A counter-diddle

For the simple reason that Washington had announced a “red line,” Syria would have been stupid to use chemical weapons, as it would invite a US military attack. Therefore, it’s easy to see that the attack was staged by the terrorists and death squads. That fact firmly in mind, it is simply a matter of looking for evidence that either confirms or denies that premise. Evidence of death squad involvement in the attack, much of which was apparently done for cameras’ benefit, it abundant and easy to find.

It’s an obvious con job. How can they get away with it?

For one thing, the American public is not presented with any alternatives beyond the official story, except when there is conflict within the power centers over the desired course of action. But the more important advantage for the con artists behind this transparent ruse is that the American public cannot think critically, and easily believes the most transparent lies.

According to RT, the death squads and terrorists are now planning an attack on Israel using the same weapons, the USS Israel no doubt complicit. The painful thing to watch, if it happens, is the ease with which it will go down. But the encouraging thing is that due to involvement of Russia in throwing debris on the path to war, the US feels a need to take it up a notch by staging yet another fake event.

American and Israeli militants are lined up on the borders of Syria now in anticipation of the invasion, and have been since mobilization three days before the purported event.

And yes, I am deliberately switching the pejorative terminology from the mainstream US media usage, turning it inside out. If this creates cognitive dissonance in the mind of the reader, I’ve achieved my objective. You’re being diddled by US state-controlled media, and I am merely un-diddling.
PS: I still fear that they might use 9/11 as the date, for agitprop purposes.

28 thoughts on “A counter-diddle

  1. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but “Syrian children” hardly describes those alleged to have been gassed to death. Would it not be illuminating to know? Shia, Suni, Christian, Kurd, Alowite, or some other tribal group? Who? Oh, I forgot, that would be so unusually journalistic.


  2. Harry Reid has the 9/11 date slated for the vote.

    As far as our President and Secretary is concerned, If you really wished to punish Syria, you could simply manage their economy.


  3. Hillary? She’s neither a government official nor a presidential candidate. What makes her statement important to The Hill? Tittilating in D.C. perhaps, but adds nothing to the news report.


      1. We could send them a boat load of I-phones from China but I don’t think anyone could afford them.

        Self reflective thoughts, wouldn’t ya think? Gone too is the American demon rhetoric.

        It’s like he knows what awaits him.


      2. Let’s try this once again. I am going to repeat the words above and see if you are capable of addressing them in a forthright manner: US terrorism (Mongoose), invasion (Bay of Pigs), and the illegal embargo. Deal with each in a manner that indicates that you’ve read of them, understand their impact on a nation trying to free itself from colonial grip.

        Otherwise, admit ignorance and move on. There must be a right-wing blog somewhere that regards you as a source of wisdom.


        1. Oh, you’re saying the whole Cuban Island is suffering from delayed stress syndrome?

          Daily Bay of Pigs nightmares? They’re oppressed because someone attacked?

          Give me a break Mark, whose being stupid? There’s 4-500 hundred countries out there who would gladly do business with Castro.

          The ignorant, like his subjects and you, swallow the blame game hook line and sinker.


          1. The embargo is in force and is vigorously enforced. Last I read, the State Department (or whoever) had more people working to enforce that embargo than to monitor terrorist activities, which makes sense since there are no terrorist threats except from within CIA and Pentagon.

            And, I am asking you, terrorist supporter, whether or not the embargo is justified, or whether the assassination attempts and terrorism done under Mongoose and the Bay of Pigs were legal and morally justified.

            Answer the goddamned question! Yes or no.


          2. They have no disposable income to buy with Mark! They’re third world poor. Our stuff is too expensive.

            Hey dumbass, ever been to a Harbor Freight store? They can’t even afford that crap!


          3. Here’s my answer. They’re many countries, most of Europe in fact, that were invaded and had trade restrictions mostly in WW1 and 2. Invaded and conquered!

            Guess what? They got over over it. Mostly because the people knew the difference between oppressive leadership and freedom.


          4. Weak. We are talking about a small island nation in the Caribbean that broke free of colonial domination in 1959. Prior to that time it was a totalitarian hellhole run by a corrupt dictator and ruled by terror. Disappearance, assassination and torture were common. Poverty was widespread, as wealth was concentrated in a few favored hands, often US corporations like United Fruit.

            It has been punished by the much larger and more powerful country to the north since that time. The larger country to the north does not give a fuck about anyone’s freedom anywhere, and sponsors oppressive leadership and terror all over the globe. We, none of us, know what the island would be like now had the US simply left it alone. Instead, it invaded, illegally, engaged in terrorism and assassination, obviously illegal, and has enforced an illegal embargo on all US goods since 1960, and all goods that have any US components since 1990.


          5. Wake up Mark. Even Castro knows he F’ed up.

            Cuba’s economic freedom score is 28.5, making its economy one of the world’s least free. Its overall score is 0.2 point higher than last year, with a notable decline in monetary freedom counterbalanced by gains in freedom from corruption and fiscal freedom. Cuba is ranked least free of 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region, and its overall score is significantly lower than the regional average.

