This post has to do with health insurance, specifically that offered to America’s senior citizens, and so will be of limited interest to younger people. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to understand the concepts behind private health insurance. It can and does work in other places, notably Switzerland. It does not work here.

Here’s why: In Switzerland, everyone must carry health insurance offered by private companies. Unlike here ( before Obamacare), insurers are not allowed to turn anyone away. Further, Switzerland mandates basic care offered by insurers. Swiss citizens are free to buy better care than basic, such as private rooms and better meals, but decent and affordable care is available to all.

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The psychology behind thought stopping

CTI have long been intrigued by the power of the term “conspiracy theory,” but not because it contains any useful information. It does not. It is a blunt weapon used to beat people into quiet submission even as they hold views of the world around them at variance with their peers and colleagues. It is a powerful thought control device. Its true content is this:


I think most who come to this website know or are vaguely remember that the origin of the term is in a 1967 CIA memo circulated to all of its bureaus called “Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report.” That’s rich, as in that document we will find unspoken knowledge within the Deep State that the JFK assassination was a public hoax, making the memo itself a “ riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

In the wake of the memo, newspaper outlets began using the term, and its use has spread. I find it ghastly, as those who mimic the words imagine themselves smarter than those they hurl them at. They do not know how to think. I once devised a response for use against people hurling the epithet, roughly as follows:

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Men are not pigs, we find

I was reading a MMG piece this morning on Ted Bundy. In it he said,

“You know what other story this contradicts? The story we are told about 1 in 4 girls being raped on campuses. That has been the number for decades. They were selling that story when I was in school in 1981 and still are. The contradiction is that despite the horrible odds against them, college girls didn’t seem to be getting the message.”

I was curious about that 1 in 4 number, wondering if anyone anywhere had ever done any actual research. We live in an era when accusations suffice and can ruin a man’s life. I found an article, Legal Process and the Phony Rape Crisis on Campus,  by Bettina Arndt in Quadrant Online, an Australian publication. Here is the money quote:

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One last climate post

“There are not enough morally brave men in stock. We are out of moral-courage material.” (Mark Twain, United States of Lyncherdom)

I just got done listening to Mark Steyn speaking before the Heartland Institute. He’s a smart, charming and entertaining speaker. Also, he is a courageous man. Michael Mann has sued him for saying that the Hockey Stick is science fraud. It is a SLAP suit more than real, trying to get Steyn to stfu, but Mann has grabbed a wolf by the ears. This is a free speech case, and not about science. Typical of the climate hoax crowd, Mann wants to be immune from criticism. Steyn has counter-sued using anti-SLAP laws.

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Deception Deluxe

Rancho Deluxe

The above movie poster should be called “A Movie made in a place where I have actually been.” Rancho Deluxe was shot in the early 1970s near Livingston, Montana in a stretch of river bottom (not inappropriately) named Paradise Valley. If you recognize the name, it could be because Peter Fonda owned some land there, and Jane would come visit him. Anytime Jane goes to Smallville, it creates a stir. (Neither Jane nor Peter were in the movie.) Lots of movie stars passed through Paradise Valley, probably still do.

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Columbine II: (Booster) shots fired

Sol Pais, our latest nightmare

Fake events like the Columbine massacre of April 20, 1999, are part of TBMC, or trauma-based mind control. The object is kids, teaching them to be frightened when they are young so that they grow up to be frightened, easily herded adults.

Denver is a spook nest if one ever existed, with Buckley Air Force Base, Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain to the south and another military base in the city of Cheyenne to the north. Lockheed is a big presence here. So it makes sense that they would run a major fake event like Columbine here. Everything they need is at hand.

Our spooks are running a psyop this week meant to reinforce the Columbine lesson. Yesterday schools were in “lockdown” with armed cops at every entrance, and today they are closed. The reason is a Florida woman who flew here, purchased a shotgun, and is now in hiding, waiting to strike. She is said to be “obsessed” with the Columbine event.

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The curious case of the smirking cop


Photo analysis is tricky, as I have seen family photos that I know to be real that look fake. So I offer this up with that cautionary note – this photo could be real.

That said, it’s an odd photo. Much has been made of the book Assange is apparently holding, Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State. That comes off as misdirection. If Assange is, as I suspect, controlled opposition, then any book he sports will be chosen to enhance his stature as opposition. Vidal, a close friend of the Kennedy’s and himself part of the families (the name “Gore” a hint?), surely knew that the JFK Assassination was a hoax, but spent his public life telling us it was real, and that Oswald did it. So Gore Vidal was also controlled opposition. The book, then, is put there deliberately. (Its sales on have spiked, by the way.)

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