Hilarity ensues …

I’ve been reading comments at a long thread that I won’t link to concerning our series of posts on the man in Taos. Comments are open on this post, so it will be a chance to see if the defenses put in place are effective.

What startled me is this: In that thread several facts about me are discussed that take some research on their end. One is that in 2015 I was in Ljubljana in Slovenia. I think at that time I was writing about our travels here on the blog. I don’t do that anymore. That year we were in Italy for a trek in the Dolomites, and on return to Venice rented a car and drove to Slovenia, something had never done before (both renting a car while abroad and visiting Slovenia).

That trip has triggered suspicion that I was there to meet with the writer who once claimed that 700,000 unsuspecting people in Stalin’s Soviet Union had met their end by means of gunshot to the back of the head. (We now know this not to be true. Stalin had in reality dispatched a special military unit that used boomerangs to decapitate its victims, the beauty if which was return of the weapons to senders, a money-saving move.)

On that same trip we drove through the Julian Alps, stunning, and learned that having a car is a treat if we stayed out of large cities, where it can test a marriage.

I also learned that I once used the moniker “Paul Marshall.” That is true. I imagined at one time that one could maintain anonymity on the Internet. One cannot. But I have in the past used that and one other name, if only briefly.

The first is, in my view, quite funny. My oldest daughter has just gone off to college, and her first letter home to me was addressed to “That Tomato Guy.” WTF? I asked her later where she had gotten the name, and she said she just made it up. It sounded funny. I liked it, so for a while went by “Tomato Guy.”

The other is also kind of funny, a way of ascertaining what name we would use if we appeared in porn movies, a simple formula: Our middle name and the street we lived on at birth, in my case this results in Paul Marshall. I used that for a while too, but who was I kidding? There is no privacy on the Internet, otherwise it would not be allowed. I eventually settled on my real name, Eugene Maurice Orowitz.

I kid. I also learned on that thread that we do not do any original research here, and instead merely reflect the man in Taos. Eugene Maurice Orowitz Is the real name of the actor who probably faked his death in 1991, Michael Landon.

My name is Mark Paul Tokarski. I am not Langley or MI6, a hilarious sidebar, as when the Man in Taos learned that there is a British expression “Bob’s her uncle,” meaning “it’s a sure thing,” he claimed that this meant that the author of the piece that outed him was British. He knows better.  I like the expression and now use it when I can, as when last week my wife asked me if I knew the way back to the freeway from the hardware store we were at. “Bob’s her uncle,” I told her.


I was born on April 20, 1950 at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings, Montana. There’s that date! Yes, that is my real birth certificate above. That’s also (supposedly) Hitler’s birthday, and a date that they use to run covert ops, like the Columbine and Ludlow “massacres,” both staged in Colorado. There’s a reason, I discovered (no, wait, the man in Taos surely discovered this before me!) for use of that date: In a non-leap year, it is the 110th day of the year. Get it? Eleven. Spook marker.

Funny story: When I was in eighth grade on my birthday our teacher, Sister Thomasello, a wonderful woman of slight stature and who went through life with a perpetual smirk on her face, gave me a holy card commemorating a Catholic saint whose feast was on that date. On that back she had taped my newspaper horoscope, “If today is your birthday …” It said that my birthday falling on that day means that I had “stomach problems” and an “unusual” relationship with my mother. Again, WTF?

It would take me years to realize that since April 20 was also Hitler’s birthday, that the horoscope writer was merely demonstrating wisdom after the fact.

My mother was Eileen (nee Leonard) Tokarski, my dad Stephen J. I had three older brothers, Tom and Steve, both of whom died within a month of one another in 2011, and Joe, who died in 2007. Dad also died in 2007, and Mom in 2013 after a ten-year bout with Alzheimer’s. She was way out there on the bell curve in terms of surviving that disease, almost in Hawking country. (I was very impressed at one time that the man in Taos exposed the Hawking Project, but learned that he was not the first, only claiming to be.)

I attended Little Flower Catholic grade school (1964), Billings Central Catholic High School (1968), and Eastern Montana College (now Montana State University, Billings).  At EMC I achieved the highest GPA in the history of that institution, 2.20. That’s because the school is a catchall for students who did  so poorly in high school that no other college would take us.

OK. I made that up, the GPA thing, as I get so tired of the Taos horn blower, who at (most) times strikes me as a narcissist.

Speaking of which, I married in 1973, way too young. I advised all of my five children to wait until age 28 before marrying to avoid my mistake. That may be the only advice given them that they followed. My first wife was a raging narcissist of the “shy” variety who haunts my life to this day, she and her flying monkeys. We divorced in 1994 and I met my current wife in 1995 in the Castle Mountains of Montana.

She and I have had a fairy tale life together, and neither of us looks forward to that day when one of us has to go forward alone. For that reason, we have decided on either of two options: One day we will both magically evaporate into a corn field, or the alternative, a trip to Switzerland where we will meet our demise hand-in-hand stepping off Reichenbach Falls.

PS: It bugged me all day that I was feeling feisty when I wrote this and repeated referred to the man in Taos as the “Taos Twit.” That was juvenile. Then I realized it is my blog, and I can change it, and I did.

PPS: In the post defending the guru, they used an insult levied in me several years back by a writer who goes by the name “JC” over at Reptile Dysfuntion. In it JC, generally humorless, hit me with the John Candy comparison, and I had to sit back and take it, as frankly, it was clever and funny. It was this image that caused me to use my own photos taken 30 years apart to demonstrate that alignment of the eyes after setting pupils at common distance can generate a remarkable alignment of features, in my case, even thirty years apart, perfect. JC did not use the pupil-distance  technique, but merely set the faces at common size to produce his result, which is as follows.4B08EF35-99AD-45EC-9F91-3F9E79C27EF4

So it is not a useful comparison, only a humorous one, and I never realized before that John candy was a such a handsome man.

It is interesting that they were able to go back years and dredge this photo from an unrelated blog, indicating that they do maintain records. This is not original work. It was stolen from JC. It is plagiarism. That much is obvious, and the question is … how were they able to do this? What resources have they have at their disposal?

Just sayin’.

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  1. One needs to be careful when doing genealogical background research on individuals, which can lead to false conclusions. My own family surnames pop up on peerage and jewish lists, yet I’m neither jewish nor a member of the peerage, and neither am I connected with massive wealth, just a normal guy. I’m also not entirely convinced that Hitler was an agent and/or a gay jewish actor as MM insists (Perhaps their were competing families at the time and Hitler was genuinely trying to save Germany?).

    MM may be gay himself and he comes across to me as somewhat of a “twink” – What straight man, especially straight American men in the west (Texas), absorb themselves so deep into art?. I think its typical of gay men to see gays everywhere, so he is perhaps revealing himself – so every historical figure is seen as a gay jewish actor – LOL. MM is also incredibly prolific in his scientific papers considering he was a liberal arts major and has no formal and considerable training in the hard sciences. Reminds me of Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos – a 19 year old college dropout starting a medical device company (Probably the most complicated industry to go into) without any deep education or experience – just not credible.


    1. I was only responding above to their comments about me in that long string which indicated that they had gone back very far in the archives of this blog. Paul Marshall was years and years ago.

      One thing that is almost universally judged on the genealogical work is that it is unreadable. Real work in that area would construct charts and lineages, and not just make jumps based on last names. I asked him how he manages to keep track of everything, and he said he remembers it as he goes. I doubt it.

      Another aspect of the operation is the antisemitism … the more I think about that, I suspect it is a form of self-blackwashing to make sure that the work, much of which is valuable, never enters the mainstream. All anyone has to do is make one trip there (to his blog) to get the sense that he hates Jews. That’s enough to drive most people off.


  2. I’ve followed the thread that you won’t link to, having read most of the 2000+ comments. Miles clearly has a very strong fan-base. But I still cannot make my mind up to be honest. Only the active participants will really know what is true in all this. Spooks, spooks and more spooks. They are surely a fact of life now?

    I don’t really care to be honest. I take each bit of info and I either fit it into my perspective, or reject it, as I see fit.

    What I do know is that Miles produces fascinating work which I love to read. And also that Piece of Mindful sometimes produces thought provoking pieces, although not quite of the same gasp out loud nature as Miles. So I hope that both of you carry on. And I will only stop reading if some conclusive info is revealed.

    Good luck to both of you.

    By the way, it is “Bob’s YOUR uncle”. I’m a Brit I know. See this:

    With a direct link to the Balfour Declaration? How spooky

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    1. That long comment string has many underlying possibilities: It is real; it is a team effort, it is computer generated, it originates in Langley with people in their cubicles taking on various identities, or it was farmed out to the trolls that are all about us. This much I know: It is garish, and meant to be convincing, that is, they decided to hit us hard with an over-the-top show of support to convince those who are true believers that there is something there to believe in.

      For myself, I am convinced “he”, the frontispiece, is fake, but that there is a real effort behind him to release information heretofore kept secret, and then to submerge it again in a camouflage of unreadable genealogy and stigmatize it with antisemitism. Thinking back now to 2016, I was in a house full of portraits and one sculpture, but saw no evidence of a painter’s abode, no studio for sure, though there was a large easel. I saw no evidence of a research room where the writing is done, though he did offer to take us to his backroom to see his computer, a nice feint, possibly, as it sounded boring. No one took him up.

