Charles Milles Manson, 1934-2017

MansonAmong the oddities uncovered a well-known researcher was that Charles Lindbergh, who probably faked a transatlantic flight and endured a fake kidnapping that saw a fake-innocent perpetrator fake imprisoned, and who like Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after his fake accomplishments, was the son of Carl Månsson, who changed the family name to Lindbergh after arrival in the United States from Sweden. Otherwise, we would remember him today as Charles Månsson.

But there is only room in our fake history books for one Charles Manson.

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Charles Manson: Retaking control of the script

The above video is part one of three by Richard C. Hall, a British television personality and researcher. It is 49 minutes, and the first fourteen are unrelated. He then introduces Neil Sanders. The two episodes that follow are of shorter length.

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Using fake revolutions to prevent real ones

Pete appeared in the comments below to second the notion that the Cuban “revolution” of the late 1950s was a staged event and that Fidel Castro was an American agent. Read about it in his 2016 blog post, Was Comrade Fidel a Fraud?

I read much more into this phenomenon than Cuba alone. Other candidates for this form of stagecraft include the attempted Venezuelan coup d’état in 2002, the rise of the African National Congress and installation of Nelson Mandela as president in South Africa in 1994; the toppling (without violence) of the Soviet Union and all its client states in the early 1990s.

Jail sentences and jail breaks are a common occurrence for fakes – Castro was merely let go by Battista, and Mexican “drug lord” Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has escaped prison twice now, as did serial killer Ted Bundy. Also, remember that short French Corsican guy, Napoleon …
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Is JonBenét Ramsey now a Fox News Anchor?

Note to Readers: This topic has long been on my list for review. I have decided that the matter of twins should be discarded as unprovable, and that I should instead focus on the details of the case, which indeed point towards a hoax.


The Fake Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week (originally written 11/2016) a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.

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The Columbine effect

In the discussions below we have described a large herd out there, the unthinking majority of Americans, as “the 95%.” Some think that too generous. Perhaps half of the adults are easily herded into voting booths. They can easily be reduced to ridiculous debates about whether one of two despicable candidates, say Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, offers a better choice.

Half doesn’t bother to vote. Some might take comfort in that, as it is the proper choice. I  doubt, however, that the decision is a result of critical thought. They are just distracted by poverty, football, substance abuse, entertainment and low-paying repetitive jobs that destroy their minds. The sad conclusion is that the 95% are hopelessly under control, so that from the standpoint of those in power, their only task is to isolate them from the minority of people who do learn how to reason and solve problems.

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