Tiera Fletcher, NASA rocket scientist, appears on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Most of us are by now familiar with the movie Hidden Figures, about how three black female mathematicians working for NASA did heroic deeds involving Mercury, Gemini, and ultimately Apollo 11. The move is a layered psyop, since, as most readers here know, Apollo 11 was merely a rocket ditched in the ocean,  no human leaving low-earth orbit, much less setting foot on the moon. Ergo, no one did the complicated math needed to plot the trajectory, though I cannot say how complicated it is. However, no one, white, black or any other race did that math. I do not discriminate! It did not need to be done.

It’s a sophisticated ruse, however, because now, in addition to being Apollo deniers, we are also racists. This has to have entered into the sophisticated calculations of those planners behind the fake Apollo program in how they deal with critics and disbelievers – “Set them on their heels by making them defend themselves as bigots too!” They are doubling down.

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Little dictators

The above video is an interview of Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto, by Mark Steyn, a Canadian author and pundit. I don’t expect that the reader take time from other pursuits to watch it, but if you do, it is informative. Peterson talks about how far afield the gender identity movement has gone.

Over the past months I have become familiar with Steyn, and enjoy his writing and speaking style. He is a climate change skeptic, and at one time called Michael Mann’s hockey stick “fraudulent.” In response Mann sued Steyn.

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The odds that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826

American history says that two former presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4, 1826, fifty years after signing the Declaration of Independence. I’ve long wondered about that. I took classes in college on the subject of statistics, but the problem was that I was having a testosterone storm centered on a certain girl, and my mental capacities were shut down. I eked out a C and remember very little.

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Is climate alarmism racist?

My recent foray into the matter of climate change had many surprising features, one of which was how easy it was to grasp the underlying science behind the matter. Climate study is, for the most part, mere collection of data in search of trends.  Below the fold, for example, is a graph showing precipitation trends in California over the last 100 years.

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The legend of Buffalo Bill

Buffalo bill dam

On our recent trip up north to Yellowstone National Park, our grandson wanted to see a real dam. We had driven by Boysen reservoir on the way up, and he was disappointed when we got to the actual dam that it was just an earth-fill. So on the way home I headed up Highway 20 out of Cody up to Buffalo Bill Dam, the real thing, seen above. Of course, snow runoff this year is massive, so that the floodgates are wide open. The actual scene is not so serene as this photo. It is far more violent.

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This post has to do with health insurance, specifically that offered to America’s senior citizens, and so will be of limited interest to younger people. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to understand the concepts behind private health insurance. It can and does work in other places, notably Switzerland. It does not work here.

Here’s why: In Switzerland, everyone must carry health insurance offered by private companies. Unlike here ( before Obamacare), insurers are not allowed to turn anyone away. Further, Switzerland mandates basic care offered by insurers. Swiss citizens are free to buy better care than basic, such as private rooms and better meals, but decent and affordable care is available to all.

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