Kendall Jenner: A big nothing

AB over at Fakeologist is kind enough now and then to highlight some of our work here, and I merely wanted to return the favor. His piece, Kendall Jenner media storm caught my eye, and watching the Pepsi commercial in the linked Toronto Sun piece absolutely freaked me. It is loaded with visual and musical subliminal imagery. I would take time here to analyze the commercial in detail, but two things stop me: One, it is a commercial and so is insidious propaganda to begin with, and two, it is Pepsi, which I regard to be a poison.

I thought, however, that I should do some work on this before publishing something, and so took a look at Kendall Jenner, the centerpiece of the work. I wondered about the last name. I don’t follow mainstream culture, so be patient with me. I suppose every high school boy in the land of the free and home of the brave knows who this woman is. But I do want to highlight here Wikipedia page, as follows:

Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California, to retired Olympic decathlete champion Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner after a 2015 gender transition)[8] and television personality Kris Jenner. Jenner’s middle name was a tribute to her mother’s best friend Nicole Brown Simpson, who died just before Jenner was conceived.[9]

Jenner was raised in a stepfamily with one younger sister, Kylie, and eight half-siblings.[10] Jenner is half sister to Burt and Casey Lynn Jenner[10] through Caitlyn and first wife Christie Crownover. Through Caitlyn and second wife Linda Thompson, Jenner is half sister to indie pop singer Brandon and The Hills actor Sam “Brody” Jenner.[10] Jenner is maternal half sister to reality television celebrities Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob Kardashian[11] through mother Kris Jenner.

Jenner was raised with her sister and maternal half-siblings in Calabasas, an upscale suburb west of Los Angeles. Jenner attended Sierra Canyon School before switching to homeschooling in order to pursue modeling.[12] She graduated in 2014.[13]

Spookville. What more do we need? She is the daughter of Bruce Jenner, the fake transgender man. She is related to the Kardashians, the fake lawyer who sired the whelps of that cultural freak show, via her mother. She was named after the fake-murdered Nichole Brown Simpson, now known as Denise Brown. In other words, Kendall Jenner is an amalgam of the major public hoaxes of the past three decades.

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess at something, not really venturing much: Kendall Jenner is famous for being famous, and has no talent. She will have a long and prosperous career based on that lack of talent. She is a cultural robot crafted in the back room of Intelligence and advertising boiler rooms. She is a big nothing.

16 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner: A big nothing

  1. My grandmother swore by RC cola. I don’t even know if they make it anymore. I drink maybe one soda a year, craft root beer with cane sugar. It’s a sad road we have gone down, when a soda company stoops to these levels.


    1. Growing up in Montana we had Coke, Pepsi and RC Cola. Then RC went away. A friend and I were hiking in the hinterlands, and ended up at a tiny outpost general store called Roscoe, I think, and there in the pop machine the guy had two RCs, so Danny and I each forked up a dime and bought them. We were thirsty as hell. The colas had been sitting around for years, and tasted like parking lot dust. But we drank ’em.


      1. Not much of a fisherman, but used to carry a rod with me in the mountains. I know those areas well. One spot I did fly fish was the Big Horn River, down where it runs out of Yellowtail Dam. My arms were tired at day’s end from reeling in two to five pound trout. Fishermen lie, but that is the truth. It just did not thrill me.


      2. RC was originally Nehi and I go back far enough to have put several gallons of that stuff down my gullet as a yoot. Nobody I knew ever drank Coke or Pepsi. We also had Shasta. Why the second bananas appealed to us and the big boys didn’t could not have been a price thing. Coke and Pepsi were targeting someone other than me and my buddies, apparently.

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        1. Interesting, never thought about it, but RC Cola just went away. Me and my three brothers were given two colas a week only, brought home on Friday night. we could drink them both that night, have one on Friday and one on Saturday, or be an asshole and have one on Sunday night while the others of us had spent ours. As I recall, it was always Pepsi during that regime. We recycled bottles in those days.


  2. Sales of sugar-water drinks like Coke and Pepsi are at a 30-year low. Maybe they’re desperate. Or maybe we’re watching a Coke ad using a little reverse-psychology. Smart investors like J.P. Morgan, Blackrock, and others with creative merger plans may have a plan, but no way to get there above board. I checked for “interlocking boards.” Nothing obvious. Structurally, however, it could be more like Democrats and Republicans — it really doesn’t matter who wins the election as long as power is maintained, perpetual war continues, global banking monopoly progresses, and profits roll in. Oh, I almost forgot, they own the water in many countries.


    1. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House. Our presidents are puppets even though American people think they are making a choice when they go to ballot booth. There is no choice and I’m not sure what can be done about it, if anything. This world is going to go up in flames before anything good can rise from the ashes.


  3. Kendall and Kylie Jenner 20 somethings vs. Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian 30 somethings.
    Sadly we’ll be seeing a lot more of this gang in the coming years. Who gets sacrificed first?


  4. I find it difficult these days to watch any entertainment involving actors. I see acting, drama, comedy, stand up comedians- in a new light. Whereas I once could get absorbed into the story or narrative I now just see adults playing make believe- I find them sad and a bit off putting- almost shameful. I especially feel this way by nearly all comedians. When I watch a movie I’m not following the story so much as they predictable as night and day- I’m looking for memes, archetypes- the intent of the programming.


  5. Pepsi as poison? yes I agree but we have bigger fish to fry. All this salacious pop and celebrity culture, materialism, decadence, immorality, amorality, lack of virtue are poisons to our souls! Pepsi is small potatoes compared to the larger picture. This blog tries to go a long way to wake people up. I have no use for celebrity, entertainment, big corporate entities. I do care about the health of my soul and my interior landscape, including but not limited to the health of my brain and nervous system. Anyone ever wonder why excess wealth produces degeneracy in wealthy families? Excessive wealth acts as a neuro toxin to the system and in very wealthy families, one finds the creation of human monsters in successive progeny. this is explained in the science of epigenetics as well. What we do now affects future generations in our genetic line. So choose carefully. I wish Iain Carstairs was around to still blog – the people at POM remind me of his work. Unfortunately, he passed from cancer (I think his cancer of the eye and throat was related to cell phone use and radiation) but he wrote at length about science, religion, the brain, false flags, and a world gone amuck though he always tried to find the light. Here’s an example:


  6. Maybe a way to tell us that all movements/controversies presented on TV are artificial as this Kendall Jenner character. Actually it created a fake controversy with fake backlash. Is this the ritual beating or humiliation for Kendall? Congratulation Kendall for reaching the Master Hoaxer degree.


  7. I know this is an old post, and no one may ever see this comment,but I have just joined POM, and I’m catching up on all that’s been written.

    And I thought you might like to know that
    RC Cola has not gone away.
    We have been drinking it (I know, to our detriment) for years.


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