The game

Some thoughts on the Broncos/Panthers game last night:

    • It was a very good game that kept my interest throughout.
    • I resolved at the outset that I would avoid all of the military hoopla, the flyover, clueless soldiers standing and saluting in their far away outposts, and the godawful national anthem, the worst song ever written. But I did see the screen as the anthem was being sung, some buxom lady over-emoting. Yuck.

  • I resolved at the outset to avoid all advertising, and succeeded. I have no idea who ran ads last night, and don’t care. (Advertisers call that “theft of content.” That’s just adorable!) The purpose of the NFL is to assemble TV audiences for sale to advertisers, the game only incidental.
  • I did not hear it myself, but am told that on two occasions, Peyton Manning said that he was going to go out and “drink some Bud******” last night. The man is a whore.
  • Manning was asked before the season to take a pay cut of $4 million, and he agreed except that he would be paid $2 million if the team won the AFC championship, and $2 million if they won the Superbowl. So in the last two weeks he made $4 million, and he is still running around whoring for Bud******!
  • AnnabelAnnabel Bowlen, Pat Bowlen’s wife, is a freak show contestant. How many failed plastic surgeries did it take to make that face? Yikes!
  • Someone said that Pat Bowlen is a “great man.” He’s down with Alzheimer’s, so that might have been a genuine sentiment. But it is hardly likely he is “great.” He’s probably just a rich guy. But that is how we talk in this country. Money confers status. Once it is there, it is assumed that the owner earned it. Most often, it is luck or inheritance.
  • I admired John Elway, who is God in this town, for putting his reputation on the line and taking over management of the Broncos. As I watched him talk last night, I slowly realized that he is just a face, not really smart enough to assemble a team like this one. It’s like being President of the United States – no real duties. (Then again, he might have just been drunk last evening.)

Anyway, hats off the the athletes and coaches on both teams for an excellent performance. The MVP award was, for once, given to someone working the trenches, Von Miller. He truly deserved it as I saw it. The man was everywhere.

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