Moses/Vespasian/Biden defeats Pharaoh/Nero/Trump

Charles N. Pope, an amateur historian, has posited that a “royal culture” has been at the heart of recorded history from at least the time when the Phoenicians first docked at Tyre and Sidon, but possibly much earlier than that.

This royal culture consisted of inbred bloodlines ruling over a good portion of humanity, their technique for maintaining a span of control from Britain to China was to have their successive regimes re-enact the narratives of ancient myths as if actual real time history in the making.

These re-enactments required kings and queens and their offspring to typecast themselves as personas that reflected the ancient gods.

Their official decrees and, especially, their stage managed “wars”, were designed to reinforce the claims of these inbred elites that they were living descendants of those ancient gods.

This was the justification for their rule and how their mass mind fucks succeeded in bamboozling millennia of polloi into docile servitude.

Many figures of history are but fictional representations of these ancient mythological characters. Baby Jeezus, the sacrificial redeemer, is the most tenacious character in this pantheon for modern western civilization, but as many of you know, he is just one iteration of that archetype. JFK could be seen from certain angles as a typecast Christ figure.

I bring this up now because it appears to Pope that the playacting and typecasting are still going on.

With that in mind, let me predict, using this Popist interpretive framework, that Joe Biden will win the presidential election.

Biden is the Moses figure in this reckoning: the man to lead the people out of bondage and the wilderness to a new land. That is, in the post-COVID war world, he will lead the build back better agenda.

Trump is Pharaoh is this configuration.

Biden is also the emperor Vespasian, a Moses figure that led the Jews out of their old ways, and then some. Like Moses, Vespasian doesn’t quite finish the job.

That leaves Kamala Harris in the Joshua/Titus mop-up role.

Trump is Nero in this arrangement, with all due respect to Galba, Otho and Vitellius, three characters I’m sure Pope has accounted for as necessary for the “reality TV” that played out in 69, the year of four emperors.

(I won’t elaborate here, but the alleged history of Alexander the Great, who I think was largely mythologized by Roman authors to create a precedent for a divine emperor*, is deliberately mirrored as the alleged history of Julius Caesar. [Pope believes that Alexander was simultaneously, Alexander the Great, Greek king, and a Persian king (name N/A- memory fading…) as Greece at the time was a mere client state of Persia; both countries ruled at the same time by one family branch but under different names] And, and, there is a great argument that Jesus is a reimagining of Caesar. They get every ounce of juice out of these recycled characters)

*Pope argues that the coming of the empire and the discarding of the republic was the work of the Persian end of the interlocking families. They had the finances to turn the wooden capitol of the Roman republic into the marble majesty of the empire, and empires have kings, not representatives of the common man, the easily affordable senate notwithstanding.

I don’t know about you, but there does seem to be many who assume senile, sputtering old Joe isn’t going to last too long once installed. Like Moses, he will, in effect, die in office.

And, obviously Vespasian didn’t die in office as such, reigning for a decade, but he did oversee the controlled demolition of the temple tax economy, then the biggest cash cow in the empire. Like US money being moved to China in 2008, the shekel moved from Jerusalem to Rome as the new sesterce.

A great reset was in store for the Jews, at least the ones not married somewhere into these tangled elite bloodlines.

But let me use that example, the first war of the Jews, to suggest that is the template for this election cycle.

I’m working from memory here, but as I recall, the research revealed that a fellow named Drusus Caesar, a grandson of Emperor Tiberius, fell from grace at court and was exiled to a small atoll where he starved to death.

Not exactly- Drusus resurfaced with a new assignment, which was as the Parthian king Vologases I.

Vologases appeared sympathetic to the messianic movement of largely rural, xenophobic Jews who wanted Rome out of Judea.

This opposition was controlled, ‘natch, by Rome through their agents: First, John the Baptist, who Pope claims was a member of the Julio-Claudian/Antonine/Pisoan/Herodian/Ptolemaic super dynasty that intermarried and had a stranglehold on the known world, and then James the Just, another blood loyalist whose alternate persona escapes me. (James was one of those assassination ‘victims’ that often set off these big changes)

The point is, as the leaders of this dissenting mob collected adherents and lobbied for allies, the real rank and file dissidents were being set up for slaughter.

By the time Vologases intrigues with the messianic leaders, including a promise of upwards of 40K troops, the messianics are basically out in the open and grouped around Jerusalem.

At this point Vologases “dies” and is replaced by his son, Vologases II.

And at that moment, up pops Drusus again, this time as Vespasian, who leads the assault on the messianic movement.

Knowing the whereabouts and strategies of the messianics, the Romans destroy the anti-Roman Jews, their city and their economy and religious infrastructure.

Vologases II arrives, now as Titus, to finish the siege as his father is selected to take the throne in Rome and adhere to the Moses template of not getting to the promised land (Jerusalem).

The Julio-Claudians never went out of the emperor business, they just changed the signage.

The bottom line is, the playacting has to be aligned with precedent and I think, in this case, the Moses/Vespasian figure is the centerpiece of this election night theater.

This is how I see the typecasting playing out, if I understand Pope’s proposition. (I could be way off- Pope had a terrific forum that ran back 15 years but he has since packaged all of his research into E books, only one of which I’ve been able to read so far.)

