Fraud in the IQ game

I saw a Facebook post yesterday that began with the words “Psychologists explain…”  and commented that I normally turn away from those words. But then I thought “Wait! This may be the first time psychologists actually explained something!” I cannot think of a more bankrupt field, save that of economists.

I’ve been reading a book called “Betrayers of the Truth” by William Broad and Nathan Wade. It is about science in general, written in 1982 before the great hoaxes of our own time, such as the Stephen Hawking affair and global warming. The authors describe the work of Cyril Burt, a famous British psychologist who engineered much of our current mythology about IQ.

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The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty is perhaps one of the most effective disinformation agents ever used by our hidden-hands rulers. I say “is” because his work is still used by JFK assassination “experts” like Black Op Radio’s Len Osanic to promote the event as real. Osanic is still running interviews from long ago, before his 2001 death. The JFK assassination is an interminable rabbit hole. I am not going near it with this post.

Instead, Prouty has been used to promote another matter that has had me curious for some years now, the promotion of the idea that Franklin Roosevelt was murdered, poisoned by the “Churchill Gang.” This link will take the reader to the Prouty archive, which is maintained by Osanic. There we learn that Stalin met with FDR’s son Elliot Roosevelt in  1946, and that the following exchange took place:

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Eva Perón: Another shoe drops

This post is written to accomplish three objectives.

  1. I needed to satisfy myself that the actor known as “Eva Perón” was indeed one person, and not a composite. I went looking for twins and body doubles.
  2. I needed to understand who the second “mother” was in the Ciccone family photographs. It took a second set of eyes, those of Richard once more, to solve that mystery.
  3. I need to put this project to bed and get on with my life. Here’s hoping.

As to the use of names like “Eva Perón, “Silvio Ciccone,” “Madonna Fortin,” and of course, the singer known as “Madonna,” we have no idea who they are or what their real names are. I use those labels for convenience, nothing more. All the world’s a stage.

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Eva Peron: The plot thickens

Below are photos of Paul McCartney (1959) who performed live with the Beatles in the 1960s, Mike McCartney (1957) who stepped in and out of “Paul’s” shoes, and eventually became the permanent Paul McCartney we know today.

1957 1959

I can easily tell them apart. Others, including facial recognition expert Joelle Steele, insist they are the same person. The reason, I suppose, is career-related. If she were to assert two Paul’s, she’d never be called upon to offer expert testimony again. I am not calling her a liar, but do know that evidence is often tainted by the need to make a living. But for most other people, recognition of two different people is hard because of the glassy-eyed manner in which they view the world, never really stopping to both think and examine evidence. It is what they are told it is. Continue reading “Eva Peron: The plot thickens”

A theory of everything plus one more

It was Miles Mathis who, to my knowledge, first asserted that the Stephen Hawking we all know, the guy who speaks through a computer and writes books with eye movements, was just an actor. As Mathis points out, all it takes is some reading between the lines. From Wikipedia:

During a visit to CERN on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening; he was so ill that Jane was asked if life support should be terminated. She refused, but the consequence was a tracheotomy, which required round-the-clock nursing care and the removal of what remained of his speech.[270][271] The National Health Service was ready to pay for a nursing home, but Jane was determined that he would live at home. The cost of the care was funded by an American foundation.[272][273] Nurses were hired for the three shifts required to provide the round-the-clock support he required. One of those employed was Elaine Mason, who was to become Hawking’s second wife.[274]

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AllendeIn years past on this blog on the anniversary of the 9/11 event I would put up a memorial post, a trick. I would talk all sad and disturbed about the events of 9/11, but only reveal a the end that I was actually talking about 9/11/1973 and the removal of Salvador Allende from office as President of Chile.

Little did I realize as I wrote those posts that use of the date 9/11 was a signal to the world that we were dealing with a fake event. For those not up to speed on numerical markers, the numbers 8, 11 and 33 seem important to the spooks who stage public hoaxes, almost like a signature. The number 9 is a way of saying 33, that is, it is 3*3, so that 9/11 is really 33 and 11 side by side. But it gets better – in a non-leap year, September 11 is the 254th day of the year, and 2+5+4 = 11. It’s a double whammy.

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Fake, fake, fako

I spent a couple of hours yesterday in a discussion with Faye, a woman who lives in Switzerland, about the topic of Waco – it was done on February 28th, the 25th anniversary of the initiation of the event. Faye reminded me that two days earlier, February 26th, is the 25th anniversary of the first bombing of the World trade Center, and event which she and I and others now think to have initiated the evacuation and stripping of the buildings in preparation for their destruction on September 11, 2001.

Anyway, I had a fun time, I hope she did too. Faye speaks four languages, and her English is clear and easily understood, this even though she never formally studied it and only picked it up by immersion, apparently.

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