Knowing what we know now …


Inspired by this comment.

Addendum: Not everyone pays attention to photos as we do here, so I assumed that everyone reading this would instantly know this photo is a paste-up. Imagine taking a photo of your family, and when the photo comes out, only two people are affected by the flash, everyone else remains dark. It does not work that way. The light from the flash travels out over a broad area, hitting everyone in range.

In this photo, only the three people in the foreground are lit up. That is because that part  was a photo taken somewhere else and then pasted into the photo to make it appear the she is actually on a gun turret. (Her eye is also out of line with the sight.) The three were probably photographed in a studio, as the lighting is so even – there must be a light shade in use to produce such even and delicate lighting.

When I saw Tyrone’s photo of Kent State (the “comment” blued above) I wondered if the Hanoi Jane photos were real or paste-up. It was no surprise. They are fake, as is she. “Hanoi Jane” was Intelligence, sent to discredit the antiwar movement. This photo angered most Americans. That’s why she did it. She’s a spook.