The lead OJ actor has a new gig

I have not paid much attention to the Trump impeachment proceedings, assuming it is all a sideshow complete with clowns and carnival barkers. It could be that something real is in store, as Trump is, like all presidents before, just an actor. In my worst imaginings, he is set up to act as controlled opposition in the Climate Change game and will take all of the remarkable skeptical community down with him.

Climate Change is one of the biggest hoaxes I have seen, and I have lived through McCarthyism, the assassinations of the 1960s, The Cold War, The Missile Crisis, The Iran Hostage event, Jonestown, the Iraq Wars (including the alleged starving of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi kids and old people), the Soviet Collapse, AIDS,  911, the 2000 election, and, oh yeah, I almost forgot, Bill Hicks’ cancer death. Commenters will add to this list no doubt. In the end, we might have 33 or more major hoaxes.

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