Political puzzles are fun …

Controls on the House and Senate are pervasive – they are on leashes, and kept from bolting by threats and bribes. NSA does not keep tabs on people for nothing, and long before there was an NSA, there was Hoover and the FBI with a dossier on everyone in DC. Even if that were not the case, they don’t get campaign money, open or secret, unless they play ball.

So the question we should be asking is why a small band of house members are being allowed to shut down 22% of the government. It’s either misdirection or distraction, or both. To what end? I say Obama is in cloaking mode again, positioning to attack social programs. But that’s speculation based on his past behavior, and I even contradict myself, as I don’t believe he’s anything more than a sock puppet. But merely substitute “the executive” for Obama, and I fall better into line with myself.

Others say something far more reaching is at play, the fact that we’ve been in recession/depression for his entire presidency. But I don’t see how removal of the stimulus of government spending does anything more than exacerbate that situation. It would mean that they want to exacerbate it, and that is puzzling.

Surely there’s more than I see. Please enlighten me!

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