Three Jews Three

With Mark opening up the discussion about Jewish influence, I offer a take on three personalities that have had a profound influence on the modern age. This was originally part of a longer project but POM is the perfect venue for me to present segments in more digestible bites.

(The following may be more rant than useful information, but quite frankly, I have never gotten wood over The Jewish Question, which is why I didn’t have much to add to the comments of Mark’s previous post)

Karl Marx is one of the most famous names in modern history, equal to that of Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, two other iconic frauds that have helped shape the delusional world of smoke and mirrors we find ourselves in. Yes, yes, Jews!!! Christian shills weren’t going to be able to sell this snake oil, so the oligarch’s, like their Roman ancestors, used the Jewish people once again as a cudgel. Throw in the Roman concoction called Jesus Christ and you have the four Jewish aces of the age of anxiety that keeps the blinders securely fitted on the indoctrinated proles.

It’s not like other races haven’t been used as weapons of the mind (Middle East- pick ‘em), but here in the Christian west, the elites have time and again used the false dialectic of Gentile/not a Gentile to herd the vast Christian majority in one direction or another. Because they have the numbers, and the consumer power, the fear and anxiety of modern mass mind control has been directed at the Christian majority by their obscenely wealthy, nominally Christian (Sometimes Masonic) brethren.

   (The concept of The Jew still makes for a handy boogey man for anxious Xtians of European descent even as the Muslim is being prepped to take over that role)

All Tomorrow’s Party

Karl Marx reads like another government/oligarch asset assigned to take over the real opposition and steer it into a ditch. The nascent republican movements that were preaching liberation from the moribund, class bound society of inherited privilege required an answer that armed suppression could not fully deliver. Marx was born into a connected Prussian family that had been compelled to convert from Judaism to Lutheranism after Napoleon’s final defeat. Given the atheism he and his ghost writer, Fredrick Engels promoted, this conversion would appear to have had little effect on Marx: Six of one, half dozen of another… religion isn’t “rational” you see, so why worry about fine distinctions?

This atheistic materialism the radicals in Marx/Engels’ enthrall were promoting could be seen as something of a buffer between the manipulated anti-Semitic Christian majority and the Jewish communities intermingling in the German states. For the progressive, pro industrial side of this deceptive rhetoric Marx was spewing, the untitled moneyed class could tolerate such a buffer. The fact that the financiers who were underwriting this industrial progress would seem to be a target of this attack on capitalism, they feared not as one look at these manifestos indicated the utter unworkable nature of the arguments.

Ruthless and inhumane as industrialists often appear to be, they do understand human nature, for without insight into la conditions humane, they would not be able to dominate so many with so few allies. Human beings, despite the label of recent times, are not resources. They are human beings and come standardly equipped with imagination. The mind of man can be duped, but it cannot be turned on and off like a light switch. There is no off button and because of this, pattern recognition is innate. All the internally logical arguments that deny the sovereign awareness of the individual cannot be sustained. The individual sense of self is not ever going to be snuffed out by physically implementing an abstract theory. Hunger and fear can do it for a short period, but the mind is always looking for a way out.

To regulate mankind as simply a versatile resource fails to acknowledge that the next generation will generally seek its own path, despite the overt restrictions. Modern schooling, based on the Prussian model first implemented during the nineteenth century, has gone some way to curtailing the young dissident in many a parent’s offspring. But the men who maintain control from generation to generation know that the inherent demand of young people for novelty and distinction from their parent’s experience requires that the imagination be stimulated, not suppressed. For all the dry, overly rhetorical analysis of economics, the central failure of any collectivist proposal is that the individual cannot deny his self-ness. To control a people, these oligarch’s spare no expense in stimulating the imagination, usually to the point of satiation, leading to an acceptance of mediocrity. Physical senses overridden by flattery to the ego will tranquilize any attempt at cooperation in shifting the balance of power. No mathematical equation can stimulate the intellect as fast as emotional pandering to the singular “greatness” of every special individual and that process can disarm the potential radical who has become addicted to his habits- habits marketed to him through the appeal to his ego.

Mindbender Extraordinaire

Speaking of ego, another shill of the same ilk, Sigmund Freud, was positioned to steer that over stimulated sovereign self into another ditch. If dry abstractions veered political theory off the road, the mass of wandering loners needed to be rounded up and pointed over the next cliff by dismantling and examining every aspect of that vaunted individuality that so restlessly seeks some meaning within this overly stimulated construct of society.

That is not to say that Freud awoke every morning, did a line or two to shake the cobwebs off his half forgotten dreams, and then set out to flatter the collective ego into gracious compliance with the aims of the state and the oligarch’s who owned it. But his particular line of developing bullshit was kept in view as the nascent “science” of psychoanalysis began to blossom. What the academic institutions underwritten by the oligarchs were attracted to was the generalization of individual experience Freud and his colleagues were categorizing*. Any nomenclature that could identify large numbers of people as similar in nature was another golden opportunity for the controlling mindbenders to herd the sheep. Take superficial similarities of several people and overstate their significance; now you have an identifiable group. Take the similarities and call them mental problems, and there you’ve created a disease that can only be cured by specific treatments. Manufacture those treatments to promote a state sanctioned conformity and you have a wide open door into the minds of men, and women, and even children.