      I am smelling, more and more, a project.


      1. Points taken Mark. Although I find it hard to see that the 2000+ comment fan thread could be computer generated.

        If MM is a project whose main technique is to release real info but to “…submerge it again in a camouflage of unreadable genealogy and stigmatize it with antisemitism.” then I wonder, why? What is the point?

        Miles has directly warned us about this sort of thing on numerous occasions hasn’t he? I first learned about “blackwashing” from him. And he has mentioned it in numerous papers. So his readers are the least likely to be fooled aren’t they?

        I just don’t see your logic here. If you are reading Miles then you already have a more open mind, almost by definition.

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        1. I have seen threads on Facebook that have thousands of comments that no one reads. I do beleive they could be computer generated, as who in their right mind would want to be the guy adding comment 2001?

          I quote here Bob Zherunkel:

          Why do The Powers That Be even bother with limited hangouts? I think it has something to do with what a police officer once told me, about this innate drive in all people, the urge to confess. Not out of guilt or need for atonement. Sometimes it’s just to brag, like in the movie Wag the Dog. Keeping a juicy secret is a strain for the human psyche. Those who pull off their con jobs on the public want just a little exposure, a little recognition of their brilliance.


  3. It was a question of time I guess… some commenters (now long gone?) were predicting the downfall of this “writer” or as he now calls himself “der Maler”. ROFL. If you are not a fanboy, if you try to think for yourself, it is very hard to dismiss both articles published here. Can I ask, How do you protect against slander lawsuit?
    He “hates” Jews and a Jew or Jew-ish individual (allegedly living in Israel) hosted the “virtual party”. How about that? You have to be s2pid to believe it… And what about Blue Moon, is he still here with POM? I also read that Straight now supports Trump and QAnon? WTF!!??!!! Thanks for opening comments. Comments are just words.


    1. I do not see him going down. Protection from slander lawsuit comes from not slandering. I do not beleive he “hates” Jews any more than I do, which is not at all. I think that is just stink wrap to keep ordinary civilians away.


    2. I’m still here, Agricola, posting under my own name, Tyrone- though “real” life has made my output dwindle. Blue Moon was my Fakeologist handle when I thought fictitious monikers were required to fit in. I’ve never had any delusions of grandeur that the Fuzz was keeping tabs on me because I’m so dang subversive. They have tabs on everyone now so no need for aliases. The FBI checked on my friends back in the 80’s because clearance was needed by a relative for government contracts. Back then I was waiving around The Gemstone File so I got a brief red flag. Someone higher up must have told the Bureau field agent(s) that rabbit feed like Gemstone (and Torbitt et al) was just that, so no one yanked me off the street and gave me the rubber hose treatment to see if I really was a subversive or commie or whatever the hoax outfit du jour was called.
      I try to stay afloat in the comments section here at POM while I try to find some wiggle room to get back at it. I have mounted a new blog, though it is but one post so far just to get a sense of the design. I will be depositing other kinds of material there that don’t really fit the themes here. I named the blog, The Plausibility Index, but maybe I should just call it The Wiggle Room- Also, my shoulder hurts more days than not.
      PS- Josh and I exchanged emails over the MM fireworks and he once again impressed me as a reasonable guy. Somehow, lines have been drawn that I wish weren’t there, but I never live in the past, so tally ho!

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        1. I sent an email with the link but please do link here. Some stuff old and some stuff new just to get something on the page to start. Thanks.


      1. The “lines” that have been drawn were in the sand and are moveable. Josh said nothing about me on his blog other than that I had been sucked in, and that judgment call merely creates insecurity, which I am used to. I’ve been wrong before, but concerning the guy in Taos, the response has been so over-the-top that I am more sure now than before that BZ and Kevin’s arrows hit their targets.


      2. Thanks for the reply, Tyrone. Good to hear you are still at it. Maybe too late, and maybe copyright does not allow, but Lagunitas Maximus Decimus Meridium or Hop Stoopid Alabaster are good names for a blog, if those are not taken and you pass, who knows, I may get a boost and start my own blog one of these days, If (not when) I do it I will let everybody know. I have been the most passive reader perhaps, but the events of the last 3 weeks have made me consider start speaking up more. TBT, I figured that lawsuit will never see the light for either reason (or both): a) it was not defamation, no false info, as Mark said, no need protection when you are not slandering b) In typical jewish dialectic fashion: when you control both side of the conflict, you always win.

        P.S.: I used Agricola because in my first post I replied to Calgacus, so I found it fitting and practical and he got the moniker. He’s astute too. I know some readers are gone forever but I still find value in much what is written at POM.


      3. Josh may seem reasonable but he is not honest. In his defense of Mathis he cites three mainstream scientists who support Mathis’ work. One is Dr. Tahir Yaqoob, who provided a foreword to Mathis’ science book. But Yaqoob has since disavowed any perceived endorsement of the content of Mathis’ writings, and he wishes he had never had a connection to the book. Josh knows this but conveniently forgets to mention this in his defense.

        “I do not endorse his methods or conclusions. I still have issues with pretty much every article in his book.”
        – Dr. Tahir Yaqoob (Sept 3, 2012)
        e-mail: yaqoob@skysrv.pha.jhu.edu

        He also knows that another of the three scientists is Steven Oostdijk, who really the source of Mathis’ science ideas. (See link provided in another comment on this thread.) Oostdijk would just be endorsing himself in that case. Josh knows this. He is utterly disingenuous, even if reasonable.


        1. Ryan T,
          Thank you for all links provided and your insight too. They have proved invaluable, vital in the search of truth. I also agree with your opinion of Josh G. Regarding Miles and Josh, can you consider for a moment the possibility they are the same person? I have but I am still not sure. Some commenters mentioned it also at the bottom of the links provided ,so I am not the first one. How crazy would that be? I appreciate your thoughts.

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        2. Ryan T,
          Thank you for all links provided and your insight too. They have proved invaluable, vital in the search of truth. I also agree with your opinion of J0shG- . Regarding Man-in-Taos and J0shG- , can you consider for a moment the possibility they are the same person? I have but I am still not sure. Some commenters mentioned it also at the bottom of the links provided ,so I am not the first one. How crazy would that be? I appreciate your thoughts. Do you think Uncle B0b and KevII were part of the project and now are blowing cover?


  4. “At EMC I achieved the highest GPA in the history of that institution, 2.20. That’s because the school is a catchall for students who did so poorly in high school that no other college would take us.” Mark, that little tidbit was laugh out loud funny….thanks for making my day!


    1. Thanks, Annette – I chuckled myself as that hit the screen. Don’t you just hate it when people talk about themselves and their accomplishments as if they had never screwed up? It’s resumes that make them do that – I was taking a communications class way back at EMC and the teacher was telling us to always make any job sound important … she said even if you are selling popcorn at the movie theater, make it sound good. I raised my hand and offered “Manager, corn products division.” That got a laugh.


  5. I discovered the truth. I presented that truth. I rebutted lies and misdirection. My only regret is the possible adverse effect to this website’s ability to dispense more truth.

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    1. I wouldn’t go so far, Starr.

      What you did was excellent; using the boomerang; the same methodology and reasoning the person in question used for years, but then against himself. That is logically sound and above all it was even encouraged by Mathis himself, see the quotes that now unfortunately are lost because the blog is gone.

      That however doesn’t make it certain and beyond any doubt he is con-trolled, a “jew” or a “committee” with necessarily nefarious motives.

      His responses were weak and not addressing many points you made and it is almost unbelievable that someone who does genealogy “for a living” didn’t do that (properly) with his very own family.

      I discovered Miles Mathis in April 2016 and spent like 6 months the year before working out my own genealogy, mapped out in full. That made me understand his passion for it, but his presentation and sometimes sloppy jumps to conclusions were not to my taste.

      Also his lack of proper (visual) references, something in which you excelled, I didn’t like.

      Genealogy and numerology are very alike imho. They may serve as <i?supporting evidence to make a good case, but do not stand on their own. People can be related to spooky figures, we are not responsible for (the actions of) our ancestors or other family, and people die at age 33, on Halloween or speeding 91.1 mph…


  6. I note that in “his” addendum of today he for the first time uses the word “slander.” He, or they, are watching closely. We here have not slandered anyone, of course, and anyway, he would he hard-pressed to calculate monetary damages, as the surface persona we see has no income. Ergo, there can be no loss of income. This is America. It can only be dollars and cents.

    Interesting to note that nothing new has come from that source since our article appeared. It was never our intent to stop the release of secrets that was going on behind the persona, but it had devolved to genes and Jews, so the spigot must have closed. While it was open, it was a treat. Maybe look now for another opening? The YouTube release of the fake Tate massacre, even though true, appears now to have been a rollout.


