What is up with 8, 11 and 33?

Find the next two numbers in this series:


The answer, as shown here, is 37 and 148. This has no significance in regard to this post, but I thought it kind of funny that the three numbers I will be discussing, 8,11 and 33, just happened to pop up. That is a coincidence.

I was listening to Ab over at Fakeologist some time ago, one of his call-in podcasts, and in it he said something to the effect that he does not pay much attention to numerology. I tend to agree with him, but only to a degree. I do not think there is any particular significance to any number any more than there is to any one hair on my head. Numbers serve a useful purpose. They help us quantify and measure things.

I know that some numbers have unusual properties, 9 for example – any time two numbers are transposed, 18 for 81 for example, the difference is divisible by nine. There is a such a thing called the “rule of 72”: Divide the rate of return on an investment into 72 and the answer is how many years it will take to double. It works. A 6% return doubles in 12 years, and a 12% return doubles in 6 years.

That is just fun and games, however, and has no cosmic significance. There is, however, something going on with numbers and public hoaxes and fake events. There may be superstition beneath it – if so, I do not care. Numbers still mean nothing. Superstitious people often have odd beliefs.

I am going to go through some numbers here, taken right out of real events, just to demonstrate the importance of what I once heard a man named Michael Parenti say: “Just because we don’t know what they are doing does not mean that they don’t know what they are doing.”

Here are some numbers and their derivatives:

8 can be expressed in many ways, such as 26, 35, 53, 44, 17, 71, and also as 222 (2^3 = 8). Many fake deaths, John Denver and Jerry Garcia for instance, are done at age 53.

11 is 47 and 74, 83, 38, 92 and 29. Since it is prime, it has fewer variations. April 20 is an expression of 11, as it is the 110th day of the year. “K” is the 11th letter of the alphabet, and assumes some significance for that reason (comedian Louis CK – the C and the K are 3 and 8, which added equal 11, or multiplied equal 33. Spook?) (Someone pointed that out to me in a comment one time. I would like to give due credit.)

33 is 6 (3+3), 9 (3*3), and 27 (3^3). We will see it as 11/22, and I once saw it as 40892-424 (added together =33), which was supposedly Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s prison ID. (Hint – it meant he was never in jail.)  “KKK” =33, indicating that group to be an intelligence front. 27 (3^3) is often used for fake deaths of young musicians.

Variations are infinite. I am always on the lookout because some knowledge of numerology is useful in identifying fake events. Keep in mind as we proceed that forward, backwards, sideways, inverted or buried, the numbers keep appearing.)

I am going to cover just three events here, and hope that in the comments the field is expanded. I am intentionally missing more than I am highlighting, as it just gets tedious.

September 11, 2001

  • 9/11:  9 (3*3), and “11” stands on its own.
  • In addition, 9/11/2001 was the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4 = 11, so there it is again, making that day a double whammy.
  • Add to that something hidden in plain sight, that the Twin Towers themselves were an architectural representation of the number 11.
  • 2,996 people are said to have died that day (“8” (2+6) and two 9’s).

November 22, 1963

  • November 22 is 11 and 22, which added together gives us “33.”
  • November 22 is the 326th day of that year, and 3+2+6=11. Like 9/11/2001, another double whammy!
  • JFK was supposedly struck by the first bullet at 12:30 (3 and 3).
  • JFK was pronounced dead at 1:33 PM.
  • LBJ was sworn in at 2:38 and his plane departed at 2:47 (38 and 47 are expressions of 11).
  • On 11/23 at 3:56 AM,. President’s casket is placed in East Room of White House. (5+6 = 11, multiply by 3 and we get another 33).
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder at 11:26 PM, an 11 and an 8.
  • Oswald is shot at 11:21, again, 3×11=33.


