A very clever multi-leveled hoax

See 11/10 Addendum below.

This came up in the comment thread below, and I am not going to spend much time on it as the commenters have already done a good job for us. In my post  on Apollo 1, I mentioned the crew of Challenger 7, the Space Shuttle that blew up in 1986. Clues Forum had done some work on it, and found six of the seven astronauts still alive. I went to that site and grabbed their image of Astronaut Judith Resnik, and Yale Law Professor Judith Resnik.


I didn’t look twice, as at one time I had done facial comparisons of the six, and found them all to align perfectly. I had a post up to that effect, but since it was Clues Forum’s work, took it down so as not to be a piggybacker. I am glad I did.

The lady on the left is, by all accounts, the woman presented to us as an electrical engineer, software engineer, biomedical engineer, pilot and NASA astronaut. The woman on the right is Judith Resnik, Yale Law professor. They are two distinct people and this is easily seen in the photos without any further research.

What then made me think two years or more ago that they were the same people? I will show you my work from then.


The photo on the left is not the woman shown above on the left. It really is Judith Resnik, Law Professor.

I went to find other photos of Resnik, and Wikipedia presented the following collage:

Challenger Crew

Start with the photo on the left, seven images total going clockwise. The first six (five actually, since 1 and 2 are the same image) are of Resnik the astronaut. Number seven is the Yale law professor, in a spacesuit no less!

What is going on here? The law professor with the same name as the astronaut could just be an error, someone grabbing the wrong photo. I might buy that if they had not taken the trouble to Photoshop her into a spacesuit. For another, there is enough resemblance between the two that the deceit is easily overlooked.

Here is what is probably true: Judith Resnik is a law professor at Yale. She never ventured into space. She is aware her photo and name were used, and agreed to participate in the hoax. She must be juiced somehow.

Judith Resnik, astronaut, was a hired actress, still alive somewhere, maybe even working as an actress still. Who knows. We will never see her again.

Who did the hoax? NASA. Clues Forum presented good evidence that the other five match-ups were indeed the original astronauts, or astronots, as Gaia calls them.

Why? Here’s our frequent commenter B. Müller:

“It’s not that complicated if you accept that TPTB want us to fall into this Resnik vs.Resnik hoax. They faked the Challenger hoax and scripted everything in advance. They simply used a face and name similar to a real professor as a fake astronaut. The fake “astronaut” was simply an actress made up to look a little like the real Judith Resnik. Why do you think, the professor did not change her name? It was two different persons. The “astronaut” Resnik now looks different and has a different name and we will never find her. They wanted us to find this fake connection and get confused. As for me the fact, that two persons with the same name look even a little bit similar is proof enough that at least one of them is a sim. Just follow the track. Who was the first one to find out about Resnik vs. Resnik? Who is Darrel Foss? Or was it some flatearthers? It is NASA itself, who is feeding us with that crap.”

Here is what concerns me – below is the drum from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This is old news to readers here, but I have a larger point:


Place a mirror in the middle so that the top reflects on itself, and “Lonely Hearts” becomes I ONE IX HE DIE. Yippee! Another album clue!!!

But the deal is this: This particular clue is so clever and deeply buried that no one was ever going to find it. So someone behind the Beatles, wanting some credit for some very good work, leaked it so that it could be made public.

And that is my larger point. Someone at Clues Forum just stumbled on the Challenger hoax, went looking all over the country for the doppelgängers, found six of the seven? What amazing work! Kudos.

Or someone in NASA, frustrated at getting no credit for seeding this hoax so well, decided to clue someone else in, and that someone used Clues Forum to set it free.

Or, Clues Forum knowingly and with permission let the cat out of the bag. I am uncomfortable with Clues Forum. It was personal at first, that I was refused entry to the forums not once, but twice. Later I just had that not-so-fresh feeling about Shack and Hoi Paloi.

I still do.

Addendum, 11/20

Resnick in same photo

In private exchanges last evening, I was presented with the idea, I think, that there is but one Judith Arlene Resnik, and that she is represented by the person in blue above. I was left confused after the exchange, so that may not be accurate. This is a photo taken from Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering, where the alleged alumna Resnik (in color) is honored each year by an award in her name. This is how deep this hoax goes. The black and white woman above is not that Resnik, but rather is in fact the woman who today goes by the name Judith Resnik, the Arthur Liman Professor at Yale Law School.

Geni Resnik

The mystery further deepens when I go to Geni.com in search of Judith Resnik. There we get only the astronaut, and there is no Yale Law School Resnik even as she is a prominent person who most likely had a mother and father.

This is the essence of a clever multilayered hoax. The person in blue above most likely never existed as such, and was probably an actress chosen to be “Judith Arlene Resnik” by NASA because she resembled Yale Law School Resnick. Thus could they run the photos by us without notice.

