Coronahoax is classic PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION

A short follow-up on the coronahoax from me. We are not in the grip of a pandemic. A pandemic of fear, maybe. We can debate all day whether there really is some unique, new virus out there (and whether viruses even cause illness), but what is not debatable is that the media and government are acting in a completely indefensible manner. With only 35,000 people shown to be dead across the globe (even with incredibly padded and pushed numbers), this shows us that even as far as they have tried to stretch this, they have not been terribly successful. While the media is under their complete control, it is REALITY that they have not been able to be manipulate to match the fear-mongering. People are not actually dying in vast numbers. This means that either the virus itself is a fraud, or the fatality numbers are hyperinflated to the point that the true fatality rate is in the <0.1% range of cold or flu. In any case, you are being lied to by the media and this quarantine is doing far more damage than it provides value.

What we are truly seeing with Coronahoax 2020 is a classic “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ploy by those at the top…

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In praise of murderers?


I offer the above video, given to us by Inside Baseball, with the understanding that it is a long talk given in German with subtitles, and that the subtitles could easily be read in fifteen minutes without the speaker in the background. I don’t have much of an opinion on it other than the he leads us down a long path and then leaves us standing – with miles to go. Maybe there is more to it to be viewed. There are no answers contained within, in my view, but there are many ideas. The bright and burrowing minds who are around this website can probably glean more insight from it than I did.

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Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead

As many people are becoming acutely aware, being quarantined is an excellent excuse to watch an obscene number of movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and all the others. I am certainly finding this out. I have watched more movies in the last week than any human being ever should. One thing I specifically watched this week that I had not seen before is the “Making a Murderer” Netflix series. As “awakened” individuals, we can often view these things from a strange perspective. This series is no different. Guess what I have found? Making A Murderer does not represent a murder at all! It represents a disappearance.

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Coronavirus Doctor Li Wenliang Did Not Exist

This post is more relevant now than ever before. If Chinese poster-child Li Wenliang did not exist, then why would we believe anything we are told about the COVID-19 fake pandemic? The Chinese statistics were shown to be simulated, the poster-child is shown here to be completely fraudulent. The entire event is fraudulent. The numbers are rigged. The media is telling a story that does not need to reflect reality. Do not believe what you are being told. If there is a new virus, it is a weak one that is not worthy of this panic. Re-posting this as a reminder to out audience who might have missed it initially. The emperor wears no clothes! The pandemic does not exist.

Piece of Mindful


Readers might already know that I was on the trail of this one, and I think it is worthy of its own post. Last week, the doctor who was known as the “whistleblower” on the Chinese coronavirus was reported to have died from the virus. The red flags surrounding this death are redder than the Chinese flag is red. Something fishy absolutely happened here, and below I will explore what I believe we have witnessed: Li Wenliang did not exist (or if he did, he was a state agent and most certainly did not die of the coronavirus).

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33s and food lines, a new reality

The images below the fold here were given me from Maarten with the caveat that they are probably cherry-picked. He does not buy in to the Masonic numbering system as I do, and more power to him. Who knows what is really going on.

Before going beneath the fold, a few words of caution – it could be that I wake up some morning to find the blog gone. If that happens, we can still stay in touch if you like – I have an email address that I do not use, Write it down. Prior to blogging and social media, email was my primary way of staying in touch with people of good and solid mind, and some others too. I will check it regularly, and know that unless you ask otherwise I will add your email to others so that we can all “reply all” and build the audience. For now, they don’t appear to care about a small blog like this.

I went to the store this morning only to find a long, long line and a large and annoying self-important woman guarding the entrance, allowing ten people in at a time. That is King’s Soopers, part of the Kroger chain, perhaps the largest food retailer in the country behind Wal Mart, and certainly huge in Denver. I drove over to the nearby Safeway in the hopes that the line would be shorter, and found instead open doors, people coming and going as they please, and of course blue lines on the floors everywhere.

In other words, Kroger is doing this on their own, either a knowing participant in the fear campaign, or a company run by morons.

Ah well, new way of living for us. This is how they ran the Old Soviet Union, with queues and artificial shortages and people staring at their feet afraid to speak up. It is interesting now that Russia is a freer land than the US. I’ll bet, just as Russian (real) scientists created the only climate model for the IPCC that is actually reliable, that they are ignoring this mass mindfuck. Russia might be the land of the free and home of the brave.

Italy is being hammered with agitprop as I’ve never seen. Just hammered! People there are being forced to stay indoors, alone with their TVs and being told about mass deaths. It’s cruelty beyond the pale. They are determined that the Italian people succumb to the agitprop campaign.  They have no salvation other than to turn off TV’s, meet secretly, and read, meditate, medicate or pray.

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