  • April 20, 1999 was 110th day of the year (a representation of 11) and has been used for many other fake events. (It is also supposedly Hitler’s birthday.)
  • The first shots were fired at 11:19 (curiously like 911).
  • There was a curious 8 minute gap in the cafeteria surveillance tape, which meant there was no footage of a bomb being planted. (Hint: no bomb.)
  • The full cafeteria tape is 3 hours, 33 minutes, and 54 seconds. For  popular viewing, it is reduced to 27 seconds.
  • Eric Harris enters the library at 11:29, and he and Dylan leave at 11:36, or 911 expressed twice.
  • 56 people hid out in the library.
  • At 12:08 PM, April 20, 1998, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris commit suicide.
  • At 3:30 PM, the event is declared over, the campus secured.

Enough of that. These numbers appear in many forms in ALL fake events. I have already set aside superstition, though there may be some deep Masonic meaning that means something … to Freemasons. Not to the rest of us. There is, of course, the possibility of coincidence, but given their frequent use to the exclusion of others, I think it unlikely.

What is up with the numbers?

I think that our friend Robert Zherunkel might have hit on it. This is from the conclusion of his piece on the Miles Mathis Committee, Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Clowns:

Why do The Powers That Be even bother with limited hangouts?  I think it has something to do with what a police officer once told me, about this innate drive in all people, the urge to confess.  Not out of guilt or need for atonement.  Sometimes it’s just to brag, like in the movie Wag the Dog.  Keeping a juicy secret is a strain for the human psyche.  Those who pull off their con jobs on the public want just a little exposure, a little recognition of their brilliance.  When Mark or Tyrone or Steve or Straight or Maarten or Kevin occasionally figure out one of their schemes, I think it only enhances TPTB’s delight instead of diminishing it.

I think that is it: These people are signing their work! There is so much that goes into a fake event from conception to execution to cover-up, hours upon hours of hard work. These people want credit, and in their own way are signalling to one another, saying “Hey, this is Langley (or MI6 or ONI or FBI) at work here. We did this event, and want credit for it.”

Who can blame them? Most of the events involve no illegality, no punishable offense. They are just little passion plays put on for the public’s benefit, to keep us off balance, in a state of fear and apprehension, to prevent us from using our brains. While that overarching goal is in itself insidious and demeaning of regular humans, it helps to remember that we are watching the work of hired hands, people who have signed non-disclosure agreements, and so may have signed away their personal integrity.

At least they are having fun while they are at it.

(Keep in mind: There is a school of thought (gematria) that assigns numbers to letters of the alphabet for everything, everyone’s name, every public figure. I have read posts and watched videos of some dude rattling on about that, and I think it is nuts.)

29 thoughts on “What is up with 8, 11 and 33?

  1. I’ll be honest…I find the whole number thing distracting. The numerology stuff looks like a classic case of confirmation bias. You can take just about any number and say it looks “spooky” by twisting the numbers through various means. For example, if the number itself isn’t one you like to point out, just figure out a way to get to a special number and then “voila!”…mission accomplished and your bias has been confirmed.

    An example:
    “Mr. Doe was 81 when he supposedly “died”. The first number we see there is an 8, so I doubt he actually died. If you multiply the 8 and the 1…you get 8. Do they really expect for us to fall for this? Isn’t it obvious what is going on here?!? If you add those two numbers you get 9, which is 33. 81 also looks like August 1st for Americans or January 8 for the rest of the world. Well well well…I’d say we are getting warmer now. How warm? “Boiling hot” for the Americans since August 1 is the 213th day of the year which basically correlates to the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit degrees (you know, the measurement scale used only by…Americans!). 213 also looks a lot like 33. But in a leap year, August 1st is the 214th day of the year. If we multiply those three digits (214), we get 8. But 81 for non-Americans correlates to January 8, the 8th day of the year…every single year. It is fairly safe to assume that Mr. Doe did not truly die since anyone who understands anything about numerology knows that 81 is a ‘dead’ giveaway.”


    1. I get that, have even thought it myself but for the prevalance … it is possible that every number is concidental, and yet with regularity (in fake events, but not in real life) we see them beyond what their normal occurrence would be. For instance, my birthday is 4/20, but the odds are that 1/365th of us have that birthday. Then look at the long list of fake events on 4/20 versus other days. 11/22 as well -Dave McGowan, whom I long suspected of being Intel doing limited hangout, DOD 11/22/15,righto. John Denver changed his wing registration to 555, a number signifying (to them) big changes coming in his life.

