The Movie Everyone Is Talking About!

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Having grown up in Southern California, I went to an actual theater for the first time in almost ten years to view Once Upon A Time… and see how detailed Tarantino, another So.Cal native, would paint this landscape. I have to say I was impressed, as no one besides me would remember Brew 102, briefly spotted in Brad Pitt’s trailer, the cheapest beer ever made and the brand my old man would down by the case when he had the few shekels to indulge. (Name Drop: Jayne Mansfield actually bought him a case for his birthday while shooting Single Room Furnished. He was shocked she even knew his name, let alone know his birthday. Smart cookie, that one, huh?) Continue reading “The Movie Everyone Is Talking About!”

Revisiting the Sharon Tate pregnancy hoax

I don’t pay much attention to traffic on this site, but did notice a recent uptick and stumbled on part of the reason, a post entitled “We Know Sharon Tate Did Not Die, But Was She Even Pregnant?” That post, from April of 2017, has drawn 29,400 views at this time, and has been the cause of quite a few comments (that don’t see light of day) ridiculing me and questioning my sanity. There have also been a few people commenting who knew either Sharon or her family or lived nearby, thereby testifying that the events of 8/8/1969 were real.

Even with that number of views, more than a hundred per day as I write this, this is a tiny outpost, so that I presume the commenters either stumbled on the work and, since  drenched in our propaganda and the resulting psychotic American state of mind, feel a need to review the horror. Perhaps some are part of that army of basement vigilantes used by Intelligence to monitor the blogs and keep it real.

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Climate alarmism = Lysenkoism?

I was just reviewing a book I read some time ago, The Pseudoscience Wars, by Michael D. Gordin, and from there (apart from the overall thrust of the book) came across the following quote from Julian Huxley*, a British evolutionary biologist, eugenicist, and internationalist:

“… Lysenko and his followers are not scientific in any proper sense of the word – they do not adhere to recognized scientific method, or employee normal scientific precautions, or publish the results in a way which renders their scientific evaluation possible. They move in a different world of ideas from that of professional scientists, and do not carry on discussion in a scientific way.”

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Proxies and reality


The graph above is known as “HadCET,” or the Central England temperature record, from 1659 to present, monthly in the beginning, daily from the late 1700s forward. When I last put up graphs using Greenland ice cores (link), it was pointed out to me that those ice cores are mere “proxies,” that is, we cannot know the actual temperatures of previous times and thus have to search for other indicators. I think that the implication was that the ice cores, which measure a shift of oxygen isotopes, for that reason are trash.

(Note on HadCET the rise of temperature from 1900-1950, before we began putting large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere. What caused that? The warmest decade in the lower 48 during the 20th century was the 1930s, easily. What caused that? (No one knows.))*

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Dead South, Deer Ticks, and Turtles

Red Rocks

Anybody’s bet on a place not to find me would be at Red Rocks Amphitheater, just down the hill from where we live, during a rock concert. We have been there three times before, but never for a packed house performance as we saw the other night. Our friends came upon some free tickets, and offered us two, and because they are really nice people and fun to be with, we accepted.

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John Denver: Digitally removing digits

“Annie, we are told, helped identify the body. She told investigators that John had lost two toes in a lawn mowing accident as a youth. If perhaps the leg that survived the crash were his right leg, and if the foot were still intact, well, that might just help identify the body. And it did! The Coroner later reported “…healed partial amputations of the right first and second toes” on the right foot. Annie’s song was the right tune, it appears.”

The above words are from my post, John Denver’s death: Another Hoax. Just recently I have received comments, here and here, that address the matter of the missing toes. Keep in mind that throughout his life, there was never any mention of his missing digits. The matter only came to life when he died.

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