George Floyd Murder is Fairytale Hoax

Turn off your television. Turn off the news media. Do not visit their websites. Do not listen to their broadcasts. The reality they present is not real. Turn it off. It is poison for your mind. Turn it off, now.

Medical Nazis

If anything good is to come from the current hoax, and there is actually much that is good, it is a realization of how little doctors know versus how much they pretend to know, and how brainwashed they are by their long and tedious education. But I speak narrowly, as that is true of all of us. We are all cradle-to-grave brainwashed, only a few break free.

In my case, it was an incident in my late 30s, a horrible crime committed on my family, coupled with self-employment, that acted as a slap in the face. Frank Pasciuti writes of the transformative powers of such incidents in his book Chrysalis Crisis, which I read some time ago, before the current regime of medical Nazism placed us all in isolation. It truly takes a slap in the face, and I am a fortunate person. I got that slap. It resuscitated a brain deeply mired in work and education, clueless about life.

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Dancing naked at a formal ball

Dancing NakedI am currently reading a book by Kary Mullis, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.  I like this Mullis character, as he is a little off-center. I imagine I could drive coast-to-coast with him and enjoy every minute, having to stop now and then so he could get out and run naked around a lake or through a car wash. That makes him interesting.

Mullis, if you recognize the name, invented (and won a Nobel Prize for) the “PCR,” or polymerase chain reaction machine. It takes a small strand of DNA and magnifies it, making it far easier to study. It is this machine, I am led to believe, that has made DNA matching possible. It is also currently being used to identify “COVID-19,” but was not designed for that purpose, and so often makes mistakes. However, I don’t imagine the testing being done for that virus is real, as I don’t imagine the virus is real.

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CLAG – the Columbine Lifetime Actors’ Guild

I think it is time to move on, that is, we’ve fleshed this virus hoax out enough. I’ve had my fill, anyway. We all know what is up, and on those things where we don’t agree, I am right and you are wrong.

Something else happened during all of this that just thrilled me.

A young person, whom I will refer to as “it” to avoid gender identification, approached me via email. It had been curious about Columbine, things did not add up. It had been around to various blogs and in bringing up its doubts found it was booted and banned. Who needs government censorship when we the people take care of it for the government. ? It stumbled on my work on the matter.

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Film your Hospital …


Courtesy of AB. It’s crickets out there. This is a hoax. This video is 24 minutes of empty hospitals and emergency rooms all over the country, thanks to real journalists called citizens. [Oh yeah, reminder: This is why they want us staying at home. It is not medical, it is to prevent us from seeing what is really going on … nothing. A hoax.]

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The 1976 Swine Flu hoax run by a different klutz, Gerald R. Ford

Bad attitudes

The image above appeared in my inbox this morning. I have no idea how these clowns got my name, but I thought it so appropriate that they choose me out of a crowd, as I was known, when employed by others, have have bad attitudes and to engage in negative behaviors. So I must be on a list somewhere. I have never contacted these people.

This post has nothing to do with that. I just like that image. Look at the happy skipping people next to the curmudgeon who wants to shoot them. I’m with curmud.

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Happy Monday!

We had a family gathering last evening, highly illegal. We played Scattegories, or as I. call it, “Mind Freeze.” I swear that if the letter than came up was “M,” and the category was “Boys Names,” I would sit there drawing a blank. We also ate pizza, played ping pong, and discussed how stay-at-home is affecting us all, even as my wife and I happily avoid every aspect of it.

At the grocery store, about the only social gathering place left to us, I still see less than half wearing those stupid face masks. Fear is all about but fewer people than I expected are buying in. This is encouraging. 

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