            Cuba scores far below world averages in most areas of economic freedom, and its economy remains one of the world’s most repressed. The foundations of economic freedom are particularly weak in the absence of an independent and fair judiciary. No courts are free of political interference, and pervasive corruption affects many aspects of economic activity.

            As the largest source of employment, the public sector accounts for more than 80 percent of all jobs. A watered-down reform package endorsed by the Cuban Communist Party in April 2011 promised to trim the number of state workers and allow restricted self-employment in the non-public sector, but many details of the reform are obscure and little progress has been observed. The private sector is severely constrained by heavy regulations and tight state controls. Open-market policies are not in place to spur growth in trade and investment, and the lack of competition stifles productivity growth.


          6. These matters are complex. I agree that the island does not have the democratic freedoms that it should, but much of this is due to the fact that the country has been under attack since Castro took power in 1959, with constant infiltration of agents and terrorists. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that the US likes – to terrorize a place and then point fingers and say “look at how they behave!”

            So yes, democratic freedoms are lacking. Economic freedom – how you can broach that subject, again, without mentioning the embargo, can only be willful blindness. I am watching my fucking language here.

            The US does not care about a country’s freedoms or economic situation so long as that country plays ball with the US. That’s why the US has supported so man y brutal totalitarian states all over the globe, and does to this day – it is not freedom or the well being of people – it is playing ball with our oligarchy that matters. Nothing else. That’s why Saudi Arabia, a horrible hellhole worse even that Battista’s Cuba, is a trusted ally, while Iran, a country that exhibits more democratic characteristics than the US, is under attack.


          7. Yes, Swede. I “fell for” that crap. I did not realize why Castro was so popular, why he has stayed in power all these years, why the CIA knew that an invasion could not succeed (Castro was wildly popular) so that the Bay of Pigs was meant to be a trip wire to allow the US to launch a major bombing campaign along with massive troop invasion.

            The people of Cuba must have fallen for that crap too. Because if you are a student of history, and you are not, you would know that no governmetn survives without popular support.


          8. That’s why they swim with the sharks Mark. 90 miles to the north.

            Give’em all boats and the producers are outta there.


          9. You know, it would be nice if something actually registered with you now and then, but you’re incapable of hearing another side of the story. People leave Cuba to get to the US for two reasons: They want a better life, and they want to be with family. There is, last time I checked, no embargo on South Florida.

            Now, here’s what you don’t know, or at least a very small part: Haiti is poorer than Cuba, in fact, the poorest country in the hemisphere. (Cuba does not suffer from hunger or disease.) It is also capitalist, and fairly comparable to Cuba in 1959, with land owned by foreigners, extremes of wealth and poverty, a government that does little to help its own people and caters to wealth.

            People also flee Haiti to get to the US. However, if they are caught, they are immediately sent back, as they have no propaganda value. Cubans, on the other hand, are automatically granted one year asylum because they have propaganda value.

            So you have a poor country, Cuba, and an even poorer country, Haiti, both of which have people who try to enter the US, one of which is accepted, the other not. Go figure.


  4. Once again, it appears that the Western powers have a large stock of cruise missiles that are approaching their expiration dates. What to do? Why, find an excuse to use them against some country that cannot defend itself against a cruise missile attack. Syria might be a good choice.

    This happens every five to eight years or so. The cruise missile stock slowly approaches its “best if used by date,” and the Western powers, not to mention their high-tech companies that build the missiles, start casting around for some hapless, backward country to explode them on: Iraq would be one example, or Serbia, or Afghanistan, or Libya more recently. After all, what modern, proud nation with a huge defense budget wants to sit on a stockpile of stale weapons?

    There is also the problem of bored soldiers and sailors who desperately need a little live-fire training once in a while. Naturally, since they are all volunteers and mostly signed up for the college tuition benefits or the endless supply of “comfort girls” in the military, none of them wants to get hurt or, heaven forbid, killed. So the best way to relieve this boredom and improve the level of training is to let them fire off a few missiles from a very safe distance.

    As for the Jigaboo-in-Chief, he gets to don his leopard skin outfit and pound the sky with his spear and shield, which inspires awe and respect in the girlie white men who elected him. But not in this veteran.



  5. “As for the Jigaboo-in-Chief he gets to don his leopard skin outfit and pound the sky with his spear and shield,”, from the above post. Um, Mark, do you really abide inbred racists on your site now? This moron is pathetic. I can’t help but wonder just WHAT “military” he “served” in. Wasn’t the good ol’ US of A. He seems to be into “girlie white men”! Hey, I won’t as if mr. Deshat won’t tell!


  6. The embargoes on tribal nations is at least as heinous as the one on Cuba, Swede: at least 52 million slaughtered by christians and capitalism.


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