  7. If I remember correctly The Man in Taos one day suddenly started to make all those Jewish connections in his papers a few years back. In his older papers there are none. I think his narcissist perspective is simply a provocation and made on purpose. Simon Shack does it too sometimes. It’s the same trick medics use to impress their patients to make them swallow the pills. The good uncle doctor knows best and only he knows what is best for you. It never works for everybody but it works for many. As for the long comment thread, how do we know there really are 2000+ comments? Did anybody actually count it? Many of them come from Miles der Maler (german for Miles the painter). Software text generators are nothing new. I recently read about it. There is a script, a list of text patterns, a list of addresses and a base set of “facts” and the generator combines it to generate a list of comments which looks random. Mass Media is all connected today. Companies like Reuters feeds the medial allover the world with sets of daily “news” already generated in many different languages. You see that on the many spelling and grammatical errors. It’s better than computer translation but worse than texts edited by humans. That way a very few people can decide what kind of daily news will shake the world today. It looks convincing because the same news are being told by so many different people. Oh, by the way, did you hear, the Obamas signed a contract with Netflix? Trump already has 20 records on IMDB. Why can’t they hire better actors here in Germany? Bundestag is so boring.

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  8. If you see something say something they tell us. So I will since no one else here is. I found the unlinked party blog. I saw that they conceded a huge point to Uncle Bob. The mystery photos that can’t get published are nudes. This is openly admitted. The Mathis fans tell each other that it is art and a celebration of beauty and youth. Nothing nasty.

    But how could the pro-Mathis people be sure, unless they have all seen the photos themselves? They couldn’t. So they must have seen them. Uncle Bob called it.


    1. This is useful … can you direct us to the specific entries? Uncle Bob would be fascinated. (It is much too tedious to work through the god-knows-how-many posts.)


      1. Look for Jared Magneson’s comment on May 11 at 6:25 pm. He says

        There’s a difference between appreciating beauty and being pedophilic. It’s a huge difference. Everyone appreciates beauty to some extent or other – without exception, as far as I’ve seen in this life. Wanting to destroy it is another sentiment entirely.

        Then look at the comments around that one. They all are saying that the nude photos are no big deal. Mathis der Maler also comments. He could take the opportunity to say that the photos are not nudes. But he does not. He just says he is no pedophile.

        There is a difference between being a pedophile and being a seller of porn. Uncle Bob did not make this distinction so clearly. So the pro-Mathis comments are focusing just on an accusation that was not made and ignoring the accusation that was made.


            1. 1) I don’t know why your comments are going to moderation. After you are once approved, this is not supposed to happen.
              2) Thanks – I did not doubt it was there but my browser stopped linking to “older comments” on or around May 12, so I could not access it.


  9. I found that “Uncle Bob” piece to be honest a very flimsy piece of near-slander. Suggesting Mathis is a pedophile, therefore living in Taos, therefore not having a car, until recently, therefore enclosed at home and writing a lot, come on, that is not research. It actually destroys a large portion of the good message of the rest.

    I highly doubt that someone would be convicted for “pedophilia” for painting a nude kid. It is not even pedophilia to start with.

    At the same time “Uncle Bob” may be on to something, because Mathis deliberately(?) avoids talking about real pedophiles and waives away Schweinstein as completely based on nothing. That is very suspicious. I am sure the majority of those elitist mofos are pedophiles. Curiously much more convinced about them than about some lonely writer in Taos.

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    1. There was no accusation of pedophilia. Uncle Bob was very careful to allow the Guru’s own words to be used to allow readers to draw their own inferences. And anyway, it was not about pedophilia, a red herring, but distribution of photos of underage girls. That is a horse of a different color, and again, merely inference left to readers from the Guru’s own words. They are running on over at CTTF about how the Guru is not a registered sex offender, again using the pedophilia accusation, but that too is a red herring. If a deal was cut, the people who cut it are powerful enough to confine him to quarters, and so would have power to keep him off lists, not as a pedophile, but as one who attempted to distribute photos of young children, claiming an artist’s privilege. All of that is left to readers to speculate based on evidence the Guru himself put up. That was the point.

      As to his life circumstances, living alone with his kitties in a desolate town (in my view – I could not wait to leave), with no visible means of support and a putt-putt used by meter maids as transportation … goodness, Gaia, the implications … it takes real effort to ignore them.


      1. So what is your take on the owner of CTTF blog saying you never replied back to one of his emails and that your laptop was stolen and that you are not in control of POM anymore but Inte1 and more and more? In other words, he is directing the “readers” or virtual readers, telling them what any fanboy wants to hear: “See over there, Inte1 is behind it”… playing you down. By the way, I just went and saw the update posted at the bottom today 5/22 about John Candy without giving proper credits to the Reptile blog, that is a big no-no.

        You want a link to the comment? There you have it and please clarify wit a comment of yours:



  10. Mark, I think you are onto something. It’s clear that you’ve been thinking deeply and open-mindedly about the true nature of “Team M.”

    I agree that the rambling genealogy stuff, a darn near unreadable change from what preceded it, tends to blackwash some of the limited hangout truths Team M has shared.

    On the anti-semitism front, you are absolutely right that anti-semitism is a great blackwashing tool. Most “normies” really do run from even good quality content/truths if they are cloaked in anti-semitism. Two thoughts occur to me, though, for your consideration:

    1) Accusations of anti-semitism, and even more so accusations of racism, have lost some of their “controlling” “shaming” and “blackwashing” power in recent years. The rise of Trump has coincided with a big backlash against political correctness. Accusations of anti-semitism still have plenty of power, and you may be right about what’s going on here. But I wonder if it’s weird for Intel to use this technique just as it’s power is weakening? Probably not. Weakening doesn’t mean weak. And Intel seems to really like old tried and true playbooks.)

    2) It seems that you might be overstating it when you say that one trip to his blog shows that he “hates Jews.” It seemed to me that he was often at pains to say the opposite. (It seems like there are two different levels of anti-semitism–one is true hate, discrimination, etc. The other, milder on the surface but bad in a different way, is obsessive focus on Jewish power and inappropriately blaming individual bad behavior on group identity. Team M seemed in my reading to be mostly innocent of the former, but guilty of the latter.)

    Anyway, you are right that he seemed to “see” Jews behind every hoax. And you are right, that does serve to alienate many readers.

    (Also, using the milder form of anti-semitism is more effective for blackwashing. Outright hatred puts people off so fast they don’t read another paragraph. But the milder form lets the reader slowly discover it himself through pattern recognition. (e.g .”Wow this Tate paper is good, wow the O.J. trial was fake, hey wait a minute, this guy is mentioning Jewishness an awful lot, is this really the kind of stuff I should be reading/believing?”))

    One final bit of weirdness to me is that over time TM pretty much suggested that everyone is crypto-Jewish. At first he claimed that the merchants and industrialists, many of them Jewish, took power from the old gentile aristocracy. But then he started claiming that every WASPY old family in Salem, every royal family, every Quaker, every U.S. President, every old member of the aristocracy, etc. had been crypto-Jewish all along. Which undermines his previous argument of a power transfer. And also seems ridiculous. I just found this “every single person you’ve ever heard of is Jewish” to be a weird angle that I had never seen before.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share these rambling thoughts as I think this all through. Overall, I think you are probably right about the blackwashing. (Actually, one other aspect of the self-blackwashing operation could be: “In addition to truth research, I also like to paint young girls.”) Also, even some of the “truth” content itself is self-blackwashing. The physics stuff is a bit beyond me and a bit boring to me too, but it there is any dangerous truth in any of it, the fact that its author also believes that the Kennedys are undead underground kings is a great way to discredit the science stuff among 99% of people.

    In addition to the blackwashing, two other things TM might have also been up to could include a) the Time Wasting psy-op (esp. the endless genealogy stuff); and b) the disinfo psy-op (a few amazing truth revelations surrounded by a bunch of deliberately misleading stuff.)

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    1. A very well thought out comment. I first discovered MM through a link to the Tate paper….amazing, thought provoking article…I was hooked and read a lot of his earlier work and enjoyed it…then, seemingly out of the blue, it all changes to boring genealogy and stories that were no longer fascinating. I didn’t give it a lot of thought, just didn’t visit his site as often as I had the previous year. The real kicker for me was his article that Dresden didn’t happen.


    2. Good thoughts. Do understand that the public mind in the U.S. is deeply indoctrinated and that only a few will leave the paddocks. So they can indeed release this information without feat that it will infect the public mind. But I speculate that as a precaution they insisted on some buffer around it, and antisemitism, while not deeply offensive as presented by the guru can indeed be thrown at him when someone attempts to advance the information released in the posts.

      And again, I don’t think he is antisemitic. He’s just doing his job as given him.


      1. Hey again. Totally agree with Henry. The entity that’s cloaked itself with the MM name (“IT”) has already, through its own actions and behavior, quite deeply and thoroughly, “blackwashed” itself.

        “IT” was trying very hard to subtly make MM look like a grimy creep, and have that by extension infect all of his other articles exposing hoaxes and whatever else. I also believe that “IT” prefigured all of this in the very text of all the articles on the MM website.

        These articles and this subject matter were probably meant to be seen as icky, for lack of a better word. “IT” was trying to paint a picture (pun intended) of MM as a character that ultimately couldn’t be trusted or truly taken seriously because of various elements of this particular self-blackwash.

        As a woman reading some of MM’s papers, I started noticing this some time ago. I thought to myself “is this guy insane, or is he just putting on the role of a creep”. To be brief: Lots of MM articles, and the MM ethos in general, also seem meant to repel the average women. But I couldn’t explain why.

