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Recommended reading: The Business Plot

Our friend Josh has published a 43-page paper over at The MM site. It is about the so-called “Business Plot” to overthrow FDR, replacing him with General Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle. Josh uses much if this first paper … Continue reading

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part One)

Note: This piece has gotten so long that I have decided to publish it in parts over the coming weeks. In the end it will be so long that few would take the time to read it. Prologue My personal … Continue reading

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Jackson Pollack, the Hampton’s, and CIA’s attack on the world of art and letters

I am just passing time here, trying to offer up new material for daily readers. The Columbine piece has absorbed me. The details are engrossing – they meant for that piece of professional mind-f***** to be deeply embedded in every … Continue reading

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Demystifying the Beatles

“Anything is possible, but I would like to know one day the truth but the truth of all this mich mach. One thing is certain. Real Paul is not the actual Faul. What happened has been well concealed. Will it … Continue reading

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Scavenger hunt: 1998 yearbook

In looking into Columbine, I thought (only briefly) that the 1999 yearbook for that school would be useful. (The event happened on 4/20/1999.) And indeed, there are page shots all over the Internet of that book, and sure enough, Eric … Continue reading

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Fake events of my lifetime

In working on Columbine I realize it is going to take not just a few days or a week, but a long time – good lord, it reads like John Wick! There are so many angles to explore, including the … Continue reading

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The Pulse Nightclub massacre one year later

Like so many, I suffer from mass shooting fatigue. Every one I have ever looked at was easily seen to be fake. People are naturally repulsed by human suffering, and yet drawn to its edge. It is the revulsion, our … Continue reading

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Many months ago I was reading the Mathis paper on OJ Simpson, and was of course enthralled. I am well satisfied that the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was staged, that the trial was scripted and that … Continue reading

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Greg Gianforte fake punches a reporter

6/13/17: Well, serving of humble pie handed me this morning, I am told the following: “I Heard this afternoon that the congressman pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, sentence suspended, assigned 40 hours … Continue reading

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Looking for researchers to explore the Manchester bombing event

Some time ago I wrote a very long post on the (fake) death of singer John Denver. I only mention it here because what I discovered is that the truth is very thinly concealed. While it took a lot of … Continue reading

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