      I have to insist that it is not nothing. Since I am not superstitious, I settled on signatures. They take pride in their work. No one wants to do all of the work involved in faking the Waco Massacre, for instance, and getting no credit. That was part of the point of Wag the Dog … Hoffman’s character wanted credit for excellent work, and he was told no, you cannot do that.


      1. I agree TPTB want recognition and take delight in it. For one thing the more recognition the more complex projects they can graduate to. No sense TPTB planning something no one will suspect them of right? My guess is TPTB are disappointed the public is beyond slow to catch on. TPTB projects are a macrocosm of the human condition. How do I mean? Seems most everybody lies. Seems most everybody cheats. Seems most everybody will screw you over. Seems most everybody only cares about #1 themselves. Seems most everybody is fake. And the most everybody’s seek to rub their projects in your face every chance they get via their fake social media personas. Seems most people do nothing but take turns trying screwing over mostly people like us nowadays. The informed ones. Even the judicial systems favor the offender now not the victim. Seems most everything is more upside down by the day and every man for himself is the norm. Far as I’m concerned TPTB projects are working. Why do I feel this way? Life and the people where you live are a microcosm of TPTB. What do you see or experience there? Seems mostly a bunch of messed up people for the most part if you ask me. Not all. But lots more than you’d imagine. Worse is them believing and spreading rumors we’re the nut jobs. But other than all that everything’s great LOL.


        1. That’s life. They won that battle back in the 60s when they came up with the “conspiracy theory”meme. It was brilliant! It allows people of ordinary intellect to shut off their brains, not exercise curiosity and critical thought, and yet to imagine that because they do that that they are smarter than people who can think and reason. We cannot win that battle. Stupid people are not capable of understanding they are stupid. I have to constantly assure myself I am not stupid, and it is not easy given that I make so many mistakes.

          People don’t like it when I say this, but look around you at the human condition. How would you govern this assemblage ranging from idiots to drunks and drug addicts to people desperate to get ahead who will do anything it takes? Appeal to our better natures? I take solace in the lantern I carry looking for authenticity in people, those who are honest, say what they mean and mean what they say. I have found it, I believe, in the writers here on this blog, and my wife and a few personal friends. That is it. But it is enough.

          Regarding the numbers, it could be they are just fucking with us. People who came up with the conspiracy theory meme as a means of keeping the herd in the paddocks are capable of anything. But I insist that the numbers as I described them exist and are used. I speculated that they are just signatures, just as painters love to sign their work. But TPTB have a long and hidden history going back centuries. And they have secrets, many secrets. Those numbers could be a secret handshake having to do with matters of cosmic significance. I cannot know. I have to be satisfied that when I see them, though they are not by themselves good evidence, that it is a path of inquiry worth following.

          When I was working on Columbine, a long and nasty project, I was never sure that I was on to anything or that the event might in fact have been real. They numbers kept popping up, and kept reminding me to stick with it, as there were too many. That allowed me to put together a much larger body of evidence that satisfied me that the event, top to bottom, was fake. I was satisfied. I cannot convince Joe Blow or the legions of Denver Bronco fans I live around. But it was enough for me.

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  2. The numbers are but one technique employed by the perps in their quest for absolution. They use numbers, which transcend language to a large extent so that most everyone has a chance to see the clues, along with image discontinuity and outrageous physics, in order to “come clean”. The ball, then, is in our court and we let the ball roll slowly out of bounds. They retake possession.
    They play by a set of rules (The cosmic hoo haw is just another smoke screen) and I feel they try and give the public a fighting chance but never so great a chance as to upset the (in)balance the rules impose. We few dissenters can’t tip the scales and we also give free critiques of their work, so we remain in a kind of stasis with the shocked and awed. If a critical mass would ever threaten chaos, the rules will change, like the laws do (ie, Sandy Hook and the death certificates) so they are never in actual violation of their rules.
    The best response is to leave the room where CNN is playing on the wall sized monitor and eat your lunch on the patio while fantasizing what you would have done if you knew all of this back in High School and people there were somewhat obligated to hear you out.


