Stu Sutcliffe/Andy Warhol reviewed

IPart 1: The nature of the Beatles (reference The Beatles Never Existed (TBNE))

sutcliffe-2My assertion is that Stu Sutcliffe was an Intelligence asset who faked his death in 1961, and was reassigned the role of artist Andy Warhol. To understand this is useful to understand the context of both the Beatles, with whom Sutcliffe was supposedly the first bass player, and the art scene of that era, which was infiltrated by Intelligence to remove meaningful content from it.

We know now of at least five Beatles, that is, the “McCartney” twins, John, George and Ringo.  TBNE insists on more than one George and Ringo as well. We’ve not done any research here on the matter, but we have spotted two Paul’s and a few body doubles too. Since we have tied this to their photographs as children, we think the evidence strong. (Note: I do not assume with any of these people, the Beatles or Sutcliffe, that we know their real names.)

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