Them runbacks

Did anyone notice suspiciously weak tackling and pursuit efforts in the two runbacks for touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills yesterday? Or is it just me?

By the way, on October 20, 2019, Micah Hyde returned a Miami Dolphins onside kick 45 yards for a touchdown. That is what the ‘3 years ‘3 months’ refers to.

See below fold for more photos, courtesy of Ab via Twitter. They went all out with the ’33’s.

14 thoughts on “Them runbacks

  1. I caught that immediately in the replay of Josh Allen’s press conference. Some team official told him it had been 3 years and 3 months since the last runback for touchdown. Josh was appropriately overcome with emotion at the significance of this seemingly divine intervention.


  2. If you were injected with that shit and happened to find out what is now widespread knowledge you wouldn’t over exert yourself either. Are you old enough to remember what it took to finally stop the fathers of the usual suspects from continuing their SE Asia program even after over 50 thousand young men had been killed and many more than that injured and cripped? If you do not remember or weren’t around, let me tell you, briefly: It took violence directed against property, not humans. Today’s horrors will not be stopped by politicians and lawyers. I don’t know if today’s college students will take to the streets, not facing a military draft as during Vietnam. Perhaps, when there is overwhelming fear and anger, Americans will follow Jefferson’s advice “to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” That would be an appropriate endeavor today.


    1. I’m not convinced that there actually was a war in Vietnam.

      99% of the deaths were probably faked, with made-up names on tombstones, empty graves, and fictional backstories for cover. For those who actually were injured or killed, it probably happened during drills or from accidents. Or they were intentionally harmed by their own people firing weapons at them from a distance to make them believe they were actually in battle and actually in ‘Nam instead of in Nevada or some remote part of Central America or something.


      1. I knew a Nam vet well and he saw several soldiers die when a helicopter was hit by a missile. He was a little touched after that. My new theory is that the prisons are emptied and those are the soldiers that killed by being set up in prearranged ‘battles’. I’ll wager D-day had some of that going on. The movie The Dirty Dozen may be signaling such a program.


          1. The plot is that 12 military convicts, some on death row, are recruited for a dangerous mission. If they survive, their sentences will be commuted. It’s pretty much a suicide mission.


  3. I just watched the second run back and as the runner crosses the 33 yard line the announcer shouts: “Is this for real? Can you believe this?!” No words. Laughing too hard-


    1. My fave comment was by Bonehead Bradshaw during the halftime show. As one of the returns was being shown he says (appx), “Look at number 6, he has the angle, but Hines blows right by him.”

      Well, who is #6? Why Nick Folk, the 38 yr-old kicker for the Pats! Doubting Nick could have run a 5 second 40 when he was in high school. Terry, enjoy your moolah on your ranch, dude, it’s time.


  4. An NFL veteran named Peyton Hillis is in the ICU after saving some kids from drowning. I will submit that this is an attempt to validate the Drama Hamlin hoax by mirroring a lesser hoax to support the ‘shit happens’ nature of these events. More people than they expected have been calling shenanigans on this op and so radar jamming is called for.


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