PS- I don’t care who wins. Here in Libtardian Mecca, everyone is such a Kumbaya tree hugger, they won’t do anything but honk horns when throwing a tantrum. Guns aren’t allowed in Frisco. Even so, being an old white man may have some slight disadvantages should I be wrong about the outcome.

11 thoughts on “Moses/Vespasian/Biden defeats Pharaoh/Nero/Trump

  1. Though not steeped in ancient history as you are, I predicted this exact thing in another comment somewhere. Trump has whipped the majority of the country into a lather and now they’re clamoring for someone to take charge and strip more of our freedoms away so we don’t kill each other by running around breathing and gathering and socializing. Government-funded tech companies have so many gadgets queued up to further enslave, and Trump clearly isn’t the best pitchman for them–Biden (and then Harris) will be. Will look more at Pope–it’s an interesting theory.


      1. Saddam has, on numerous occasions, called himself Neo-Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II of the sixth century BCE, Nebuchadnezzar occupies a prominent place in the Hebrew Bible as the victorious conqueror of Jerusalem. In 586 BCE, he laid the city waste, destroyed Solomon’s Temple, and exiled the Jews to Babylon. if your gonna sell a story with layers have to include the original cast.
        who was blamed after solomons towers( wtc ) fell answer nebudchadnezzar ( SADAM)


  2. “This royal culture consisted of inbred bloodlines ruling over a good portion of humanity, their technique for maintaining a span of control from Britain to China was to have their successive regimes re-enact the narratives of ancient myths as if actual real time history in the making.
    These re-enactments required kings and queens and their offspring to typecast themselves as personas that reflected the ancient gods.”

    Taking this a step further, David Warner Mathisen argues that ancient myths worldwide were based on a system of celestial metaphor:

    “I believe that it can be demonstrated that the overwhelming bulk of the evidence strongly argues that the stories of the Old Testament and New Testament are esoteric metaphors built upon the motions of the sun, moon, stars and planets through the sky, and the daily, monthly, yearly, and even multi-year cycles created by these heavenly bodies.”

    “[The] evidence is absolutely astonishing. It suggests that the conventional paradigm of the ancient history of the human race may be grievously incomplete. It also suggests that the stories recorded in the Old and New Testaments — like the sacred myths and legends from the other cultures around the globe — are not a record of literal, historical events enacted by human actors upon the earthly terrain, but rather poetical, metaphorical, esoteric stories describing the stately motions of the majestic celestial actors upon the infinite stage of the heavens.”

    On Moses as Aries the Ram:

    “Thus, Moses can be seen as playing the role of Aries the Ram in this particular story, leading his people up out of bondage (the lower half of the [zodiac] wheel) and making the upward crossing at the spring equinox over to the other side, where there is much rejoicing (days once again becoming longer than nights). Further evidence to support this reading can be found later, at the incident of the golden calf (Exodus 32), when Aaron the brother of Moses makes the idol of a bull-calf and tells the people that ‘These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt’ (Exodus 32:4). Moses is furious at this declaration: Taurus the Bull is not the leader of the zodiac band: the precessional Age of Taurus preceded the Age of Aries, but it is over and now the declaration that the bull led them up out of Egypt is infuriating to Moses.”

    It’s worth reading the article in full.

    Thank you for sharing the work of Charles N. Pope.

    Perhaps my following attempt at identifying a hierarchy will be useful:

    At the Top: natural phenomena – Sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations and the daily, monthly, yearly, and even multi-year cycles.
    – These were of central importance to early human survival (think agriculture, calendaring and navigation).

    In the Middle: ancient myths
    – Humans develop ancient myths (include: folk tales, legends, fables, allegories, parables, sagas, etc.) based on natural phenomena.
    – Oral tradition = primary method of information transmission before writing systems, AV technology and computers. Myths are vitally important as they serve as vehicles for transmitting information concerning natural phenomena.

    At the Bottom: the royal culture
    – Humans assert their dominance over others by aligning themselves with mythic figures, and thus by extension, the power and authority of natural phenomena.
    – “As above, so below” = rulers must live their lives in accordance with corresponding mythic figures; figures which are (arguably) derived from natural phenomena in the sky above.

    In the Basement: human beings excluded from participation in mythmaking (who controls the narrative?) and thus rulership.
    – The royal culture keeps us in the basement (or Plato’s cave), in the dark.

    Under this system we’re meant to worship the rulers as avatars of mythic figures. The goal for this kind of rulership is to influence our subconscious through the invocation of mythic archetypes. You’ll find this kind of sorcery throughout all forms of mass media. One recent and unsubtle example: Cardi B dressed as Medusa for Halloween:

    “The Medusa Movement”

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    1. A MATHISen, interesting, now who looks quite a bit similar to him? See his linked blog up there for his photo. And also a WARNER, well well.


  3. Neither man matter here. They are bad actors for a stupid nation of TV gazers. The ‘selection’ will bring about chaos. Followed by food shortages. More chaos. LOCKDOWNS. Vaccines from Hell (Fauci is a Jesuit schooled tweeb) will further the chaos. China has boots on the ground in CANANDA to protect their investment/interest there. Where will they appear next? Cue the Great Reset in 2021 & it’s an early exit for millions. Disagree & they shut off the electronic currency/debit cards/disability/retirement funds………


  4. “The point is, as the leaders of this dissenting mob collected adherents and lobbied for allies, the real rank and file dissidents were being set up for slaughter.” Touché. 100% telling it like it is.


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