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[This Post is written to serve as a reference for people, and will be linked in the right.]

It was never our idea to have a “commenting policy.” It was forced on us by outsiders.

We do not care what you think; we believe in exchange of ideas, even fiery exchanges. People who passionately believe things often express those things in an aggressive manner, and that can offend other people. We don’t care. This is not a nursery school. No one gets sent to the principal’s office. No one will ever be censored for passion, language, assertiveness, intelligence, or even stupidity or ignorance.

That is your business. We leave you in peace to comment as you see fit. Yes, we think it is important to be polite, but have some fun too! We are not hall monitors.

However  there are trolls out there in abundance, and disinfo agents. Their job is to undermine good and honest work in any way possible. One defense we have is to quarantine new commenters – your first comment here will not appear until reviewed. Once you pass that small hurdle you are set free.

In addition, certain theories and ideas are often used as stalking horses to achieve other purposes, what we call “blackwashing.” Mere introduction of these into a comment thread can hijack it and create a debate whose real intent is to associate this site with ideas that are likely to make most people reject anything else we have to say out of hand. Such ideas can be used by agents to discredit us.

Intelligence agents and their employees use these memes to take all of the good and conscientious research done by honest people, and discredit it by association with idiotic or unpalatable ideas. This is not a statement about the validity of these ideas, but simply a statement that we do not wish this blog to be associated with them. Consequently, we ask that you cooperate with us by not broaching the following subjects on this particular forum.  (There are plenty of other forums available besides ours where you are free to discuss them.)

These topics are:

  • Flat earth.
  • Illuminati.
  • Reptilians.
  • Transgender
  • Gematria
  • “Fake news.”
  • Paul is Dead
  • Mandela effect.
  • Dallas Goldbug.

We understand that people will stumble on to those topics without having read this policy, and so we will be patient. Once an above topic is introduced that we feel runs counter to the spirit of this request, we will ask that you come here to read about this policy. A second offense will result in your comment being deleted and a warning. A third offense will result in banning.

Bans are not permanent, maybe a week or so to calm down. Forgiveness is a virtue. Alongside patience, it allows all of us to develop our brains as we try to move forward in understanding this goofy planet.

18 thoughts on “Commenting Policy

  1. “Yes, we think it is important to be polite”

    Thus spake Mark T, the most impolitic commenter in the last decade in the Montana blogosphere.

    Laughable, if it weren’t so pitiful.


    1. I was trying to figure out who you are as I was driving down the road, and then thought … of course! Kailey. You were one of the original Montana bloggers recruited by Matt Singer to get out ahead of the game and keep honest people squeezed off to the margins in the new blogging game. You were the original one to ban people for content, to lay ambushes, to claim foul when it was you who was fouling, to luxuriate in self adulation while casting aspersions on honest people. You are possibly one of the nastiest people I ever met. And, of course, you are a Democrat.

      I don’t truck with Republicans, as I consider myself a conservative, and Republicans long ago left that noble philosophy behind. But I always found them to be easier to deal with because, like Swede for instance, they don’t have to hide in the bushes and lie about their beliefs. Democrats are by definition disingenuous, as your job is to manage progressives and keep them in your camp while screwing them over. That takes real abilities in the area of deceit and disingenuity. No wonder Singer recruited you. And yes, I am the anti-Democrat, as I found the Montana party to be infested with people of the lowest possible caliber who were held up as shining examples of virtue. Made me want to puke. That is where I got my reputation – by pissing off Democrats. I consider it a badge of honor. I saw through them in 1996. It was a first-hand experience.

      Anyway, Rob, I am free of the Montana blogosphere now, happily so, and actually thinking that we are doing productive work here now with the infusion of new writers. I get to fade into the background, just be part of a team, and not have to worry about snipers in the bushes and wolves circling the camp.

      Have a nice day.

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      1. As an outside observer, all I can say is some real assholes find their way over here. Especially that guy Skank, or is it Stink? Something like that. You are way more patient than I am.


        1. John, there are bloggers in Montana who have been putting up with Mark’s trolling for years. Mark deserves all the crap that comes his way with what’s he’s dished out over the years.


          1. You said something so nasty on this blog a couple of days ago that I could have banned you permanently and none would have questioned it. Don’t ever call me a troll again. You did that to get a reaction, the definition of trolling.

            I have met a few people I admire on the Montana blogs, SK, a few others, but those blogs were dominated by Democrats, and they were all hired, and they all had an agenda. They are slimy, corrupt, and either intuitively or by paycheck know not to cross their masters. It appears now that Singer was the one who organized that movement. I could feel the intentions behind them, as they watched over things closely and quickly began the censorship and marginalization scheme, their whole purpose. Maybe Talbot is too dumb to know this, but others were not. Kailey, Pogie, Stevens, Cowgirl, J-Girl, toed the line. They drove traffic to one another, and got rid of anyone who was not orthodox. I was to have perished along with all the others, leaving only the big-D blogs, but I am stubborn, and I write well enough that they knew about me, complained, banned me, called me a troll, but could not kill me.