    1. Ha-ha! Thanks Tyrone. That comment made my day. And true, too.
      eat your lunch on the patio while fantasizing what you would have done if you knew all of this back in High School and people there were somewhat obligated to hear you out Are you stalking me? How did you know I do that?


      1. KStarr, everyone does that. Having the wisdom and experience of an elder during one’s formative years would be the only super power anyone would want.
        Mark- I also think the numbers are a signal to the spooks out of this or that particular loop that it is an op in progress so stand down. The #’s have more than one function it would seem. As for autographing a work, I don’t see that because immediate peer recognition and a head high stack of NDA’s is all they get. Satisfaction would have to remain a private experience for security’s sake.

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  3. I’m also amused by “truther” sites that claim they are under attack because they are “dangerous.” Clint Richardson summed it up for us all (names were removed to protect the ?)

    How many times and for how many years can you continue to espouse that the CIA or other agency, or perhaps organized trolls or evil leprechauns after your precious gold and raw green coffee beans are trying to shut down your website? I call bullshit. Show me the proof, Mr. I.T. guy. Essentially, if we examine this claim in its full spectrum, you are trying to pass as truth the fact that the CIA, the NSA, and the rest of the organizational apparatus of the military industrial complex is too inept to shut down your tiny little website, but that they gave it their best shot? LOL! I know you need donations, but does anyone actually believe that if the CIA wanted you dead or your websites and transmissions terminated that it wouldn’t happen by the end of government business hours today, Eastern timezone? Where do these grand delusions come from? After all, whole countries can’t keep the CIA out, let alone you and your unguarded mountain chalet. And don’t you ever stop to consider how ridiculous this notion is? That is what you are indirectly claiming, right, that they are so inept that they can’t break through your intensive countermeasures to kill and erase your website? Just who do you think actually believes that? Wow, you must be some computer wiz to stand so bravely against the entirety of the powers that be, against the entire AI, and against military intelligence itself! Yours is a modern retelling of David vs. Goliath? No paranoia here, right? No logical fallacy? That wasn’t just an unexpected power outage for the entire 3-city grid, right, but was instead a direct attack on the machine so that you couldn’t perform your scheduled podcast of a radio show for one night? LOL!


    1. That’s right. We are just an annoyance, if even that. I have long been content, with a little distraction now and then, with the idea that we are watching the stream of human existence flow by, our only difference being that we see more than most people. These fake events are a form of governance. I wonder how many people are employed full time in drafting plans and carrying them out? We are constantly on the alert, on guard, and a vast apparatus of police and military are thereby justified.

      About the numbers, I am glad I put up this post, as it drew an explanantion. They are used to warn others off. It takes a little shine off the apple for me, but I will still use them as indicators. I just ran across a latin phrase this morning, perhaps from Sherlock Holmes though I got it second-hand from an imitator – it has been years since I read Mr. Doyle … “Omne ignotum pro magnifico.” Every unexplained thing seems magnificent. Now that it is explained … not so magnificent.


  4. Barry McDermott (rugby league pundit) made an observation that yesterday’s (19 May 2018) games had the following:
    Attendance 38,000
    All winning teams scored 38
    Combined scores of losing teams 38.


  5. What do you make of this: Mystery Man in Taos’ initials MM, turned sideways is 33. MWM=333. He hails from Lubbock, Texas, which is on…the 33rd parallel. Lubbock, Texas in Hebrew gematria is 783; in English it’s 810; in common gematria–135. All of those 3 numbers break down to 9=3*3. Hmmm…funny that!

    That’s all the time I’m willing to spend on MM, but I imagine there are a lot more “spook markers” to be found.