        That’s the reason why I believe that MM is not on any offender list. Because the character presented to us isn’t a real person to begin with. This is a project that was probably meant to last for a limited time. That span of time ran out precisely when the genealogy b.s. started. MM’s genealogy articles are meant to be tedious and dull as paint, almost ensuring that most people wouldn’t bother to read them. The latest overly theatrical nervous breakdown is just the project’s death rattle.


  11. MM writes occasionally about sex scenes in films and sex behavior in general. It usually is out of context and not helping the case. When reading his film critics I often had the impression he either is very needy or very lonely. And he likes to brag about his past conquests. Simon Shack did this too a couple of times on Cluesforum. Both present us pictures where they are fairly good looking but on other pictures they don’t look very attractive anymore. At least not to me.


  12. I highly applaud and praise K. Starr for responding to the latest update from Taos. Responding to that is not a waste of time like TM committee claims, it is defending one’s work and I highly commend Starr for defending his work, which is hard work imho.

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  13. Here is something interesting pointed out to me recently: We all know that spooks love to embed signatures on their work, 8, 11, 33 and all the variants. Here is what was pointed out:

    The guru points at Bob Z and claims that because ‘Bob’s yer uncle’ is a British expression, that Bob Z is MI6. Interesting deflection.

    I was told to write out MI6 in Roman numerals. That would be “MIVI.” Play with that a little in your mind … scrunch the two “I”s up against the V, and you get “MM”. Could it be that Team Mathis is a British operation?


  14. MM is an enigma. Once I stumbled upon his work, I was fascinated, but could not get past the fact that he simply was too good to be true. My initial gut reaction was that he was a “committee” because I just didn’t see how one person could be so skilled at so many unrelated things.

    According to MM,

    He is a math/physics genius.
    He is an accomplished painter.
    He is an accomplished musician (piano).
    He was a scratch golfer in high school.
    He writes more than any human being alive (with very few typos).
    He does a lot of research.
    He does a lot of reading.

    Most of these things take time. In fact, most of these things take a lot of time and it is very difficult to believe that one person is able to do all of these things, much less at a high level.

    It is my impression that MM doesn’t make many mistakes, but this comment party has shown some interesting things which I think does cast some doubt on the MM character. First, MdM is quick to name-call in a juvenile fashion. I made a comment regarding the Zerunkle piece and he responded that I was a spook (which I most certainly am not…at least, I’m not aware of being one). But the biggest indictment is that if you question ANYTHING about his work, then he (MdM) rejects you and acts like you are ignorant for even questioning his supreme omniscience. I think it’s very reasonable to question whether MM is a committee for all the reasons that people have considered that idea, yet MdM immediately rejects anyone who might be on the fence, rather than offering additional assurances other than “my work speaks for itself.”

    Mark’s perspective and retelling of what he witnessed in his interactions with MM is interesting, but also raises some confusing questions. Was that when you began to doubt MM and just recently have decided that he’s not what he claims to be? For me, I am befuddled in that you were at some point a strong advocate of MM (see the recent Iconoclasts post) and have appeared to do a complete about-face without giving any concrete reasons why. It’s all confusing as the information that is being shared is far from complete and does not connect the dots in a meaningful way.

    If MM has conferences where he is able to talk the talk with other math/physics experts, then that certainly gives him some strong credibility. However, if something entirely different is occurring at these gatherings, then that is also telling. So what are these conferences like?

    I have also yet to see MM offer any rebuttal to the claim that “British slang” has appeared in some of the papers he claims to have written. I’ve seen him laugh it off in sarcastic terms, but not specifically address the argument that has been made that someone else has been writing some (all?) of his papers.

    I don’t know. I just don’t have enough information to make any firm decision. So I’ll continue to read everything and judge it all. I do know one thing for certain. MM isn’t right about everything.

    P.S. Thanks for opening up the comments. This was mildly therapeutic.

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    1. My conversion happened over a period of weeks leading up to the Kevin and Bob show. Kevin’s genealogy was by itself revealing, but I was struck by the logic of Robert’s piece and began to question all that I had seen in a new light. Of course, when you stop and think of it, one lonely man in Taos is not going to be all the things you listed. Of course! What Robert did, however, was to add a new twist, that he is housebound, does not travel, has no vehicle that will get him out of town … it does indeed speak of house arrest. Add that to the mix and the committee aspect makes sense, and then the only question to answer is why? Why toe committee?


      1. So what triggered the conversion? Was it one thing? A number of things? Did you discover something previously unknown?

        MM should be aware of how remarkable and unique he is (according to his claims). Yet, he exhibits defensive hostility whenever someone questions his credentials. If I was truly the smartest person in every room that I found myself in, I would think that I would be happy to “show off” and prove that fact. Furthermore, I would be delighted to come across people wanting to challenge my intelligence as there is nothing more impressive than backing up such extraordinary claims. Yet, MdM ridicules such skepticism and rejects anyone who asks for additional proof (“why waste my time if you are too dumb to see that I know what I am talking about?”).

        In the Own Medicine department, it’s worth pointing out that MdM acts offended if you have any doubts about him, yet his whole shtick is about trusting NO one.

        One of the curious developments in the Comment Party is MdM’s fixation with internet search results and website traffic. Not sure if it means anything, just something I thought was worth pointing out.

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        1. Triggered by 1) Kevin’s geneaology work, showing that his background was hidden;
          2) The head slapping face-palming realiziation that one man cannot possibly possess all that talent, and 3) The concept of house arrest.


          1. Hmm? Is there any possibility that “his” house wasn’t really his at all? Maybe he didn’t really live there. And why, as you described, so many paintings all over the place?

            I know a lot about art and artists. And I do mean A LOT. Yes, they display their work in their homes, but there’s still usually a limit to their vanity. Did you see his studio, or at least a room or garage where he keeps all of his brushes, canvases, paint, solvents, easels, art supplies, file drawers of source material for paintings, etc.?

            I know I’m about to sound crazy, but at this point I no longer believe one, single, solitary claim that MM has made about himself. And that includes the claim that he’s an artist, let alone a good one. I’ve looked at his pathetic little portfolio on the website. Those paintings are okay at best, but not at all spectacular. Thousands and thousands of painters in the U.S. could do a lot better. And his assertion that gay men aren’t obsessed with beautiful women is idiotic. What about all the gay fashion designers who exclusively make clothes for women? Or gay hair dressers and make up artists?

            The reasons why I don’t believe any of MM’s claims about himself anymore are myriad, but one of the latest ones tipped me off especially. In his response article he claims that he recently got a car to help him take his big paintings to the FedEx. An Audi. Again, I know a lot about art and artists, and the business of selling art. Anything smaller than an SUV is ridiculous if you’re an artist actively selling and shipping paintings. No way in hell would an Audi be sufficient for that task.


          2. For the record, out of respect for their privacy Kevin avoided anything in genealogy about the guru’s immediate family but I did see Ancestry pages on him and his father and mother. There is indeed a man by that name born on his birthday of parents of American origin.


        2. OFCLAUDIO: We learned through him that Google (Inte1) display on top the links they are promoting. If the new Leonardo is on top, well, do the math… 2+2=…


        3. “One of the curious developments in the Comment Party is MdM’s fixation with internet search results and website traffic…”

          Perhaps now that he’s been exposed he needs to justify himself to his employer/committee. If he can show that he’s still in control and commands a giant internet following then maybe he can keep his job as front man.


    2. Very good comment, especially this part:

      But the biggest indictment is that if you question ANYTHING about his work, then he (MdM) rejects you and acts like you are ignorant for even questioning his supreme omniscience. I think it’s very reasonable to question whether MM is a committee for all the reasons that people have considered that idea, yet MdM immediately rejects anyone who might be on the fence, rather than offering additional assurances other than “my work speaks for itself.”

      The first part is what I experienced already at Cluesforum when interacting with his two biggest fans Josh and Vexman. They immediately went on the attack for pointing out the whole ridiculous pi=4 meme.
      Later here, Jared Magneson has done the same. That has the hallmarks of a cult.

      The second part indeed shows the weak position MM has taken against Kevin Starr’s very extensive research.

      What is interesting seeing MM’s latest update is that Josh apparently has the surname Billings. I don’t know or care if it is his real surname (someone interested in genealogy of the fellow may dive into it deeper?), it might be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Mark and his birthplace, but of course Lem Billings was JFK’s lover (that revelation was one of the big strong arguments in MM’s JFK paper, as it is backed up by data). The whole “all actors/presidents are actually gay” meme stems from that, it seems, with JFK posing or presented to us as a womanizer.

      Funny that MM himself didn’t catch or dodge the boomerang that Kevin c.s. threw back at him on this point, because it actually has logic to it.

      On your other point, LOFCAUDIO, people can change their opinions and I think it’s healthy even, especially with new information coming in. The “excellent chemistry” [dixit Ab] between Faye and myself has turned into her fayscist behavior of banning me from the Fakeopedia, I took the initiative for and spent most of the construction on for months. MM has always been controversial and good research and interesting ideas can combine with blatant beliefs (space travel) or outright ridiculous claims (pi=4). Same for Simon Shack and the way he treated founded criticism on his model, something that ties back to the previous point made.