In time we have seen that “talk therapy” has largely been supplanted by psychoactive drugs. Legal drug pushers licensed by the state now do the work occupying armies did centuries ago. Victims of the black arts of psychiatry are now told they are at war with themselves and the only resolution is sedation. Mediocrity at this point sounds like a state of rare genius.

*If there is a “manifesto” for psychotherapy it is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) To me this is simply an index of thought crimes.

Armageddon With a Technocratic Veneer

To keep people on edge and on drugs, a low simmer of fear must be maintained to feed the endless state of anxiety. In the modern age, religion has been shoved aside for a secular version of perpetual damnation. Scientism has replaced religion as the set of assumptions explaining unseen realities that permeate the very air we breath. The thundering Yahweh of this changeover from fear of G-D to fear of the bomb was the meek and mild amateur fiddle player, Albert Einstein, he of the finger in the light socket hair and unintelligible equations. Sure, to a trained mathlete, the chalkboard scribbles have an internal logic. They have no practical application but neither do religious claims of higher powers. The point of all the mystification was to wrap the utter non-reality of nuclear weapons in an impenetrable fog of un-substantiation.

Back the mathematical gobbledygook with “visions”, that is, films of these divine lightning bolts detonating in the vast emptiness of sand and sea, and the public is going to eventually bend a knee to fear and a police state. Like the rhetorical judgments of psychoanalytics, the mathematical equations and faked film footage sell an entirely new form of self-awareness, one totally dependent on the interpretation of state licensed experts. (Modern day bishops)

There is no strategic advantage in nuclear weapons. Burning a wide swath of earth because of ideological differences is insane, and the invisibles are not insane. They are not humane in any sense that regular people could understand, but they are not insane. They know that nuclear weapons can’t be controlled in the way we are told they can, and they know that there is no way to justify a deterrent first strike. And, because the technology doesn’t exist anyway, the only thing nuclear weapons are good for, if you wish to control the population, is as a myth wrapped in seeming empirical reasoning.

The whole myth of secret Nazi technology was the lead-in to the nuclear age. There may be a possibility of nuclear power as an energy source, but I doubt that it was ever designed to be used. You can’t make a perpetual profit off of cheap energy. You can make a profit off the attendant industries that help manage the attendant anxiety. Nuclear power was never designed to do anything but sell pharmaceuticals that sedate the faithful. Believing in a cosmic thunderer with a flowing white beard and a quiver of judgmental lighting just doesn’t fly in the modern world. Believing in man made devices of mass destruction silences the voice of dissent and cows the actions into conformity. Religion used to have that suffocating influence. After the Second World War, scientism wore that crown.

The flash bombs and faked film footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cities evacuated before the fireworks displays, gave the mindbenders and their mouthpieces a sample with which to extrapolate even greater destruction in the A Bomb’s non-existent successor, the hydrogen bomb. Films of nuclear weapons tests made exclusively at Lookout Mountain Air Force instillation in the hills above Hollywood in the forties and fifties, films of completely manufactured special effects, were shown to the public to demonstrate the awesome power of these phantom devices. Lies about the Soviet Union, a completely dependent state run from Wall Street and The City of London, trying to catch up with the American level of weaponry, sold the “reality” of this technology as a necessary evil in the event the godless commies were to attempt a nuclear firefight. Yes, the Earth would be destroyed, but better dead than red was the battle cry.

By the sixties, the colossal joke of nuclear Armageddon was displayed in the films, Dr. Strangelove (etc.) and its unfunny twin, Fail Safe. Of course, no one got the joke, thinking these just dark comedies showing the insanity of the military command, not the utter preposterousness of nuclear weapons. In fact, though billed as a drama, Fail Safe is the more ridiculous of the two in that the President of the United States orders a nuclear strike on New York to compensate for the accidental nuking of Moscow. The apparent nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah has more plausibility than that nonsense.

But such is the conditioning of the species, western edition, that the possibility of total annihilation by science is a plausible replacement for total annihilation by an easily offended, violent and racist, Bronze Age god. Judgment day by a mythical being is obviously too primitive to ponder, but final judgment by ideologues and their sycophantic military scientists is “all too real” a possibility. Until the pie in the sky is decommissioned as a justly reward for obedience, the need by most for an immortal penalty for deviation from state sanctioned reality will effortlessly serve the needs of the power elite.

