Foxy Democrats

DeGette: About as much as we can expect from a Democrat - yawn politics
I just listened to Congresswoman Diana DeGette of Colorado on the radio. She voted against the debt ceiling agreement, to her credit. (It must be noted, however, that once a bill is assured of passage, representatives are free to vote either way on it.)

DeGette was asked how Democrats were going to approach the electorate next year in the wake of the sellout on the manufactured crisis. Ninety-five of them vote with the president and against our interests. Amazingly, she blamed the voters for electing Tea Party people to congress. If Democrats had fulfilled their 2008 mandate, voters might not have abandoned them in 2010. To blame the voters now for the making the only other choice they were offered – weak Democrat or Foxy Tea Party – is disingenuous in the extreme.

But it is so typical. In the ongoing game of good-cop bad-cop, the “good” ones are orchestrating stealth attacks against us. Democrats rally around their stealthies out of fear of the bad cop, the mean old Republicans. When called to task for their own failures, they blame the bad cop.

Will it ever change? No. It’s two-party lesser-evil politics, and for as long as our campaigns are financed by the oligarchy, it will not change.

PS: So typical of the emptiness of this party: Congresswoman Giffords returns from a near-fatal wound to vote against us. If that doesn’t sum them up, I do not know what does.
PPS: Apparently, the twelve-member commission will submit legislation to the floor of the House and Senate, and there is no debate or amending allowed of that legislation unless it contains revenue measures. In other words, if there is an attempt to raise taxes on the wealthy, it will be debated. If it is an attempt to cut the social programs, it cannot be discussed. There will be six Democrats on the commission (phew!), however, since they will be appointed by Reid and Pelosi under pressure from the White House, they will most likely be quislings. There might be one actual token progressive.

This is nothing short of coup d’état, with Obama himself participating. People wondering why he keeps out-Bushing Bush with his attacks on civil liberties and military aggression, and now social programs. The answer is simple: He’s Bush III. He lied during his campaign and is lying to us now. He’s the enemy in our camp.
PPPS: Interesting footage on the Daily Show last night of a reporter asking Obama months ago why he did not use leverage he had on extending the tax cuts to force raising the debt ceiling. Obama was typically evasive. But that Q&A offers evidence that even then this fake crisis was in the works, and tha Obama was part of it.

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