      Mark, you might be right about Taos being some sh*thole and your lack of understanding why someone “so intelligent” would want to live there, after all you have been there and I haven’t. But I can also imagine people being reclusive and actually do not mind such a place as weather, anonymity and other unknown factors may be at play and more important motives for a lone guy seeking tranquility.


      1. I can see anyone living anywhere – after all, I lived in Billings, Montana until age 51. It is a hot prairie town with nothing much in its favor. But that is where I worked and where I thought I belonged. It reminds me of Jake Johannsen, the comedian, who said “I’m originally from Iowa. It took a long time for me to realize that we were free to go.” I did not know I was free to go. I am not convinced that the guru is free to go.

        Josh Billings, I just googled, was pen name of Henry William Shaw, an American humorist who died at age 40 in 1885.

        Sorry you had a falling out with Faye.

        [Your comments go to moderation due to certain key words you are using. Nothing personal, you understand.]


        1. [No worries about the moderation, I think it’s even good to have the MM threads on “awaiting moderation” status to keep them clean and clear.]

          Yes, there you have a point. His work. If he really is an artist as profession, he highly depends on clients for his work. With less than 6000 people in the village of Taos that is not the best place to live. Sending paintings by mail, ok, but why not seek a bigger town to have more direct clients around?

          His time in Bruges (In Bruges is actually a good film to watch) is also a bit strange. Yes, for sure it is a beautiful town, but if you’re a portrait painter you don’t paint castles and other nice medieval architecture. Sure, good beer and food, but again why there? Belgium for Dutchies is known as the “pedo country”. Of course a result of the highly publicized Dutroux case in the 1990s. They may have sacrificed/staged him as a patsy for a bigger case of pedophile rings. I know you don’t believe in those, but maybe you are changing your mind now. After all it was MM in his Schweinstein paper where he kept that gate firmly closed…

          [the thing with Fakeologist and -now properly called- Fayekopedia is actually a good thing; much better time spent on other things and people who respect me than that snake pit with Crazy Dave as the main “controversial” “researcher”. It’s more a relief and a confirmation of earlier signs that I tucked away (on a lower level she also did it to you) than anything else.]


        2. Mark, Thank you for mentioning comedian Jake Johannsen. I had not thought of him in a few decades and it was nice to again. He was very popular in the SF Bay Area’s Comedy circuit in the mid-80’s. I always had a good time at his shows. My favorite comedian is John Caponera. Never seen him live but I’ve MTV Half-Hour Comedy Hour clip of him at his best up on my youtube page.


  15. Der Maler, the painter just commented about us: “They have a whole nest of people over there hiding behind various disguises, all ganging up on one guy, and all they can do is spray each other with friendly fire”.
    Give me a break. “J-o-s-h”, “V-e-x-m-a-n”, “G-r-a-c-e”, “G-o-p-i”, “e-t-c” are not precisely real names, to me they look like disguises too. At least I chose my nick after a Roman general. Geez.


  16. I’ve been to Taos a number of times. It’s got some charm to it, but seems to be dying a slow death. It has a great ski mountain 15 miles away, which is what has drawn me back there from time to time.

    If you like the Southwest and adobe, you’d love it.


  17. MM..a crack in the foundation?

    First, he enters the insanity of a blog comment section. That is quite the departure from his typical M.O.

    Secondly, he is getting sloppy by insisting that an impossible standard by applied to everyone but himself. “But I have just falsified that claim at Findagrave, indicating it was manufactured. With that, the credibility of the author is destroyed, and with it everything he says.” That’s a pretty nifty noose you just made there Miles. Are you going to hang yourself with it?

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  18. A minor point: If his nibs is painting in oils, it could be that he has a workspace somewhere else and the odd conveyance is one way to get materials and canvas to and fro. I switched permanently to acrylics because, unlike many artists in San Francisco, I did not have a separate workspace to paint. Oils and the cleaning products that go with them are pungent in the extreme within a closed space and I would not recommend using such materials near where you eat and sleep. This may explain the absence of a studio in the house.
    Another thought: The isolationist posture (no parties, no girlfriend, no job* etc.) may be to ensure no one realizes He Who Cannot Be Named is actually Joe McShmoe from Albuquerque or parts North, a completely different person with a very unique “day job”. The physics conference may have been staged to show there is a real guy named @@ and the innocent have then taken the interaction to the outside world to profess there is a real guy there in Taos.
    (Yes, one can overthink this stuff, but that is what fiction writing is for. Airing out all contingencies without attracting a law suit.)

    *You cannot make a living as an artist. Leroy Neiman, for example, is/was not an artist. He makes (made?) a living painting but his was not art. (Wiki says he’s dead- good enough) He was an illustrator promoted heavily to low brow tastes and was probably a front of some kind. Others like him, Warhol, Kostabi, Dali even- These “factories” also helped steer art into a ditch by being promoted as financially successful, luring other would-be artists to follow their example and ruin any talent by painting dreck.
    As for the subject at hand, either HE has a sugar Mommy/Daddy or his rent is nothing (one explanation for the remote locale) or he’s the most frugal man alive. Since he claims no vices, his dollar will stretch a lot farther in Dust Mite, NM than, say, mine, a veritable vice squad In Box in the most expensive city in all of creation.

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    1. Oil paints: There were no toxic smells. The property was a small house with no other buildings. He made no mention of another facility. I would guess from what I saw, living room, kitchen, bathroom, maybe two bedrooms, that we were seeing a modest residence that would house maybe a couple and one child, maybe two children. The small vehicle, a meter maid assembly, would be awkward for hauling large canvasses that adorned the walls, many six feet or more in size. A better way to haul such large works of art … a pickup. The canvas could be laid flat and protected. Not a meter maid buggy.

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      1. Six foot canvases??? Then he would have to paint elsewhere I imagine. And if he’s prolific as his site suggests, he’d have to store canvases somewhere. I’m all out of wall space and have dozens of old canvases in my garage. It’s not really relevant, though, unless there was compelling evidence the paintings were just props.
        His art is maddening- It is formulaic but with at times masterful technique, at least from what I can tell online. He’s not Margaret Keane, but the enlarged eyes he features on most of his portraits throw the composition of the faces out of balance. It looks almost like a fetish. And the somber expressions on most don’t help. I don’t know what to think.


        1. Shoot, I should have read all the way to the bottom of the comments before writing my own. But, like I said, his claim that his new Audi is for hauling “big” paintings to be shipped is pure doo-doo. Six foot canvases, indeed!

          And I second Tyrone on his art being lack luster. Did he even paint any of those paintings himself? They might have been on loan from an art rental place, or some other artist(s). Were they signed?


        2. I’ve schlepped a lot of paintings all over the country and nothing over 60″ is getting into the back of a standard van (Toyota Sienna or Dodge Caravan).

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  19. Few artists sell enough work to make a living. Most sales are through galleries, who promote the artist, exhibit the work, and take a hefty commission to pay rent, lights, insurance, photo, promo, and other costs. Fewer make a living selling retail, direct to buyers online through Etsy, First Dibs and other venues, who also take a commission. Most successful galleries are in a few big cities (New York, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Miami, etc.) Santa Fe, Sun Valley, and other smaller, resort towns with wealthy residents also sell major works by known “blue-chip” artists with a solid track record of sales at high prices. There may be a handful of “unknown,” self-promoted “genius” artists out there, but I have never met one after over 20 years in the gallery business in Bozeman, Montana. No promotion, no sales, generally. I have never dealt in portraits or “realism.” Mostly, abstract, contemporary, in a land where cowboys and Indians and wildlife are all the rage. This means nothing, of course, but most artists beg galleries for shows, or fade into obscurity quickly. Most artists, even successful ones, beg to get into museum shows, any museum, anywhere. Most undercut their own financial interest and screw over their gallery(s) to exhibit in museum “auctions,” used to raise operating funds for the museum. Usually these sales are discounted up to 50%, artists and their galleries taking it in the shorts. This is very standard practice, even in the big cities. Hope this is helpful.

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    1. Mmm hmm. Most people who have never tried to sell a painting, let alone make a living as an artist, have no idea how hard it is to commit to that lifestyle and make it one’s primary source of income. Everything you’ve said about the way galleries and many artists work is utterly true. Most people see the big numbers from highly publicized auctions and think that artists are either raking it in hand over fist, or they think all artists are hopeless ne’er do wells. Le sigh.

      Which reminds me: I was looking at his portfolio, and again, something about it struck me. It seems like a good number of the featured paintings are old. What I mean is that none seem to have been done after about the early 2000s. With many being from the 90s and some from the 80s. Seriously? Unless he’s just making prints of prior works, that’s just pathetic. And even then, why does his art seem to be so painfully stuck in the past?

      Another thing that bothered me while reading his stuff was his opinion of all the works he sloppily categorizes as “Modern” art. And his gripe that every single piece of artwork created in the 20th century is garbage. You might not enjoy Picasso or Dali, but someone as urbane and enamored with “realism” as he claims to be simply cannot deny that both of those two, among others, were a couple of the best draftsmen in the last century.

      And the possibility that abstraction or non-mimetic art could possibly be an insightful manipulation of linguistic determinism in visual form is an idea that he’s either never heard of, or that he entirely avoids like the plague. Even if many famous artists are “connected” there’s still plenty to look at and discuss and analyze in museums and galleries in an academic context. Is “he” really that obtuse, or is the entity just trying to appeal to the Joe Sixpack portion of the readership?


