Welcome to Caracas

This morning I read an awesome article, translated by Scott over at Saker’s blog, from an independent reporter named Georgy Zotov.  Georgy Zotov (author of AIF weekly)
I found his personal experiences in Caracas most interesting.  I hope POM readers are able to gain a broader view of Venezuela, the country, it’s people, it’s leader(s) and it’s predicament.  Peace, brothers and sisters.  

One thought I had while reading Georgy’s entry was the different social/cultural instincts between “northerners” and our neighbors living closer to the (tropics) Equator.  We (northerners) seem to have extreme difficulty understanding the “laid-back” culture of these parts. 

Surely, they  need to change, or we will need to do it for them, right?  I am joking.  

Can Uber-Marketing False “Green Awareness” Save Capitalism?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey’s Green New Deal is being unveiled today. https://www.vox.com/2019/2/7/18215290/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-ed-markey-green-new-deal

Democrats appear poised to take a page out of FDR’s New Deal promotional tactics with a media blitz of their own, pushing a “Green New Deal.”  Sorry, no fireside chats.  There will be an impressive electronic/digital media blitz.  Soon we will all hear the story.  It has been playing nonstop for a while now.  The trick is to gain consent.  By hook or by crook commoners will be taught to sing a single chorus line in harmony – all from the same green-energy/climate-change hymnal.

Is it time for a real shift toward conservation and protection of nature? Or are we – most of us passively – sitting on the sidelines, witnessing yet another clever ploy to coopt “the left” and once again, save capitalism and the two-party system (how many times is this now?) from recurring fatal flaws:  Greed, wage and wealth inequality (slavery) and ecological destruction.  In order to fully understand the implications of the Green New Deal, one must be familiar with the New Deal.  We only think we know what happened in the 1930s.

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AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’

It has been a couple of years since I read the book Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter H. Duesberg. At 704 pages including footnotes, it was a challenge. In the front, a former owner of the book wrote to a friend he had given it to “A must read! If Duesberg is correct, the powers that be have even more control than we could have ever suspected.” Indeed.

I meant to write about this subject long ago, but kept putting it off for a number of reasons:

  • I am not a scientist, a molecular biologist, a virologist. This stuff is complicated, and I am in over my head. That does not mean I cannot grasp any of these fields or form conclusions based on the solid reasoning of others.  But it does mean that I can be easily misled by someone who intends to mislead me. So the writing is difficult, understanding even more so. I can and must try to stick to the basics, and allow readers to explore on their own rather than relying on me to bring ‘the truth’ to their platters. If any of what follows troubles you, if you think me wrong, then by all means get going. There is a lot of material to cover. (I will use the term “virus” freely throughout this piece, but not “retrovirus,” which will always be used with great skepticism, even scare quotes. )

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Deadly cures

“…I think the Catholic Church was too much blamed in the case of Galileo – he was just a victim of peer review.” (Eric J. Lerner, The Big Bang Never Happened, 1991)

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair)

tgphI stumbled on the Lerner quote this morning, and thought it would be a nice way to introduce a subject in need of examination, PSA, or the prostate specific antigen, discovered by Richard Ablin in 1970. It has been his life’s work to inform the public on the true nature of the PSA test. Peer review, or enforced mediocrity, plays a large part in preventing the truth about various forms of quackery from seeing light of day. Ablin’s work against PSA does not stand the withering criticism of his peers, who are in it for the money.  PSA testing, followed by unnecessary biopsies and prostatectomies, is big business. Ablin doesn’t get it.

Albin co-wrote the book, The Great Prostate Hoax: How Big Medicine Hijacked the PSA Test and Caused a Public Health Disaster. Since it was he who discovered PSA, he has a right to speak up. (I fear, however, that in the U.S. the best place to hide something is in a book. )

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Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

From The Big Lebowski:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dooSFIvLn-Y 

Quite early this morning I was reading an essay over at The Saker’s blog entitled “Placing the USA on a collapse continuum with Dmitry Orlov.”


This dynamic duo does “big-picture” stuff very well. This time they bite deeply into the progression we’re all living– the collapse of (the latest version) Empire. It was, of course, like all others before it, built to be looted and destroyed by the same mobsters that have been at this for 6,000 years, give or take.

They have a pretty sizable head-start, but every now and then I get the feeling they can hear the footsteps getting closer and closer, closing the gap.

I hope some of you will take a moment to read what they have written. Cheers.


Montana Green Party Clears Another Ballot-Access Barrier

Say what you will about politics in general, or Montana politics in particular, but don’t put your popcorn away just yet.

Yesterday in Great Falls a federal district magistrate breathed new life into Montana Green Party’s chances of rising from the ashes of defeat by the Montana Supreme Court. The Supremes upheld the District Court’s Opinion, which removed Greens from the 2018 ballot over a small number of “irregular” signatures in several voting districts.

If Greens win in federal court, look for them to return stronger and a little wiser, appearing on the 2020 general election ballot with a fresh slate of candidates, including the Governor’s race.

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