            You were marginalized. You were effectively, banned. You’re running a tiny blog now, and no one links to you. Right? That is what they do – it is called censorship. Democrats censor. You are a victim of censorship, and are powerless to do anything about it. That’s power.

            Anyway, you’ve had it in for me for some time now, but I have tried to see what is good in you, as you are smart enough to write a poem and see through things. You’re not a bad person. You’re not a party guy. But if you ever, ever speak ill of my brother again, you are done here. He may be the finest man I have ever known. Others who are not his kid brother have said the same.


  2. I won’t spend a lot of time on this because when I tried to comment in the past, it wouldn’t post, but I don’t understand why the scope of your research is so narrow, when a person is so much more than just a face.

    For example. Dr. Phil and Freddy Mercury may have similar facial features, but McGraw is 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs AT LEAST 240 LBS. Freddie Mercury is/was 5 feet, 9 inches tall and was described a “increasingly frail”. Dr. Phil has been married twice, both times to a woman – Freddie Mercury was a FLAMING homosexual. I have an interest in accents, and Dr. Phil has an unmistakable Texas/Oklahoma drawl. Although Freddie Mercury has one of the most recorded voices of all, I couldn’t find any recording of speaking in a normal conversation, but it’s hard to imagine anyone who lived all his life in Britain with anything but a British accent.

    If you’re just comparing faces, this comparison seems plausible, but even if Freddie Mercury was somehow able to grow 6 inches in height and add at least 50 pounds of muscle mass at the of 46, he’d have to be the greatest actor of all time to lose all those effeminate mannerisms and convincingly become a good ol’ boy like Dr. Phil.

    I would ask who could possibly be behind all this, but that doesn’t seem like it’s open for discussion, so I won’t go there.


    1. I am pasting what I wrote in the comments of the most recent Dr. Phil / Freddie Mercury post, as it speaks directly to your remarks:

      First of all, how do we really know how tall these guys are? Dr. Phil claims to be 6′ 4” and that’s what we find at But the posters at this website put him at 6′ 2” ( How would we know? We can hardly take any of these sources at their word, and we almost always see him sitting down. Of course a tall person sitting down will still usually be taller than others around him, and that seems to be the case with Dr. Phil. But it’s also an illusion that can easily be made with a slightly higher chair (like extra cushion or something) and camera angles. As for standing up, I’ve seen pictures where he looks tall relative to others, but many pictures where he doesn’t really tower over people the way someone who is 6′ 4” or even 6′ 2” usually does.

      Here he is with David Foster, who according to is also 6′ 4”.

      Does Dr. Phil look the same height? I’d say in that picture he looks about 2 inches shorter. But again, could be a trick of camera angles, etc. Here’s another picture of Dr. Phil next to Novak Dokovic, the number 2 ranked tennis player in the world. We might assume that a professional athlete would have a harder time lying about his height. According to his website, he is 1.88m, which is 6 feet, 1 2/3 inches. Who looks taller here?

      Hard to say. I don’t think Phil looks taller. Maybe even a bit shorter. Though neither of them are exactly standing straight.

      That celebheights website says that Freddie said he was 5 ft 9.75 inches tall. So that’s almost 5′ 10”, but some of the posters were surprised and thought he was closer to 6 feet tall. Brian May is said to be about 6′ 2” or 6′ 1”. You can find plenty of pictures on-line where Freddie and Brian are standing next to each other and appear to be about the same height, with Freddie maybe a touch shorter. You can also find some where he looks a lot shorter. Again, apparent height can easily be distorted with camera angles and where people are placed in the shot.

      So the apparently “huge” height difference between “Freddie” and “Phil” is probably not more than 3 inches (possibly much less), which could easily be made up for with lifts like this:


    1. I was not aware you wrote as much as you do. We are on different paths however. I regard the elected politicians as distractions while you take them and their work seriously. These two lines of thought will never converge, unfortunately. But I hope your blog survives … so many have gone by the wayside. This one here only survived because I like to write and kept at it even as hits were as low as 80 a day. (I cannot blame anyone but me for that.) Infusion if new writers, new ideas, made it all fun again.

      Good luck to you.


  3. Greetings Mark: Am having trouble posting a comment.I’ve typed it in several times, but my computer goes back to the top of the page and my post is nowhere to be found. If I resubmit it, WordPress tells me that it’s a duplicate post. I’m posting this b/c I don’t know how else to contact you. What am I doing wrong?


  4. Why is “fake news” (quotation marks and all) on the list of topics to avoid? How doesn’t this apply to Mark’s constant encouragement of us to question the news reports on the subjects of celebrity deaths, climate change, and the nature and prevalence of various diseases? Please remove this item or clarify.


  5. Hi Mark,

    I came across your blog last night and am astounded – everything I have been researching, theorizing and seeing in the last few months (and not believing what I was seeing…)…you have written about! Glad that I am not the only so-called “crazy one” 😉

    I would love to share some thoughts and ideas (I also have some questions) with you, how can I reach your via email? Or, if you can send me an email with the email that I have provided in the form, that would be great. Thanks!


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