  20. This is fun to talk about. Kudos, Mark, for opening up comments on this topic.

    Here are a few honest and confused thoughts on this whole matter:

    1) I totally agree with the skepticism about Team MM. Too prolific, too multifaceted, too many brand new (ish) ideas on old controversies. (Kennedys, OJ, etc.) Some of those new ideas may be right, but if so, he has broken a lot of new (ish) ground.

    2) A committee seems likely. This entity has so much insider knowledge it is ridiculous. Blowing the whistle in a groundbreaking way on so many hoaxes is much more likely to be the work of an insider faction of Intel/families/whoever than the work of an independent researcher who mostly uses Wikipedia. Occam’s Razor. According to Team MM, lots of people now about this stuff, were involved, etc. It’s way more likely for insiders to reveal some of this (for whatever purpose) than for a lone outsider to discover all of it.

    3) I totally agree with the comments above that the angry defensiveness of the Team MM frontman character in the blog comments party is ridiculous. He’s the guy who told us that 99% of truth researchers are limited hangouts. And that there are gurus placed higher and higher up the mountain trying to distract you. But he insists that we just take it on faith that the most prolific truth researcher is also the only uncompromised one? What are the odds?

    4) Josh and Jared and Vexman are just as angry in their defense of MM as the MM guy himself is. Meanwhile, at least a few of them have fake identities themselves, and they they themselves haven’t even met him! Josh “got a good feeling from him” in emails and is angrily calling any and all skeptics “government shills”? Come on.

    5) To my taste, the best argument against Team MM as a lone honest outsider researcher is his use of Britishisms. “in hospital” “at University” etc. That’s not slang, and it’s simply not credible that an American would EVER make these mistakes.

    6) Again, I’m right there with Mark in terms of my level of skepticism of Team MM. But I have to admit that I wasn’t blown away by Kevin or Bob’s pieces. Kevin’s was a cute idea, well executed. But I never liked Team MM’s genealogy stuff anyway. But Bob’s Zherunkel’s piece was very angry and dismissive and ad hominem. It reminded me of the concept of warring factions of Intel. One group is mad about what the other is revealing. But the real issue with the two pieces is that they were about the MM character as an individual. Which is different from the notion that the persona is a fake front for a committee.

    7) The real question for many is not whether it’s one person or a committee or even who the committee works for. The real question is what in the body of work is true and what is not. And neither Team MM nor its detractors have really addressed that question sufficiently yet for my taste.


  21. Although Bob’s Zherunkel did land some great points about Team MM cribbing ideas from others. And that’s one topic that Team MM studiously avoided addressing in its 2000 comments “party.” The MM character was at some pains to avoid that topic from the Bob Z paper: “I haven’t read it” “i’m not going to respond” etc.


    1. They have also not answered the question about his failing to copyright his “new” ideas . A real starving artist would make every effort to monetize his brilliance. If kinematic pi=4, there must be some patentable real-world applications that would be a cashcow for the inventor.


      1. I know from personal experience that there is no real way to patent a working free energy device, and so maybe other large advances as well. The patents are frozen or rejected or stolen into military secrecy. In this case I think it may be reasonable to simply publish without patent protection.


    2. On the point of cribbing ideas from others there is an interesting comment in the Amazon reviews of Mathis’ book by Steve David Urich. He says that the Mathis science ideas were expressed earlier by a character named Steven Oostdijk, and that this is verifiable by searching for Oostdijk’s postings on a forum. Urich concludes that Oostdijk is a sock puppet of Mathis. Mathis claims he has no sock puppets. So if Mathis and Oostdijk are different people, as Mathis insists, then Mathis has stolen from Oostdijk and claimed his ideas as his own. So Mathis is lying either way: either he has a sock puppet alias or he is a plagiarist.


      Steve David Urich

      All you need to do is search the Thunderbolts Forum. Over the course of two years (Aug 2, 2008 to Sept 20, 2010), StevenO posted a staggering 893 comments. It’s a veritable gold mine of material that can be sifted through and directly compared to Mathis’ philosophy and writing style.

      During the first year (pre-Mathis website and book), StevenO uses the Thunderbolts Forum as a sounding board; he is flushing out his ideas that will later become the Mathis theories. This material is particularly interesting since it pre-dates Mathis. In it you will find StevenO discussing all the topics that Mathis will later write articles about: time, charge, spin, gravity, relativity, etc. Also, you will find all the overused phrases, such as ‘fudge’, ‘straw man’, ‘red herring’, ‘ad hominem attack’, as well as references to peer review, thought control, conspiracies, and quotes from philosophers; it’s all there; pre-Mathis.

      Then in the second year, it is StevenO who proudly announces the birth of a new website (July 2009); Miles Mathis has sprung to life, and lo and behold, all of his articles are the very topics that StevenO just spent the previous year discussing. Shazam! And from this point forward, all of his comments become Mathis this, and Mathis that (literally hundreds of times).

      Later that same year, Steven Oostdijk submits an article into the FQXI essay contest (Oct 2009). The article is nothing more than an advertisement for the Mathis website. Oostdijk even admits that it was a joint effort: “It was indeed written with cooperation from Miles. You can say the storyline is mine while most physical content is from Miles.”

      The essay is then followed by the publication of the first book (June 2010). Oostdijk spends that summer relentlessly trolling the internet; parroting Mathis monotonously and groveling for handouts: “please feed the web-kitty”.

      By now the critics have come crawling out of the woodwork and Oostdijk is given a severe dressing-down. And how does he respond to the harsh criticism leveled at the book and website? This way: “You must read the entire 1500 pages to understand… blah, blah, blah.” Sound familiar?

      At this point things begin to spiral out of control. Oostdijk can’t post a comment anywhere without either being heckled or dubbed a Mathis sockpuppet (Oct 2010).

      In the fall of 2010, Oostdijk, now under intense scrutiny, wisely turns tail and lowers the “Cone of Silence”. Coincidently, the very same month that Oostdijk clams up (Nov 2010), a new blog is launched: Sagacity’s Sentinel.

      Over the last two years, Oostdijk has scarcely uttered a word. Here is one of his last comments before disappearing:

      “I was the first in the world to order the book and read all the articles on his website several times… if you want to save money no need to buy the book, but you could consider making a donation to the ‘save the artists’ fund.” — Steven Oostdijk

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  22. Hi Mark, this a little more accurate? Enjoy.

    April 20, 1950

    Secret Language Name

    Personality Report
    APRIL 20, 1950


    ‘The highest form of control is knowing when to let go’

     Those born on April 20 have highly developed leadership abilities. Dynamic individuals, their inner drive invariably points them in an upward direction, inevitably toward accomplishment, success and power. In addition, those born on this day are rarely content to simply advance their own cause but also must feel that they are able to put their family, business or social group on the right course. Group values always remain a high priority for them.

        Yet, not uncommonly, those born on this day are also extremely sensitive and highly private individuals. They have a strongly developed fantasy life, which can be invaluable to their career but only if put to constructive use. Their sensitivity may lead them to be touchy and high-strung, but also can lend their character a mesmerizing quality which makes them fascinating to others. It is incumbent on them, however, to remain in touch with and in control of their feelings since those born on this day tend to stir the emotions of others so strongly, particularly those of loved ones and friends.

        No matter what walk of life these socially committed individuals find themselves in, it is the challenges of the world which spur them on. For the most part they do not avoid problems or conflicts but welcome them. That they do not seem cut out for an easy, relaxed life at all is apparent, and this can indeed seem an impassible barrier to their ever achieving happiness or rest. Yet, curiously, they find refuge in intense excitement and concentrated problem solving, much like a bird or plane that seeks safe haven in the eye of the hurricane. Their whirlwind energies may wear others down, however, and eventually take their toll on themselves as well.

        April 20 people are highly intuitive, often preferring to fly by the seat of their pants than follow a map. But at the same time they are intensely physical, needing the satisfaction offered by food, sensuous human contact and a stable family life. Although the earthy aspects of their personality can serve to ground their imaginative side, conflicts may also arise, particularly when the gulf between dreams and reality becomes impassible.

        Those born on this day must be careful not to allow themselves to suffer frustration for very long, but rather scale back their goals to more attainable levels when necessary. Learning to objectively assess their capabilities, regularly monitor themselves and remain flexible enough to revise their daily approach to life when needed will be important to keeping them on their path.

    © 1994-2018, Gary Goldschneider, Thomas Rezek 
    Joost Elffers.   


    1. Sounds general enough to be portable. And anyway, I am far more a product of adaptation to my environment than genes. My human qualities are shared universally with all other humans in varying degrees. My faults and abilities would be the same had my parents had sex one day or week earlier or later.


