Charles Milles Manson, 1934-2017

MansonAmong the oddities uncovered a well-known researcher was that Charles Lindbergh, who probably faked a transatlantic flight and endured a fake kidnapping that saw a fake-innocent perpetrator fake imprisoned, and who like Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after his fake accomplishments, was the son of Carl Månsson, who changed the family name to Lindbergh after arrival in the United States from Sweden. Otherwise, we would remember him today as Charles Månsson.

But there is only room in our fake history books for one Charles Manson.

What to say on passing of a lifetime actor? Charles Milles Manson never killed anyone. Even those who think the Tate murders were real acknowledge that. He was short, very, very short, like 5’2″.  That is like petite! Whenever he posed for a photo, he bugged his eyes so as to look crazy, as seen here. It was part of his gig.

His “family,” the real one, consisted of three sons, one of whom lived here in Colorado and changed his name to Jay White. He committed suicide in 1993, we are told. That was from a 1956 marriage. He had a another by a 1959 marriage, and yet another by Mary Brunner, one of the “Manson Family” members, that is, the famous ones.

Memorial services are undetermined at this time. Officials don’t know whether to erect a gravestone, or simply put his hand print at Grauman’s Chinese Theater along with 200 other famous actors.

(Yes, I did note that his age on death was 83, or 8+3, or 11. But I am going with real death here. 83 is an age where people often die for real.)

26 thoughts on “Charles Milles Manson, 1934-2017

    1. 2+6=8, is that intentional. Yes it should be Saddam. I searched “old saddam hussein pictures” and the third image from the fist row in google images is this The joke was probably intentional.
      I believe that in one of the X-Files episodes where the Lone Gunmen characters are also involved, one top government official collaborates with the Scully, Mulder and the Lone Gunmen guys. They bring the official at the Gunmen place and the official sees that the magazine published by the Gunmen has an article about Saddam, and he tells them that he is an American agent. I believe he actually says that Saddam is born in US. I don’t remember the episode and I hope that I don’t have a false memory. I saw the episode when I was already aware of the bullshit (maybe 2 years ago), so I thought that maybe it is some kind of inside joke.

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      1. There are 10K comments on that article and although I’ve only scrolled through several pages of them, I highly doubt anyone is pointing out this “mistake” (joke). If so, it would only be from the handful of real human beings commenting. The rest are either automated virtual comments that are typical of Yahoo’s constant stream of division-bait BS articles or unthinking, essentially unreal “humans” who didn’t even watch the video or didn’t care to notice the anomaly.


    2. There is a family photo out there with Saddam and his daughter, Raghad (Raghead-seriously?) And son-in-law that is the spitting image of El Chapo Guzman. All fucking actors. Despicable son’s of bitches.

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      1. Raghad, lol. That’s a classic right up there with famous Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol. I’ve found so many nutty names in BS news stories by now I could go door to door selling an A-Z set of encyclopedias.

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  1. What a great find Terran, wow.

    Saddam Hussein is admitted by the mainstream to have (had) multiple doppelgänger playing that role, much like the actors guild playing the role of Adolf Hitler/Hiller/Schicklgruber.

    This must be a deliberate Easter Egg Yahoo put in there, dwarf Manson doesn’t look like Saddam at all and those media perps are not stupid (enough).

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    1. Yeah, this has to be intentional unless these articles are in fact generated completely by AI with no human involvement, lol. Can someone download the video in case they change it? My video downloader plug-in doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s a screenshot with a nice synchronistic highlighted comment about execution (we all know what “happened” to “Saddam”):


  2. This morning on the nbc news about Manson , of all the
    video they could possibly show , they included the one where
    he says , ” it’s all play, isn’t it? ”
    Now I’m searching the web for that quote and not finding it ,
    did I imagine that this morning ?

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  3. Here you go Cal ,

    …” Byers: We uncover the truth.

    Mulder: Oh, the truth. Well, see that’s what’s so great about you monkeys. Not only do you believe this horse-pucky that we create, you broadcast it as well. I mean, look at this. [Lone Gunmen headline: Saddam testing Mandroid Army in Army Iraqi Desert] There is no Saddam Hussein. This guy’s name is John Gillnitz. We found him doing dinner theatre in Tulsa. Did a mean King and I. Plays good ethnics.

    Langly: You’re trying to say that Saddam Hussein’s a government plant?

    Mulder: I’m saying I invented the guy. We set him up in 79. He rattles his sabre whenever we need a good distraction. Ah… If you boys only knew how many of your stories I dreamed up while sitting on the pot.

    Frohike: What stories?

    Mulder: Oh, I’m sorry, Melvin, that’s classified ”


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    1. Awesome, Dave! So in 1998 (a year after Wag the Dog) they revealed that the real conspiracy is that conspiracies touted by conspiracy theorists are intentionally created fiction featuring made-up characters. And it went over every paranoid X-Files fan’s head.

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  4. I wonder if the unraveling of “Manson” by MM and this forum had anything to do with giving him a death this year at 83. They could have waited til 11/22 for a 33, maybe something else will pop up on that day. Sadly his death will get his image and the Manson family women amplified even more so via popular culture. Expect more documentaries, tribute webpages, t-shirts and hoodies everywhere.


    1. My investigative mind on the other hand asks if what you just mentioned (the revelations by MM and this site) just follow along or are part of a plan.
      Citing a paragraph from MM Tate’s:

      “As alternative as Brussell seemed to be, she never got to the truth. She always fingered the CIA, which turns out to be true enough, but beyond that she was always in sea of molasses. This could be because she was a poor researcher or it could be because she was CIA as well. I currently tend to the second conclusion. If she had been onto anything big, she wouldn’t have been allowed on the radio. The simple fact she was speaking out under her own name means she was wrong. She was allowed to talk because she was muddying the waters (and still selling the main lines of the standard story). The CIA loves to have the waters muddied, of course.”

      The following just my opinion of course: When a project is winding up, they are interested in letting some information out and test reaction of the public, trial balloon I believe its the term they use. This will help them improve on future projects. I’m not saying this site or MM are part of the project, all I’m saying is they have been let out revealing info as part of the winding down of the project. I figure the project managers already conducted the post-mortem meeting: What types of risks did you identify and mitigate? What went really well that you want to ensure you do again next time? Have a meeting with all the project stakeholders and relevant participants to provide them with a forum to express any lessons learned.
      These guys whoever they really are, have been at it for centuries.
      I agree that they will seek to profit merchandising and monetizing whatever people is willing to buy regarding this character’s “passing away”.


        1. Correction. Her father was Edgar Magnin, rabbi to the stars in Hollywood. She was part of the I. Magnin department store dynasty. Connected and then some.

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  5. As an aside Salvador Dali and wife , Gala, appeared at a society ball [ Caresse Crosby’s] dressed as the Lindbergh baby and kidnapper, in 1934.

    The 3rd verse of Genesis – …And God said “Let there be light”, in its Hebrew form where the letters and numbers are interchangeable, equals 813.



  6. Quentin Tarantino’s next movie involves the Manson Murders as part of the background plot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they retired Manson in this way to raise his profile and thereby that of the movie (and increase profits).

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    1. A Tarantino film involving bloodlust? I don’t believe it. The only way I’ll watch another film made by that sadist is if it’s a romantic comedy clocking in at under 2 hours.


      1. You mean you’re not going to sit back and watch an actress have a baby carved out of her belly by a crazed madwoman? I have to suggest here, Kevin, that your standards of entertainment are set unreasonably high.

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