The entirety of the supposed Challenger 7 crew was in on this hoax, all knew their deaths would be faked, and that they could return to their lives in the aftermath. The U.S. does not have an investigative news media. The federal government is part of the illusion of integrity and will also not investigate, the Congress only pretending to do so. The person in blue above is probably still alive somewhere. She is beautiful. Yale Law School Judith Resnik is average in appearance.

So in April of 2015 a remarkable post appeared at Clues Forum in which six of the seven Challenger astronauts were found to be alive and well. Below is CF’s current crew photo with the existing alive-and-well people inserted next to the originals. I have darkened all but the Resnik images.

CF Challenger 7 Crew

Notice how they are using the photo of the Yale law professor as the current version of the Resnik who survived the Challenger crash. Below is also from that page, and seen above in this post, a direct side-by-side comparison:


The actress on the left, the professor on the right, are easily seen as two different people.

This is not the way that Clues Forum initially presented the Resnik matter. At that time, I used their photos, as again seen below:

Resnick 1Clues Forum has removed the image of Resnik above on the left, Photoshopped into spacesuit (the collar presented a perfect border for the hoax), and instead has given us the woman to the direct left.

I am told that the original work was done by “Darrell Foss,” though I can locate no such person. In fact, the original work on Clues Forum was signed as follows:


So if Shack presented the original work in which he used the Photoshopped image of Resnik in a spacesuit, so too must Shack have come  back, removed that image and replaced it with the actress Resnik used in almost all NASA photos, and who appears as deceased at Geni.com.

Why? My distrust of Shack is known by most, and my speculation here is tainted by that distrust. We all know I do a lot of facial analysis here, and that my work is a hard-sell because of the work by a spook calling himself “Dallas Goldbug.” That is no accident, in my view. Goldbug’s purpose is to discredit facial analysis. When I come along and show that Janis Joplin became Amy Goodman, for instance, it is easy for critics to sneer and say “Yeah, that’s some good Goldbuggery you got going there.” (I am not the only one doing this type of work. Goldbug, oddly, was ahead of the curve, sent to head us all off at the pass. That too is multilevel deception.

In the same vein, anyone now looking at the Challenger 7 work at Clues Forum will see that five of the six located are intriguingly suggestive that the real astronauts are still alive. But the Judith Resnik images are easily seen to be wrong. That discredits all of the work, and that, I suspect, was Shack’s purpose in monkeying with the Resnik photos.

That is why I called this a “multilevel hoax,” and why I suspect that Shack was in on it from the beginning, willingly allowing Clues Forum to be the delivery vehicle. He has captured real and valuable research and discredited it. He was ahead of the curve.

28 thoughts on “A very clever multi-leveled hoax

  1. Are the Kardashians part of the Peerage? For the life of me I can’t understand why these people get so much attention unless they’re some kind of project.


    1. Here is another. What if there are no astronauts in the capsule at all. But if it explodes, then what? What if there never has been any astronauts in any of the shuttle missions? I believe Judith Resnik is one and the same. No one was ever suppose to notice.


          1. Judith Resnik and Sharon Christa McAuliffe had a bit of resemblance…They also left that note behind for N.A.S.A……”Need..Another..Seven..Astro-nuts.”


  2. Speaking of women in “space”- Sally Ride, first American woman in said space, descends from English kings and American presidents. Foreshadowed in “Mustang Sally”, a hit for Wicked Wilson Pickett in ’66. Revealed postmortem to be gay, thus posthumously identified as the first LGBT etc. in “space”. They use everything.


    1. There’s a name I had forgotten … is she the one that supposedly drove to Florida wearing diapers? Was she sacrificed, disgraced, like Patty Hearst? [Oops, that was Lisa Nowak I Guess.]


  3. didn’t we forget something here? It was Nichelle Nichols, the actress from the Star Trek series, who hired Judith Resnik to become a NASA astronot. This is no longer mentioned on Resnik’s-Wikipedia page. Nichelle Nichols is now officially called NASA recruiter. And what a weird name, no? There seem to be no other Nichelle. As for Resnik, I think, she had to “die” because of her hair. It became to expensive for NASA to fix it with hair spray for zero gravity pictures.


    1. Nichelle Nichols is described as some half-goddess here:

      Duke Ellington discovered her when she was only fifteen. Dr. Martin Luther King once proclaimed that he was her biggest fan! The new NASA Administrator, General Charles Bolden called her a personal mentor. She is universally known and loved but few are aware of one of the greatest achievements of the living legend that is Ms. Nichelle Nichols.