  23. Oil paintings smell for years. If you keep lots of fresh paintings in a small house it should smell a lot there. If you’re painting them yourself, there has to be an atelier somewhere with lots of paint, brushes, thinner, easels, etc. also emanating that certain smell. I also no longer believe any of MM’s background as he is selling himself. He never before socialized with common folks commenting on blogs. Yet suddenly he writes hundreds of them containing unimportant prattle? I see many similarities between what happened to Simon Shack and what is now happening to Miles Mathis. Both used fake science to discredit themselves. Simon used many alter egos on his own forum, MM uses alter egos on other forums. Both are falling into insignificance now. “The moor has done his bit and now away with him”


  24. my comments disappear in moderation again. Which word is indexed?
    Oil paintings smell for years. If you keep lots of fresh paintings in a small house it should smell a lot there. If you’re painting them yourself, there has to be an atelier somewhere with lots of paint, brushes, thinner, easels, etc. also emanating that certain smell. I also no longer believe any of MM’s background as he is selling himself. He never before socialized with common folks commenting on blogs. Yet suddenly he writes hundreds of them containing unimportant prattle?


  25. I see many similarities between what happened to Sim-On and what is now happening to Math-Ace. Both used fake science to discredit themselves. SS used many alter egos on his own forum, MM uses alter egos on other forums. Both are falling into insignificance now. “The moor has done his bit and now away with him”.


  26. I would be interested in counting the actual number of participants in the party over there … I would discount the ones that are quickly booted for being uppity, and those who take time to insert a smiley face or a one-word devotional response, and of course, Josh, Vexman, Magneson, Rothman and Miles himself … I am betting that we are looking at perhaps five more than that, the rest generated perhaps by Miles himself or his overseers. I think it is just another hoax.


    1. I hate to admit this, but I watch Showtime’s series “Homeland” (please don’t judge me too harshly) There was an episode in season 6 called “Sock Puppets”. Long story short, there was a room full of people at computers “managing” their numerous online personas…here is a short excerpt I found while double checking that I had the season correct. The entire episode is re-capped and the site is http://www.vulture.com/2017/03/homeland-recap-season-6-episode-9-sock-puppets.html
      Here is the portion about “sock puppets”
      “While Saul’s life falls apart, Max learns exactly what happens in this “black box” of a building. He’s brought to a lower level, where everyone is staring at him in a very Body Snatchers-esque moment. They need Max to save their jobs, which we learn are basically acting as professional trolls. They have dozens of social-media accounts called “sock puppets” — fake users with online lives that they manage, such as “IraqBob,” “Navy Wife,” and “Delta Force Groupie.” It’s a fascinating scene, especially in this era of distrust of major news outlets, social-media outrage, and #FakeNews”

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      1. Annette, I just know that sort of thing goes on, and think it is what generated the Let’s Party! thread. That’s why I want (someone else) to go through and list the names that commented there beyond You’re the greatest and smiley face – I just don’t think there are that many.

        Also, I got caught up in the series Longmire on Netflix. You’re not the only one who watches TV.


        1. I don’t have cable, but I do have a “smart TV” and subscribe to HULU, Netflix and Amazon (comes with my prime account) A couple of years ago HULU put out the 1st 4 seasons of Homeland as part of the Hulu subscription. I didn’t plan to watch, but it is really well done….great acting etc….I was hooked. Now, I wait for the new seasons to end, do a one month”showtime” add-on to my Hulu subscription and devour each new season…..season 7 just finished, so I have to wait a year for the final season of the show.


      2. annspinwall4,
        Good comment! The sock-puppets over there at the party call “trolls” or “bozos” anyone who dare to think for him/her-self.


  27. The choice to ride a bicycle as one’s main transportation is not evidence of criminality. I live in the same climate zone as MM, a few hundred miles north of Taos, and I have used bicycles for my sole transportation for 22 out of the past 40 years. I did it as a personal preference, although I have no convictions and an almost perfect driving record.

    I have been falsely accused of having a drunk driving conviction by car addicted observers who were unable to believe that a person could actually choose to live without a gasoline guzzler. The choice to live without a car or truck allowed a lot of cost savings so that less income was required to support an artistic lifestyle. So I find it offensive that MM is accused of being under house arrest with the evidence being that he has chosen to use a less expensive alternative transportation. Taos is a good location for year round bicycle use. It keeps you in shape and in better health. It is always possible to find ways to move large items by borrowing or hiring a vehicle on the rare occasions when needed. If MM had some other vehicle around it certainly may have been borrowed or rented.

    MM has said he currently has 12 bicycles and fixes them up and sells them for some side income. This is much the same as I have done. That you may find it hard to imagine living without a car is not in and of itself any sort of evidence that a person who has chosen bicycling as the sole mode of personal transportation must have been forced to do so. Many people actually choose to use bicycles.

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    1. Please deal with the body if evidence presented as a whole rather than focusing on isolated parts. Also, his chosen means of transportation was a putt-putt as driven by meter maids.


      1. I wrote a longer post last night covering more stuff but it vanished into “moderation”. So now I am trying to do it one piece at a time. Hope you can cope with that.

        You may have seen the meter maid vehicle but that does not mean it was his main mode of transportation. It could have been rented or borrowed. I see no reason to doubt him when he says he uses bicycles. I know the choice to bicycle is reasonable where he lives because I do the same myself and live in the same climate zone. When I had stuff to haul I used to borrow a little Toyota truck from a girl friend for a few days at a time, so perhaps MM occasionally uses something other than the bicycles.


        1. I have access to all comments be they approved, in moderation, trash or spam. I don’t see the long comment you wrote in any. And anyway, if a comments does go to moderation, just be patient. I know it is frustrating not to have immediate gratification on blogs. This has to happen for now.


          1. Well if that earlier comment shows up, go ahead and delete it. I plan to cover all the same ground in the next two comments, and they will probably be better written. The first two are pro MM and support his claims while the third deals with a few reasons I have found to doubt that all is as he has said it is.


          2. Comment #3 where I express the same doubts about MM as in the longer vanished comment from last night, has now for unknown reasons gone into moderation. If you do not see this comment show up for your moderation decision, then it is possible that there is a hidden moderator deleting comments before you even get to see them.
            Wed May 13 7:49 AM Mountain Time Zone.


  28. During this recent controversy I have been looking more into the math and physics claims of MM.

    That pi = 4 under kinetic conditions is turning out to be a reasonable claim. Given the assumptions that MM has made about the point and curve, and the way he has described the convergence to a limit, under those conditions the value of pi does converge to 4.

    A static circle on a page is not the same as an object moving in a circle. An object moving in a circle has a tangential velocity vector, and also an acceleration vector toward the center of the circle that is diverting the linear velocity into the curved path. Ink on a page, or a static circle does not have the acceleration toward the center so it is a different case. If these two vectors have to be kept separate to define the kinetic motion, then his method of keeping the x and y components separate when solving for pi is legitimate, and when the limit is taken that way the value does converge to pi = 4.


    1. planets don’t roll, their cycloid movement is irrelevant. For instance the Earths way around the Sun (which is 2 x 3.14 x 150000000km) is about 1000 times longer then the entire cycloid way during a year (which is 365 x 40000km). The distances are so big that we can assume a center of gravity, take planets as points and ignore their geometrical dimensions. Besides all effects MM and other believers describe are caused because of inertia of the mass. There simply is no kinetic situation as MM describes it. His derivation of the formula for PI is a joke. If you approximate a curve using little triangles you use their hypotenuses not their sides. This error in thinking is called paradox. Like in the famous paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles. He was writing pseudo scientific crap for a long time and nobody dared to criticize him because it looked smart, so he made this Pi=4 joke and still the majority of his readers didn’t get it.


      1. and if you don’t believe in inertia then simply drive your car against a wall unbelted. You may call it kinetic situation then. In all MM’s Pi papers there is no mention of inertia. Why is that?


  29. The genealogy work does not stand as proof that someone is a “Spook” or an “intelligence asset”. This is true when Mile Mathis uses this weak method to discredit people and is just as true when the same method is used to discredit him.

    I agree with the thought that his more recent work (using the genealogy) is weaker and could even be used to discredit his earlier writings. The same reasoning applies to the “antisemitism” displayed in the more recent genealogy writing – that it detracts from the earlier work. However seems quite true that a cabal of predominantly Jewish people are trying to do a global takeover from their power base in the banking sector. So while it may be annoying that he is writing this stuff it cannot be said that he is all wrong on it.

    I do not know if MM has done all of the writing attributed to him but I did often feel that his email replies to me had been written by a different person than the person who wrote the stuff posted online a few years ago. It had occurred to me that the short and surly email replies could be a method to keep people from realizing that it might not be the same person doing the writing.

    Early on, when I first began reading the articles Miles Mathis has posted I had serious doubts that the volume of research involved could all have been done by one person. He says that he has an uncanny ability to spot falseness, which if true would be almost like a form of ESP (or spirit guidance, or remote viewing?). If he really does have such an ability then that may explain how he has been able to accomplish so much research. There is real value in what he has written (or was written in his name) in both the art updates as well as the physics updates.

    In the end I still see reasons to doubt the Mile Mathis legend, and for me the case is not yet resolved.




    1. I’ll give it a shot:
      Man-in-TAOS, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. all fronting projects, teams.
      KevinII was part of guest writers at Taos-man website. Bob Zherunkel is a ghost. Could it be BZ and KII were part of the Taos project and now is blowing up the cover. Damage control. Project ending.


  31. @Mark: What other events, people or topics have you been working on? Can you give us a “coming attractions” post? I can’t get enough of this stuff.


