Two Arrests- No Crimes Committed

The royal Chinese courts allowed parallel histories to co-exist. There was an official history issued by the Emperor which was used to determine the value of this and that (laws and customs) by controlling the nomenclature, and a wild history: a mélange of rumors, superstitions and bald faced lies told with real brio that resonated with the peasants, allowing them head space to dream rather than act out.

The following is neither- It is opinion based on contempt for institutions that used to have my admiration. This is me acting out… based on highly suspect information sources, of course. Take any of it with a sea’s worth of salt- Continue reading “Two Arrests- No Crimes Committed”

The Magic Bulldozer

I am grateful to JC, an infrequent commenter (and severe critic), for finding the original of this blog post in the Wayback Machine. I originally published in on 4/13/17, and then like all blog material, it faded into obscurity. I was working on a piece on John Brown, the Civil War agent provocateur, and noticed that part of his public stage play was a hostage event. One of the hostages was Lewis Washington, George’s g-grand-nephew. That does not happen, of course – bloodliners are not taken hostage, not for real. But they do occasionally allow their names to be used in fake events, as with Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Patty Hearst. So too must have Lewis allowed his name to be used.

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Blog notes, and stuff

The Piece of Mindful blog is in a state of transition … this format has been sent off to some local WordPress guys for a workover, and is in beta stage. In the end, if all goes according to plan, a trip here will offer one of several choices … the four authors who currently write here, or the various menus on the side. There will be some glitches … all photos used in the past will revert to a standard size, but with minimal effort we can fix that.

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I know I’m walking right into the trap they have set, but what the hell…

I spent the weekend trying to make sense of the public immolation of the persona of Harvey Weinstein. I looked at it from several economic angles and nothing made sense. Film, streaming, gaming, they are all chugging along at record profits. What’s Harvey Weinstein to all of that? His crap wins awards. Prestige is a thing in Hollywood and he delivers. He’s a valuable asset to the propaganda machine. Continue reading “Auto-da-fé”

Canadian tourists

In dinner discussions on the Haute Route, people who learned we are Americans gingerly approached the topic of Donald Trump. The most in-depth conversations were with a young and very intelligent German man, and two people from Wales.

What I learned, and to my mild surprise, is that these folks, just like most Americans, take him at face value. They assume he really is the president, that he really was elected, and that all of his antics intended only for effect are quite real. When I suggested to Allan, the man from Wales, that Melania Trump is just a beard, his wife had to explain the meaning of the term to him. It was a delightful exchange. He is an accomplished man with a great sense of humor, educated in one of the best universities. But I find that virtually all people, no matter the baseline intellect and education, are encased in a hard shell of propaganda. The psyops from Trump to Obama the intellectual juris doctor all work on them. They do not question reality as presented by news.

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