The Get Out of Jail Free Card: Manuel Noriega, Michael Milken

Please note, in the text that follows there will be references to spook numbers contained in Wikipedia, a way of messaging one another that we outsiders are not supposed to understand. The numbers they use have significance to them, and are often expressed in many ways. “33”, for instance, a widely used one, can be expressed as 3+3, or 6, 3*3, or 9, or 3^3, 27. Other numbers that seem to recur are 8, 22, 11, 47 (perhaps just another way to say 11), 77 (always watch out for terrorist events on July 7), and 555. In reading over the Wikipedia pages regarding Noriega and Milken, these numbers appeared frequently and out of sequence.

NoriegaManuel Noriega

The life and times of Manuel Noriega does not read right. We are told that he worked closely with the CIA from the 1950s up until the US invasion of Panama in 1989. We are told that he ran cocaine during this time, and that the CIA was aware of it, but found him otherwise useful and so overlooked his activities. Here’s Wikipedia:

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