Deception Deluxe

Rancho Deluxe

The above movie poster should be called “A Movie made in a place where I have actually been.” Rancho Deluxe was shot in the early 1970s near Livingston, Montana in a stretch of river bottom (not inappropriately) named Paradise Valley. If you recognize the name, it could be because Peter Fonda owned some land there, and Jane would come visit him. Anytime Jane goes to Smallville, it creates a stir. (Neither Jane nor Peter were in the movie.) Lots of movie stars passed through Paradise Valley, probably still do.

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Columbine II: (Booster) shots fired

Sol Pais, our latest nightmare

Fake events like the Columbine massacre of April 20, 1999, are part of TBMC, or trauma-based mind control. The object is kids, teaching them to be frightened when they are young so that they grow up to be frightened, easily herded adults.

Denver is a spook nest if one ever existed, with Buckley Air Force Base, Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain to the south and another military base in the city of Cheyenne to the north. Lockheed is a big presence here. So it makes sense that they would run a major fake event like Columbine here. Everything they need is at hand.

Our spooks are running a psyop this week meant to reinforce the Columbine lesson. Yesterday schools were in “lockdown” with armed cops at every entrance, and today they are closed. The reason is a Florida woman who flew here, purchased a shotgun, and is now in hiding, waiting to strike. She is said to be “obsessed” with the Columbine event.

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The curious case of the smirking cop


Photo analysis is tricky, as I have seen family photos that I know to be real that look fake. So I offer this up with that cautionary note – this photo could be real.

That said, it’s an odd photo. Much has been made of the book Assange is apparently holding, Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State. That comes off as misdirection. If Assange is, as I suspect, controlled opposition, then any book he sports will be chosen to enhance his stature as opposition. Vidal, a close friend of the Kennedy’s and himself part of the families (the name “Gore” a hint?), surely knew that the JFK Assassination was a hoax, but spent his public life telling us it was real, and that Oswald did it. So Gore Vidal was also controlled opposition. The book, then, is put there deliberately. (Its sales on have spiked, by the way.)

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Actors in blackface

Hidden FiguresI am more than a trifle curious about a movie I have heard about but not seen, called Hidden Figures. The plot is easily seen to be contrived by the movie’s closing. There we learn that mathematician Katherine Johnson did some of the calculations that got astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back.  Since neither man left this planet to set foot in that one, no calculating (of the mathematical variety) was needed. Therefore, shall we just set the movie aside?

I would do so but there is another facet to it of interest … a delicate subject which needs cautious introduction, that of the dignity of African-Americans, allowing them to partake in the rich hoaxes visited upon us along with the wealthy landed gentry who own us and our world. Why not deal them into the game too?

This post is accompanied by a delicate fuse and a bomb that can easily go off in your face. Treat it with caution. Comment at your own risk.

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Assange Arrested

If Assange is a journalist/publisher, not a “spy,” then all pretense of democracy/republic is exposed. State government, in other words, is a hoax. Free speech is dead. Government “for the people” is dead. No “freemen.” No rights as granted in the Magna Carta (1215/1297). No U.S. Constitutional rights exist.

Stay tuned as TPTB scramble to cover up their crimes.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up glue-sniffing

I just this morning recalled the intervening years after 911 and my magnetic attraction to solving it, still imagining that the day involved jet aircraft and deaths of thousands of innocents. One of the diversions tossed our way was the “Home Run” system, a possibly real rescue system built in to jet aircraft to pilot them home over the wishes of anyone attempting to hijack them. The macabre alternative use of the system would have been to steer them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and an abandoned coal mine in Pennsylvania.

Most readers here know that 911 was but a TV show, no planes, no deaths. If not, if this is news to you, then I welcome you to the real world. It’s a whackadoodle place, but not nearly as violent as TV news leads you to believe.

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Apollo 11: Something went somewhere

Apollo 11 launch
Launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969

Few of us remember the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs that led to Apollo 11, the one that landed men on the moon. So mention of Apollo 6 is not going to ring any bells. This mission, unmanned, was a test of the Saturn 5 rocket engines, and was fraught with difficulties. The destination was low earth orbit (LEO), and the entire craft suffered from “pogo oscillations,” or a vibration that would eventually cause mission failure if not remedied. Think of driving down the highway with a bad tire.Eventually the vibrations will cause other failures.

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