33s and food lines, a new reality

The images below the fold here were given me from Maarten with the caveat that they are probably cherry-picked. He does not buy in to the Masonic numbering system as I do, and more power to him. Who knows what is really going on.

Before going beneath the fold, a few words of caution – it could be that I wake up some morning to find the blog gone. If that happens, we can still stay in touch if you like – I have an email address that I do not use, formsonly@outlook.com. Write it down. Prior to blogging and social media, email was my primary way of staying in touch with people of good and solid mind, and some others too. I will check it regularly, and know that unless you ask otherwise I will add your email to others so that we can all “reply all” and build the audience. For now, they don’t appear to care about a small blog like this.

I went to the store this morning only to find a long, long line and a large and annoying self-important woman guarding the entrance, allowing ten people in at a time. That is King’s Soopers, part of the Kroger chain, perhaps the largest food retailer in the country behind Wal Mart, and certainly huge in Denver. I drove over to the nearby Safeway in the hopes that the line would be shorter, and found instead open doors, people coming and going as they please, and of course blue lines on the floors everywhere.

In other words, Kroger is doing this on their own, either a knowing participant in the fear campaign, or a company run by morons.

Ah well, new way of living for us. This is how they ran the Old Soviet Union, with queues and artificial shortages and people staring at their feet afraid to speak up. It is interesting now that Russia is a freer land than the US. I’ll bet, just as Russian (real) scientists created the only climate model for the IPCC that is actually reliable, that they are ignoring this mass mindfuck. Russia might be the land of the free and home of the brave.

Italy is being hammered with agitprop as I’ve never seen. Just hammered! People there are being forced to stay indoors, alone with their TVs and being told about mass deaths. It’s cruelty beyond the pale. They are determined that the Italian people succumb to the agitprop campaign.  They have no salvation other than to turn off TV’s, meet secretly, and read, meditate, medicate or pray.

Sorry for the grainy quality. Best I can do with my limited technical skills.




12 thoughts on “33s and food lines, a new reality

  1. … And now my objections to seeing 33s everywhere …

    1. For all of these COVID-19 statistics, the numbers will be different by the next days’ reporting. You just have to wait around long enough to catch the headline at just the moment when the counter hits 33. For example, at this blog for any post that merits attention enough to garner three dozen comments, at some point some comment is the thirty-third. Do we presume that this commenter is a Masonic shill? No. It’s just an accidental occurrence in the process.

    2. It’s just too easy to find 33s with a search engine. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. You can find 33s associated with flatulence, diabetes, toe jam, etc. You could make collages of headlines with 33s for just about anything in no time at all.


    1. To add some support to your comments concerning this particular posting, I notice that the numbers 8 and 11 are absent, meaning the guy was specifically searching for 33. In general, I don’t want to take a stand based on this evidence, but thank you for bringing it.


      1. Take a look at 56 and 70. Climatechange (Full Reduction 56 and Reverse Full Reduction 70); Coronavirus (Full Reduction 56 and Reverse Full Reduction 70); Greta Thunberg (Reverse Full Reduction 70).

        Two elevens and three sevens (Full House). I know, just coincidence.


    2. Lol are you serious, you couldnt coincidentally have all those 33’s if you tried, not to mention it happens all the time.


  2. Re Soviet union etc

    I’m hearing that there will be a $1200 check, plus regular $600 bumps? What if they got large masses of people addicted to the govt teat like that… Then most or all small businesses went under.. And all that’s left are these basically state-connected enterprises like walmart (or state/ private combines.) Then too instead of work, they would want compliance with whatever mandates they dream up, to stay on the dole.


    1. Not really predicting that, just saying… I ASSUME that the 10% want their goodies in order to play along, but as social critic Morris Berman (no endorsement) used to say, “In the US, even the smart people have rice for brains.” By which I guess he was referring to the professional and managerial classes.


  3. Hi Mark and everyone here. I usually just read sites, I read yours every day along with a few others that I consider important but don’t post because mostly people I respect say things better than I ever could. You have provided a solace in tough times and I just want to thank you all now, from the bottom of my heart. I’m very frightened and trying really hard to be positive as many people are now, I think. Thank you and I wish you all good wishes and peace.


  4. Hi again, I wrote a reply but unsure if you received it. Would you let me know please Mark? Had to change my password with WordPress so my comment may have got lost. Thanks.


  5. Ah, re previous comment, I can see it got lost (my error). It was to say a big thank you to you, Mark, for your site and all who contribute here. You have provided such solace in tough times, now so more than ever. I’m not a poster, tending to read mostly because people say things better than I ever could and it’s a big relief to see written what I think and feel. These are frightening times and I admit I’m scared more than I’ve ever been. So thank you and I wish you all peace and good wishes.


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