John Denver: Digitally removing digits

“Annie, we are told, helped identify the body. She told investigators that John had lost two toes in a lawn mowing accident as a youth. If perhaps the leg that survived the crash were his right leg, and if the foot were still intact, well, that might just help identify the body. And it did! The Coroner later reported “…healed partial amputations of the right first and second toes” on the right foot. Annie’s song was the right tune, it appears.”

The above words are from my post, John Denver’s death: Another Hoax. Just recently I have received comments, here and here, that address the matter of the missing toes. Keep in mind that throughout his life, there was never any mention of his missing digits. The matter only came to life when he died.

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Controlled Opposition 101

Here’s how it works:

“Funding to progressive organizations is not unconditional. Its purpose is to “pacify” and manipulate the protest movement.  Precise conditionalities are set by the funding agencies. If they are not met, the disbursements are discontinued and the recipient NGO is driven into de facto bankruptcy due to lack of funds.” – Michel Chossudovsky, 2010

Making the world “safe for capitalism” is a full-time job for those in power. Those little (billionaire) darlings, setting the world on fire for fun and profit.

A fatal accident almost claims a life!

As it turns out, rumors of his son’s death were wildly exaggerated. This email came to me today from “Chloe Natalie”, a name so odd it could belong to a fake school shooter or victim. He wants to buy a tonneau I had on my old Honda pickup, the one that I sold to a real person last weekend. Let’s not tell him. I am curious what fun awaits.

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This scam is apparently very common, but maybe new to some readers here. It first happened to us a couple of years ago. We did not fall for it.

We had a recorder, a musical instrument, laying around and put it on Craigslist, asking $200. We immediately received an enthusiastic response, someone looking for just that instrument. Please hold it, we were told, and take the ad down. Consider it sold. Rather than $200, we will be paid $250.

The next day a FedEx* package was on our doorstep, and inside a check for $1,500. Red flags were everywhere. It was written on the account of a New York City company that turned out to be real. I contacted them by email, and they said something like “Yeah, they’ve been using our account for this scam. Do not cash it. It will bounce.”

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Mass sterilization: What’s in your vaccine?


When your government says it’s forcing you to do something for your “health,” run for your lives.  Government health care is, like everything else our corporate masters engage in, not for designed to benefit you (commoners/goyim).  Like all corporations, profit is the #1 objective.  Governments devote huge financial resources to condition the slave population into believing that health benefits aren’t just another “chemical, biological or nuclear weapon” being used to cull the population globally.  Vaccines are a primary delivery system for all kinds of nasty stuff designed to keep you coming to the people in the white lab coats for a very expensive, lifetime of “care.” 

In Kenya recently, a nationwide tetanus vaccine being administered to young women has been identified as the vehicle for a mass sterilization campaign.

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Yellowstone Buffalo Under Government Attack. Annual Hazing Begins Today.

Each Spring the Montana Department of Livestock patrols saddle up horses and ride the boundary outside Yellowstone National Park looking for wild buffalo. When buffalo are located, the hazing (back into the Park) begins. It’s a cruel, ugly sight to see.
After years of witnessing industrial strength hazing operations with yipping cowboys, helicopters, cracker rounds, paint balls, and police sirens that created a veritable war zone in the Hebgen Basin, this particular incident seemed mellow. But that’s the danger of a so-called gentle haze: there is no nice way to haze.

Each year government agents are met in the field by volunteers from the Buffalo Field Campaign. Volunteers witness and document the madness, and send first-hand accounts of the live action on Yellowstone National Park’s boundary to friends and members via email and on social media.

This is an effective organization, with little money, taking on one of the most difficult jobs in the world of wildlife conservation. Check out their website. Support them if you can. Thanks.