      For her pioneering work with NASA, Nichelle Nichols was named a Governor of the prestigious National Space Society and, very quietly, she received NASA’s distinguished Public Service Award.

      Look at how they “salute” her:


    1. My first reaction … nah. That is NASA Judith Resnik, not Yale JR. But I’ll be damned if you did not nail it. It is the Yale law professor. I grabbed a frontal face view off the YouTube and compared it to NASA JR, and was surprised that it was not her.

      \Resnik SG chop

      So they were playing the McCartney game, each stepping in the other’s shoes. Excellent eyes you have there, BM. I could not see what you saw without my usual monkey business.


  4. I don’t know Mark, I actually tend to think, it maybe the same person anyway. They’ve just put some confusing and partly manipulated pictures to cover their tracks. Maybe the current professor started her career as a fake astronot for NASA. What did the Yale professor back then in the Challenger times? In her CV we read this:
    – Consultant, RAND, Institute for Civil Justice, 1980-2002
    – Member, Board of Governors, Society of American Law Teachers, 1980-1997
    – Member, Board of ACLU of Southern California, 1985
    – Chair, Bryn Mawr College Centennial Campaign for Southern California, 1983-1985
    Nothing of it makes it impossible to play an astronot for a while.
    She graduated 1975. So there was 11 years till she “died” as astronot. She does not seem to be very busy back then, no?
    And what about my remark about that Nichelle Nichols, a Hollywood actress hiring professionally astronots for NASA. Does this make any sense?


    1. It makes sense from a different angle. I tend to trust my work in facial identification, more than others I know, and I definitely see two people. When I line up the noses, the eyes and mouths are off considerably. They don’t anticipate this kind of analysis, only doing their scams knowing that people glance at photos, nothing more. I also see that people tend to assume the same poses and expressions over time, so that when it is the same person, even decades apart, alignment is very precise. Possibly because Resnik was s busy with her career, they brought in a body double to play her for photo ops, is one possibility. They do look alike at first glance, but the photo that Clues Forum is currently us g for NASA JR is not Yale JR, not even close. Since no kne was going into space, it did not matter.


  5. what pictures do we have of the young Yale professor? Except this fake black and white picture on cluesforum. And the Yale professor is an actress who played herself in the Fair Game movie. Do you think, Hollywood needs real professors as actors? In her official CV is nothing of importance in the time between 1975 and 1986. She’s a lawyer with some acting experience. It surely comes in handy in courts.


  6. Theres another judy resnick starred in carnival of blood and the filthiest game in town akak “the maiden game” a low budget softcore porn not even a porn though just nudity she plays ngt girl selling dildos. shes a blonde but in carnival of blood a couple shots looks like some of the astronauts pictures. probably more misdirection. But the actress allegedly died in 1981 there is no record of how she died. She also is from Connecticut. coincidence i think on some vintage video sit ei found something that said she died of an overdose but thats it. but yeah i was coming up with the same thing not sure they are the same the same goes for mcnair
    not so sure that the same guy he had another brother too eric you can barely see him in one video anywhere on the web in that case when they talk to his music teacher from school he said i think he had a younger brother? they were 10 months apart and it was a small as hell town how did you not know about his brother? and on the youtube going away party wheres the brother? everyones there?bu thes at the reagan memorial and totally doesnt look like ron or carl but an older photo from the military the one of 2 shots ever of them together he looks like the guy at the memorial, also he made a song called “last rendezous” to be played on his sax in space like with jean something or other that obviously didnt happen but a week or two later they had the concert a its a play on words right ron and rendez vous anyway that means last meetup and its the saddest song ever total duping delight


  7. have you all seen the latest developments i seen someone talking shit on flat earthers but guess whos putting in work did you see the video of the guy that interviews michael j smith a lot of body language there hes wearing a flight jacket but says he was never a pilot. idk if its real or a multichannel network search interview with michael j smith it will coem right up


  8. Would be tricky to return these people to families and friends and communities and expect no leaks, no?

    DNA analysis would settle the question for good.


  9. yes,they are the same person,the slight differences in features are a result of plastic surgery like for instance reduction and narrowing of the eyes and reducing the tip of the nose lo look less round,with these modifications any software can make a flawless transition from one face to the other.Same individual and zero doubts.


  10. this and other webs like snopes and jacksonville to name only a few are not legit but government debunking tools.Everything look so artificial,from the comments to the arguments employed.Real life phorums are just different.Why the challenger coverup,why all this illusion of control over the masses?anyone can tell which things are real just by looking at how much effort is put into debunking them…the Boyd Bushman alien “dummy”,skinny Bob (poor EBE),the Smithsonian giant gate…there are even newspapers from that time,why try (and not manage by the way) to deny all this? it´s so absurd


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