    1. A bit of a reach to me, except the MM part could indeed be a marker. We noted a while back that one of the two people who write our popular music had that initials MM, and Kevin commented that “he”could be a committee, that is, the imirials MM could be not gematria, but just inside baseball. I don’t have time to link the comment but it was under a post about music before Maarten’s closing piece.


    2. Several musicians of note, most prominently the Buddy Holly op, came out of Lubbock, indicating at one time an incubator of synthetic culture, the main result being the country outlaw stuff of the seventies.


    3. I forgot to mention another spooky marker…MM’s birthdate of September 17 breaks down like this: 9+1+7=17 >> 1+7=8 (!!)

      Ok, now I have to go look for more…this online calculator beaks his full name down to: 226 82 287 125 = 1 1 8 8

      And his birthplace, Amarillo comes out as: 81 36 135 54 = 9 9 9 9


      Nothing to see here, right? Haha, busted! Or just move along now…


      1. So everyone who lives in Lubbock and Amarillo is a spook? How many other places come out with the same figure?
        My brother’s birthday is Sept 17, and he’s still at school and is into football. Should I keep a watchful eye on him just in case he starts getting into spooky business?
        As Hector Breeze put it, ‘You’re suffering from paranoia… anyone’ll tell you.’


  6. I agree with Mark, the numbers provocatively displayed in all the fake news are a kind of signature. Some are constant (47,33), some change from year to year. All news is fake news to me. There are writers in the background spinning more or less absurd stories to keep us busy and agitated. It’s simply a form of entertainment to fulfill the time between work and sleep. On the other side, certain numbers have some less obvious meaning and importance. Our 10 fingers are the reason we invented (or discovered) the decimal number system. It seems the universe is encoded in this system. For instance, 9*9=81, 1/81 creates all natural numbers in the form 0.0123456789(10)(11)…. There are 81 stable elements existing in our universe, etc.

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    1. For unknown reasons this comment was in trash. I will check later to see if that has happened with others.

      Anyway, I was not aware of 1/81= .0123456789…, but did know that 1/9=.111111, 2/9=.22222, 3/9=.33333… etc. I just did not assign cosmic sognificance to any of this because our base ten system is our own invention.

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      1. there is a book by the German scientist Peter Plichta (three times Phd) “Deciphering the Riddle of the Universe”, unfortunately the only one translated into English where he describes lots of connections between certain numbers and for instance the order of chemical elements in the periodic system.


  7. This will be my last post on Vonnegut, haven’t read him for decades but the 11/22 JFK date plus my memory of KVs birthday of 11/1922 set me off. Just for giggles I googled “Vonnegut gematria” and found an article on the subject at freetofindtruth.blogspot.com . Is the site legit? Being a “normie”, I’ve no idea. Also, I found on Wikipedia that Cat’s Cradle, a satire of the Cold War-Kennedy years, was published in 1963, a spooky coincidence?
    I lack the time, energy and nerve to go any further…


    1. Bob, a year or two ago I did some extensive research on Vonnegut and his family. Unfortunately, it’s been lost. I recall a connection between his father (an architect) and a big theater fire in Chicago (which looked suspicious.) And Kurt’s brother being involved in weather modification. I had gathered a lot of good information, but the person I presented it to wasn’t interested so it fell by the wayside.


      1. KV claimed he was in a meat locker underground during the Dresden bombing. He who cannot be named called the bombing into question but apparently he was hammered by his German readers for what is arguably his weakest hoax paper.
        Also, KV’s mother allegedly drank Drano and offed herself because the market crash took the family fortune. Don’t know if I believe either claim.


        1. Yeah, there’s a lot of “intrigue” involved with KV. I’m kicking myself for deleting my findings. It’s difficult (for me) to muster up the desire to re-research a subject, so probably not gonna happen.


  8. Thanks Kevin. I also imagine that the surviving family might be sensitive or even aggressive-litigious about his legacy/reputation. I see him now as a tragic figure, maybe he knew some things and tried to plant them among the jokes and fantastic storylines. As I said, it was something that came to mind after I read Mark’s original post, just one of those things…


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