7 thoughts on “Cutting Through the Fog: Notes on the Route 91 Shooting on 10/1

    1. Yes there is a similarity, but that is not the same guy, and their girlfriends don’t look a lot alike, either. Somebody jumped the gun on this one, assuming it isn’t deliberate misdirection.


  1. Thanks for post and Josh’s very good article which led to Kevin’s article ” Opening Coffins” (with references to Folgers, (? Manson), and Starbucks coffee).


    Does “Stephan Paddock” Adam’s apple appear to have the number 13 as a darker tone than surrounding skin tone, in the photograph with Marilou Danley?

    Paddock means field with sheep or cattle. A field across the street from the Luxor at a Harvest Festival.

    Benjamin Paddock’s, Stephen’s father, FBI’s Ten Most Wanted photograph looks like a composite of two photos. The photo’s right side of the face is larger than the left. Notice the right ear is larger and different from the left. The right photo side of the face appears to be at a slightly different angle.

    Convenient McCarran International Airport closed due people on the airstrip.


  2. Went and saw IT at the movies today. IT was entertaining, I must say…but was distracted by “the numbers”…many of the usual, but the one that reached out and grabbed me by the nads was “91”.
    there were some 88’s and other such usual horseshit. But the timing of the release of this movie less than a month before the “vegas massacre” and the mention of “91” in a pivotal moment of this adaptation of the Stephen King novel had me holy-fucking.


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