North Colorado?

imageI am not familiar with legal details of this matter, but apparently 11 counties in Colorado with 365,000 people can vote to secede from the state and form their own, tentatively named North Colorado. If so, they would get two senators and one representative (taken from somewhere else as that body has limited itself to 435 seats).

They say Colorado proper is too leftish. The article describes Governor john Hickenlooper, a descendant of local old money aristocrats and a right-wing Democrat, as a progressive. The Governor wants to reach out to the disaffected northerners – something he’s never done for progressives.

It’s odd – Washington, DC with 632,000 residents has no representation in Congress. Alienated Coloradans can decide for themselves on such matters?

7 thoughts on “North Colorado?

  1. Northern Coloradans are just trying to get away from you.

    DC was slated to be split between Virginia and Maryland. Virginia took the part on their side of the Potomac, but Maryland didn’t want their part (too much ghetto). With gentrification and the wealth effect of the feds, they might be having second thoughts.

    A rump urban area like DC doesn’t seem like a proper state. Just another excuse for urban libs to game the alleged democracy in this country.


  2. F*ck’em! They’re stupid inbred Teatards. I actually know sumtin’ about Colorado. Part of my family came from there. Great grandpa Bear (Medved (changed at Ellis Island, ’cause Medved means bear in Serbo-Croat) was a miner and part-time sheriff in Crested Butted in 1880. Hell, I still have relatives who mine in Colorado. My grandmother and mother were born in Crested Butte. My dad was born in Somerset, and raised in Paonia, the most beautiful town I have ever seen in my life. We used to go there every summer to visit grandpa’s farm when I was a kid. Hell, the Kralj Barn was featured on the telephone directory for the area in 1997. It’s an absolutely wonderful place. My relatives were farmers and miners. When the mines weren’t shut down, they farmed. My folks sold the farm in the ’80’s some time, I can’t remember exactly when. And the Kuretich side of the family used to come up to Montana in the summer to help their cousins with the haying in Dillon, the Reibich cousins of the family.

    Mark, if you get the chance, go to Paonia for a visit. And take the Kebler Pass over to Crested Butte. It’s truly an amazing drive. Hell, we used to go up there every summer when I was a kid! Shit, them f*cking Kockh brothers bought the Bear Ranch, a ranch belonging to a cousin of mine! The dirty sumbithces! Now, it’s personal!


    1. We just did that pass last summer. Next year we’re going to walk from Crested Butte to Aspen, stay for a couple of nights, and then back again. Wild flowers were amazing this wet wet year.


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