Alliance sues over bull trout in St. Mary Diversion

By Rachel Jamieson

Over 20 years ago a small group of clean water activists petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list bull trout as a threatened species. The native char had lost over half of its habitat and populations were isolated and declining range-wide.

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Colorado under house arrest …

It so happens we were watching the massive battle between the army of the dead and the living in season eight of Game of Thrones when our phones started beeping. Everyone in the state is ordered to stay home. We are allowed out to walk our pets, buy groceries, gasoline, liquor (they debated that one but thought better of it), but otherwise, stay home.

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Music Maestro? Check this out.

The national debt just jumped higher than ever before. Music maestro! Gold medal.

During the Obama era the national debt was a daily topic of concern at the Heritage Foundation — the leading “conservative” think tank. Many AM radio mouthpieces hammered home the risk to our economy and our individual households, especially to “our grandchildren,” who will apparently be responsible for paying it all back. And in Congress, especially among those House and Senate members self-described as members of the “freedom caucus,” the national debt was tops.

Well, as it turns out, debt is our business, our only business. The debt plantation just got bigger. No surprise. I haven’t figured out a proper theme song, but am soliciting suggestions as we merrily wander into new (debt) territory. No worries, mates. It’s an I.O.U.

Foreshadowing, thanks to Dr. Spielberg

The crazy things I do … I never saw the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, at least while it was in theaters, during the time when there was no home video. I have never sat through it since either, as when I attempted to watch it I found it too frantic and intense. But I recalled one scene, and so last night rented the movie, and sat through it, endured it until I reached this scene. I recorded on my iPad. I did not watch the rest of it.

Draw your own conclusions.

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“Paul” McCartney is a pig

I mentioned in a comment in Fauxlex’s post how if this were the 1960s, people might be gathering in the streets in protest. I am not sure I believe that. Even as we do not have “protests” anywhere these days unless organized by professional agitators and staged for news cameras, I don’t know if it was different then. But I could be wrong. It could be that people were less submissive back then.

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