For the sunny side of this mercurial power, we were given The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA. Just a couple of alphabetical nudges to the side of NAZI, the partei that supposedly gave us the foundation technology to go to the moon. And this positive Yin to the destructive Yang of the bomb is absolutely vital to sell the bomb. Evil is as sacrosanct as Good and one needs a benevolent reflection in order to sell that evil. If the bomb is bad, why develop it? Alliances with enemies and allies shift all the time. The need for first strike capability may be apparent to one generation and not the next. So, the evil technology has to have a positive rationale behind it for peace time appropriation, given the enemy with equal destructive power may now be our closest collaborator. A trip to the moon is as archetypal as you can get, and archetypes sell the irrational like nothing else.

Given, of course, that we can’t ever develop technology to get off the planet, what was/is NASA anyway? What it was and still is, is a massive brain drain. Clever people with genuine ideals who would want to see such a dream come true have been educated and placed in very compartmentalized systems to work on the impossible. Like nuclear weapons, and possibly the nuclear industry, the minds of the best and brightest have been used to serve a deliberate dead end. Only the cinematic magicians have used their talents for something tangible, and that is to sell the myth of space flight to a gullible public. These particular technicians also work on a need to know basis and likely think their simulations of space flight are produced for public consumption for security reasons. After all, the atheists in the east have spies everywhere and we can’t show them everything. They are in a sprint with us in the west for global domination, even though their technology and the finances behind their development have come from the same sources in the west.

What those clever minds with benevolent temperaments could be doing with their brains, we’ll never know, for with each successive class of graduates, the collective IQ plummets further and further into the abyss of ignorance and superstition, leaving the rank and file of humanity vulnerable to a Dark Age of neo-feudalism.


Addendum: How Jewish were these three?*

At the age of twelve, Marx was converted to Lutheranism along with his family so his old man could get a job with the state, which at the time banned Jews from such bureaucratic positions. Despite the rabbis in Marx’s woodpile, being of the Ashkenazim left no trace of the Levant in him or his observances. His atheism, at least what he preached (opiate for the masses) doesn’t sound very pious, does it?

Freud’s views on religion are well known: To simplify his position, he saw religion as a species of neurosis. Well, Woody Allen and his fetishes aside, that’s hard to argue with in my view. It’s also not very observant within the confines of any Jewish religious tradition, to say the least.

Einstein was a little more magnanimous in claiming that a belief in an anthropomorphic god was “naïve” and “childlike”. BTW, he was born to non practicing Jewish parents who sent him to a Catholic school as boy, but by the time his public persona was rolled out to pitch his theories of the guessed at, he was marketed almost as an anthropomorphic replacement for the hairy thunderers and sacrificial begotten that had suffocated the mind of man for eons. Now the answers lay with a doddering old grandfather and his incomprehensible mutterings. Talk about going out with a whimper…

*Your results may vary-

12 thoughts on “Three Jews Three

  1. A great rant and props for the tenacity! Still. my question is…….can you offer any evidence of the nuke thing being a total fraud? My research has it as real, but somewhat less useful than advertised. Although for different reasons.


    1. Did you look on cluesforum and ? The nuke hoax cannot be proven, but when I looked a bit deeper I got the impression that there is something funny. Mathis also wrote 2 papers, where he pointed out a few ridiculous things. Also read the wikipedia page of “The World Set Free” by H.G. Wells. It is funny how many things conceived by the pen of science fiction writers. In the 50’s there were many sci fi movies about nukes/radiation creating big creatures and the space exploration.
      I should mention that Tyrone had a podcast about the nuke propaganda and the Cold War. Of course the Cold War and the nukes go together. To end this comment I leave this (first result after a google search)


  2. well, if Miles Mathis is right, all those “Jewish” famous names are part of project chaos and their contributions do not really come from them. Psychotherapy is as fake as relativity theory is. Even their biographies are nor real. So what is left there?


  3. That is some powerfully nutritious food for thought. You are the yin to Mathis’ yang, and I mean that at as a great compliment to you both. Please sir, may I have another?


  4. Well Done TMc . These are the mount rushmore of verbal/intellectual sheepdogs for sure ( although the Christ head may have to have four nonfictional heads inset ) , can we say that all three have banking family , oligarchs and rabbis/church as their overlords ? Or is some uninstructed collective consciousness at work with them ? Or maybe just their mothers giving them a superiority complex .
    “Dr. Strangelove (etc.) and its unfunny twin, Fail Safe. Of course, no one got the joke, thinking these just dark comedies showing the insanity of the military command, not the utter preposterousness of nuclear weapons ” lets not forget , tar and feather anyone questioning the controllers , as in koo koo for fluoride puffs , Sterling Hayden , as Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper .


    1. Check out the Youtube vid titled “INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR STERLING HAYDEN IN 1983” and watch from 12:00 to the end. Very revealing. “I used to call myself a male starlet”…”they were grooming us to be (giggles like a little girl)”.


  5. Sailing into New York Harbor, Sigmund Freud stood on the deck with Carl Jung and gazed out at the statue illuminating the world. Their arrival was a much-anticipated event for American psychologists so very curious of what this new theory of the psyche could expose. Whether out of hubris or prescience—and are they not often one and the same?—Freud turned to his disciple and whispered, “They don’t realize we’re bringing them the plague.”

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