Nemstov execution: False flag?

The public execution of Boris Nemstov is well-handled at Saker and by Paul Craig Roberts, and given the usual and expected TASS-like state subservient treatment by FOX and Huffington Post and the other usual suspects.

But worth mention is one important principle: the absence of skepticism in American news media. If the state says it is so, it is so.

The murder most likely was false flag, designed to exacerbate internal dissent in Russia, and part of the overarching attack in that country by the U.S. and its European Union pawns, and of course, the putsch government in Kiev.

There’s little evidence, of course, and the matter will fade to the degree that evidence contradicts official truth, just as with the downing of Flight MH17 last year. I only highlight one certainty, that “Putin,” or the Russian state, is not stupid, and would not do such a clumsy crime. If they thought Nemstov important enough to warrant liquidation, he’d be just as dead, but in a far more sophisticated manner. Wellstone/JFK Jr.-like small plane crash is usually most effective.

I do not claim that the Russian government is innocent and pure. It is in survival mode, under attack by US and its subordinates. But Russians are wary and cagey people, long used to attacks from the West, and very good at self-preservation and self-defense. As demonstrated at Ossetia in 2008, they are also effective military strategists and warriors, quickly and easily dispatching US/Israeli backed fighters at that confrontation, to international consternation.

A direct military confrontation with Russia will be costly, so fomentation of internal rebellion is the next best option, and in that framework, a public murder of an opposition leader in a false flag operation is a natural course of events.

The murder of Boris Nemstov was clumsy and poorly done, timed for maximum effect, but probably having less than desired impact. The US and its agents probably messed up, and I am impressed.

I often think of the US war machine as unstoppable, but then I realize that it has undergone military defeat in Vietnam, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and now Ukraine. It might just be growing increasingly desperate. That is an extremely dangerous situation for children and other living things on this planet.

8 thoughts on “Nemstov execution: False flag?

  1. A good first question to ask is : “Qui bono?” If the motive is not obvious it is good to know who would benefit from this very public assassination. And who is the most high profile assassin in the world today if not President Obama? He, of course, couldn’t have pulled the trigger, but it’s hard to ignore his past orders to foment civil war over an IMF loan dispute. And there’s quite a track record to account for. Lest we not forget the drone strikes in Pakastan and Yemen, NATO bombing and assassination of Libya’s elected leader, Osama Bin whoever he was, and the still smoldering coup attempt in Venezuala.

    These are not disjointed acts of incompetent neocon leadership. Chaos is the desired condition, divide and conquer is the game, global hegemony is the ultimate goal.


    1. Off-subject, speaking of Osama bin Whoever, I thought it important that the images used of him in the period 2004-2008 were obvious impostors. Tarpley, pretty good on that stuff, pooh-poohed that notion, saying that such men as Osama are agency brands, and often have several people running around using the identity, just as with Oswald in the 60’s.

      So it does not matter who is the ‘real’ OBL or when he died, in that vein, only that he ceased being useful, so the brand was extinguished.


    1. With JFK scores of people were involved, at least three shooting teams of four each, intricate planning, diversions, hundreds more in the cover-up … and you believe one guy did it.

      With Nemstov a guy jumps out of the bushes and then into a car, and we get this:

      You would have needed to coordinate very closely between Nemtsov and the car… It is clear that it was a very sophisticated and professional killing,” according to security expert Andrei Soldatov. Up to 15 people working in three teams could have been involved, he said.

      Ah, the humor! The humor! The irony! You know how to bring it! Happens here, one guy. Happens there, conspiracy! Thank you! My laugh for the day! No, the week! No, the month! March is filled!


        1. Totally beside the point, and mostly not true anyway. For instance, Olaf Palme in 1986 in Sweden, supposedly a lone gunman, was dropped by a large conspiracy just like JFK. One of the objectives of a well executed (pun intended) assassination is to make it appear the act of a lone nut. Part of the script is for the lone nut to be murdered himself, so that there is closure and no investigation.

          My chiding you above is that when you look at American culture, you are wearing rose-colored glasses, but with Russian culture, you automatically assume the worst. The two cultures, you might be surprised to learn, are virtually mirror images of one another.


    1. There’s no hard evidence to support his contentions, but there is unanimity in western media outlets, repeated ad nauseum, that there are Russian soldiers and weapons in Ukraine. Would you be so kind as to seek evidence to support your views, and then seek counter-views to the “evidence” to solidify those views?

      And again, you are very hard to deal with as you have so little taste for nuance. I don’t think you can grasp the concept of “false flag,” and why it would have been so foolish for the Russian government to murder Nemtsov, and so advantageous for Americans, Kiev thugs, Mossad, to do it.

      Cui bono? Certainly not “Putin.”


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