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Looking for researchers to explore the Manchester bombing event

Some time ago I wrote a very long post on the (fake) death of singer John Denver. I only mention it here because what I discovered is that the truth is very thinly concealed. While it took a lot of … Continue reading

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Group psychosis

I was just reading this morning, in an archeological book, about how scientists actively suppress information that goes against the grain. By my nature I am a justice seeker,  and so want to read malevolence into the process. There is … Continue reading

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On the matter of Seth Rich

I finally looked into the matter of the death of Seth Rich this morning. I found out he was 27 years old. That’s all I needed to know.

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The Bradley Manning saga

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, … Continue reading

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An early version of Elon Musk?

Under [his father Leonardo’s] guidance Mozart began playing the piano at age four, was a skilled musician at age six, and was subsequently propelled through Europe, visiting Vienna at six in 1762,  Paris in 1763, London in 1764, and Italy … Continue reading

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The Get Out of Jail Free Card: Manuel Noriega, Michael Milken

Please note, in the text that follows there will be references to spook numbers contained in Wikipedia, a way of messaging one another that we outsiders are not supposed to understand. The numbers they use have significance to them, and … Continue reading

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We know that Sharon Tate did not die that night, but was she even pregnant?

______________ A remarkable set of photos were taken of actress Sharon Tate prior to her alleged death on August 9, 1969. These photos bear closer scrutiny, but first some more basic questioning of assumptions. And please be advised that if … Continue reading

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Kendall Jenner: A big nothing

AB over at Fakeologist is kind enough now and then to highlight some of our work here, and I merely wanted to return the favor. His piece, Kendall Jenner media storm caught my eye, and watching the Pepsi commercial in … Continue reading

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What is the true purpose of the fake Russian hacking story?

“This anti-Russian card is being played in the interests of some political forces inside the United States with an aim to strengthen and consolidate their position.” (Vladimir Putin) Putin is, of course, saying something that is true. But he is … Continue reading

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Jesus faked his death (and is twins)

The events of year 33 AD (note the number) were scripted. Let’s go back to the beginning. Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem to great fanfare, riding in on an ass and enjoying the adulation of fans. We don’t know when … Continue reading

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