts, it is my opinion that “Adolf Hitler” did not exist as an individual but as a public persona essayed by different actors for different occasions, the Project being orchestrated … Continue reading

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The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Sizzle Reel

In my previous post I claimed it was certain the historical figure known as Adolf Hitler was a public persona but that there was no actual Hitler- The character was concocted by high ranking Intelligence agents in Britain and Germany … Continue reading

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The Hitler Project: Pasewalk Idyll

(Inspired by Mark’s look at the boasts of Captain McCain, I offer another war hero holy wound contrivance) The author is certain that Adolf Hitler (No middle name) was a fictional construct put   together by a joint force of … Continue reading

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Old Show Biz

  This is a chapter from my book about my one eared father’s tall tales of old Hollywood. Since it involves a celebrity switch-a-roo, a POM specialty, enjoy… A Buddy’s Love I might return to my parent’s brief marriage but … Continue reading

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Vermeer the Forger, Part Six

Vermeer’s Forgers One of the most notorious art forgers in history was the miscreant, Han Van Meegeren (1889-1947). He is sited as much as he is because he had the juevos to engineer a swindle of the degenerate, Hermann Goering, … Continue reading

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Vermeer the Forger- Part Five

Vermeer’s Demise Two events occurred between 1672 and 1674 that essentially broke Vermeer and hastened a quick and brutal end to his life at the age of forty three. The first disaster was the invasion of Holland by the French … Continue reading

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Vermeer the Forger, Part Four

Vermeer’s Women Vermeer sired fifteen children, eleven of whom survived infancy. At least seven of these surviving children were female. The adult woman seen in several of his paintings is obviously his wife, Catherine. A few items have their maid, Tanneken … Continue reading

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Vermeer the Forger, Part Three

Vermeer’s Visitors There are two brief diary accounts of contemporaries meeting Vermeer: Pieter Teding van Berkhout (above) and Balthasar de Monconys (below). The former mentions seeing several Vermeer paintings of which their chief virtue was their “most extraordinary and curious … Continue reading

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