Qualis artifex pereo

I’ll be brief. My pre-election post compared Biden to Moses and Vespasian. Parallel to that, Trump plays Pharoah of the Exodus and Nero. With the election seemingly settled, that begs the question: Whither Pharoah/Nero? In fiction (‘Quo Vadis’, ie) Nero falls on his sword. In one ‘reality’ I’ve entertained over the years, Epaphroditus, Nero’s secretary, had a slave in the retinue stick a shiv in the emperor’s blubber- regicide. This because Nero had executed his own wife, Poppaea, who was a member of a secret society operating under Nero’s nose and within which Epaphroditus was a key operative.

Nevertheless, the actual details of Nero’s demise are uncertain. Sound familiar?

They don’t kill their own. But, when needed, they do kill personas. With that in mind, how does the Trump persona kick off? I will say, with nothing of substance to back it, that the Trump persona will perish in a plane or helicopter crash over water. Rumors of sabotage will never die. Like Pharoah, the body will never be produced. Trump will then join all the other personas on Epstein Island, greeted warmly by colleagues for having played his part so masterfully in another ritualized fabrication of history.

The End.

Moses/Vespasian/Biden defeats Pharaoh/Nero/Trump

Charles N. Pope, an amateur historian, has posited that a “royal culture” has been at the heart of recorded history from at least the time when the Phoenicians first docked at Tyre and Sidon, but possibly much earlier than that.

This royal culture consisted of inbred bloodlines ruling over a good portion of humanity, their technique for maintaining a span of control from Britain to China was to have their successive regimes re-enact the narratives of ancient myths as if actual real time history in the making.

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JFK jr? Not hardly.

For the record, I am more in agreement with Mark today than I would have been when I wrote JFKTV. The notion of JFK being gay, though, strikes me as unreasonable. There is no solid proof at this late date. No rumors that I can recall. Pictures of him and Lem Billings horsing around as kids is today read as possibly gay but that’s part of the gay agenda- today celebs are assumed gay until proven otherwise, but it is emphasized that that isn’t a bad thing. Gay is so normalized in the media it is hardly news and always seen as a positive. Continue reading “JFK jr? Not hardly.”

The Movie Everyone Is Talking About!

Hi there-

Having grown up in Southern California, I went to an actual theater for the first time in almost ten years to view Once Upon A Time… and see how detailed Tarantino, another So.Cal native, would paint this landscape. I have to say I was impressed, as no one besides me would remember Brew 102, briefly spotted in Brad Pitt’s trailer, the cheapest beer ever made and the brand my old man would down by the case when he had the few shekels to indulge. (Name Drop: Jayne Mansfield actually bought him a case for his birthday while shooting Single Room Furnished. He was shocked she even knew his name, let alone know his birthday. Smart cookie, that one, huh?) Continue reading “The Movie Everyone Is Talking About!”


The Kennedy
Assassination as
Television Programming

Compiled and Edited for Committee Referral by
Tyrone McCloskey

“Orthodoxy means not thinking- not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Read This First

This book can be read as a spoof of JFK research or as nonfiction, your choice. Because none of the radical content of this book is provable beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no reason to insist that what is offered is fact. There are some facts included, but the premise and conclusion herein may seem more like satire than reasoned speculation. I won’t hold a gun to your head and insist you believe anything in this volume.

That said, the fact that a half-century of research has not produced a definite answer to the JFK assassination, nor has it brought anyone to justice, it is long overdue to question whether or not the assassination took place at all. And it’s reasonable to ask that question in a country that still insists it operates under the rule of law.

With that in mind, divest yourself of all assumptions about how the world works and try to keep your critical faculties engaged at the expense of your emotions. Within this fascist construct we now find ourselves, it is obvious that the faith we have had in “official” history has been misplaced. If history is, in fact, written by the victors, and there have been an endless stream of victors, what has passed for history is very likely a series of revisions building upon previous revisions until all facts are completely buried and beyond recall. But this is the method of conquerors from time immemorial: Separate the conquered from their past and they become a nameless herd to corral. Continue reading “JFKTV”

A Fan’s Notes-

Inspired by Mark’s valiant struggle with a second division pathology.

(This started, once again, as a comment that got out of hand)

My beloved Oakland A’s left such a significant imprint in my youth with their early 70’s title run that I can never quite abandoned them.

Their 2018 performance, however, gives credence to the notion that irrelevant narratives are given an unencumbered range to unfold naturally, but that the outcomes of key games are foretold. Continue reading “A Fan’s Notes-“

Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand

This topic has been in my In box for a while but since Miles’ guest writers/singers were way out west recently, I thought I’d add to the pile now.

When I was looking into Truman Capote and his fictional murders, I took a side trip to get a glance at James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok. One of Capote’s characters was named Hickock and I wondered if there might be a connecting clue to Wild Bill. I couldn’t find any though there was a hint through some tangential Rodeo promoters in the 30’s, but there wasn’t enough to continue that digression.

Later, to streamline that look into Hickok, I decided to list a few basic questions that could be applied to any historical person of interest to determine if they were whom the MSM says they were. These questions by now are familiar, but I am attempting to sift through several people of the 19th century, especially here in the good old U S of A, to get a better grip on, for example, our “special relationship” to Britain and the crown and the methods used by spooks major and minor to keep that relationship intact. Continue reading “Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand”

Cold Blood and Weak Tea

TCM was promoting the 1967 Richard Brooks film, In Cold Blood, last week and it got me to thinking, given the Zal Rule* at Fakeopedia, that the killing of the Clutter family in 1959, the basis for Truman Capote’s book of the same name and subject, would likely be a hoax.

*Zal Rule: If there is a major motion picture of a “real” event, you can be certain the event is a hoax- 

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Little Werner Needs to Lie

This began as a response to BMSeattle about ‘Wings of Hope’(1998)*, another, IMO, faux TV documentary from Werner Herzog. It got a little long so I’ll post it here and hopefully give some relief to the comments section for Mark’s post, Grizzly Man.

*The film is about a 17 year old German girl, Juliane Koepcke, being the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian jungle in 1971. 92 (11) others on the plane died. The plane was hit by lightening and disintegrated. Given that planes are routinely hit by lightening and don’t do that, there is your first howler to judge this “real life” drama by. Continue reading “Little Werner Needs to Lie”

A Fact Check Free Zone

This post started as a simple comment to Dave about Amy Carter and an allergy she may have related to metal touching her skin. How I got from that to this pile is as confusing to me as it might be to you.

Regarding Amy and the missing wedding band, she never looked all that, um, what would be the best word…? Libidinous? She looks like her “father”* to a degree, but she also looks like her late uncle, Billy. Her “son” looks like the prop husband but nothing like her.

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