Ko Tao


We are in Ko Tao, somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand. The sun and sand are like a narcotic. Tomorrow we will snorkel the coral reefs, part of a three hour cruise. For reasons unknown our daughter will be taking with her a large collection of very fashionable clothing. There is a scientist here who will be making the trip, along with a very wealthy couple. The captain of the vessel, just a small sampan, is very overweight. We became friends right away. He refers to me as his little buddy.

3 thoughts on “Ko Tao

    1. OR THE CLAP! Just kidding. A good dose of penicillin will cure the clap, but a tattoo, well, that’s a different story! BTW, I could live there in that photo. I love the orient. Good food, good weather, good women, and lousy beer!


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