  32. Some above have speculated about this project being a Brit-op. Let me propose instead: Could it be an israe1i operation? Let’s see:
    a)Man-@-Taos avoids 9/11, preferred to blow older psyops but not 911. Steered us away from it.
    b)His best ally is supposedly a reform-j3w who happens to live in T3l-Haviv. Nobody has met him in
    person afaik. Could either very well be the same person or many persons playing both entities.
    c)He is supposedly and partially blackwashing j-ews on his papers.
    d)He extensively uses Geni for the genealogical research, Geni is an israe1i company.
    e)Does not touch the H0l0kaust in his papers.

    Anybody following me?


    1. Hmm, I don’t know. Not talking about certain subjects may be an indication of misdirection by omission, but just as well it may be the case that “many others have covered these subjects already, so I don’t need to repeat that work”.

      a) I never felt “steered away” from that elephant in the 21st century room, I find it completely uninteresting after so many years of people covering the aspects
      b) imho their writing styles are different. Josh has sent in guest papers and they read not the same as the other papers. But I have no evidence contrary to your point that multiple names can be linked to multiple people.
      c) I think his stance on jews is very clear; he points out -imo rightly- there are many more powerful jewish families in the present and past than their fraction of the population. You can call that coincidence but I think that is not justified with so much overwhelming evidence. It is madness to hold individual normal jews responsible for the actions of those powerful families, just as it would be crazy to hold a random US American responsible for the actions of Donny Drumpf.
      What I felt though is that his paper about The Protocols was weak; be it a forgery, copy from an earlier text or a real set of minutes of a real meeting is irrelevant for the eerily correct predictive content.
      d) I didn’t know Geni was an Israeli site. I mainly used Geni as well for my own genealogy, simply because it is set-up well, complete for quite some family lines and it’s free.
      e) that is a good point. Also here this topic has been covered in detail by the excellent academic researchers Mattogno, Graf, Kues, Rudolf and others at IHR/CODOH. But even in his papers about Dresden, Nazionism and other related topics he doesn’t mention that. Never referred the reader to that vault of knowledge. Also on that site, Irving has been exposed as a gatekeeper, MM only tied him to the big jewish families, which may well be the case. I think his fame and staged Lipstadt show trial are far more important indicators of gatekeeping than if he is jewish or not. David Cole is also jewish, but nicely showed the frauds of Auschwitz in video and interviews.

      What I see as strongest clue that MM is a project of multiple people is indeed that uomo universale concept; he seems to (brag about being) mastering so many different subjects at the same time, that is suspicious. The Steven Oostdijk case I haven’t followed in detail, so thanks Ryan T here above to cover that.
      The problem I have with his whole physics stuff with “the charge model” as if there are any experiments done to prove it, is that the premises are faulty. He doesn’t go back to the basics; first experimenting or using experiments by others, no, taking many of those theoretical physics clowns seriously and just take a side road covering the path before up with new “magic maths”. That maths I am sure is sound, it is the moment where he steps in that I think is wrong. And he relies on NASA data, believes in space travel and more of those misguided premises.


    2. Chasing rabbits of the Hebraic persuasion is about as fruitful as chasing goyishy hares. Tracing actual blood relations is important, but the J overlay will ALWAYS taint. In this time and space, that is just the fact of the matter. And I don’t think it matters. A cabal is a cabal by any other name. Here’s a reasonable argument I like to share where it seems appropriate: https://postflaviana.org/old-testament-series-summary/

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      1. I concur. A cabal is a cabal. I just wanted to throw out some speculation on my own since some comments on top talked about a Brit-psyop in its origin. Yes, J issue is just a wedge. Link shared is very interesting. Thanks for pointing to postflaviana. Obrigado!


    3. e) He has touched the subject by saying it didn’t happen with this statement.

      ” I have shown the Nazis were fake themselves, which is a step up from the Holocaust. I have shown both World Wars were managed and at least partially faked themselves, which is two steps up from the Holocaust”

      I emailed him awhile ago about what his thoughts were on this subject, if it was a hoax or not. It was discussed here on POM. His reply was for me to just read his beer hall putsch article. I don’t think he can top any info that has already been written about that subject but don’t see him writing a “holocaust didn’t happen” article anytime soon.


    4. GAIA & GREG:
      Regarding some topics, like 911 or the Holo…, just remember that for him, no amount of research is relevant unless he, himself researches it with “fresh eyes” (dixit). Anyway, just little musings… since he almost never references the M055ad either in the 2,000+ pages of research.


    5. Yes, I am. I see it as the Out-the-J3ws-and-blame-’em- for-all-our-woes project. Why for? To encourage ostracism and even hatred of anything “Jewish”, the intent being to drive them to their “homeland”…the one promised to them as the “chosen people of the Lord”. The Greater Israel Project is well underway, but recalcitrant j3ws have been refusing to immigrate to that sh*thole country. So you see these hoaxes, in France especially, meant to scare them into fleeing to their designated safe space.

      That’s the very shortest response. Maybe I can get back and finish tomorrow AM before the comments are forever closed.


  33. Lots of helpful information in these comments.

    @Henry, outstanding post! I agree with just about everything you said in your 7 points with a great finishing thought: “The real question is what in the body of work is true and what is not.”

    @Ryan T, excellent information regarding Steven Oostdijk. Has MM ever offered any explanation as to who StevenO is/was?

    Last thing I want to mention, I too have found “Josh” to be pretty rational in most of his responses on his blog (CTTF). I do think he has a fanboy crush on MM and perhaps that is why he has resorted to a defensive posture toward some of the commenters who have been less than gushing of MM.

    As for MdM, gurus gonna guru.


  34. “No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself” .
    It can also be applied to a lady, of course.
    My point is, just toughen-up. By the way,seems like we lost Calgacus. He was a shrewd commenter… will be missed.


  35. Since this will be my final comment regarding the MMC, I spent the day pondering various pithy remarks. But now that I have put my fingers on the keyboard I realize that its just not worth the effort. I’m beyond caring at this point.

    Earlier in this thread, Ann provided a link to the “Poison Papers.” After reading emails wherein Monsanto executives and scientists bend over backward to lie and deceive about the carcinogenic dangers of their products, this MMC brouhaha pales in comparison. It’s small potatoes.

    Besides, I’ve always preferred small get-togethers with trusted friends and associates over garish parties littered with fakes, posers, and narcissists. That is why I plan to continue contributing here at POM. A place I now know with 100% certainty to be one of the last bastions of “truth” to be found on the internet.

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    1. I would be remiss not to acknowledge the outstanding comments to this post. I may have gotten this ball rolling, but you all put the cherry on top. (I know that makes no sense, but you get the gist.)

      And goodnight and farewell Bob Z., wherever you are.


    2. I cannot see that PP link anywhere? Has it been deleted?

      The only link from Ann that I can see is about a TV programme


  36. Annette and Steve Kelly convinced me that the PP are a good way to spend some effort. It will take some time. Stay tuned, and follow your own course too.


  37. as I wrote previously, I see similarities between SS and MM. SS has his Tychos, MM his Charge Field. SS wrote a “Tychos made Easy” paper, MM as Josh wrote a “Mathisian Physics primer” paper. SS uses different aliases (Hoi, Nonho, etc.) within the Cluesforum to support himself, MM uses different aliases (Josh, Vexman, etc.) and different blogs as his homepage does not pretend to be a forum. This maybe more persons commonly using their many aliases as a team and probably is but it doesn’t really matter. Both platforms use similar technology, they first sell something valuable only to mix it with lots of garbage and then focus only on the garbage misleading from the important stuff. And both platforms had to sell some junk science as add on for whatever purpose. MM and SS pretend to be critical against mainstream science but in reality they support things like astrophysics, quantum physics which are products of so called theoretical physics. Nothing of what they write about can be observed in nature by interested amateurs. They support this mainstream theories only pretending to draw different conclusions. And they immunize their pseudoscience claiming, that if you don’t get it, you must be to stupid and not worth of any attention.

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    1. I guess I am lucky in that the science aspect has never interested me. I avoided it almost in total, getting a wee bit into Pi=4 becaue the guys at the 2016 meeting left with a head of steam, determined to put together a video and experiment that proved it. Shack and his Tychos seemed nuts to me, how one little man could overturn centuries of observations, but I was told to take him seriously because he had spent a lot of time on it. I’d be embarrassed to divulge all the time I spent trying to understand the JFK matter, failing to figure it out. So I avoided Mathis and his 6,000 pages of science, and am none the worse off for it. But the downside is that I have also avoided real science in matters of astrophysics and quantum mechanics, as my brain just doesn’t go there. And never will.


  38. Thanks to all who participated in this thread. And regarding Team Mathis, whoever they are, for whatever reasons, they have given us some worthy information, the type of stuff that changes a person’s outlook. Why did they do this for us? I dunno. But take what is good, ignore the rest. Team Mathis is a thing if the past, a learning experience.

    This much I know … there are far fewer Jews around than they claim, but some of the most important people I have ever met and experienced were Jewish. Just one example, a health teacher at EMC – just “Health”, not even big subject as colleges go – Shorty Alterowitz was his name. If you drive up North 27th street in Billings, you’ll see a large complex, gym, swimming pool, indoor exercise … it was, when I left the city, officially called the “Alterowitz Gym” … he influenced many people, and was Jewish. There is something in that heritage that leaves a mark, something very positive, on all of us.


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