Colin Powell RIP

Colin Powell has died of blood cancer at age 84. According to this article, his family says he was “fully vaccinated” against the coronavirus. I don’t know the meaning of the word “fully” when set next to “vaccinated”, but that doesn’t matter. I have a long list of people I am very sure have not been nor will be vaccinated, among them Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Klaus Schwab, and every business executive, every Hollywood and rock star with “family” connections. If indeed Powell was vaccinated, then he was not juiced. I did run his lineage back in, to a man named “Powell” whose estimated birth date is 1763-1823. A single name and great uncertainty about birth date suggest to me that “Powell” might have been a slave. Powell”s mother was a McCoy, and nothing special going on in her line. In fact, in neither line did I see the word “private.” So it could indeed be that Colin Powell was indeed an everyman, and in that case, he might have been vaxxed. Age 84, for nobility, is a young death. Did he perhaps die of the vaccination? We’ll never know.

That is neither here nor there. He was, in my view, a man of substance and stature. I remember seeing him testify before a congressional committee one time, and thinking that he had a commanding, almost intimidating presence.

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Adventures in virtue signalling

We don’t always write about big stuff. It gets pretty tedious, even discouraging.

We spend too much money on eggs, not because it makes us feel good, but rather because we cannot stand the thought of animals being mistreated. Most people are like us, I know. The people who make the products we use don’t have a choice in the marketplace – they have to use the most efficient procedures to procure and produce our food. Animals suffer immensely in the process.

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